Star Odyssey Chapter 2098: Death returns

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Under the enlightenment of Huigencha, Lu Yin grasped a clue, but at that time because he wanted to participate in the Daozi dispute, he didn’t think much about it, but now, he had to realize it.

He planned to turn the chaotic power in his heart into a flow similar to the universe.

The sword breaks through the black and white mist, which is guided by the sword. I don’t know how long it will take to realize this.

One month.

Two months.

Three months later, the power in Lu Yin’s heart was finally mobilized. He used the star source in the star source cyclone to forcefully impact, and began to try to create a form of power that truly belonged to him.

No matter what kind of power, there is a foundation, and that is the beginning of cultivation.

Death energy, destiny, including the later rune numbers, stars in the sky, all of these have a premise, that is, the creators have all practiced Star Source.

Star source is the starting point of all power. If one does not practice star source, who can create a power system from scratch.

The same is true for legendary figures such as Death.

What Lu Yin is doing now is to take all the power he has cultivated and form it into a new form, thus creating his own power system.

Starting from the idea of ​​having a form of creative power, he knew that there could be countless possible forms, and after seeing the stars in the sky left by Chen Zu, he knew that the most suitable form for him had appeared. What else could be better than This form of the universe is more suitable.

Beyond the death aura, Sky Jialan stabbed the eldest sister in the head with a spear. In the stands, the star collector exclaimed, “Master.”

Baiyun didn’t move.

A barrier stood in front of the eldest sister, Wen Sansi. They couldn’t watch the eldest sister being killed, otherwise Lu Yin would go crazy.

Only when facing the power of Jialan can one realize its tyranny.

It is not unreasonable for the Jialan clan to suppress the Sixth Continent. Just as the Lu family is helpless in the Fifth Continent, the Jialan clan is just as powerful in the Sixth Continent.

Tian Tian Jialan shattered Wen Sansi’s barrier with one shot, the tip of the gun pierced the earth, and the eldest sister’s head was dragged out by Lu Lai.

Tian Tian Jialan still didn’t give up. The eldest sister first hit him with a double hammer, and then patted him. As a Taoist from the Sixth Continent, he had never suffered such humiliation. He would never let the eldest sister go.

“Tian Jialan, she has lost”, Lu Lai shouted, imagining the motionless Uranus Elephant, sweeping with one leg, and on the other side, Lu Jiao raised her hand, and the Ksitigarbha needle stabbed Tian Jialan.

Tian Tian Jialan’s eyes were cold, and the blood gun swept across, shattering Lu Lai’s power and Lu Jiao’s Ksitigarbha needle. The gun body turned and stabbed the eldest sister in the head again.

Hui Santong, Yuhua Mabisi, Taiyi Shen, You Yeer and other people from Lu Tianmen or Glory Tianmen all took action.

Tian Tian Jialan didn’t care at all, “A bunch of trash, let’s all die.” After saying that, he put the spear horizontally and hit the gun body with a palm, “crossing over to the afterlife.”

The phantom of the gun body descended, causing everyone to cough up blood.

This is Daozi’s combat power, which is not on the same level as others.

Left aside the tyranny of Jialan’s power, even in terms of realm, Tiantian Jialan, a cultivator of the third source of calamity, is not something these people can fight against.

The turbulent death energy suddenly swept from bottom to top, turning into a huge scythe and slashing towards Jialan in the sky. Yin took action, with a fox-like smile, “The captain cares about her, but he can’t let her die.”

Tian Jialan stared at Yin. The power of death was the same as Jialan’s. It was overbearing and incomprehensible. He shot Yin and said, “You are looking for death.”

Yin’s eyes opened, revealing a bone-chilling chill. These eyes made Tian Jialan suddenly stop, and his whole body shivered inexplicably. What he saw was no longer Yin, but the **** of death who spanned the starry sky and was respected by all human races.

The butterfly knife in Yin’s hand was flying, and he jumped into the sky.

In the stands, Hen Xin shook his head. There was a huge gap between Daozi and non-Daozi, not only in terms of combat power, realm, but also the nature of their strength.

The reason why they look down on this era is because this era does not have the creative thinking of the Tianshang Sect era, not just because there are no strong people in this era.

No one can tell which is more important, thinking or combat power, but in the Tianshang Sect era, both were available.

Looking at Tian Jialan single-handedly suppressing everyone who is called the proud son of heaven in this era, Henxin is not surprised, Lu Buzheng is not surprised, and no one is surprised, including Mr. Chan. In the past twenty years, , they have accepted the gap.

The only hope in this era is Lu Yin. As for Yin and the eldest sister, no one sees the hope of their victory. Lu Yin is the only one. After all, Lu Yin can let Chu Yuan propose three people to join forces to defeat them. This is unimaginable. Yes, it means that Lu Yin has a strength that none of them may be able to win, and it has been recognized by them.

On the other side, Chu Yuan took action, slashing at the area covered with death energy. Immediately afterwards, his talent exploded, one slash after another. He was a little uneasy because he didn’t know Lu Yin’s situation.

This person has put pressure on him since the moment he traveled through time and space. The terrifying total amount of star sources and the unimaginable physical endurance limit have made him troublesome.

“He Luo, don’t take action yet,” Chu Yuan shouted.

Helomebis frowned, and the grass was flourishing on the soles of his feet, spreading into the death aura. It was not to attack Lu Yin, but to dispel the death aura and see what was going on inside.

