Star Odyssey Chapter 2112: In three steps

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Mingnu looked at Lu Yin with stern eyes, “That’s just a rare treasure of destiny cultivation. I’ve seen it before it was sealed. It’s not a rare thing, but with it, you can touch destiny. I heard that Lu Daozi can’t collect it. Don’t play with fate in the quicksand, do you want to get in touch with fate?”

“Where is fate?”, Lu Yin asked.

Mingnu smiled bitterly, “How can I know the whereabouts of fate? If Lu Daozi is willing, you can give me the quicksand of fate. When I gather them all, I may be able to deduce the whereabouts of fate. Of course, I may not be successful.” .

How could the life-playing quicksand be given to the life girl? Even if Lu Yin was willing, he couldn’t hand it over. The little bits and pieces surrounded by two commas in his body were the decomposed life-playing quicksand.

He was still a little panicked when he thought of this. The quicksand of Xi Ming would not be noticed by Ming Nu after it decomposed.

This woman said it easily, but how can something that can touch destiny be simple? Maybe this thing is the most precious treasure of destiny.

In fact, it’s not his fault. It was stabbed with a sword. He didn’t have the ability to break down the quicksand of fate. Wait, Lu Yin thought of the two points on the dice. It seemed that he was not incapable.

In order to prevent the destined girl from seeing anything, Lu Yin quickly let her go.

After Ming Nu left, the person Lu Yin was waiting for arrived, Zhao Ran.

After twenty years, he went into seclusion to practice as soon as he came back. There were many things to deal with and many people to meet. Among them, Zhaoran was definitely one of the most important people.

“Your Highness, you are back.” Zhaoran was very happy to see Lu Yin, but also a little aggrieved. “Without you, no one will drink the scented tea.” After saying that, he took out a cup of green tea from the Ningkong Ring. It looked like There was a centipede-like plant hanging inside, and he handed it to Lu Yin like a treasure, “Your Highness, I specially prepared this for you.”

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth twitched, looking at Zhaoran’s expectant eyes, he couldn’t bear to refuse, but he still put it down first, “Zhaoran, do you still remember me?”.

Zhaoran said happily, “Remember, it was Your Highness who took me in. Every once in a while, I will look at the past memories recorded in the personal terminal and the jade stone. Your Highness is the best to me.”

“Then do you remember a person named Kuexie?” Lu Yin asked.

Miaoran was confused, “What is drying up?”.

Lu Yin looked at Zhao Ran. Her eyes were open, with confusion and confusion, which was exactly the same as the symptoms of amnesia. “Ah, Your Highness, the scented tea is getting cold. It won’t taste good when it gets cold.” He said with straight eyes. Gou stared.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and looked around. No one was sharing the burden for him. He picked up the scented tea again. He couldn’t help but his pupils turned into runes and looked at it. When he saw that there were no runes, he was relieved. It’s not a living thing, it’s just made of tea leaves, just like a centipede. This girl makes the scented tea very scary every time.

Ku Zu also experienced this before.

Under the look of expectant eyes, Lu Yin still took a sip. Not to mention, the taste was better than before. It was slightly bitter but had an indescribable taste, which made people feel refreshed. “Delicious”.

Zhao Ran was happy, “Thank you, Your Highness. Your Highness, I have researched many kinds of scented tea. Do you want to drink it? I will prepare it right now.” After saying that, before Lu Yin could speak, he ran away.

No matter how time changes, Zhao Ran is exactly the same as when Lu Yin saw her twenty years ago. She has no worries and only thinks about making scented tea. Back then, this girl even forgot to hand over the gift money given by others.

Lu Yin shook his head, she probably really didn’t remember what she had done with Ku Zu

What does it matter? And what Kuzu said, who is the person she is waiting for in her life?

Being able to accompany Ku Zu, Zhao Ran’s life experience is by no means simple. By the way, she always seems to be able to find Xuan Jiu.

After meeting Zhao Ran, the next thing Lu Yin wanted to see was naturally Xiqi – the fish above his head.

When Xiqi saw Lu Yin, she still looked worried, but she was also very happy. Lu Yin was an acquaintance, and she had known her since Wei Mo. At that time, her ability to interpret language was higher than that of Lu Yin. When Lu Yin watched the video of interpreting language, I saw the process of Xiqi interpreting Yuyu.

“Brother Lu,” Xi Qi greeted softly and looked at Lu Yin with bright eyes. Every time he saw Brother Lu, he would change. This time it was even more powerful. Even the half-ancestors wanted to listen to him. As expected of him A legend of this era.

In the past twenty years, she has heard many legends about the Tianshang Sect era, but she still does not think that anyone can surpass Brother Lu in front of her. He is a living legend, even if we look at the Tianshang Sect era, he is a legend.


“Hey, familiar bipedal beasts, we meet again. What, have you planned to be Master Yu’s mount? Let me tell you, it’s too late. The bipedal beasts who want to be Master Yu’s mount can fill the starry sky. Wait. I can wait for you to die,” the cheap fish said, slapping its fins up and down, causing Xiqi pain.

Lu Yin was speechless, why is it still like this? It has been decades, and this girl Xi Qi has been able to practice Iron Head Kung Fu, “Long time no see, I”, before Lu Yin could finish speaking, the cheap fish raised his tail , Gao Gao pointed at Lu Yin, “But Mr. Yu thinks you are pleasing to the eye, and you are familiar with the bipedal beast. Let you join the team. Girl, give up your position. Now Mr. Yu is the master of this bipedal beast. You… The girl doesn’t live up to expectations, and Master Yu is so angry.”

