Star Odyssey Chapter 2215: Crush

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Xia Shenfei’s vision was hazy because he drank too much, “Yixian District is not far away from Zhanlan District.”

Xia Xing was surprised, “You doubt him too?”.

Xia Shenfei burped, “If what you said before is true, with the help of Hanxian Sect, what can’t be done?”

“That’s why we need evidence. After all, it involves the Hanxian Sect,” Xia Xing said.

Xia Shenfei’s eyes flickered, “It’s not just a day or two that Hanxian Sect wants to replace the Lu family, but I’m actually interested in this Yuhao. The ancient master has spent decades cultivating such a person. It’s interesting. “.

“Are you sure he is really Yuhao?”.

Xia Xing looked at Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng said, “There is no trace of disguise. It is him. We have investigated everything he did after arriving in Yucheng, and it all conforms to the logic of Yuhao’s behavior.”

Xia Shenfei shrugged, the logic of behavior can be changed, but it is impossible to disguise himself in front of the half-ancestor, unless the opponent’s strength is not inferior to the half-ancestor. If so, why should he pretend to be Yu Hao? ?

Is this person really Yu Hao? He was getting more and more curious.

In Yixian District, not far from the academy, Lu Yin saw Yuchuan and then found a place to retreat.

Raise your hand, the dice appears, point out with one finger, the dice spins slowly, then stops, three o’clock.

Looking at the upper and lower light curtains, Lu Yin had no intention of improving anything.

The deposit money previously given to Wujie, Styx, was raised to the semi-ancestral level by him, which consumed nearly 40 billion cubic star energy crystal marrow. After the promotion, he also asked Quiro to send it to the Azure Zone, and agreed to give it to Wujie. location.

Currently, he only has more than 160 billion cubic star energy crystal marrow. It seems like a lot, but it is not enough. At his current level, it would take tens of billions of crystal marrow to upgrade any foreign object he wants to use. How many times can this be improved?

Every time he felt that he didn’t have enough money to spend, he thought of Shaozu Star. By the way, Lu Yin thought of the God of Cookery. The God of Cookery was in Wangzu Tower, and Wangzu Tower was next to Shaozu Star. With the name of his tutor at Yixian Academy, With his status, he is qualified to go to Wangzu Tower to pay homage to the God of Cookery. Does that mean that he may go to Shaozu Planet to search for food?

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Lu Yin suppressed the thought, pointed out it again, and rolled the dice.

The dice stopped slowly, four o’clock, it was smooth and expected, four o’clock was easily reached.

After entering the static space of time, Lu Yin took out the Supreme Mountain and found Xia Xing.

In order to prevent Xia Xing from regaining his strength and causing trouble in the Supreme Mountain, he specially asked Wu Zu to seal Xia Xing’s body with a micro seal. Even Xia Xing in his heyday could not move, and those in the Supreme Mountain could only see one It was foggy, and Xia Xing could not be seen inside.

Bringing the fog out of the Supreme Mountain, Xia Xing appeared in front of Lu Yin as the fog slowly dissipated.

More than half a month has passed since the last unbounded ambush. Xia Xing has been trapped. Although he cannot move, his injuries have improved a lot.

When the fog in front of him dissipated, Xia Xing suddenly took action when he saw Lu Yin. He slashed out with a sword, wrapped in Shenwu Gangqi. This sword was the strongest slash he could perform. He used Shenwu at the moment when the blade approached. Change, the power is more terrifying.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up and he slowly raised his hand. In an instant, the stars in the sky shone brightly. Xing Yidao fell completely. He stared blankly at his hand. The blade was gone, and the power he exerted was completely gone.

Lost, there is only one handle in the hand, like a child’s toy.

He looked at Lu Yin in disbelief. The same shock hit him again, no, it was more shocking than last time.

More than half a month ago, Lu Yin suppressed his divine martial energy with one hand. He was shocked. He kept thinking about that scene these days, and still refused to believe that the dignified Xia family’s divine martial energy could be suppressed easily, so when it appeared, He slashed out in an instant, not only wanting to get out of trouble, but also wanting to verify that scene. He would rather that scene was an illusion.

However, the results he got now were even more unacceptable to him. The Shenwu Transformation combined with the Xia family’s strongest sword intention could not even touch this young man. His power could easily dissolve the Shenwu Gangqi. What kind of power is so terrifying? ? Even the Lu family doesn’t have this kind of power.

“Are you Lu Xiaoxuan? What on earth have you done?” Xia Xing was horrified.

Lu Yin had returned to his original appearance at this moment and looked at Xia Xing calmly, “It’s nothing, your power can’t touch me.”

Xia Xing’s pupils shrank sharply, and his frivolous words were tantamount to denying the Xia family’s countless years of heritage.

The majestic divine martial arts cannot touch this person?

Lu Yin smiled lightly, Xia Xing? No, even the power exerted by Wang Si at the peak level of Fallen Star Master was disintegrated. His heart was confused due to the Sword of the Ancestor, but it was reintegrated by him because of his comprehension of the Sky Star Technique. It was so terrifying, so terrifying to himself. They all find it incomprehensible.

Not to mention Shenwu Gangqi, even the power of Jialan, the clan at the helm of the Sixth Continent, which is as famous as the Lu family, can disintegrate. What does Shenwu Gangqi mean?

“Impossible, my Xia family’s Shenwu Gangqi is invincible, how can I not touch you?” Xia Xing shouted, threw away the handle of the knife, and slapped Lu Yin with a palm, still using the Shenwu Gangqi.

