Star Odyssey Chapter 2111: Lu Yin and Ming Nu

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Outside the earth, a floating meteorite stopped quietly in the starry sky. Ming Nu stood on the meteorite and looked at the earth with strange eyes.

Lu Yin walked out.

Mingnu looked at Lu Yin. To outsiders, she was still a white cloud, but from Lu Yin’s perspective, she could see her true face.

“Daozi, are you looking for me?” Mingnu looked at Lu Yin and spoke slowly.

Lu Yin said politely, “How does senior know?”.

“I am the heir of destiny,” Mingnu said with a smile. She was obviously a little girl, so cute, but her eyes were so deep, as if she could see through the world.

Lu Yin stared at Destiny’s eyes, “Heir of Destiny, why did you choose me?”.

Mingnu shook her head, “It’s not my choice, it’s your own fight. No matter who becomes the Taoist, I will help him.”

“What’s the reason?”.

“The choice of destiny”.

“What choice does fate have?”.


Lu Yin’s eyes widened sharply, “Can you see the future?” If it was before, he wouldn’t believe it, but now, he has traveled through time and space. What is unbelievable? Destiny can predict a person’s future and past. It is most likely related to time. If you can see the past, you can see the future.

Ming Nu shook her head, “Fate can do it, but I can’t.”

Lu Yin said, “Back then, Cai Xingmen made a prediction and said that mankind would suffer a great disaster. He asked me to protect them when the disaster came. A man named Xuan Jiu used Xuantian’s prediction to predict me and said that I was an unlucky person. “Anyone who follows me will not have good results. Who should I believe in these two predictions?”

Mingnu smiled and said, “This is the same result. Why did you choose?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Same result? One wants me to protect him, which is equivalent to following me, but the other says I am an unlucky person and cannot follow me. How can we expect the same result?”

Ming Nu said, “What if the two results are at different times?”.

“What do you mean?”.

“Xuanjiu said that you were an unlucky person, but he didn’t say that you couldn’t resolve the disaster. The Caixing Sect wanted your protection, but he didn’t say that at the beginning of the disaster, let alone when you were still an unlucky person.”

Lu Yin understood, “You mean, the results of Caixingmen’s divination will be much later than the results of Xuanjiu’s divination?”.

“Maybe, they have their own way, and I have my own way. Even if fate is here, her calculation methods and results may not be the same,” Mingnu said.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Then I definitely believe in fate.”

Ming Nu laughed and said, “But I am the one helping you now.”

Lu Yin looked at her seriously, “I want to hear the truth, why did you help Daozi?”.

The fate girl said, “Calculate the result.”

“What’s the result?”, Lu Yin was curious.

The goddess of fate looked solemn, “For twenty years, I have been predicting the future of mankind, and one of the results is that the sword of the ancestors will walk on behalf of the sky.”

Lu Yin’s eyes changed.

“The meaning of this sentence is very simple. Whoever has the Sword of the Ancestor can walk on behalf of the sky, and the Sword of the Ancestor will only appear in the hands of Daozi,” Mingnu explained.

Lu Yin breathed out. What these people said was more and more mysterious than the last. Facing Mingnu, he couldn’t ask Mingnu to find a way to make him believe that she was the one who died. She probably won’t even die. I can use Chen Zu’s power to take action, and maybe I can kill her, but what’s the point?

Mingnu helped him.

“Senior”, Lu Yin

When he opened his mouth, Mingnu stopped him, “Don’t call me senior, just call me Mingnu.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Mingnu, what’s going on with the eldest sister?” This was the biggest reason why he was looking for the eldest sister. Twenty years ago, the eldest sister was captured by her and forcibly accepted as a disciple. This matter The girl must give an explanation.

Mingnu was not surprised that Lu Yin would ask this, “Do you know Lei Qingqing?”.

“Of course”.

“She often changes her appearance, did you know?”.

“It has something to do with the technique,” Lu Yin said. This was what Shang Shengren and Sister Tou had always explained to the outside world. Of course, he now knew that it had nothing to do with the technique.

Ming Nu shook her head, “It has nothing to do with the skills, but it can also be interpreted as being related to the skills. It is the sequelae of her own practice of too many skills. This sequelae, we call it – Bai Bian.”

Lu Yin was shocked and blurted out, “Available Netherworld?”.

Mingnu smiled and said, “Yes, she is the ever-changing Netherworld.”

Lu Yin was shocked, even more shocked than when he saw the Sword of the Ancestor. The eldest sister was actually the legendary Variety Nether?

This era does not know much about the Netherworld Ancestors, but those who do know about them also know how terrifying the Netherworld Ancestors are. Not only are they the ancestors of the You family, but they are also of the same era as the God of Death and Destiny.

When I first visited the You family, the You family said that if it weren’t for the secret of You Zi, they themselves would not believe that the ancestor of the nether world existed, and the Sutra of the Dead might come from the ancestor of the nether world.

Lu Yin asked Caixing Sect to do a divination. What he predicted was Immortal Yushan, but he discovered the ancestor of Netherworld.

The combination of Immortal Yushan, the Immortal Sutra, Youzimi, the Ancestor of the Netherworld, and the gaze staring at the You family is terrifying. However, Lu Yin never imagined that these would be related to the eldest sister.

The eldest sister’s head has been changing since she was picked up by the leader of the Upper Saint Rein. No one can explain this phenomenon. No one has ever thought that this change is in the direction of the ever-changing netherworld. Now it seems that it may not be impossible.

