Star Odyssey Chapter 2113: The first ancestor was human

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Jianyu looked at Chu Yuan, “Hey, you look so familiar to the bipedal beast. Have Lord Yu seen you? Come on, come and pay homage to Lord Yu. Lord Yu will teach you how to become an ancestor.”

Chu Yuan stared blankly at the cheap fish. He couldn’t even imagine that he could still see this fish, and it was so close. “Are you still alive?”

“What do you mean? Curse Lord Fish? That’s too much, girl, beat him.” The cheap fish slapped Xi Qi on the head.

Chu Yuan looked at the cheap fish in confusion. Is it that fish? That fish was big and powerful, but this one, although the sound was exactly the same and the tone was so unbeatable that it made people want to cook it, it was unlikely to be that fish.

“Know?”, Lu Yin said.

After Chu Yuan reacted, he remembered that Lu Yin was still there, “It looks like it, but it shouldn’t be”.

“You mean the fish in the pond in the ancestor’s back garden?” Lu Yin asked.

Chu Yuandao said, “Have you ever seen that fish that even the condor can’t do anything about? This one is definitely not the case.”

“Maybe it’s just that the cultivation level is gone,” Lu Yin said. If the eldest sister’s head can be a variety of ghosts, why can’t this fish be a ship fish? Of course, it’s not necessarily a descendant.

Chu Yuan looked at Lu Yin and said, “You called me here just because of it. It doesn’t know me, and I don’t know if it is a fish. Even if it is, it seems that it can’t remember what happened before, so it won’t look for me.” It’s useless”.

Lu Yin let Xi Qi go. Listening to the voice of Jian Yu fading away, Lu Yin said, “I’m very curious as to why you still stay in the solar system.”

“With your strength, you don’t need to be a Taoist disciple”, Chu Yuan Tao.

Lu Yin was funny, “You still want to be a Taoist? Fate supports me, even if you become a Taoist, there is no point.”

Chu Yuan raised his head and said, “This is the first step of my perfect life plan, Daozi, followed by the master of Tianmen, nine mountains and eight seas, and finally, I will become the master of Taoism.”

“I think too much. You are indeed powerful now. You are the strongest person of your generation besides me, but that doesn’t mean you will definitely become an ancestor. What’s more, you are still in the nine mountains and seas, where inheritance is not easy,” Lu Yin said.

Chu Yuan’s eyes flashed, “Have you experienced this?”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Yes, it failed.”

“I will not fail”, Chu Yuan is very confident.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Maybe. Inheritance does not depend on cultivation, but even if you can become an ancestor, so can I. You will always be under me. This is not a perfect life.”

Chu Yuan clenched his fists. In the past, he had indeed planned his perfect life and was confident that he could achieve it. However, the person in front of him overwhelmed him. Even if he could achieve everything he planned, he would still be able to achieve it. Even with the gap revealed, it was impossible for him to defeat the person in front of him. It was still difficult for him to accept that such a monster was born in this era.

Lu Yin was not very happy when he saw Chu Yuan’s ugly expression. He had seen this kind of expression many times, from the chief of the Starry Sky War Academy to the top 100 battle list master, and then to the Ten Jue, Xingchen Five Sons, The Fourth Young Master waited. Along the way, he stepped on the geniuses of his generation and climbed up. He saw too many expressions like this.

The only value of Chu Yuan to him is that he met the ancestor during the Tianshang Sect era.

“What kind of person is the ancestor?”, Lu Yin asked.

After Chu Yuan left, Lu Yin looked strange, ancestor, is that like that?

Forget it, no matter what the ancestor is, it has nothing to do with him. Lu Yin took out the Supreme Mountain and entered again.

Originally he planned to release those people inside

Come on, especially Xing Kai. Hen Xin didn’t even ask. He probably thought he had killed Xing Kai, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t. Except for Xing Kai, the rest of the people had to wait for the corridor to be empty even if they wanted to come out. After recovering, they can connect with the Tree Star Sky, and then it’s their turn to appear.

For the time being, they have to be locked up for a while.

Long Xi is the exception, but she doesn’t want to come out.

Lu Yin entered the Supreme Mountain this time and came not far from Long Xi. He wanted to take the sapling out. He could not keep the sapling for too long, otherwise he would be wronged.

As soon as they entered the Supreme Mountain, in addition to seeing Long Xi and Xiao Shumiao, Xia Taili was also there. When she saw Lu Yin appeared, she gritted her teeth and kicked her, but Lu Yin easily blocked it, “I’ll kill you if you jump again.” Lock it up”.

Xia Taili glared at Lu Yin, “What’s the difference between now and Guan?”.

Lu Yin casually threw her away.

The sapling jumped over, and its branches tightly wrapped around Lu Yin’s fingers, much tighter than before. It had learned a lesson. Last time Lu Yin said he would take it out, but it didn’t. This time it didn’t intend to let go.

“Take it out, it’s bored,” Long Xi said.

Lu Yin nodded, “What about you? Do you want to go out?”.

Long Xi asked, “How is it outside?”.

Lu Yin said. “Everything is stable.”

Long Xi looked at Lu Yin and said, “You are so relaxed, which means the situation is favorable to you? So, how is the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force?”.

Lu Yin thought for a while and said, “I arrested him.”

Long Xi was surprised. She guessed that the situation was favorable to Lu Yin. The Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force might not be doing well, but she never expected that they would be caught.

Humanity’s current enemy is the Eternals. Even if Lu Yin wants to deal with the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force, it shouldn’t be at this time, unless.

“The threat of the Eternals has been lifted?” Long Xi was shocked.

