Star Odyssey Chapter 2141: Explain

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Originally, there were many things that he wanted to check through this book, but what happened to Xiao Shi just now, Lu Yin suppressed his curiosity and waited for a while. What he wanted to check was not a simple thing. Once, he was afraid that Xiao Shi’s head was going to explode.

Stepping out and leaving the library, a group of people came towards us. They were all young people. The leader was Shu Jing.

Shu Jing and others looked at Lu Yin who suddenly appeared in front of them in surprise. They were stunned for a moment, and then they all saluted and said, “See Daozi.”

“See Daozi”.

Lu Yin gave a grunt and swept through the crowd. Next to Shu Jing was Xi Shuang. These people should be the younger generation of elites in the Hall of Glory. But even back then, the only people who could compete with Lu Yin were methods. These The person was too far away from Lu Yin.

“Still can’t find the super clear?”, Lu Yin asked.

Shu Jing replied, “He was trapped in the cemetery, and now there is no trace of the cemetery.”

Lu Yin nodded and left. He could not find any trace of the burial garden. It was strange. With the power of Chen Zu’s stars in the sky, he should be able to see through the fifth continent, but he could not find the burial garden. garden.

Looking at Lu Yin’s leaving back, Xi Shuang’s eyes were complicated. Every time this person appeared, he would bring about changes. This time, he had become a Taoist disciple of the Tianshang Sect who was equal to the half-ancestor. The gap between them was really too far. .

“Brother Jing, is that Lu Yin Daozi? Did you compete before?” asked one person, who looked very young and was a lively girl.

Another person said, “I heard that Lu Yin Daozi once unified the inner and outer universes and pointed his sword at the new universe. However, he disappeared for twenty years. Then he reappeared twenty years later and directly became Daozi, which is equivalent to unifying the entire human star field. He is so powerful. “.

“It would be great if we could have one-tenth of Daozi’s strength,” the lively girl envied.

Shu Jing said, “Don’t aim too high, one-tenth? If you really have one-tenth of Lu Yin’s strength, you can compete for Taoism.”

In the crowd, there was a girl looking in the direction where Lu Yin disappeared. It was him, yes.

Lu Yin did not stay in the Glory Realm for a long time. There were still many things to deal with in the Tianshang Sect.

In fact, there is nothing worthy of him staying in the Glory World for a long time, but he suddenly remembered something and asked his senior brother for help.

The Interpreter Research Society was merged into the Back Garden, Starlink Network Company was connecting the entire human star field network, and the former council was also dissolved.

The Hall of Glory cannot control the human star field, so there is no need for the Council to exist.

However, although those directors have lost their status, they are still supported by the Hall of Glory. After all, the Hall of Glory still rules the Glory World, and they can make decisions about the Glory World.

Since Lu Yin became the Taoist disciple of the Tianshang Sect, he has tried to contact him countless times and rely on Lu Yin to enter the Tianshang Sect. Now, the Tianshang Sect is the helmsman of mankind, but Lu Yin did not talk to him.

Some people and things don’t necessarily need to be used, but they should be retained.

For example, Sanliang, Old Man Sanshang, Xin Jiao and other outdated directors, such as Xia Sheng, the illegitimate son of the Xia family, such as Zhu San, and Amu, a member of the Dieying clan. He is his own person, and now the Dieying clan Even the patriarch An Qi doesn’t know.

Lu Yin does not necessarily need to use them, but their existence is necessary. Once used, they can sometimes work wonders.

The Arbitration World was destroyed by the Seven Gods, but there is more than one Hall of Glory World. They already have the World Alliance to manufacture and sell the Recycling World


Today’s arbitration world is no different from the previous one, except that it is less murderous.

Senior Brother Qingping took charge of the Glory Realm in place of Elder Chan, which was a bit hasty and inappropriate. Once he had an accident while crossing the tribulation in the Starry Sky of the Tree, Elder Chan would still have to return to the Glory Realm.

“Senior brother, over the years, our human star domain must have placed some people in the beast star domain. I need to use them,” Lu Yin said.

Qing Ping said, “You have some of your own people, how are you going to use them?”

There is no need to hide anything at this time, Lu Yin told Bu Tian about collecting humanoid original treasures and paying homage to the statue.

Qingping was surprised, “How do you know?”.

“Borrow Chen Zu’s power to see through the stars in the sky.” Lu Yin had already thought of his rhetoric. It was perfect and no one could prove the truth or falsehood.

Qing Ping exclaimed, “Chen Zu’s power obviously cannot affect the Behemoth Star Territory, but he can still see through some things in the Behemoth Star Territory. It is indeed the strongest ancestral realm.”

With emotion, Qingping handed a list to Lu Yin, “This lists all the people or beasts who can help you. If Butian hides that place very secretly, the only people who can help you are This one,” he pointed to the middle name on the list.

Lu Yin looked around, a good harvest?

“This is its code name. Its true identity is a hidden monster, second only to the clan leader in the hidden monster group, the Star Messenger,” Qing Ping said.

His tone was calm, but what he said shocked Lu Yin, “Hidden monster? Second only to the clan leader?”

Qing Ping looked at Lu Yin, “Surprised? Over the years, our human star domain has tried every means to infiltrate into the giant beast star domain. It is normal to have such an insider. Similarly, there are definitely high-level officials in our human star domain who are giant beasts. People from the Beast Star Territory, but we don’t know.”