“Is she really the ancestor of the Netherworld?” Lu Yin asked again, looking at Ming Nu in disbelief.

Ming Nu said, “When I came to this era, the first person I looked for was her. She is the ancestor of the Netherworld. She is the same generation as the God of Death and Destiny. She collected countless skills and turned them into evil scriptures. She is all-encompassing. If the Martial Ancestor built the Martial Monument , teaches humans to use weapons, including various combat skills and techniques, so the evil scriptures include various weird and even evil combat techniques and techniques.”

“What do you want to do with her?” Lu Yin asked.

Ming Nu said, “Don’t you accept me as your disciple? Doesn’t Taozi know that?”

“Didn’t you say that the evil scriptures contain evil techniques? I thought you wanted to deal with the eldest sister,” Lu Yin said.

Ming Nu smiled lightly, “Since the original ancestor allowed the ancestor of Netherworld to exist, it means that she has not done anything harmful to nature. Why should I deal with her? Wouldn’t it be better to accept a powerful person from the ancient ancestral realm as a disciple? ? If she recovers one day, I will make money.”

Lu Yin exclaimed, this is destiny, a good hand in investment.

“How did the ancestor of Netherworld become the eldest sister?”.

“I don’t know this. Before I was frozen, the ancestor of Netherworld was still the ancestor of Netherworld.”

“So you won’t do anything to her?” Lu Yin asked, staring at Mingnu.

Ming Nu said, “Taozi doesn’t believe me? Anyway, I have accepted her as a disciple and she is free. I won’t care where she goes.”

Lu Yin thought of something, “Do you know the ancestor of the Yu family?”.

“There seems to be such a person, but in our time, he was not an ancestor, only a half-ancestor,” Mingnu said.

It is normal that the generations are different. It is impossible that the ancestral realm that Lu Yin knew was already an ancestor in Ming Nu’s time.

“Where is Cewangtian?”, Lu Yin asked again.

Ming Nu was surprised, “He is from the ancestral realm, and he is extraordinary, but fate has said that this person is a bit cunning.”

Lu Yin looked at Mingnu and said, “You should know Xuantianjian.”

Mingnu smiled and winked slyly, “If I say yes, do I admit that Caixing Sect belongs to the destiny lineage?”.

Lu Yin didn’t deny it, that’s what he thought. He had checked the origin of the Caixing Sect before, but couldn’t find it out. It was too mysterious.

Caixing Nu once said that she didn’t believe in fate. If what she said was true, they had nothing to do with fate. But before, Xuan Jiu asked her for life-changing quicksand. That was something of fate. Why did Xuan Jiu ask for it? He only knows Xuantianjian, and there is only one possibility. Xuantianjian is related to fate.

When he came back this time, Caixingnu appeared behind Mingnu again. Lu Yin couldn’t even guess otherwise.

Caixing Sect may be the Disciple of Destiny.

“Daozi, there are some things that you need to check by yourself. I can’t tell you everything, especially about fate. Only what you find out can affect fate,” Mingnu said.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “I don’t want to involve fate, but I do want to ask you to help me predict someone.”

“Immortal Yushan?”, Mingnu said directly.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, “Did the star-collecting girl tell you?”

“In the past two days, I have checked some things about you. Caixing Sect now belongs to me. What they know is what I know. I know everything you have calculated through Caixing Sect.”

“So you also know how surprised I am to find out that my eldest sister is the All-Changing Netherworld.”

“The Immortal Sutra does come from the evil sutra, and the evil sutra was created by the ancestor of Netherworld. But after so many years, no one knows what happened to the evil sutra, and fate is not omnipotent. Until now, Immortal Yushan has Hidden, all traces of his appearance on the earth have disappeared, and it is difficult for me to find him.”

Lu Yin had a headache. It was actually difficult for him to find Immortal Yushan. What on earth did he want to do?

Also, there are his footprints on the earth. Since Ming Nu said that the traces were erased, it means that there are no traces on the earth. He had told Wang Wen to secretly send people to watch the earth, and all traces were erased. , Immortal Yushan is quite capable, even Hen Xin was plotted by Wang Wen and Wei Rong, but he slipped away.

Dai Ao and others did not join the Sanjue Tianmen after the ten-person bet. With Henxin’s caution, they joined the Sanjue Tianmen after the ten-person bet came out. No matter how talented they are, they cannot be representative without being tested. Going into battle, Dai Ao and the others joined the Sanjue Tianmen from the very beginning.

Especially Heixu was one of the first batch to join the Sanjue Tianmen after it was established. He was also Wei Rong’s internal response to the Sanjue Tianmen. Unexpectedly, he was chosen by Hen Xin to join the ten-man team by chance.

“Lu Daozi, do you have anything else to ask?” Mingnu asked.

Lu Yin raised his finger and said, “Help me count, one word, one person, one thing.”

The fate girl was funny, “Do you think my fortune-telling is easy?”

“At least it’s easier than Caixingmen. I mainly want to see what the descendants of destiny are capable of,” Lu Yin said.

The destiny girl shook her head and said, “Divination is not easy, and in your capacity, it is not easy to ask for divination. I forgive you for not agreeing.”

“Then, you can always tell me what the quicksand of destiny is,” Lu Yin said. He didn’t expect his destiny girl to agree so easily. What he wanted to calculate was naturally not a simple thing.


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