Star Odyssey Chapter 2142: Revisiting old things

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“Do you not believe it, Daozi? In fact, I am a member of the Jiyin Organization, and the earth is my hometown. I went to the Tree Star Sky through Jupiter, and joined the Hanxian Sect by chance. I am not a real member of the Tree Star Sky. , so when Yuchen ordered me to do things on behalf of Young Ancestor, I didn’t dare to resist, for fear of being discovered.”

Lu Yin understood. No wonder Elder Qingxing, a star envoy, listened to Yuchen so much. Even if Yuchen represented Bai Shaohong, she was just a maid. How could she give orders to the star envoy? How could this old guy feel guilty? , did not dare to resist, Yuchen naturally became more and more comfortable with it, thinking that this guy was worried about Bai Shaohong.

“Are you worried about Yuchen’s Yudie?” Lu Yin asked.

Elder Qingxing nodded, “Yudie is a person trained by Yuchen to collect intelligence. Bai Shaohong is behind him. He knows many things about the Starry Sky. Once Yudie targets me, my secret may not be able to be kept. The most taboo thing about our Jiyin development in the Starry Sky of the Tree is to offend such people. Once I am exposed, Jiyin will be in trouble.”

“So a lot of the time I have to do what they tell me to do.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, I understand. The tea is getting cold. Elder, drink it.”

Elder Qingxing’s expression changed, “Daozi still doesn’t believe me? I can contact Jiyin on the earth.”

“You guys have been in the Fifth Continent for more than 20 years, right? During this period, the elders have not had any contact with the Diyin in the Fifth Continent?” Lu Yin asked.

Elder Qingxing said, “You can contact him, but there is no need to contact him.”

Lu Yin looked up at him and saw that he looked embarrassed, knowing what he was thinking.

After many years in the Tree Starry Sky, my vision has changed and my thoughts have changed. I don’t care about the Jiyin of the Fifth Continent at all, and I have no intention of contacting him, unless someone from the Fifth Continent’s Jiyin goes to the Tree Starry Sky and gets some Achievements are enough to qualify you to contact them.

In the final analysis, the Jiyin of the Fifth Continent is different from the Jiyin of the Tree Star Sky.

And there is a risk of exposure once contact is made. In addition, the people of the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force have been in the New Universe all year round and are in the Sanjue Tianmen. Even if they want to contact them, it is not that easy.

Elder Qingxing’s attitude let Lu Yin know that he was more inclined to the first type. They looked down upon Diyin from the Fifth Continent.

“Elder, drink tea,” Lu Yin said, his tone lower than before.

Elder Qingxing’s heart sank, is he still unable to escape?

“Your Highness, the tea is about to get cold,” Zhaoran reminded, looking forward to Lu Yin, blinking his eyes.

Lu Yin coughed, picked up the tea cup, and observed it again. You must have the courage to drink this kind of thing.

Elder Qingxing was shocked, “Daozi, are you drinking too?”.

Lu Yin said seriously, “Zhaoran’s scented tea is delicious.” After saying that, he took a sip. It was refreshing and tasted very good. After one sip, his brain was as clear as if it had been washed by ice water.

His eyes lit up and he said, “Not bad.”

Zhaoran was happy and said, “I’ll make another drink for His Highness,” and then left.

Elder Qingxing licked his lips and took a sip, just like the execution ground. Then, his eyes widened, “It tastes good.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “As long as the elder likes it.”

Elder Qingxing felt that there was no poison in his body, and nothing happened. On the contrary, his mind became clearer. He looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “Daozi, this?”.

Lu Yindao, “Features”.

Elder Qingxing said oh and looked deeply at the tea in the cup

, most people really can’t accept this kind of feature.

“The elder should know Lei Wu,” Lu Yin suddenly spoke, and said the name that made Elder Qingxing change his face. He looked at Lu Yin in disbelief, “Daozi, you?”.

“How do I know?” Lu Hidden looked at him with a smile.

Elder Qingxing was horrified, “Do you know Lei Wu? Did you know I was from Jiyin?”.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up and he put down the teacup, “Liu Shaoge, Lei Wu, Caishu from a humble family, Lele from the root, am I right?”.

Looking at Lu Yin’s smiling face, Elder Qing Xing felt unfathomable for the first time.

No matter how evil Lu Yin was before, how strong he was, even if he killed the half-ancestor Wang Si, it did not shock him so much. Di Yin, this secret, only he and Liu Shaoge in the entire Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force Know.

“Did Liu Shaoge tell you?” Qingxing elder Mou Ding.

Lu Yin laughed, “Does Liu Shaoge know about Caishu?”.

Caishu, the eldest disciple of Qingchen Half-Ancestor of the Han Clan, had contact with Lu Yin and protected Lu Yin. When Lu Yin merged into the body of Elder Qingxing, he was equally shocked when he learned that Caishu was also a Diyin.

Elder Qingxing thought about it for a moment. He had never told Liu Shaoge about Caishu. Caishu was an important figure in the Tree Star Kongdi Hidden Organization. He was a disciple of the Half-Ancestor and one of the highest-ranking people. How could he do it so easily? Tell others.

If it wasn’t Liu Shaoge, how did Lu Yin know about it?

“Did Caishu tell you that himself?” Elder Qingxing asked. After saying this, he felt ridiculous. How could it be possible? Lu Yin did have contact with Qingchen Half-Ancestor and Caishu, and the time was not short. But it was impossible for Caishu to know Lu Yin’s identity at that time, so how could he possibly tell about Di Yin.

