Star Odyssey Chapter 2203: Old servant

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Qui Luo’s expression was a little more solemn, after all, he was facing the Xia family’s divine martial energy.

The divine martial energy gathered on the blade and slashed out, causing the waterfall to be torn apart. The sharp energy split the Dragon Gate Realm. When Quelo saw this, he immediately blasted out his energy. The only thing that surpassed him other half-ancestors was his energy. god.

His energy seemed to add charm to the Longmen Realm, and the moment it fell, Xia Ziheng was directly blasted into the pond.

Xia Ziheng’s head was pounding, and he was unable to resist Quilo’s energy.

“Wen Lai, I know you are here. This person helped the Lu family **** escape in the first place. He is a person who must be killed by our Sifang Tianping. If you stand by and watch, the ancestor will definitely be held accountable,” Xia Ziheng yelled.

Wen Lai is the name of Dean Wen.

This place is in Yixian District, so close to Yixian Academy. How could the two half-ancestors not be noticed by Dean Wen, not to mention that there are two half-ancestors in Yixian Academy.

Dean Wen did not leave.

Qui Luo scanned the surroundings vigilantly. He knew that the half-ancestors of Yixian Academy had already discovered what was going on here, but they did not want to get involved. As long as he did not hurt Xia Ziheng’s life, the people in Yixian Academy would like the Xia family to suffer.

” Qi, the endless blades of the inner world shine.

Qui Luo’s eyes widened. No, this old guy tried his best. He was right. He had the sword intent of the ancestral realm in his blood, which should come from the ancestor of the Xia family.

Xia Ziheng’s eyes were red and he stared at Quiro. He raised his sword again and slashed out with one strike.

Quero hurriedly bombarded with his energy.

With one strike, the Dragon Gate world was broken, and Xia Ziheng left the world inside Querone. His eyes suddenly looked in one direction, where Tong Yu was escaping with the old man.

Xia Ziheng took action in anger and would never let this person be rescued, otherwise he would be the laughing stock of the world.

Half Ancestor takes action and the blade comes.

Tongyu turned back, filled with deathly energy, trying to resist, “Go back”, a calm voice rang in his ears, Wuzu crossed Tongyu, raised his hand, the mist surged, disintegrating the blade, and the pieces disappeared, like falling leaves. gentle.

Xia Ziheng’s pupils shrank sharply, and he was a master again.

Xia Ziheng did not see Wuzu’s appearance, and even noticed Dean Wen’s position in advance and put on a disguise. With Wuzu’s ability, these half-ancestors couldn’t see through it at all.

Xia Ziheng watched helplessly as the old man disappeared, his eyes red. He turned around again, Quilo smiled strangely, “Old guy, you have used all the life-saving things your ancestor gave you. Let’s see how you get out of my dragon gate world alive.” , after saying that, the Dragon Gate Realm came again.

However, this time, Dean Wen appeared. He had to show up again, otherwise it would be unreasonable.

“Quero, long time no see,” Dean Wen said in a calm tone.

Qui Luo raised his eyebrows, “Wen Lai, do you want to help him?”.

Dean Wen looked at Quiro, “We can’t let him die next to our Yixian Academy.” At this point, he glanced at Xia Ziheng, “Besides, you are also the key criminal named by Sifang Tianping. It’s time He was brought to justice.”

Qui Luo laughed, “When did Yixian Academy become the lackey of Sifang Tianping? You can play with yourself, I won’t accompany you, old man.” After saying that, he left in one direction.

Xia Ziheng was very anxious and immediately caught up with him, “Wen Lai, we must catch him. This old guy helped the remnants of the Lu family escape and followed Lu

The family relationship is very close.”

Dean Wen shook his head, “Even if you and I join forces, we can’t stay. There’s a reason why Quiro has been able to survive for so many years under your encirclement and suppression from all sides.”

Xia Ziheng was unwilling to give in. He suffered a big loss. Although the injury was not serious, he used the sword intention given by his ancestor. This was a life-saving means. Once his life was really in danger, his ancestor could detect it immediately. It’s not worth it to be consumed by this old bastard, Quiro.

But Wen is right. With Quilo’s spiritual cultivation, they can’t stay even if they join forces.

This old beast will ask the ancestor to kill him sooner or later.

Wait, why is Quiro here? Didn’t he escape to the abandoned land through the newly empty corridor?

Dean Wen looked at the direction where the old man fled. He didn’t care about Quiro. This old man was a cancer in the starry sky of the tree. He had long been used to it. What he cared about was the person who had just destroyed Xia Ziheng’s sword. He was definitely the Half-Ancestor, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stop Xia Ziheng’s sword, but who was that person? He couldn’t see clearly at all.

Who knows about that old man nowadays?

“Wen Lai, why didn’t you take action earlier?” Xia Ziheng stared at Dean Wen coldly.

Dean Wen was indifferent and said, “I just saw it.”

Xia Ziheng was extremely angry, but he couldn’t take it seriously, and he couldn’t do anything to Wen Lai.

Dean Wen stared at Xia Ziheng, “That man is not a Star Alliance traitor at all, let alone a red back. He is from the Lu family.”

Xia Ziheng frowned, “He is a traitor to the Star Alliance.”

Dean Wen said coldly, “I have seen him before. When Lu Xiaoxuan came to Yixian Academy, he brought a book boy and an old servant with him. He was the old servant. You took advantage of my Yixian Academy. This matter, I remember”.