The green grass swept wildly, driving away the death energy.

Everyone looked there, and they were also curious about how Lu Yin was doing inside. Although the time from the time when Tian Jialan was beaten to death until now was short, the eldest sister had encountered several crises, and Lu Yin did not show up. , he won’t be dead.

When the death energy was dispelled, everyone blinked, where were the people?

Helo Mebisi and Chu Yuan all stepped forward, where are the people?

They suddenly turned their heads. Tian Jialan, who was supposed to be fighting against Yin, stood motionless in the sky. Behind him, there was a person standing, it was Lu Yin.

The square was silent.

In front of the blue sky, the death energy surged, turning into a sickle floating in the sky. Behind him, Lu Yin appeared out of nowhere, and he didn’t notice it at all.

“The injury on the elder sister’s head was caused by you. I will leave the same injury in the same position as yours.” Lu Yin said lightly, only one meter away from Tian Jialan, looking at his back quietly. .

Tian Jialan’s eyes narrowed sharply, behind?

The barrel of his gun spun around, sweeping across Lu Yin. The blue halo became more intense, and more of the domineering Jialan power was poured into him. He had a bad feeling, Lu Yin was different from just now.

Lu Yin raised his hand and grabbed the gun body. The blue halo suddenly became dim.

Tian Jialan’s face changed drastically. It’s impossible. Jialan’s power was actually suppressed?

Lu Yin’s palm shook, and the superimposed strength spread along the gun body. Tian Jialan’s arm shook, and the gun body suddenly shattered, turning into blood and spilling on the ground. He stretched out both palms, “crossing over to the afterlife.”

Lu Yin swung out his right palm and collided with Tian Tian Jialan’s palm.

With a bang, the void exploded, and Tian Jialan was knocked out.

It hit the ground so hard that both legs sank into the ground.

Lu Yin’s body landed, his fingers spread wide, and a spear appeared in his hand. It was not the star source, nor the death energy, but the new power in his heart at this moment.

Lu Yin has felt how powerful this new power has been since it took shape. He didn’t just repel Tian Jialan out of thin air with his palm. It was the new power that didn’t require much strength. , that force suppressed Jialan’s power and directly pushed Tian Jialan back.

Holding a spear, Lu Yin stabbed her with the spear. True to his word, Tian Tian Jialan picked the eldest sister with the spear, and he would retaliate with the same damage.

Suddenly, a flash of white light flashed to the right, and Chu Yuan took action, raising his long sword and slashing it down.

The erased time can never be replaced. Even if Lu Yin becomes a new power, he cannot restore the erased time. Chu Yuan slashed Lu Yin’s body again, leaving a trace of blood.

“I thought if you wanted to use things to their extremes, you would have to do the opposite.” Chu Yuan was surprised.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “That’s just a beating. It’s not needed for the time being.” As he said that, black and white light shone on his body, turning into dotted lines of light around his body.

Yin’s eyes widened. He thought Lu Yin had completed the Death Transformation within the coverage area of ​​the Death Qi. Who would have imagined that, and now he actually wants to transform into the Death God?

But why is this Death Transformation different from before?

Just when he thought of this, the air waves around Lu Yin shook, and Chu Yuan subconsciously retreated.

Under everyone’s gaze, Lu Yin completed the Death Transformation in an instant, no longer needing to break out of his cocoon as before.

Pure black eyes, hair hanging down around the waist, half-naked upper body, black gas swirling around like a nebula, turning into a chain, with incomprehensible dark red veins imprinted on the body, and white gas wrapped around the left arm to form a shield. , holding a huge Gou Lian in his right hand, with black gas rising like clouds behind him.

The huge black cloak fell away, Lu Yin slowly raised his head, the huge Gou Lian was suspended, and then turned into death energy and also formed chains to rotate, and then blocked the whole body. Through the chains, he looked at Chu Yuan and Helo Mebi Si, also looked at the high platform, shocked Jue Yi.

At this moment, no one was completely shocked. He knew that Lu Yin cultivated the power of death, but he had always thought that what he cultivated was the same as what the Death Clan practiced, and they were just users of death energy.

But looking at Lu Yin at this moment, the first thing that appeared in his mind was the God of Death. This son was not the user of Death Qi, but the creator of Death Qi. This was the form of Death.

“Impossible, how could you cultivate a **** of death?” Jueyi said in shock, seeing something incredible.

Not only Jue Yi, Hen Xin, Lu Bu Zheng and other people from the Tianshang Sect era were shocked. Like Jue Yi, they thought that Lu Yin could only use death energy. What kind of state was this? This is clearly the state of the God of Death. How could Lu Yin become a God of Death?

Lu Buzheng’s face turned pale, this is the God of Death! A direct descendant of the Lu family actually cultivated the God of Death. What the hell?

In the square, Yin smiled even brighter. He understood and knew Jue Yi’s thoughts about Lu Yin. He could obviously tell Jue Yi, but he didn’t. He just wanted to watch Jue Yi lose his soul at this moment. At this moment , so interesting.

Lu Yin looked at Jue Yi, “I said that I cultivate the power of death. What can you cultivate? I am different from you.”

Jueyi clenched his fists. It was impossible. He was the disciple of the God of Death. He could only cultivate into the God of Death, but he had to become an ancestor. How could this person cultivate the God of Death at the level of the Star Envoy? Impossible, absolutely impossible.


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