Star Odyssey Chapter 2125: Things about Daoyuan Sect

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Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. Although he could not get Wuzu out of trouble, these slippers were much more useful than needles.

Speaking of which, who would be so naive as to make such slippers? Especially the five black footprints made him feel disgusted and he started to pick his feet.

Having reached the level of Half Ancestor, as long as the slippers are not mentioned, Ancestor Wu is obviously much more relaxed. “Junior, please take me on a tour of the starry sky. I don’t know what the starry sky has become after so long. Let’s take a look. The realm of mountains and seas”.

“Are you looking for the mountain and sea realm that you inherited?” Lu Yin asked.

Wu Zu nodded, a little melancholy, “That’s my home.”

Lu Yin said, “Okay, but can you give me some time to deal with some chores?”

Wu Zu said, “It’s free. I can come out. I’m very curious about the outside world. I’ll take a look at what you do with you. You said that you are the newly-established Taoist disciple of Tianshang Sect and can command the fifth continent. From your point of view, You can understand this fifth continent.”

In the next few days, Lu Yin took Wuzu around between Tianshang Sect and the Earth. Although the contact time was not long, Lu Yin got to know Wuzu better and better. She did not hide anything at all, her personality was exposed, and Only then did Lu Yin understand the meaning of Yun Tingting’s words.

The ancestor of the Yanyun Sect recorded that the greatest characteristic of the Wu Ancestor was ignorance. At that time, Lu Yin was still guessing what kind of madness it was. Now he knew that it was the madness for the power he created. No matter what he saw in the outside world, , she can associate it with Wei’s power.

She once said that she could replace the meridians of the human body with the micro, replace the star source cyclone, and create a star envoy. At that time, Lu Yin didn’t believe it at all. Now, she somewhat believes it. This woman used the micro to lift an ordinary person to enlightenment in person. According to the level of the realm, the meridians of that ordinary person are replaced by micro, and the star energy is circulated, causing that ordinary person to transform overnight.

Although the slightly replaced meridians will gradually disappear, it can last for at least a few days.

In Zu Wu’s words, when she was at her peak, she could create Star Envoys. Her Mountain and Sea Realm had no servants and no need for servants, because they were all puppet-like things at the level of Star Envoys.

Whether it is a human, an animal or anything else, Wei can form a star source cyclone in his body.

This is a terrible use.

In Lu Buzheng’s words, Wu Zu was a giant even in the Tianshang Sect era.

Besides being crazy, there is another thing about this woman that Lu Yin can’t stand. She especially likes to be praised. In other words, she likes to be flattered. Lu Yin said a few words to her now, and there were words of praise in them subconsciously. The more she praised, the more she praised her. Cruel, the happier this woman is, the happier she will be, the more she will tell Lu Yin about things from the Daoyuan Sect era.

For example, ancestor Lu Tianyi beat Bai Wangyuan of Hanxian Sect several times. For example, Fu Zu was a late-blooming cultivator. When Chen Zu, Hui Zu and others became famous in the Fifth Continent, Fu Zu was still in the same sect. The family carefully copied classics. For example, Ku Zu also liked women, but never expressed them, such as Chen Zu Xia Shang and Wang Xiaoyu’s feelings.

“That idiot Xia Shang is too infatuated, and he still has a little sentiment of a poet. He looks at the falling rain and red flowers all day long, and he is sick.” Wuzu said with disdain, his tone full of resentment.

Lu Yin is weird, this woman doesn’t like Chen Zu.

“What’s that look in your eyes? Let me tell you, your ability to cultivate Xia Shang’s power makes me very unhappy. Be careful when you talk to me.” Wuzu glared at Lu Yin and said.

Lu Yin quickly flattered him, “Junior knows

That’s right, in fact, the senior’s strength was invincible in the world. In that era, he should be the all-powerful and the goddess in the hearts of countless people. By the way, the person Kuzu likes may be the senior, but he dare not say it because of his inferiority complex.” .

Wu Zu’s eyes lit up and he patted his head, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that? No wonder every time I saw that guy Kuei, he had a serious look on his face, and he felt like he was covering up something.”

Lu Yin quickly climbed up the pole, “You are right, Ku Zu likes you, but he has low self-esteem and dare not say it.”

Wu Zu sighed, “I should have known better then that I wouldn’t have ridiculed him. Hey, this guy has a miserable life experience and it’s normal to have low self-esteem. But don’t underestimate him. Qingjie, Xia Shang, Bai Wangyuan, and Wang Fan are all contemporaries. People, the age gap is not too big. There were many outstanding people in that era. They stood out as ancestors. There are many other talented people. As far as I know, most of them have been beaten by drying up, including you, the direct descendants of the Lu family, especially one named Lu Jian. The arrogant man.”

“Is there such a thing?” Lu Yin was curious. Even the Ku family knew very little about Ku Zu’s experience.

Wu Zu nodded, “Think about it, everyone is a talented person, a generation of leaders in Daoyuan Sect, competing with each other, knowing everything about them, Xia Shang’s bright moon is in the sky, no one can beat him, Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, Lu Jian and others I’m not far behind him, Lao Fu is a loser, he’s still studying poetry and books, and there is only one who is silently chasing him, who will be convinced?”

“Especially that guy Hui Wen is insidious. He makes sarcastic remarks when he has nothing to do. Only a few people can be recognized by him, and Kuei is one of them. At that time, he **** off a group of people, and they challenged Kuei to a duel one by one. As a result, No one said anything, not even Kuekei himself, but from then on, those guys walked around when they saw Kuekei.”

