Star Odyssey Chapter 2100: Spatial memory

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Lu Yin raised his left arm, and Sky Jialan slashed down with another knife. He did not change direction at all, thinking that Lu Yin was unstoppable except for the chains, and could not escape because of the power of time.

This knife struck the white shield of his left arm. Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly. He knew it. No wonder he was familiar with it. What Tian Jialan exerted was not the power of time, but space. He didn’t know how Tian Jialan did it. He imitated Chu Yuan’s time-erasing attack, but he definitely didn’t use time, even if the effect was the same.

Skyfish suddenly appeared behind Tian Jialan, raised his hand, and struck out with a palm.

Not only Chu Yuan’s visualization, but also Lu Yin’s Kong Ming Palm. He used two attacks at the same time, leaving everyone stunned.

Chu Yuan and Helo Mebisi also couldn’t understand. Is this an eight-star talent? How did you do it?

Lu Yin’s body was pushed back by Kong Ming’s palm. In front of him, Tiantian Jialan raised his knife again. The previous knife was blocked by the white shield of his left arm. This time, he aimed at Lu Yin’s head.

Lu Yin raised his head, and a star-studded chessboard appeared under his feet, with the word “strategy” written in secret.

Tian Tian Jialan fell with a knife, and the time-erasing attack was inevitable. But before the knife fell, he coughed up blood, and his body was torn apart by an inexplicable force, and he was thrown far away.

No one could understand what was going on, including half-ancestors like Lu Buzheng, because even they didn’t have control over the power involved, except Hen Xin.

Hen Xin looked solemn, “The power of space.”

Nihuang was puzzled, “What kind of space power?”.

Hen Xin has not yet spoken. In the square, Lu Yin exclaimed, “Bixing, is this the talent of your Jialan clan? It is essentially spatial memory. Your talent is to remember everything that has happened in this space, including wars.” Skills, talents and even rare treasures can be reproduced through spatial memory. It has to be said that it is an extremely powerful talent. People who cannot understand space cannot break it at all and can only be slaughtered by you.”

Tian Tian Jialan looked at Lu Yin in disbelief, with blood at the corner of his mouth, his body nearly half broken, and his hair disheveled, “You can actually see through it? Do you control the power of space?”.

Lu Yin exhaled. He has the word secret of strategy. The secret of strategy. The secret of regret is the power of space.

I have to say that the Jialan clan is indeed powerful. They use spatial memory to harness the power of powerful enemies, including time. Unfortunately, they met Lu Yin.

If it weren’t for Ce Zi Mi’s control over space, Lu Yin might not be able to see through it. He could only rely on the Death Transformation or the Material Extremes to fight back, just like how he dealt with Chu Yuan.

The Jialan clan can rule the Sixth Continent, and its eight-star talent has not been seen through by others, but anyone who has seen through it has no chance to speak out, and with the domineering power of Jialan, it is not necessarily necessary to use the eight-star talent.

Tian Jialan originally thought that he would be able to become a Taoist master this time. Chu Yuan relied on the power of time. He could counterattack with his eight-star talent. Jialan’s power essentially surpassed all the powers Chu Yuan had mastered, even Yuanshi Tao. Techniques can at most see through combat skills, but it is impossible to see through eight-star talents. As for Helo Mebis, they rely on the near-invincibility of the Mebis family. At most, they can be undefeated. It is impossible to defeat him. ,

The eight-star talent can return Helo Mebis’s memory of space. It is the same as the power of time against Chu Yuan. With the power of Jialan, he is invincible.

Who would have thought that Lu Yin would be seen through with just a few moves?

Lu Yin shook his head. This guy was also unlucky. Without him, almost no one here could see through the eight-star talent. Even if he could see through it, it would be difficult to deal with him. But he happened to be able to completely restrain him. Regret of the secret policy

Chess directly restored the space. He used spatial memory to take action and restored the space himself, which directly disrupted the rhythm of his action and caused him to be backlashed by the space.

I have to say, he is really unlucky.

Tian Tian Jialan coughed up blood, “Even if you see through the eight-star talent, someone who can’t interfere with space can’t defeat me.” At this point, he looked at Lu Yin bitterly, “I just want to know what space you control. What”.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he said, “Guess for yourself.” After saying that, he threw the chains to the sky, tied him up, and threw him into the distance. At the same time, he raised his right arm and shot out the spear. In everyone’s shocked eyes, A spear pierced Sky Jialan’s right shoulder and nailed him to the square wall. This was the first one.

Tian Tian Jialan was too seriously injured due to space backlash and could not resist at all.

Lu Yin wants not only to become a Taoist disciple, but also to establish prestige. People in the Tianshang Sect era look down upon this era. He does not deny that this era is indeed far inferior to the Tianshang Sect era, but it does not mean that there are no outstanding people in this era. , he is just an outstanding person who is far ahead of the constraints of the times.

Chu Yuan stared at Lu Yin with an unprecedented serious expression.

Lu Yin looked at him and said, “Go on, it’s your turn next.”

Chu Yuan shook his head, “I can’t defeat you with my current strength.”

Helo Mebisi looked at Chu Yuan, “Do you want to surrender?”.

Chu Yuan took a deep breath, raised his eyes, and stared at Lu Yin, “I am the only Taoist disciple in the Tianshang Sect era who was received by the ancestor. From the ancestor, in addition to the meaning of the ancestor’s scriptures, I also obtained the secret technique. Brother Lu, if you can win I, Chu Yuan, have convinced me of my secret technique and my position as the Taoist.” After saying that, he stepped forward with his right foot, and the void around his body twisted, and then lost all its brilliance and turned gray.