Lu Yin nodded, “It has been lifted temporarily. The Fifth Continent is safe. But unfortunately, the Star Source Universe has been swallowed up and no one can solve it. Human cultivation civilization is regressing. Fortunately, the power of the Tianshang Sect era appears and will make up for it with time. Retrograde cultivation civilization.”

“How do you want to deal with the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force?” Long Xi asked.

Lu Yin hasn’t thought about it yet. Normally, if the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Army comes to kill him, he will not let it go. However, in the past twenty years, the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Army has united with the fifth continent’s human star field. In the battle against the Eternals, once they were killed, it would have a very bad impact on the current situation. No matter how much hatred Lu Yin had with Shu Zhixingkong, they only knew that Lu Yin was good at killing his comrades. This was a very bad thing.

Some people will not give up the opportunity to discredit him, which is not good for his control of Tianshang Sect.

And deep down in his heart he was not willing to commit a **** massacre, but it was impossible to let it go.

Sifang Tianping and the Lu family have an irresolvable hatred. Is it because they are on the front line against the Eternals that Lu Yin will not take revenge? So what is the motivation that keeps him going?

The Lu family is willing to bear infamy and defend the Eternals for the sake of the Fifth Continent. The Sifang Balance still wants to exile the Lu family. They must bear this crime and pay the price.

Lu Yin didn’t want to be the selfless hero that others said, but he also didn’t want to be the criminal who started a civil war.

This is the evil plot of Wu Lingshen. He cannot take revenge or give up.

“Half Ancestor cannot do this to deal with the Lu family,” Long Xi said calmly.

Lu Yin raised his eyes and looked at Long Xi,

I know what she means.

The hatred between Sifang Tianping and the Lu family cannot be decided by just the half-ancestor. Even if Nihuang and others insult and hate the Lu family, the exile of the Lu family has little to do with them. Lu Yin’s enemy should be the Sifang Tianping ancestral realm. Strong.

“The Ancestral Realm is the chief evil, but these half-ancestors, as well as the practitioners from Sifang Tianping who insulted my Lu family, are evil. If it weren’t for them, Tree Starry Sky would not have shouted at the Lu family. The strong ones in the Ancestral Realm It’s impossible to publicize it in person, and the crimes of these flag-waving people are not small, especially Wang Si.” When mentioning Wang Si, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, “This old **** must die.”

Long Xi said, “Sifang Tianping is determined to kill the Lu family. Even so, those who are loyal to the Lu family will not be massacred.”

“You mean the Star Alliance?” Lu Yin slapped his head, yes, he almost forgot, there is also the Star Alliance, which is composed of powerful Star Messengers who are loyal to the Lu family or hostile to the Four Directions Balance. These people It would be a pity to kill them directly, so the Sifang Balance sent them to the front line against the Eternals to use their remaining energy.

When the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance formed the Heavenly Sin Army, Lu Yin also remembered it based on the Star Alliance. Why did he suddenly forget it? If Long Xi hadn’t reminded him, he would still be troubled.

Ni Huang, Xia De, Bai Laogui, Wang Si, Xia Ji, five half-ancestors, plus those cultivators who are loyal to the Sifang Tianping, can just join the Heavenly Sin Army to fight against the Eternal Clan, or A sharp knife against his enemies.

The Heavenly Sin Army is still the same Heavenly Sin Army. The difference is that it used to belong to the Dongjiang Alliance. Now that the Dongjiang Alliance is gone, it will belong to the Tianshang Sect, and he is still the only one who obeys orders.

Long Xi was helpless. She had no choice. Compared with the death of Ni Huang’s ancestor by Lu Yin, it would be better to join an organization similar to the Star Alliance and still have a chance of survival.

With the capabilities of the White Dragon Clan, saving his ancestor should not be a problem in the future. Moreover, this also gives Lu Yin a chance to avoid breaking up with the White Dragon Clan.

From a standpoint, she did not want Lu Yin to break up with the White Dragon Clan, which was also her selfish intention.

Soon after, Lu Yin left the Supreme Mountain with the saplings and came outside.

The little sapling was a little uneasy, and the branches were tightly wrapped around Lu Yin and refused to let go. However, after Lu Yin played with it for a long time, it recovered.

“Where is the big tree that can escape?” Lu Yin contacted Wang Wen using wireless Gu and asked.

Wang Wen checked it and said, “It’s gone. It ran away when we moved here. The Balaro who guarded it reported it, but who cared about a tree at that time?”

Lu Yin shook his head, forget it, just run away. There are too many strange things in the universe. He still has many things he has not studied and understood, and he has no time to pay attention to that big tree.

The little sapling faced the ancestor turtle, very curious.

Lu Yin just looked at the sapling quietly, feeling happy and relaxed when he saw it.

The little saplings jumped up and down like a dancer, and they didn’t even feel tired after playing for a long time.

Lu Yin took it to play on the back of the ancestral turtle, then to the starry sky, and finally to the earth. He marked an area for it to play with. He planned to absorb the cauldron energy. It was time to absorb the cauldron energy. Four When all the cauldrons are gathered together, they must be trained to become the Nine Yang Transformation Cauldron.

Not long after Lu Yin turned around and left, the little sapling became bored. Lu Yin was not there, and the big tree that could escape was not there. It didn’t know what to play with, and its branches were hanging down, seemingly thinking about life.

After thinking for an unknown amount of time, the green branches suddenly lifted up. I remembered something, shook them, and slowly disappeared. It was not that they really disappeared, but that they entered the Star Source Universe.


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