“Let me tell you, if it weren’t for Kuexian being too low-key, Xia Shang’s light would have been taken away from him.”

Lu Yin asked hurriedly, “Did Chen Zu fight against Ku Zu?”.

Wu Zu thought for a while, “It seems so. Even if he was beaten, it would be a secret. Xia Shang doesn’t like to publicize his bad deeds, and Jiexie can’t even beat them with three sticks. Even if they were beaten, it would be a secret. no one knows”.

“At that time, the most eye-catching thing about Xia Shang was that he was hunted down by Daoyuan Sect. He cultivated nine clones, and one of them actually became a giant. The Lu family was almost furious. Ancestor Lu Tianyi ordered to capture him He, but the seniors are not allowed to interfere, who among the same generation can catch Xia Shang…”.

It was quite interesting to listen to Wuzu’s lectures about things from the Yuanzong era. Gradually, Lu Yin was not the only one who listened to the story. People like Kuiluo, Lu Buzheng, and Ku Wei all came, and then that guy Yin also came. Come over with a smile.

This kind of day lasted for half a month, which really made Lu Yin and the others understand a lot about the Daoyuan Sect era. It was not until the arrival of Aurora Fortress that the peace was broken.

“Meet the leader.” When Zhidong saw Lu Yin, he hurriedly saluted.

Besides, Mr. Zhi also saluted at the same time, “Meet the leader.”

Nowadays, there are many people who call Lu Yin the leader of the alliance. They are all old people from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. As for newcomers, they generally call Lu Yin Daozi.

Lu Yin still likes others to call him leader, “Long time no see, Zhidong.”

Zhi Dong lamented, “After twenty years of separation, the alliance leader has not changed at all, he is still so young.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It’s not like I’ve lived twenty years, I’ve traveled through time and space.”

Childong Zhi and Shao Zhi stared wide-eyed. They didn’t know about this kind of thing. Not many people in the universe today knew about this kind of thing. “Leader, what does this mean?

Thinking? “.

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “I believe that your Aurora Spaceship Company must have also studied time and space. I have traveled through time for twenty years. In other words, from Zhidong’s point of view, after twenty years of separation from me, But from my perspective, we haven’t seen each other for more than half a year.”

Zhidong was shocked, “The alliance leader traveled through time for twenty years? How did he do it?”.

“Haha, talk as we walk,” Lu Yin said with a smile. He was not showing off. He had to tell the world about the sword of the ancestor. He was the orthodox successor of the Tianshang Sect and the descendant of the ancestor. Those half-ancestors all knew about the ancestor’s sword. There is no need to hide the sword.

Furthermore, in this fifth continent, unless the Seven Gods come, he is really not afraid of anyone. Even if the three ancestors of the sixth continent were still there, he was confident that he could deal with them with the power of Chen Zu.

Chen Zu’s invincibility gave him too much confidence.

This is also the reason why Xia Ji initially placed his trust in Chen Zu to advance to the ancestral realm. He did not believe that Chen Zu would be defeated, and always had this belief in his heart. With Chen Zu’s swordsmanship, how could he be defeated?

However, Lu Yin broke through the Star Envoy, defeated Chen Zu at the same time, and gave him a blow. This was the reason why he and Lu Yin had a sworn hatred.

Walking in Aurora Fortress, “Not much has changed here,” Lu Yin said.

Zhidong replied, “Sanjue Tianmen is not too harsh on Aurora Fortress, as long as we promise to hand over the micro-array weapons on time.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Dong Zhi is reminding me?”.

Zhidong said quickly, “I don’t dare.”

Not long after, Lu Yin saw Biaozi, the general consultant of Aurora Spaceship Company. He was the one who made the first United Microarray space armor. In addition to Biaozi, there were also Master Xuan, Wan Gong, Flame Engineer et al.

After twenty years of separation, some people have become older, while others have remained the same as before.

“Thank you for your hard work, Master.” Lu Yin looked at Master Xuan and said, “It’s only twenty years, which is not too long for a cultivator, but Master Xuan is obviously much older.”

Although his face is old, he is in good spirits. Master Xuan smiled and said, “It’s not hard, I have spent this time very fulfillingly.”

Lu Yin was surprised and looked at Zhidong.

Zhidong made an invitation gesture and took Lu Yin to the deepest part of the Aurora Fortress, “Leader, in addition to creating micro-arrays, it is more important for the master to cooperate in the research and combination of micro-arrays. This is also the master’s interest, otherwise I, Aurora, Spaceship Company, how to hire a Jie Yuan Formation Master?”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Combined micro array?”.

Dong Zhi said solemnly, “This was proposed by the leader of the Henxin Sect. Do you know why the leader of the Henxin Sect had to take our Aurora Spaceship Company to the Sanjue Tianmen? It’s because during the Tianshang Sect era, someone proposed The concept of microarray, or even the concept of combined microarray”.

Lu Yin immediately thought of Bai Shaohong’s Kaitian micro-array. The reason why Wan Gong was able to research the micro-array was inspired by that. That was the real micro-array. At that time, he was wondering if Hanxian Sect had already Microarrays were developed.

But after the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force was arrested, he had people investigate and also questioned people like Yuchen, Liu Shaoge, and Elder Xizi. None of them knew about the micro-array, although they didn’t know whether Hanxian Sect had one. But Lu Yin can be sure that before this era, someone definitely created a micro-array.

“You mean Hen Xin understands the Micro Formation?” Lu Yin asked solemnly.


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