Lu Yin laughed. His thinking was limited. Humans can take refuge in the Eternals and the Behemoth Star Territory. Why can’t the Behemoths take refuge in humans? I had previously wondered whether there would be an internal agent planted by humans within the Eternals. There was nothing surprising about a hidden monster agent.

“Second only to the clan leader, this hidden monster has been developing for a long time, right?” Lu Yin asked.

Qing Ping said, “This is Mr. Zen’s business. I don’t know. I only got this list recently. The most valuable and most hidden thing on it is this hidden monster. If anyone can find that place, it will only be it”.

“How to contact me?”, Lu Yin asked.

Qing Ping said, “You can never contact it unless absolutely necessary, so its contact method is more complicated, and it will take some time to get in touch.”

“I’m waiting, senior brother, this matter is very important. We know nothing about the origin and significance of the humanoid original treasure. When traveling through time and space, I saw the collapse of the fourth continent and saw countless humanoid original treasures. The Behemoth Star Territory is collecting humanoid original treasures again, this matter is not simple,” Lu Yin said.

Qing Ping looked to the east, “In the past twenty years, we have been fighting the Eternals. In fact, we have also stared at the Behemoth Star Territory. The more they do not take action, the more uneasy we are. Human beings think that they are more intelligent. , but the intelligence of giant beasts is sometimes no less than that of humans.”

Lu Yin agreed, Master Butian’s wisdom is extremely high. Humans are not necessarily the strongest race in the universe. Many strange beings have the ability to threaten humans, but they have all disappeared in the long river of time. The only reason why humans can exist is unity. .

He will not kill Nihuang and others without permission, and he also considers this. It is not mercy, but he cannot set such a precedent. Once the internal killing is out of control, it will be a disaster for the entire human race.

The reason why people are human is because they keep a bottom line.

Lu Yin left the Glory Realm and returned to the Tianshang Sect. While waiting for the star energy crystal marrow to be shipped from the Technology Star Region, and waiting for news from the Behemoth Star Region, he himself met Elder Qingxing.

The place where Lu Yin met Elder Qingxing was on the top of a mountain in Tianshang Sect.

The entire Tianshang Sect has hundreds of peaks, each of which is enough to carry stars and accommodate half-ancestors. It is built in imitation of the scale of the Tianshang Sect era. Of course, it is just an imitation. With the resources and time of this era, it is not enough. Build the true Tianshang Sect.

Even so, the construction of this Tianshang Sect is shocking.

Looking at Lu Yin’s back, Elder Qingxing didn’t know how to speak.

“Elder Qingxing, do you still remember the first time we met?” Lu Yin asked in a calm tone.

Elder Qingxing said in a deep voice, “In Zhongping Realm, the ancestral home of the Bailong Clan, your pseudonym is Long Qi.”

Lu Yin smiled, “Yes, things in the world are unpredictable. Did the elder ever think that one day, you would become my prisoner?”

Elder Qingxing said bitterly, “If I had known earlier, then.” At this point, he paused.

Lu Yin turned around and asked, “How was it then?”.

Elder Qingxing shook his head, “What’s the point of thinking too much? How does Daozi want to punish me? Please speak up.”

Lu Yin made an invitation gesture. There was a pavilion not far away. There was a stream flowing along the top of the mountain, and there were gentle clouds and mist. It was very beautiful. “Sit down and talk.”

Elder Qingxing was surprised, but did not refuse. The worst outcome was death. They all already knew the fate of half-ancestor Wang Si and how ruthless the man in front of them was.

Lu Yin waved, and not far away, Zhao Ran came happily carrying scented tea.

Elder Qingxing stared blankly at the scented tea in front of him, is this poison?

On the stone table, two cups of scented tea are particularly strange, dark red, and something is swimming inside. Is that swimming?

Lu Yin’s eyelids twitched and he couldn’t help but look at Zhaoran. The scented tea was getting weirder.

Elder Qing Xing looked at the scented tea in front of him in confusion, and then looked at the tea in front of Lu Yin, feeling a little confused.

Is this poison? As for that? If Lu Yin wanted to die by himself, there was no need to use poison, just one palm was enough, and he also had a cup in front of him. What did it mean?

He looked at Lu Yin in confusion.

Lu Yin subconsciously observed from the Zhou Yan Scripture that there was nothing unusual about the scented tea.

He knew that it was impossible for Zhao Ran to harm him, but there were really not many people who dared to drink this tea. It was just like Coco’s injection. Although they knew it could cure it, not many people dared to try it.

“Elder, give it a try”, Lu Yinxiao looked at Elder Qingxing and said.

Elder Qingxing swallowed, looked at Lu Yin, and couldn’t help but look at Zhao Ran who looked expectantly. What did this woman look like? As if he wished he was poisoned to death.

After staring at the scented tea for a while, Elder Qingxing was heartbroken and said, “Daozi, there is something I want to say.”

“Don’t worry, let’s talk after we finish drinking,” Lu Yin said.

Can you still say it after drinking? Elder Qingxing’s face was ugly. Although he didn’t know the meaning of these two cups of scented tea, he was absolutely certain that drinking it would have no good consequences. “Daozi, I am actually from this starry sky.”

Lu Yin was not surprised, “Don’t worry, elder, Zhao Ran worked so hard to make the scented tea before you finish it. It’s very delicious.”

Elder Qingxing’s face twitched, why don’t you drink?


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