Lu Yin’s face changed, gray, this is not a good color. When Hei Wushen first appeared, it was gray. Every time Mr. Mu appeared in the void, it was also gray. Gray seemed to represent something.

What’s more important is that the secret technique Chu Yuan performed next actually came from the ancestor. The ancestor met him because of the power of time. Therefore, this secret technique is likely to be related to time.

“What secret technique?” Helo Mebis asked. She has been staring at Chu Yuan since she woke up from this era. This guy knows a lot that ordinary people don’t know, and now he still hides it.

Chu Yuan looked at Helo Mebis and said, “Sorry, you can only deal with him alone. I have to stop for a while.” After saying that, he slowly raised his long knife, pointed it at Lu Yin, and brought it down.

This is an offensive. Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and came back. He had already touched the bottom of Chu Yuan. Although this person was powerful, he had the spirit that was strengthened by the ancestor Jingyi, and he had the Yuan Shi Dao skill that could see through all combat skills. , has the formlessness to resolve all combat skills, has wonderful sword skills, domineering sword skills, has doubled talent, and has the terrifying power to erase time, but his biggest shortcoming is his lack of destructive power.

Many of his methods are used for defense. Although he has doubled talents and strengthened sword skills, it is barely enough at the level of Daozi. With the power of time, it is enough to overwhelm all Daozi, and he can escape without any trouble, but He was of ordinary origin and did not have the destructive power of Jialan’s power or death energy, so he was inherently inferior.

Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why the ancestor received him. It is not easy for him to reach this stage from an ordinary background. He is extremely talented, but in this level of fighting, he does not have the power to overwhelm everything.

Otherwise, we would not have been entangled with him and Helo Mebis in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect.

The Taoists of the six continents each have their own merits. Chuyuan has many methods, but it is a pity that the destructive power is insufficient.

Lu Yin didn’t care when he used the sword at this moment. Even if Tian Jialan used spatial memory to erase time and used Jialan’s power to attack him, it would still take three swords to cut off the chain, let alone Chu Yuan.

But why should he take action now?

Everyone looked at it curiously.

Chu Yuan’s sword fell, and the shadow of the sword was frozen in the void. However, the shadow of the sword was not slashed out, but was frozen in the void. Then, he slashed out a second sword, which almost coincided with the previous sword shadow, but carefully From observation, it can be seen that the shadow of the second sword is lower than the shadow of the first sword. Then, he slashed out the third, fourth, and fifth swords, just like that, one by one. The shadows of knives kept overlapping.

“He is merging slashes, using the fixed time as the frame, and the attacks will explode at the same point. The power of the swords will explode at the same time as many swords are struck.” Mingnu spoke, with a pleasant voice. Tianshangzong echoed.

Everyone who heard it couldn’t believe their ears. Is there such a thing?

Lu Yin subconsciously struck out with a palm, trying to interrupt Chu Yuan’s move, but Kong Ming’s palm passed directly by Chu Yuan when he was close to Chu Yuan, and did not hit him. This was not to avoid it, but to go directly through it. .

Lu Yin didn’t believe it and threw out the chain in an attempt to tie Chu Yuan over, but the chain also penetrated him and missed.

It’s useless, it’s like Chu Yuan is not in this time and space. This is the power of time.

Outside the solar system, Wu Da looked at Chu Yuan as if he were looking at a monster. He actually had such a method. Can time be played like this? It’s too perverted.

“Boss, tell me, can Lu Yin win?” The woman brought by Wu Da was frightened.

It’s not that they looked down on Lu Yin, but Chu Yuan’s move was too terrifying.

Although his destructive power cannot reach the standard of Jialan’s power and death energy, it is not far behind. Sky Jialan can cut off the chain of death with three swords, but he can always cut it with four or five swords. The most important thing is that he not only cut five swords, but in the blink of an eye, he had already cut more than ten swords. How powerful is the fusion of ten swords? No one dares to think about it.

In the square, Tiantian Jialan was nailed to the wall, looking at Chu Yuan in shock. This was his trump card. No wonder he could defeat Wu Ji, who had the most popular voice in the First Continent.

Helo Mebis stared at Chu Yuan and said, “Wu Ji, you will die by this sword.”

Chu Yuan didn’t say anything, and he chopped it off with a serious stroke.

“No, this secret technique comes from the ancestor. You haven’t met the ancestor when you competed with Wu Ji for the position of Daozi.” Helo Mebis murmured to himself, looking at Chu Yuan with scrutiny, “With you The destructive power should not defeat Wu Ji, but you won in the first place. If Wu Ji died under this sword, this secret technique was not given to you by the ancestor at all.”

Chu Yuan moved for a moment, then continued to draw the sword.

It makes no sense whether it is or not. Now it seems that no one should be able to survive Chu Yuan’s sword. He has already struck twenty-seven swords. The twenty-seven swords are fused and exploded, not to mention Lu Yin’s death. It turns into a chain, and can be torn into pieces even if things turn to the extreme.

He has been hiding all this time. He obviously has the ability to defeat the extremes of things on his own, but he still joins forces with others.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the rising number of runes in the knife shadow in front of Chu Yuan’s eyes. It was terrifying enough. It surpassed Jialan in the sky and was still rising.


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