Lu Yin stood still and Xia Xing’s palm struck his heart, but it was powerless. His destructive power was completely disintegrated by the stars in the sky that appeared in Lu Yin’s heart.

Xia Xing saw it. He saw dots of stars around him and saw a new universe. Is this the inner world?

“Are you the half-ancestor?” Xia Xing exclaimed.

Lu Yin’s eyes were sharp, and his index finger fell on the eyebrow between Xia Xing’s eyes, “Master Xia, you and I are worlds apart.” After the words fell, an invisible force blew Xia Xing away. Xia Xing’s brain was shaken. The world was spinning. At the moment of being bombarded, his whole body went blank and he couldn’t think of anything. Only when he landed and the severe pain spread, did he wake up. He couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood and his body bent.

The person Lu Yin once wanted to look up to is now lying on the ground like a dead dog.

The majestic Lord of the Four Directions Balance can be destroyed at any time in his eyes.

He really wanted to start a big fight immediately and lead the Fifth Continent to sweep across the tree starry sky with great momentum, but it was just a moth flying to the flame. Sifang Tianping had strong men from the ancestral realm, and even if he had the ability to fight against Sifang Tianping , we must also take into account the Eternals.

In life, one cannot do whatever he wants. There are things that need to be taken into consideration and things that need to be protected.

Xia Xing gasped and stood up with his body propped up. The world in front of him was still spinning, especially Lu Yin’s appearance, which was very blurry and could not be seen clearly.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, you cannot be the half-ancestor, but you have mastered unimaginable power. This is the power left to you by the Lu family,” Xia Xing guessed, staring at Lu Yin, his eyes gradually became clear.

Lu Yin looked at him, “Are you the clone or the main body?”.

Xia Xing’s eyes flashed, “I am who I am, and my nine parts have already merged into one.”

Lu Yin shook his head, “No, you are a clone.”

Xia Xing’s expression remained unchanged, “What are you trying to do by arresting me? To avenge the Lu family? That has nothing to do with me. With my strength, I cannot decide to banish the Lu family.”

“I want to know a quarter of the restrictions controlled by your Xia family.” Lu Yin spoke slowly without any nonsense.

Xia Xing’s pupils shrank, “You want to rescue the Star Alliance?”.

Lu Yin said nothing.

Xia Xing said in a low tone, “How do you know that there are restrictions in the bodies of those people in the Star Alliance? And you also know that there are scales in all directions. How did you get here? How is the expeditionary force?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and a small figure appeared on his shoulder, it was the Candle God.

Xia Xing looked at it in confusion.

The next moment, the skin on his body was suddenly degenerating or disappearing, and severe pain swept through his whole body.

Lu Yin used the runes of the Zhou Yan Scripture to erase his existence. This was done with the help of the power of the Candle God. The runes of the Candle God were comparable to those of the Half-Ancestor, which was enough to completely erase Xia Xing.

Xia Xing gritted his teeth and watched as the skin on his body disappeared, exposing his flesh and blood, and the blood flowed. The fear of disappearing eroded his heart. This was a different experience from fighting and dying, a desperate experience like falling into hell.

He didn’t understand what kind of power this was. He was born in the Starry Sky of Trees, and had never experienced the Daoyuan Sect era, nor had he been exposed to Rune Daoshu.

“I’m asking you, not you asking me.” Lu Yin said calmly, staring at Xia Xing coldly.

Xia Xing squatted on the ground, holding back the pain, “Since you guessed that I am a clone, you know that I am not afraid of death, so what if I die? It is impossible for you to get a ban.”

When Lu Yin guessed that Xia Xing was just a clone, he knew that it was impossible to know the restriction through questioning. These clones are not afraid of death, unless they want to replace the original body like Xia Luo.

So far, Lu Yin didn’t understand the nine clones or the relationship between the main body and the clones, so he couldn’t take the initiative when facing Xia Xing. Fortunately, he still had something to try.

“Actually, I really hope that you are the real body, but unfortunately, you are not.” Lu Yin said lightly, and then took out a bottle from the Ning Kong Ring. There was liquid in the bottle, “What is inside is the blood of Chenzu.”

Xia Xing’s eyes widened, as if he heard the most shocking thing in the world, “Chen Zu’s blood?”.

Lu Yin opened the bottle cap directly and “feel it”.

The moment the bottle cap is opened, an ancient and domineering oppression appears, filling this still space of time with oppression.

Although Lu Yin was well prepared, facing the blood of Chen Zu still made him feel dazed for a moment, as if he saw a giant standing in the starry sky, invincible in the world.

Chenzu’s blood came from Ku Wei. Kuwei absorbed Chenzu’s blood in the blood pool of the guardian giant in Chenzu’s tomb and became a giant. Lu Yin used his blood to improve by three points on the dice. This blood, Equivalent to one of Chenzu’s nine avatars, the blood in the giant giant’s body is also the kind of Chenzu’s blood that Kunze Prison Master absorbed after he woke up.

The coercion of Chenzu’s blood directly caused Xia Xing to tremble and cough up blood, but this was not what concerned him most. The moment he got close to the blood, he actually felt the same source of blood.

Chen Zu and Xia Xing are both members of the Xia family, and have the same bloodline. Although they belong to different branches, Chen Zu has cultivated to the ancestral realm, and his bloodline is already closer than the direct line to the founder of the oldest ancestral realm of the Xia family. That is to say, Chen Zu is also a direct descendant.

Xia Xing is also a direct descendant.


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