Lu Yin said, “Elder, don’t guess how I know. I came to the elder to seek help from Diyin. I’m going to the Starry Sky of the Tree.”

Elder Qingxing was surprised, “Is the new empty corridor connected?”

Lu Yin said, “If it’s not connected, I can go.”

“Jupiter? Yes, you went there through Jupiter,” Elder Qingxing said.

Lu Yin did not say much on this point, “Elder, I need information about all the Earth Yins in the Tree Starry Sky. I believe this, and you should be able to help me.”

Elder Qingxing frowned and remained silent.

Lu Yin tapped his fingers on the table, “In your opinion, Diyin has a great influence, but it is only in the dark. As long as you find one point, you can bring it all. Lei Wu, Caishu, Lele, what do you think? Can I know something from them? You Qi Shu, don’t forget, I was almost accepted as a disciple by ancestor Mu Xie of Han Clan. To the people of Tree Starry Sky, I am a traitor in the Abandoned Land. Sifang Tianping wants to deal with the Lu family, but for Caishu, I am from Earth and I am close to Diyin. If I don’t deal with Sifang Tianping, he will help me, right?”

Elder Qingxing was confused, “Since Daozi is so sure, why not go to Caishu directly?”

“Then what’s the point of keeping you?” Lu Yin shouted sharply, which frightened Elder Qingxing and turned pale.

Lu Yin spoke in a low tone, “Wang Si, if I say kill, I will kill you. You know very well how valuable the Half-Ancestor is to human beings. Even though they are like this, do you think you are more valuable than the Half-Ancestor? Do you think I won’t kill? about you?”.

Elder Qingxing’s face was ugly. Lu Yin’s attitude just now made him a little carried away. He had forgotten that this man was a ruthless man who killed his half-ancestor in public. Watch

Weird flower tea, he exhaled, “Whatever Daozi wants, I will listen to you.”

Lu Yin nodded, his face softening, “That’s right, you are originally from the earth, and the earth is half of my hometown. It is the place where I started my cultivation. I will not harm Earth Yin.”

Elder Qingxing is helpless. He is afraid that Lu Yin will be exposed in the starry sky of the tree, and it will be over if all Diyin is implicated. But with the information Lu Yin has now, even without him, Diyin will not be safe and sound. .

“Elder, with the current relationship, you are unlikely to betray me even in the Starry Sky of Trees, but I can’t take risks, so I still have to take some measures,” Lu Yin said.

Elder Qingxing was stunned, “To the Starry Sky of Trees? Do I want to go too?”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly and suddenly raised his hand. Black and white mist appeared in his palm and turned into a brand, which penetrated directly into his body and carved into the star source cyclone.

Elder Qingxing couldn’t react at all. By the time he did, it was already too late. He stood up suddenly and said, “Daozi, you.”

Lu Yin raised his hand, “Don’t be surprised, it’s just a small trick. As long as the elders don’t betray me, there’s nothing wrong with this trick. But”, at this point, his face became serious, “Once the elders betray me, or violate I’m willing to do something, and you won’t want to try this method.”

Elder Qingxing feels the star source cyclone in his body. In the past twenty years, most of the star source in his body has been consumed and cannot be replenished. There is a black and white mark in the star source cyclone that cannot be dispelled no matter what he does. Yes, the power of the God of Death. This kind of power is too well-recognized. It is black and white. He has seen Lu Yin use the God of Death.

This person is getting more and more terrifying, even if he becomes an immortal, he can still exert this kind of power.

Rather than knowing the contact information of Tree Star Kongjiyin, it would be better to take Elder Qingxing with him, as it would be useful at critical moments.

“There is one more thing.” Lu Yin looked at Elder Qingxing, “If I want to hide my identity and enter the Starry Sky of the Tree, I must have a suitable position. I must not attract the attention of the Sifang Balance, but I must also be qualified to attract their attention. , any good candidates for elders?”

Elder Qingxing took a deep breath. Since he was controlled, he could only think of ways to think about Lu Yin. Otherwise, if something happened to Lu Yin, he would not be able to get over it. “Let me think about it, there should be a suitable candidate.”

“Elder, you can think about it slowly,” Lu Yin said, and then directly brought Elder Qingxing into the Supreme Mountain. In addition to him, he also had to think about who he should bring.

Go to the Starry Sky of the Tree by yourself. Ancestor Wu will definitely go there. He will not give the mirror to anyone. The most important thing now is the candidate for the Half-Ancestor. Senior Brother Qingping is going to break through. Besides him, who else can go with him? ? If you want to rescue Red Garden, the number of people in the Star Alliance must be half-ancestors, but too many will not work, as it will easily attract the ancestral realm.

I have a headache.

Lu Yin thought about it for several days but had no idea. A few days later, the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky arrived outside the solar system.

I didn’t wait for the star energy crystal marrow delivered by the Technology Star Region, and I didn’t wait for the reply from the hidden monster in the Behemoth Star Region. I waited for the Tenth Courtyard.

He called the Tenth Academy of the Starry Sky. Not only the Tenth Academy, he also concentrated all the Starry Sky Academy to the Tianshang Sect and took out the fifth tower to make the Tianshang Sect a place of inheritance, not just a place of rule. Sect.

The reappearance of the Fifth Tower has caused a craze in the human star field. This time, not only the Fifth Continent can enter, but practitioners from the Sixth Continent can also enter. Of course, the price paid is not small. There are many cultivation techniques in the Sixth Continent. The inheritance must be sent to the fifth tower.

And Lu Yin also paid tribute to half the master.


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