Star Odyssey Chapter 2155: The power of time

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Ke Yi has a very high status in the Dayu Empire. He used to guard the gate for Lu Yin, and now he guards the gate for Wendy Yushan. As long as he doesn’t let in, no one will dare to break through.

Lu Yin walked step by step to the door of the princess’s palace. Ke Yi was about to scold him, but when he saw it was Lu Yin, his eyes widened and he excitedly saluted, “Your Highness, you are back.”

Lu Yin really didn’t expect that Ke Yi would still stay in the Dayu Empire. He thought that this person would either return to the Hungry Clan or go off to work. With his strength, he would be able to carve out a place in the starry sky. “You are very good.” .

Ke Yi said respectfully, “Thank you for the compliment, Your Highness.”

Lu Yin patted Ke Yi on the shoulder and walked into the princess mansion.

Outside the princess’s house, the old man who scolded Pierre stared at Lu Yin as he entered. Is that the regent?

A group of courtiers stood there blankly, and the regent was actually beside them just now?

And Pierre was paralyzed, it was over, his affairs were known to the Prince Regent, it was over.

Lu Yin entered the princess mansion, and a maid came to lead the way. Soon, Lu Yin came to a large school ground. Wendy Yushan stood with a sword and looked at him quietly.

“The princess mansion has been expanded? There was no such school grounds before”, Lu Yin was curious.

Wendy Yushan suddenly took action, using countless swords in an instant, but they merged into one in an instant. The sword blades pierced the void and came towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin raised his hand, and when the sword was about to hit him, he pinched it with two fingers.

The gap between Wendy Yushan and him is too big. Although she has reached the peak of the hunting realm from the cruising realm in the past twenty years, which is already very good. You must know that the Star Source Universe was swallowed up in these twenty years. Unable to replenish star energy, she relied on absorbing star energy crystal marrow to achieve her current level of cultivation, which is quite terrifying.

However, this gap can no longer be made up by time. Even if she is given another twenty years, two hundred years, or even more time, she will not be able to catch up with Lu Yin.

Compared to the Ten Finals, Wendy Yushan is still far behind.

The Ten Jue can break through the enlightenment state before the age of forty, but after twenty years, Wendy Yushan has already passed the age of forty, but still cannot reach it.

“Very good.” Lu Yin exerted force on his fingertips, the blade of the sword twisted, and the huge force along the blade pushed Wendy Yushan back.

Wendy Yushan’s eyes were sharp, and he drew his sword again. This sword was no different from the one before.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. The power was the same, but he still had to draw his sword, so it must be different.

Seeing the sword edge coming again, getting closer and closer, there was still no difference. Lu Yin was still holding it between two fingers. Suddenly, the sword edge disappeared, and then, it stabbed from another direction. Compared with the previous one, it was slightly different. Moved some.

Lu Yin was surprised. He had clearly clamped the edge of the sword, but with Wendy Yushan’s strength, he couldn’t pull it out at all. This was the power of time.

The index finger popped out, and with a bang, the air wave vibrated, twisting the void. The long sword was hit with huge force and flew out of the hand, flying through the void, and finally inserted into the ground, making a soft groaning sound.

Wendy Yushan looked at her empty hands and said, “The gap is really too big, even time can’t make up for it.”

Lu Yin looked at her in surprise, “What you just used was the power of time?”.

Wendy Yushan nodded, “How is it?”.

Lu Yin exclaimed, “I can only say that it was the power of time that made the sword unprepared.”

“But I still don’t pose any threat to you.” Wendy Yushan smiled lightly.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Some gaps cannot be made up by talent. The gap between you and me is too big. But with that skill just now, if you continue to practice, you will definitely be able to catch up with those in the Ten Jue, and even the further you go, the better you can catch up. Don’t


“You mean, late bloomer?”, Wendy Yushan said calmly.

Lu Yin doesn’t know what to say. It’s a bit strange to say that a practitioner with the talent of time is a late bloomer. Anyone who masters the power of time will be an outstanding person. But the current situation is like this. Wendy Yushan can’t even reach the top ten. He failed to catch up and was even overtaken by Xi Qi. If his peers wanted to reach the top, it would only take time.

However, as time goes on, as she masters more time, Wendy Yushan’s strength will only become more terrifying. Maybe one day, she can catch up with Chu Yuan.

No one can underestimate the power of time.

It’s a pity that she was a little slow in developing her time talent. Twenty years ago it could only be used for treatment, otherwise it might be even more powerful now.

“Chu Yuan has the power of time. You have fought against him, what is the difference between fighting against me?” Wendy Yushan and Lu Yin sat opposite each other. Although they had been separated for twenty years, there was no barrier between them.

For Wendy Yushan, Lu Yin was her only relative, while those who hid from the world in the Yu family were strangers.

For Lu Yin, there was no such blank period of twenty years. It had not been long since the last time he saw Wendy Yushan, when he took some people from the Daewoo Empire to evacuate to Earth. He had also met Wendy Yushan before at the sect opening ceremony. Go past one side, just when you are ascending the ladder to heaven.

Lu Yin looked at Wendy Yushan, his appearance had not changed, but he was a little more mature and a little less fierce. The natural beauty and fragrance were still so familiar, “Chu Yuan is good at erasing a paragraph. Time, no matter what you do during that time, does not exist, so as long as he takes action, he will definitely hit the target. All he can do is defend from beginning to end, making him an unbreakable defense.”

