Star Odyssey Chapter 2151: Three things

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“The Evil Scripture is a very strange power.” Immortal Yushan spoke slowly, with a gloomy look in his eyes filled with madness. He was completely different from the elegant emperor back then. “I don’t know if this power is conscious, but It can subconsciously change a person’s thoughts, guide that person to do things that would otherwise be impossible, and even make that person look for something unconsciously.”

“I have been searching in this Canglan territory for many years. The reason why I founded the Dayu Empire was because of the evil scriptures, but I couldn’t find anything. In order to attract others’ attention, I deliberately controlled a Quiro like Immortal Zishan to go on an adventure in the Falling Star Sea. , falsely claiming to have obtained the Immortal Sutra, all this was what I thought and did, but it may not have been guided by the evil sutra.”

Immortal Yushan looked at Lu Yin and said, “There are too many weird lives in the universe. It may not be impossible for Xijing to become a kind of life. You should ask the ancestor of Netherworld how he created Xijing in the first place.”

“How do I know you are not talking about being affected by evil scriptures?” Lu Yin asked back.

Immortal Yushan shook his head, “The evil meridians in my body have been suppressed.”

The eldest sister said, “I suppressed the evil scriptures. Not only him, but also the evil scriptures that were growing in everyone in the You family were suppressed, otherwise what he is saying now would be something else.”

Lu Yin couldn’t believe it, “Can a skill really evolve into life?”

“Nothing is impossible,” the eldest sister said.

Lu Yin couldn’t help but blame, “Sister, why did you create such a thing in the first place? Kung Fu becomes life, and once it spreads widely, isn’t it just like poison? And it can’t be eliminated.”

The eldest sister raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you blaming me?”.

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth twitched, “No, I’m just asking, out of curiosity, just out of curiosity.”

The eldest sister looked at Immortal Yushan, “I’m also very curious, what did the evil scriptures unconsciously influence you to find?”.

Lu Yin asked, “Are you looking for something when you appear on Earth?”

Immortal Yushan nodded, “I can’t live anymore. I will tell you what you need to say. I just hope you find the evil scripture. I have been ruined by it for the rest of my life.”

He speaks more and more clearly, the evil scriptures are suppressed, and their influence on him is getting lower and lower. The current Immortal Yushan is the real Immortal Yushan.

But he still didn’t mention Wendy Yushan. Revenge was more important in his heart than missing his daughter.

Revenge for a skill sounds ridiculous, but now, no one who hears Immortal Yushan’s words would find it ridiculous. This skill is likely to become a cancer.

“I don’t know which day started. It must have been when I was just entered by the evil meridian, or when I reached the state of exploration. The desire to find something appeared in my mind. This desire grew like an addiction. And madness has taken over my whole mind. I can’t wait to leave the Daewoo Empire, and I can’t wait to search the entire Canglan Territory just to find those things.”

“I don’t know where those things come from or what they are for. I just know that I have to find them, even if I die.” Immortal Yushan said, his voice getting louder and louder, and he spoke about some experiences like his mind was out of control. .

Lu Yin looked at his eldest sister.

The eldest sister shook her head and said, “Listen, he can’t control himself anymore. Although I suppressed Xie Jing, what I just mentioned awakened Xie Jing’s control over him. He can listen to as much as he wants. He is going to end. “.

Lu Yin looked at Immortal Yushan complexly.

Immortal Yushan’s eyes were unfocused and he kept talking about looking for something

Experience, “Beigong Territory, Dark Mist Territory, and Haoyuan Territory. I controlled tens of thousands of people. I searched for planet after planet, but couldn’t find it. The more I couldn’t find it, the more I searched. I was alone. Our power is limited, so let everyone come.”

“I exposed the Immortal Sutra and attracted many powerful tribes in the universe. They used their resources to find all the unusual things in the Canglan territory. Finally, one day,” when he said this, Immortal Yushan suddenly looked at Lu Yin, ” You came and brought information about the Earth. That small planet has an unusual history. Its history is actually fake and was compiled by historians.”

“Each time on earth, civilization will become extinct. There are the most ancient unique surnames there, talented practitioners are born there, and there is also an organization called Diyin hidden there. Everything is different from this small planet. It should happen, so I focus on the Earth.”

“But, we still haven’t found it, but the earth has the greatest hope. It should be there, it must be there…”.

“What are you looking for?” Lu Yin suddenly shouted, startling everyone.

Immortal Yushan blurted out, “Three things, a sword, a bead, and an unknown one.” As soon as he said this, he spit out a mouthful of blood, the madness in his eyes faded, his eyes were clear, but dim, and he was obviously far away. Death is not far away.

Lu Yin frowned, sword? bead? Earth?

What is special about the earth? Yes, there are too many, and the most special one is – Jiang Chen.

There is a man who looks about the same age as himself, but has the same level of cultivation. He can accurately position and shuttle through parallel spaces. If it hadn’t been for him, the giant mantis beast wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.

Jiang Chen only appeared on Earth and said that Earth was his home. Lu Yin was sure that the Earth he mentioned should be parallel time and space.

To be able to bring that giant mantis back to his father as a pet, his father should be pretty good.

