Star Odyssey Chapter 2154: The old friend who lost his memory

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Wu Zu looked at Lu Yin with a rare doubt in his eyes, “Is her name Zhao Ran too?”.

“Senior, do you know each other?”, Lu Yin asked again.

Wu Zu complex looked at Zhao Ran’s leaving figure and murmured to himself, “It shouldn’t be. After so long, why hasn’t she changed at all even if she is still alive? Could it be that she was frozen? But she is just an ordinary person. Feng Feng shouldn’t have lived so long, it’s strange, the appearance, name is exactly the same, and by the way, there’s that cup of tea.”

“Senior?” Lu Yin shouted.

Wu Zu looked at Lu Yin, “Why is she here with you? Do you know who she is?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I don’t know. She said she lost her memory, and I also lost my memory. I only took her in out of sympathy. Why, have you seen her before?”

Wu Zu nodded, “You may not believe it, but I have seen her, in the depleted mountains and seas.”

Don’t believe it? How could it be possible? Lu Yin had also seen it, in the mountains and seas of Ku Zu. He remembered Zhao Ran and brought Wu Zu here to have a look, just to confirm if they were the same person. It was true.

“How much do you know about her?” Wu Zu asked.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I don’t know anything about her. I only know that her name is Zhao Ran. She often loses her memory. Even what happened the day before may be forgotten today, and she doesn’t know anything about the rest. Where is your senior? How much do you know about her?” “.

Wu Zu shook his head, “I don’t understand either. I just drank the tea she brewed when I was exhausted, and I was deeply impressed.”

Lu Yin was funny, “It seems that the senior was impressed because of her tea.”

“Nonsense, anyone who drinks that kind of tea will be impressed. It’s like poison. If I drink it every day, I wonder if he has been poisoned.” Wuzu said in a bad mood, still looking at Xiang Zhaoran was thinking about something.

“It seems that seniors can relive their old dreams today,” Lu Yin said with a smile. Ahead, Zhao Ran came, holding two cups of tea. The steam rising from the tea cups looked like skulls.

Wuzu stared at Zhaoran, as if he wanted to see through her, but no matter how he looked at her, she was just an ordinary person, nothing special, but how could an ordinary person survive until now? The appearance hasn’t changed at all? I really should have asked Keng Yan about her origins. Who would have paid attention to this girl at that time and just stared at the cup of tea.

Thinking of tea, Wu Zu looked at the teacup and his eyelids twitched. Only idiots drink this stuff.

Lu Yin took a sip and said, “It tastes good.”

Zhaoran was happy, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Wuzu looked at Lu Yin and said, “You are exactly the same as Kuexie. Can you drink this stuff?”.

“Senior, drink, don’t hurt this little girl’s heart,” Lu Yin said with a smile.

Wu Zu rolled his eyes, little girl? God knows how old this girl is. Looking at her appearance now, maybe she has lived a long time when I saw her in Kuexie.

“Zhaoran, do you still remember me?” Wu Zu looked at Zhaoran and asked.

Zhao Ran and Wu Zu looked at each other, blinked, looked at it in confusion, and then shook their heads, “I’m sorry, I’m short of stock and forget a lot of things. Have we met?”.

Wuzu is weird and out of stock? Who scolded her?

“If we have met, can you tell me what happened? Who am I?”, Zhao Ran looked at Wu Zu expectantly and asked.

Wu Zu shook his head, “I don’t know, I just think you look familiar.”

Zhaoran prayed very seriously, “If we have really met and you remember it again, please tell me. I really want to know who I am, where I come from, and if I have any relatives. Thank you.” .

Wu Zu nodded, “I know, I will tell you when I think of it.”

“Thank you”, he smiled brightly and blinked, “the tea is getting cold”.

Wu Zu looked at the tea cup. The skull mist was still there. It was definitely poison, absolutely absolutely. She couldn’t help but glance at Lu Yin. She was crazy. He drank this too. After thinking about it, the figure disappeared and returned to the mirror. inside.

Miao Ran was confused and asked, “Your Highness, where is the person?”.

“Let’s go, Zhaoran, you can drink this cup of tea by yourself, she doesn’t know how to appreciate it,” Lu Yin said.

Zhaoran said in gratitude, “If you don’t drink, it will be a waste. You have to put a lot of thought into it.”

Soon after, Zhao Ran left with an empty tea cup, and Wu Zu appeared again, “She really doesn’t remember me.”

“Senior, this junior has figured out what to exchange for his wisdom root with you,” Lu Yin said.

Wu Zu was interested and said, “Let’s talk about it. In fact, I really don’t lack anything.”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “I remember that senior said that you can create cultivators with a small amount of power, right?”

“It is a creation star envoy. There is no need for low-level practitioners to create,” Wu Zu reminded.

Lu Yin said seriously, “Then, junior, this skill may be suitable for you, it’s called blood refining.”

“What kind of blood refining technique?” Wu Zu wondered, “It’s a weird name, it sounds like it came from an evil scripture.”

Lu Yin didn’t know where it came from, maybe it really came from evil scriptures.

He told Wu Zu about the function of blood refining, and Wu Zu fell into deep thought.

Wei’s power can replace the meridians of the human body, and the star source cyclone may one day replace the inner world of Half Ancestor, but it cannot replace blood. Wei is just a kind of power and cannot be created out of thin air, just like Fu Zu’s Zhou Yanzhen It is impossible for scriptures to create a person out of thin air.