Xia Ziheng did not expect Dean Wen to recognize that person, “So what if he is from the Lu family? Don’t the Lu family have Hongbei? Throughout the years of Starry Sky in the Trees, there are no less than ten Hongbei people in the Lu family. , not to mention that it is the responsibility of all of us to kill the remnants of the Lu family, Wen Lai, please think about it carefully.”

Dean Wen snorted coldly, turned around and left without saying another word.

Xia Ziheng’s eyes flickered. He didn’t care about Yixian Academy. He had already found ways to deal with it, but who was the person who just destroyed him with a knife? A strange half-ancestor?

No, it shouldn’t be. Although he can’t compare with the direct half-ancestor of the Xia family, he is not comparable to ordinary half-ancestors. Moreover, that sword has the aftertaste of the ancestor’s sword intention. Even Quilo can’t take it so easily. Who is it? Does the Lu family still have such masters?

Thinking of this, his heart sank. The Lu family must not stay.

I don’t know what happened to the expeditionary force in the abandoned land.

Far away, Wuzu returned to the mirror. Lu Yin put the mirror into the Ningkong Ring and asked Tongyu to monitor the surroundings while he helped the old man up.

The old man threw away Lu Yin’s hand and said hoarsely, “In order to get me out of my words, you have tried every means possible. Stop trying this trick. It’s useless. I am already a dying person. I have nothing to do to you.” That’s what I said.” As he spoke, his body swayed and he fell to the ground.

Lu Yin quickly checked, his expression ugly.

The injuries in the old man’s body were too severe. His internal organs were shattered, his meridians were completely severed, and his cultivation was completely ruined. There were also various toxins and mixed forces in his body that were damaging. These were all fine. Use them. The combination of rune numbers and medicine may not be impossible to treat, but what is really helpless is that the old man’s vitality has been cut off. In other words, he is a living dead and cannot be saved no matter what. The reason why he can still speak and move depends entirely on his mind

Strong support.

“Who made you do this?” Lu Yin asked in a low voice, his face was frighteningly calm, and he looked at the old man with complicated eyes.

The old man sneered, and without saying a word, he just lay on the ground and looked at the sky. After all, he couldn’t wait for the little master to come, so he finally had to swallow this breath.

Lu Yin came to the old man’s side and sat down without saying a word. The complexity in his eyes was the same as the old man’s.

“Do you feel pain?” Lu Yin asked slowly, with a very light tone.

The old man was expressionless and ignored him.

Lu Yin’s face recovered, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

The old man looked at Lu Yin and saw Lu Yin’s appearance. His eyes flashed with excitement, then filled with anger and hatred, “How long are you going to fool me? Do you really think I will believe that you are the little master? You guys? It won’t take long for you to succeed. My little master is talented in the world and has unprecedented cultivation talent. He will come back one day, welcome you back to the Lu family, execute you and other traitors, and regain the power of this tree and the starry sky. This day won’t be long. “.

Lu Yin raised his hand and clicked on the platform to appear, floating slowly.

The old man’s pupils shrank sharply and he looked at the general platform in disbelief.

Sifang Balance can pretend to be a person, but it cannot pretend to be a general station. That familiar aura is right, it is a general station.

“I remember you. When I was a child, I was about to fall down. You were the one who held me under me to prevent me from falling. When I was hungry, you stole food for me to eat. When I was punished, you stayed with me through the storm.” Lu Yin looked at the old man and saw the redness of his eyes. His tone became softer and softer, and he said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I can’t remember your name now. I’m sorry, I’m late.”

In the old man’s eyes, tears dripped down his cheeks. He looked at Lu Yin blankly and raised his hand, wanting to touch Lu Yin’s face. “My lord, are you really my lord?”.

Lu Yin reached out and held the old man’s withered palm, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

The old man’s eyes suddenly widened, he withdrew his hand and kept backing away, “No, you are not my master, you lied to me, you are lying to me again, you are not my master.”

Lu Yin felt sad from the bottom of his heart. How many deceptions had he experienced over the years? He didn’t even want to admit it when he saw Dian Jiangtai. He believed that he had gone through hardships in the Fifth Continent and narrowly escaped death, but these Lu family members were not easy either. , the survivors of the Lu family in the Star Alliance barely survived, the people in the Red Garden were going crazy, and there were also those who were hiding to support the Lu family, their hearts were full of hope, but also full of anxiety.

Looking at the old man’s resentful and panicful look, Lu Yin exhaled, took out a piece of paper from Ningkong Ring, and opened it. On it were seven palm prints, some large and some small, which were the sworn fingerprints of the Seven Heroes. “do you remember?”.

The old man stared blankly at the palm prints, his body began to tremble, tears kept flowing, his face turned strangely red, and he grabbed Lu Yin’s arm at a very fast speed, “My master, are you really my master?”.

Lu Yin hugged the old man and said, “It’s me. After all these years, I’m late.”

The old man opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word. He could only cry. An old man kept crying, crying heartbreakingly. God knows how many deceptions he has experienced over the years, every ups and downs, every time he thought he saw a little child. Lord, he was disappointed and deceived. This feeling was the main reason why his life was extinguished. His heart was dead.

Now that he really saw Lu Yin, he was as excited as if he had lived a hundred years again.

However, this is just an appearance. His vitality has been cut off and cannot be continued. Unlike Mingyan, although Mingyan was seriously injured, his vitality is still there.


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