If the three things Immortal Yushan is looking for are not on the earth here, perhaps they are in the parallel time and space where they are. Of course, it is just a guess. Canglan’s territory is so large. Since he is looking for things in this void, he should be here. piece of space.

“Find the evil scripture, burn it, burn it.” Immortal Yushan’s eyes became darker and darker, but the ferocity in his eyes did not diminish at all. Before he died, all he thought about was revenge, revenge against the evil scripture.

The evil scripture did not bring him the status he wanted. He was controlled by the evil scripture just like he controlled the immortal Zishan, which made him hate the evil scripture.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, and he hated the immortal Yushan even before his death. He bent down and whispered into his ear, “Wendy, you have the gift of time.”

Immortal Yushan’s pupils narrowed sharply, and he looked at Lu Yin in disbelief. The hatred in his eyes disappeared instantly, and there was only excitement and hope. The gift of time is a unique gift. Once he grows up, he will be invincible. Yunei, “Really ?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

Immortal Yushan laughed, coughing up blood and laughing loudly, “She will help me realize my wish, hahahaha”, and finally spit out a mouthful of blood and died completely.

Watching him die, Lu Yin couldn’t bear it. He didn’t want the immortal Yushan to not think of his daughter before he died. Then Wendy was so pitiful. He also didn’t want the immortal Yushan to be in hatred even before he died. No matter how this person I thought, after all, he helped me and allowed me to successfully embark on the path of cultivation.

This kindness must be repaid.

The saddest thing in a person’s life is not revenge, but that after revenge, his life is gone, and even his relatives are gone.

Lu Yin would not tell Wendy about Yushan, so she would think that Yushan would have died long ago.

You Lao gave You Kexin a signal, and You Kexin stepped forward to take away the body of the undead Yushan.

The eldest sister lowered her head and shouted, “Don’t touch it.” After saying that, I saw a ball of energy appearing in the body of Immortal Yushan. It kept twisting and slowly rose into the air. It looked like a human face, even with eyes, and it looked like a human face. It even had eyes. Yushan is exactly the same.

“Xiaoqi, do you want it? It can make your energy and energy increase a lot,” the eldest sister asked.

Lu Yin refused. This thing looked like the Immortal Yushan. Absorbing it would make him sick. Although his energy and energy needed to be strengthened, he had plenty of time.

Once upon a time when Liuying Zishan was alive, the residual energy and spirit were normal. This Immortal Yushan practiced the Sutra of Immortality to control their body. The energy and spirit were actually like this. Lu Yin even suspected that this thing had become a spirit.

Immortal Yushan can control a group of people by practicing the Immortal Sutra, but he is the body of the evil sutra, not his true body, which is complicated when you think about it.

Lu Yin doesn’t want it, but some people want it, such as Quiro.

The old guy came when the eldest sister broke through, watching from outside You’s house like Mingnu and Lu Buzheng.

They also heard what Immortal Yushan said.

Seeing the spirit floating out of the corpse of Immortal Ushan, Quiro appeared and reached out to grab it, “You don’t mind it, old man, I don’t.” He absorbed the spirit of Immortal Ushan with a strange smile.

Lu Yin responded, “Sister, he won’t be controlled by the Immortal Sutra.”

The eldest sister rolled her eyes, “I asked you if you want it, will it hurt you?”

Lu Yin was right when he thought about it.

Qiu Luo sneered, “Boy, who are you looking down on? Don’t forget, old man, I have also practiced the Ancestral Scriptures.”

Lu Yin then remembered that, yes, this old guy’s energy and spirit were so powerful that he could reach across the starry sky, almost rivaling the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Sects, just because he had practiced the Ancestral Sutra.

Back when he practiced the Ancestral Sutra, he was not afraid of the control of Immortal Yushan, and he didn’t even care.

“Speaking of which, it is unheard of for a technique to control people.” Quiro looked at his eldest sister, the ancestor of Netherworld, a living ancient strongman. By the way, he looked at Lu Yin again. There is also a Wuzu in the boy’s mirror. Why are there more and more ancestral realms now? Are they all ruthless characters?

He felt that he could no longer survive and had to change his ways. Otherwise, like before, there might be no place for him to survive in this fifth continent.

Quiluo left, Lu Buzheng, and his daughters also left the You family.

Lu Yin burned the body of Immortal Yushan, and Sister Tou also eliminated the evil meridians from the bodies of all the cultivators of the You family.

At this time, it was the You family’s turn to speak.

Old You looked at the eldest sister’s head respectfully, “You, are you the ancestor of Netherworld?”.

Originally they didn’t believe it, but after experiencing the incident of Immortal Yushan, they began to believe it. If they were not the ancestors of Netherworld, how could they take away the secret of Youzi and their cultivation level would skyrocket in an instant? How could they counter-control Immortal Yushan?

The eldest sister bowed her head. She should look like the ancestor of Netherworld now, “You are not my descendants.”

You Lao and others were shocked.

You Keyan couldn’t help but said, “We are the descendants of the ancestors of Netherworld.”

The eldest sister said, “Although I don’t have the memory of the ancestor of Netherworld, it’s like living a new life, but I’m sure that I have no descendants. What’s going on with you, and why you can inherit the secret of Netherworld, I don’t know, but now I got the You Zi Mi back.”


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