Star Odyssey Chapter 2126: The great goddess

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Zhi Dong nodded, “I understand, and he proposed the concept of combined micro arrays, and he is sure that this is a technology that can change the times. He is more confident than anyone else.”

Lu Yin understands that it seems that the concept of micro-array appeared during the Tianshang Sect era.

“Take me to see the combined micro-array research and tell me in detail what Hen Xin proposed,” Lu Yin said. At this time, Wuzu appeared beside him.

Nowadays, Lu Yin carries the mirror with him wherever he goes, so that Wuzu can appear at any time. Although he loses his privacy, it is not bad to have a half-ancestor by his side at all times. Especially, although this half-ancestor is a half-ancestor, But in a real fight, Lu Buzheng and these people are definitely no match for her.

Seeing Wuzu appear, Zhidong and others were shocked. All around, the cultivators of Aurora Fortress were alert. However, after seeing Wuzu, they were shocked by his majesty and lowered their heads unconsciously, not daring to look directly.

Lu Yin waved his hand and said, “One of our own.”

Zhi Dong woke up from a dream and quickly asked the surrounding practitioners to retreat. At the same time, he was shocked. He lowered his head unconsciously just now. Who is this woman? .

Zhi Shao also reacted and couldn’t help but look at Wu Zu again. All he could see was the profile of Wu Zu, but he was obsessed with it. It was so beautiful, so beautiful, and that aura made people dare not blaspheme.

Wuzu looked around with bright eyes, “Is this the place that represents the highest technology in the fifth continent?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, what we are going to see next is a cross-generational technology. Are you interested, senior?”

“Of course, Huiwen likes to tinker with these things the most. I’ve seen him do it before,” Wu Zu said.

Lu Yin asked Zhidong to lead the way.

Zhidong was confused, “Leader, who is this senior?”.

“The greatest goddess under the stars,” Lu Yin replied.

In one sentence, Dong Zhi was stunned, Young Master Zhi, Master Xuan and others were stunned. Even Master Wu was stunned. The greatest goddess under the starry sky? This description, Wu Zu looked at Lu Yin with admiration, was very appropriate.

Lu Yin thought about this sentence for a long time, and his inspiration came from Ku Wei. The guy once flattered him and actually said that he was the greatest male **** under the starry sky, which made him feel ashamed, but it seemed to be very useful to Wu Zu.

Wu Zu saw that Lu Yin was becoming more and more pleasing to the eye, “How are you doing with your practice of Wei Yin Jue?”.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “I’m practicing now.”

“Work hard. If you want to become an ancestor, you must gather the strengths of all experts, observe and understand various powers, and then you can break the ancestors naturally. It is difficult to break the ancestors by specializing in one kind of power, unless you become numb like exhaustion.” Wu Zu remind.

Lu Yin quickly responded.

Zhi Dong swallowed, who is this woman? She is the ancestor who opens her mouth to become an ancestor and shuts up to destroy her ancestors? How is it possible? There is only one ancestral realm strongman in this starry sky, Blood Ancestor. This woman’s tone is too loud.

However, looking at Lu Yin, Zhidong saw that Lu Yin had never been so obedient to anyone. What he just said was flattering. With Lu Yin’s current status, there should be no one else who needs flattering except the strong ones in the ancestral realm. can do.

Is he really a strong man in the ancestral realm?

The more he thought about it, the more Dong Zhi thought it was possible. If he was really a strong man in the ancestral realm, he glanced at Master Zhi. How great would it be to accept his son as his disciple? kindness? Only then did he realize that Zhi Shao was looking at Wu Zu’s side face obsessively.

Zhi Dong immediately panicked, deliberately slowed down his pace, and stepped on Zhi Shao’s foot hard.

Only then did Mr. Zhi wake up and looked at Dong Zhi’s back in confusion.

Lu Yin was very aware of the actions of the father and son, but he didn’t care. It was the first time for most people

When she sees Wu Zu, she will be shocked and ashamed of herself. When she reacts, she will be obsessed with her. There is nothing she can do about it. Wu Zu is so beautiful. As she said herself, she is indeed beautiful and attracts the attention of countless people.

Soon after, under the leadership of Zhidong, a group of people came to the deepest part of the Aurora Fortress and saw a field of science and technology full of fantasy. They saw a person staring at the light screen to study, constantly calculating and experimenting.

Looking around, Lu Yin couldn’t understand anything except that what was on the light screen was a micro-array.

Especially when one microarray is combined with another microarray, various data are formed on the light screen, which is confusing at first glance.

Wu Zu is also confused. She likes to study micro. Micro is the power of her creation. As for other things, she doesn’t understand.

Micro can replace meridians and star source cyclones, which essentially belong to the category of biotechnology, but I can’t understand these at all.

“Leader, the micro-array weapon we use most currently is a single micro-array combined with Yan. An ordinary person can also use micro-array weapons to deal with exploration realm practitioners,” Zhi Dong introduced.

Wu Zu disdains that she can create Star Envoys.

“However, if the amount of Yan increases, the power will be different, and the highest destructive power can reach the enlightenment level.”

Lu Yin frowned, “Wasn’t it possible to reach the enlightenment state back then?”

Zhi Dong said, “There are high and low levels in the Enlightenment Realm, and the power has doubled compared to the original.”

Lu Yin said, “Zhi Dong, you are deceiving me because I don’t understand. One gram of Yan is equivalent to the destructive power of 10,000 combat forces. The micro array can already exert the destructive power of the Enlightenment Realm. With the addition of Yan, is it difficult to double the power? ?”.