No matter how exaggerated Wu Zu’s words are, Wei’s power has its limitations.

The art of blood refining can make up for this defect to a certain extent. With this, there may be some way to replace human blood and truly create a living creature.

Wu Zu meditated and kept thinking. The more she thought about it, the strange power appeared around her and spread out. Lu Yin was wrapped by that power and saw countless illusions, including various scenes. The one that appeared the most was shocking. It’s fog. Isn’t this what Wu Zu is thinking about?

Lu Yin quickly stepped away, his pupils turned into runes and looked at Wu Zu.

At this moment, there are not many runes surrounding Wuzu. They should be derived from the tactics within the mountains and seas – think, concentrate on what you want to think about, forget yourself and forget time.

In a way, it’s almost like an epiphany.

Lu Yin originally thought that she would think about it for a long time and was going to leave the mirror behind and deal with other things first, but she didn’t expect that it would be over soon.

“It can be exchanged,” Wu Zu said directly after breaking away from his thoughts, looking at Lu Yin with excitement in his eyes.

Lu Yin was curious, “Is blood refining useful?”.

Wu Zu nodded, “It’s very useful. I think this blood refining technique can allow me to make up for my shortcomings, but it will take a long time to think about it. When I return to the mirror, I think about it. What I just thought of is that this blood refining technique can make up for my shortcomings. Talents can be extracted, and based on this, it should be possible to transplant this talent into micro-created Star Messengers and create powerful Star Messengers with talents. This is feasible.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, “If it succeeds, does it mean that you can create a powerful star messenger with talent and cultivation?”.

Wu Zu nodded, “Not bad.”

“What’s the possibility?” Lu Yin asked excitedly.

Wu Zu said, “I still have to think about how it is possible to see clearly so quickly. Okay, let’s exchange, I only have three wisdom trees

The roots are all for you.”

“There are only three? Didn’t you say there are many?” Lu Yin was dissatisfied.

Wu Zu rolled his eyes, “I said more than two plants, and I didn’t say a lot.”

“Said”, Lu Yin was sure.

“You can turn back time and take a look. Anyway, I didn’t say anything,” Wu Zu said directly.

Lu Yin deliberately threatened not to give him the blood refining technique, but although this threat was useful to Wuzu, it would cause greater losses to himself. He also hoped that Wuzu would create a star envoy to increase the overall combat power of the Fifth Continent.

Forget it, just treat it as an investment.

Lu Yin taught Wuzu the art of blood refining, and Wuzu gave him three wisdom roots, and the transaction was successfully completed.

Wu Zu went back to the mirror to study it after he got the blood refining technique. He probably won’t come out soon.

Lu Yin also left the Tianshang Sect and went to the Dayu Empire to find Wendy Yushan.

As the threat of the Eternals was lifted, many people returned to their original places. Even the Sword Sect returned to the broken Sword Mountain. Except for the Chenzu tomb similar to the Seven-Character Royal Court, which was occupied by the Sanjue Tianmen, there was no place to stay. Yes, we can only stay in the Tianyang system and stay close to the Tianshang Sect.

Twenty years have passed, Zhenyu Star has not changed much, and the original war of the Eternals has not affected this place.

The regent of the Dayu Empire is still Lu Yin, even if Lu Yin disappears for twenty years, the person who manages the Dayu Empire has become Wendy Yushan.

Now she has transformed from a martial arts idiot who only knows how to practice to a qualified manager, and with her status, she can legitimately become the queen.

However, she has not ascended the throne so far. She prefers to walk the universe with a sword instead of being bound here.

The place where Wendy Yushan lives is still the Fifth Princess Mansion.

Seeing many courtiers waiting outside the princess’s residence, Lu Yin landed without attracting any attention.

“Shibo, will the princess pursue what happened back then?” Outside the princess’s house, a young man in rich clothes asked anxiously, looking at the old man in front of him.

The old man looked calm, “Are you scared?”.

The young man looked pale and said nothing.

The old man said in a calm tone, “If I had known today, why would I have bothered to do it back then? If Mr. Pilu knew what you and your father did, he would be so angry that he would be alive.”

The young man’s face became paler, “We know we were wrong. My father resigned. In fact, I also came to resign.”

Not far away, sounds came intermittently.

“Lord Piru passed away. In order to honor the old man’s lifelong loyalty to the country, the princess specially allowed his son Pier to be promoted. For twenty years, Pilu secretly attracted a large group of courtiers. Taking advantage of the threat of the Eternals, Huan Sha, Enya and others stayed at Lu Tianmen, and when the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance had no time to take care of the Daewoo Empire, they tried to force the princess to marry his son Pixin.”

“It’s okay now. The regent has returned, towering over Tianmen and becoming the top figure in the Fifth Continent. They are afraid. Pierre resigned and his son came to atone for his sins. If you ask me, it would be best to arrest both father and son. “.

“It’s pitiful that Mr. Piru has been upright in his life. At first, he dared to reprimand even the regent. He retorted in court, was appreciated by the regent, and stayed in the cabinet all his life, but he gave birth to these two unfilial descendants.”

“Yes, if Master Piru is still alive, he can beat them to death.”

Lu Yin listened for a while, looked at the young man, and walked towards the princess’ mansion.

The guard of the princess mansion is Ke Yi. When Lu Yin disappeared, he was transferred here. In fact, due to his strength, he could not come, but he still stood in front of the princess mansion in the end.


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