“What you just did was to go back in time, causing your own attack to return without affecting others, so you can attack again.”

Wendy Yushan is deep in thought, will it be erased for a while?

“I can’t tell which one is better between the two. Chuyuan will definitely be able to hit the target, but if the target’s defense is too strong, he can’t do anything about it. Just like me, his power of time is ineffective against me. In this case, you The method is more effective and can change the direction and form of the shot in time, which means staying the same to cope with all changes. But if the gap is too big, your method will be useless. Chuyuan’s method can at least ensure hitting the target.” Lu Yin analyzed .

Wendy Yushan looked at Lu Yin and said, “He has secret skills, is he very strong?”.

Lu Yin nodded, his expression became much more solemn, “The Time Boundary pauses the space and time of one side, or in other words, it passes at an extremely slow speed, causing his attacks to superimpose, and eventually explodes several times, or even dozens of times more than he has ever experienced before. The destructive power of the attack and the fact that it erases time at the moment of attack make up for his lack of attack. No one among my peers can withstand his attack except me.”

“The realm of time?” Wendy Yushan muttered to herself.

Lu Yin said, “I’ll find a way to get this secret skill, but it’s not easy.”

Wendy Yushan said, “No need, this may not be a secret skill.”

“What do you mean?”, Lu Yin was confused.

Wendy Yushan said seriously, “I don’t know the principle of the secret technique, but I understand time. The so-called realm of time can be achieved. It doesn’t have to be the secret technique, but it is difficult, very difficult.”

“Perhaps this is a shortcut given by the ancestor to Chu Yuan, allowing him to make up for his own shortcomings,” Lu Yin said.

Wendy Yushan and Lu Yin looked at each other, “Why did you suddenly think of looking for me?”.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you for twenty years, so of course I have to come and see you.”

Wendy Yushan withdrew her gaze and said, “No, if you have something to do, go and do it. I have nothing to do here.”


What about the matter? “, Lu Yin asked.

Wendy Yushan was confused, “Pierre?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You look like you don’t know. Piru’s son Pier united with a group of courtiers to force you to marry his son Pixin. Don’t you know about this?”

Wendy Yushan shook his head, “Just leave this kind of trivial matter to Lu Zhengge, I don’t know.”

Lu Yin laughed, and Pi Xinbai was worried. They thought they had forced Wendy Yushan, and felt that they had done a lot. In fact, Wendy Yushan had no idea about this kind of thing.

This is the level gap. No matter how much they do, they can’t touch Wendy Yushan. In Wendy Yushan’s eyes, they are all clowns and there is no need to ignore them.

That Pierre resigned. If he knew the truth, he would be so angry that he would die. It’s interesting.

After a moment of silence, Wendy Yushan was lost in thought about something, and Lu Yin asked, “Has there been any news about your father in the past twenty years?”.

Wendy Yushan was startled and looked at Lu Yin, “Do you still think he is alive?”.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I used to think so, but now, I feel that he was indeed dead.”

“You once asked me for a drop of blood, just to find him,” Wendy Yushan asked.

Lu Yin did not hide anything. When he and Wendy Yushan wanted to have a blood test, he asked the Star Sect to predict the immortal Yushan. As a result, countless immortal Yushans were counted.

Actually, there are some things that Wendy Yushan knew but didn’t say.

“What you look like now means my father is dead?” Wendy Yushan asked calmly.

Lu Yin sighed, “I’m sorry.”

Wendy Yushan is funny, “There is nothing to be sorry for. I always thought he was dead. After so many years, there is nothing to be sad about.”

Lu Yin apologized, “It’s me who keeps bringing this up.”

“Okay, just don’t mention it in the future,” Wendy Yushan said.

Lu Yin exhaled, this matter is over, and no one will mention Immortal Yushan in the future.

“Is it difficult to practice the power of time?” Lu Yin asked, changing the topic.

Wendy Yushan nodded, a little troubled, “Time is unpredictable, and there is no actual direction of cultivation at all. It is just a feeling, a controllable feeling that exists in the dark. You can’t use it how you want. “.

Lu Yin took out the Sword of the Ancestor, “It is this sword that takes us through the past and present, and even saw the era of Tianshang Sect. Unfortunately, although the sword is in my hand, I don’t know how to use it.”

Wendy Yushan looked at the Sword of the Ancestor, “I seem to be able to see the power of time.” As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to touch the sword. Lu Yin quickly stopped him, “Half Ancestor will disappear if he touches it.”

“Did Wang Si die under this sword?” Wendy Yushan asked. Many people in the universe saw Wang Si’s death. It was Lu Yin’s true establishment of authority. He killed Wang Si in front of everyone. A half-ancestor.

Lu Yin put away his sword, “Not only Wang Si, the half-ancestral clone of the Forgotten God God also died under this sword. They all touched it.” At this point, he remembered that the Forgotten God was Wang Miaomiao. , the half-ancestors who died under this sword were all members of the Wang family, and this sword was in conflict with the Wang family.

If possible, Lu Yin was willing to give the Sword of the Ancestor to Wendy Yushan for research, and maybe he could learn something, but he did not dare to take the risk, lest Wendy Yushan disappear too.


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