“What if the quantity of Yan is only a few grams?”, Zhidong asked.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “You mean to use just a few grams of clay to double the destructive power of the original micro-array?”

Zhidong nodded, “If you want to make a complete micro-array weapon, the materials and the original treasure formation are indispensable. The materials here are not only the bark of the mother tree for making the micro-array, but also the materials that carry the clay…” .

Zhidong said a lot. If it were someone else, he would not be able to explain it seriously, but facing Lu Yin, he could only explain it.

When faced with Hen Xin, he slowly explained, but what Hen Xin proposed was just a concept. He himself did not understand the meaning of those concepts. However, after he proposed them, Aurora Fortress tinkered with a combination of micro-systems based on these concepts. Array.

Times have changed. Some of the things that can be achieved with today’s technology were also achieved by the ancients with their original means.

“There is a difference between a single micro-array weapon and a combined micro-array. The combination of micro-arrays depends on the compatibility of the original treasure formations. It is equivalent to combining two original treasure formations, combined with scientific and technological means, and with Yan’s Release, this is very accurate, more than a hundred people died when we created the three formation combination, it was caused by mistakes.”

“When creating the five-formation combination, Master Xuan was also injured.”

“What kind of combination formations can you create at most now?” Lu Yin asked.

Zhidong said solemnly, “The combination of five formations was proposed by the leader of the Henxin Sect. He recorded the words of the master who made the micro-array in the Tianshang Sect era from his memory. This allowed us to Five formation combinations have been created in ten years, and the power is enough to pose a threat to more than 500,000 combat star envoys.”

Wu Zu is equally disdainful, Star Envoy? At her peak, she could create her own.

Wuzu didn’t care, but Lu Yin was excited, “Can it pose a threat to the Star Envoy? These five formation combinations can be produced in batches

? “.

Childong is in a dilemma, “The production staff are too nervous to produce in batches. However, we are trying to form an assembly line, but it is difficult to supplement the scarcity of interpreters.”

“Not only that, the most important thing for us now is to study the twenty-eight formation combination. Once this research is completed, it will be an extremely powerful weapon.”

Lu Yin was puzzled, “You want to jump directly from the five-formation combination to the twenty-eight-formation combination?”.

Master Xuan interjected, “Leader, the difficulty of combinations does not depend on the number, but on the degree of fit. Just like we can now make five formation combinations, but it is difficult to make two formation combinations, four formation combinations, and twenty-eight formations. The combination is the closest fit to the five-formation combination in theory.”

Lu Yin nodded, “If it is researched, how powerful will it be?”.

Zhidong straightened up, “Over one million combat power and destructive power.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Are you sure?”, the combat power of more than 500,000 is not on the same level as the combat power of over one million.

Wu Zu also became serious for the first time and looked at Zhidong.

How can these ordinary cultivators develop weapons with destructive power exceeding one million? A combat power of over one million is equivalent to six Origin Tribulations. Even in the Daoyuan Sect era, there were not many such masters.

From the sound of it, it seems that this kind of weapon can be manufactured in batches, which is quite scary, even harder than her creation of the Star Envoy.

“Research and manufacturing are based on fit and power, but quantity,” said Zhi Dong. “The power of the twenty-eight formations is far greater than that of the five formations. Of course, the consumption is not comparable to the five formations. One million is just A conservative figure. If the load-bearing materials are strengthened and the use of styrene is increased, the destructive power will increase.”

Lu Yin expected that in the Fifth Continent, it was difficult to create a micro-array because the mother tree had less bark, and there were not many interpreters involved. If it could be connected to the starry sky of the tree, there would be an endless supply of mother tree bark.

“Hurry up and study the twenty-eight combined micro-arrays. Tell me what you are missing and I will try to satisfy you,” Lu Yin said.

Master Xuan said directly, “Those who lack understanding of language”.

“Lack of cutting-edge scientific and technological talents.”

“Lack of material”.

The last two were said by Zhidong and Wan Gong, and the three of them asked three questions.

Lu Yin took out the wireless Gu and contacted Heavenly Master Xiu Ming directly. Since he became a Taoist, he has the contact information of all the important people in the Fifth Continent, and Heavenly Master Xiu Ming is naturally the top priority.

Although the Interpreter did not play a big role in the Fifth Continent War, the Interpreter was responsible for the indispensable aspects of establishing the original treasure formation and interpreting the language. As for the Celestial Master Xiu Ming, Lu Yin asked Mr. Zen. As a heavenly master, he is generally not very good at fighting. However, if he is good at fighting, even if he cannot reach the level of senior brother Qingping to challenge the half-ancestor, he will still resist the half-ancestor. force.

Looking at the fifth continent today, in terms of interpretation and research on the original treasure formation, Xiu Ming Tianshi is definitely the first person, surpassing the Supreme Saint Tianshi.

“Lu Yin?”, the voice of Heavenly Master Xiu Ming came out.

Lu Yin said, “Master Xiu Tian, ​​I haven’t seen you for many years. How are you doing?”

New Universe Glory Realm, in the world of Jie Yu, Xiu Ming said, “It’s not bad, very fulfilling. You are looking for me to merge the Jie Yu Research Society into the Tianshang Sect. Master Lu came to me and said Is it going to be incorporated into some kind of back garden?”

Lu Yin solemnly said, “Humanity has been divided for too long. If it were not for the threat of the Eternals, humanity would not have been integrated in the past twenty years. A scattered human star field has long been ruled by the Eternals.”


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