Xiqi panicked and quickly covered Jianyu’s mouth, “Please keep your voice down, Brother Lu will stew you when he is angry.”

The cheap fish jumped up and down and kept slapping Xi Qi’s head.

“Let it go. After so many years, I understand it and won’t be angry,” Lu Yin said with a smile.

Xiqi breathed a sigh of relief and apologized in a low voice, “Brother Lu, I’m sorry, after so many years, he, he has a worse temper.”

Lu Yin looked at Jianyu, and Jianyu also stared at Lu Yin, “Hey, isn’t this a familiar bipedal beast? We meet again. Come and pay homage to Master Yu. If Master Yu is in a good mood, you may be able to break your ancestors.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze. The memory of fish is short, and the memory of this cheap fish is even briefer. He forgot what happened just now so quickly, but he remembered seeing him, “I once saw a fish, it was very big. Very big”.

“Can a fish be as big as a fish?”, the humble fish is proud.

Lu Yin said seriously, “Of course, it’s much bigger.”

The cheap fish was unhappy, “Familiar bipedal beast, you have never seen the true form of Lord Fish. Let me tell you, Lord Fish can swallow the sun, moon, mountains, rivers, stars and the universe. When he was most domineering, he even bit the mother tree, huh?” What mother tree? Where did the mother tree come from? When did Master Yu bite the tree?

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, “That fish dares to play like a condor that flies among the stars, and dares to act like a fool in the ancestor’s back garden.”

“Fart, stupid bipedal beast, except Lord Fish, who dares to play with that broken bird, wait, what bird? Broken bird? Little bird? Yes, little bird, where is that little bird? Come on. , Master Fish will kill you, come on, I want to catch Master Fish, Master Fish will slap you to death with his tail, come on…”.

Xiqi’s ears hurt from the noise, so she quickly covered Jianyu’s mouth.

Lu Yin looked at the cheap fish in shock, these words were similar to the one in the back garden of the ancestor who was confronting the condor

It was exactly the same. He originally thought that this cheap fish might be the descendant of the ship fish, but suddenly he had a magical guess. It couldn’t be the ship fish!

It’s not impossible. Those people in Chu Yuan also came from the Tianshang Sect era and were explained out of it. This cheap fish was also explained out by Xi Qi.

If it is true, then it should be the ship fish in the legend of Tree Starry Sky. It can be compared with the Zumang Condor. Just thinking about it, I take a breath. It is too high-end.

Lu Yin quickly sent someone to find Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan was the only Daozi who was received by the ancestor, and he should have seen this fish.

Seeing Jian Yu frantically slapping and scolding Xi Qi, Lu Yin originally sympathized with Xi Qi, but this girl had endured it for decades and couldn’t get rid of Jian Yu? Not necessarily, it may be that you are unwilling to give up.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin looked at Xi Qi seriously. Because he was progressing too fast, he didn’t realize that Xi Qi had actually reached the enlightenment state. Although his progress was very slow compared to him, looking at the fifth continent, the younger generation How many people can reach the state of enlightenment? Twenty years ago, there was only the level of the Ten Jue. Twenty years later, although there are more, it is a hurdle and few can get over it.

Xiqi is not good at fighting, and her cultivation talent is not very outstanding, but she still reached the enlightenment state. Lu Yin didn’t believe it if she said it had nothing to do with Jianyu.

Otherwise, Silly Que would have endured decades of bullying and beating by a fish, and would have been holding a fish on his head all day long, which would have been unbearable to normal people.

“Xiqi, what did it promise you? To make you stick with me for so many years?” Lu Yin asked whatever came to his mind. Whether Xiqi answered or not was her business. He was just curious, not a bastard. Idea, even if this fish is really the fish in the ancestor’s back garden, it has nothing to do with him.

Xiqi felt aggrieved, “It’s teaching me how to be an ancestor.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “Do you believe it?”.

The cheap fish stared at Lu Yin sideways, “What do you mean, you are familiar with bipedal beasts and don’t believe Master Yu? You are not convinced that Master Yu won’t show you his hand. Okay, okay, you wait, wait.” Then there was no more .

Lu Yin thought it would do something, so he subconsciously used the Zhouyan Scripture, but the fish did nothing.

Xiqi whispered, “I believe that the president said that with my talent, it is not difficult to decipher the language, but it is difficult to improve my cultivation. It will take at least a hundred years to reach the enlightenment state. This is assuming that there are sufficient resources. , but it helped me and pointed out my shortcomings in cultivation, so that I can reach the state of enlightenment now, so I believe it.”

Lu Yin nodded. It seemed that this fish was the path for Xi Qi. It was fate that she could interpret the words.

Listening to the **** fish **** talking nonsense, when Chu Yuan arrived, he did not follow Hen Xin back to the Three Jue Heavenly Clan. He himself did not belong to the Three Jue Heavenly Clan. He just cooperated with each other. Now that the purpose has failed, there is no need to do it again. Together, so he has not left the solar system until now.

Hearing that Lu Yin wanted to see him, he rushed over immediately. In fact, he also wanted to find Lu Yin.

Just when he saw Lu Yin, he heard a familiar chattering sound in his ears. He would never forget this sound for the rest of his life, and it had not been long since he last heard this sound.

“Did you listen to what Lord Yu said? If you want to become an ancestor, there are three steps. The first step is to become a half-ancestor, and the second step…”, the cheap fish was nagging.

Xiqi rolled her eyes carefully, it would be great if she could reach half-ancestor.

“Ship fish?” Chu Yuan exclaimed, staring at Xi Qi’s head in disbelief.

Xiqi looked at him, surprised, is this person Chu Yuan? The biggest favorite before the battle between Daozi.


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