Star Odyssey Chapter 2088: Provocation

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Now, the star rotation has reached 96,000 stars, which is only 3,000 stars away from the 99,000 stars of the fifth level of perfection.

Lu Yin looked at the dice in his hand and saw that there was only one last chance left. If the dice failed to roll at four o’clock, he would have to wait ten days, and ten days later would be the time for the Tianmen Meeting to be held.

As soon as he pointed, the dice slowly rotated and finally stopped. In Lu Yin’s expectant eyes, a little, and with a snap, a yellow thing fell on the ground. Lu Yin blinked, and the stench came. This is fruit. , already spoiled and rotten fruit, who put this thing in Ningkong Ring?

Lu Yin was furious, waved his hand to disperse it, and shook his head helplessly, this is luck.

It seems that he has to wait for the Tianmen Conference. He is only one step away from the fifth level of perfection. Even if the Tianmen Conference is held, Lu Yin does not want to stop. Although he does not know whether the fifth level of cultivation will lead to transformation. But now that we have reached this point, we have to give it a try.

Then, he can only stay here quietly and be a spectator in these ten days. He has no plans to go out now. It will not be too late to go out when the Daozi battle takes place.

He is now curious about what confidence Wang Wen has. He dares to say that he is 60% sure of winning in a battle between ten people.

The solar system has never been so lively. In the past, the solar system was deep, like most of the starry sky. If the earth had not developed to the point of contacting the universe, the solar system would be a prison that the earth could never get out of.

Now, the biggest event in the entire human star field is held in the solar system, and countless people are watching.

Not far away from Jupiter, it is also not far away from the earth. The gate of the Heavenly Sect is still under construction, but the square has been successfully built.

The huge Tianshang Zongshan Gate is enough to accommodate many stars. Even the ancestral turtle stayed quietly beside the Tianshang Zongshan Gate, looking at the square dully and dazedly.

This is what Lu Buzheng requested. If the ancestor turtle doesn’t come, Lu Yin can’t see it very well.

Six heavenly gates appeared one after another around the square.

Lu Tianmen is naturally Lu Buzheng and Kuiluo, followed by Liuye Feihua, Neptune, Liu Huang and other star envoys. Almost all of them are former Eastern Frontier Alliance masters. There are also several strangers among them, with arrogance. It feels completely different from Neptune and others. They also come from the Tianshang Sect era.

The six Tianmen are in charge of the current era. No one can tell whether the people of this era have the final say. Anyway, except for Chan Lao and Jiu Yao, the leaders of the six Tianmen are from the Tianshang Sect era.

Jiu Yao, Yaoxian, and a group of cultivators from the Sixth Continent came to the Blood Heaven Sect.

Since the death of Martial Ancestor, the strength of cultivators in the Sixth Continent has dropped sharply. Coupled with the star source being devoured, the current Sixth Continent is not even one-fifth of its strength during the original invasion.

Glory Tianmen is naturally Zen Elder, and Shangsheng Tianshi and Gong Elder appear.

The Three Jue Tianmen were Hen Xin, Ni Huang, Xia De and Xia Ji, followed by Chu Yuan and the ten-man team.

Countless people’s eyes are focused on Chu Yuan, who is the biggest favorite in the competition for Daozi this time.

It was Jue Yi who came from the Immortal Heaven Clan. He glanced at Lu Bu Zheng and the others with cold eyes, followed by Tian Dou.

On the back of the ancestral turtle, Lu Yin saw Tiandou and his eyes turned cold. After all, the Death God tribe followed Jue Yi. It was normal to think about it. The appearance of a Death God disciple meant that the Death God tribe saw their ancestor. However, Can Jue Yi produce death energy? Or should we just wait until he reaches the ancestral realm? Lu Yin didn’t know the difference between the power he cultivated and Jue Yi.

He only knows that there are many coincidences in his transformation into a **** of death. Can he do this too? At first, Jueyi gave him the same feeling as Tiandou, just using death

Qi, not the Qi of birth and death.

Finally, there is the Bu Tianmen. The leader of the sect is Ming Nu, a woman full of mystery. No one can see her appearance so far. She is always a white cloud to the outside world. When she appears, everyone looks over. What I saw was still a white cloud.

Qiu Luo curled his lips and said, “One day I will be naked.”

Lu Bu Zheng was startled and shouted quickly, “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t mess with that woman, she is crazy.”

Qiu Luo rolled his eyes, but he really didn’t say anything, obviously he was worried about something.

Destiny is unpredictable, whether you believe it or not, it makes people a little afraid.

And behind the white cloud, two people walked out, both women. One was a star collector, who was stunning in the starry sky. Even after many years, her beauty remained unchanged, and her eyes became deeper and unpredictable.

And the other person who shocked countless people turned out to be a woman with an extremely huge Adam’s apple? Yes, she is indeed a woman, a charming beauty, and her clothes are very revealing, but what’s going on with that huge Adam’s apple? There is also a mace on his shoulder. Is that a mace? Many people rubbed their eyes, it was definitely a mace.

Lu Buzheng, Nihuang, and the others all stared blankly at the person who should be considered a woman. It was their first time meeting such a weird person.

The woman slammed the mace on the ground, snorted coldly, showed a mocking face, and looked down on everyone.

Quero bared his teeth and said he “deserves a beating”.

“Senior, your name is Qian Zou? I’ll go find him right away.” The Ghost Marquis appeared and was courteous to Quiro.

Quero was not angry and said, “Get out of here.”

Gui Hou quickly disappeared.

Glory Tianmen, behind the Heavenly Master, Saint Ren looked at the woman excitedly. He did not admit his mistake, it must be Qingqing. Who else could be so weird except her.

At this time, the woman looked over, looked at Saint Ryan, raised her hand, and made a gesture. Only the interstellar pirates could understand the gesture, which meant that everything was under control.

Shang Shengren breathed a sigh of relief, it’s okay, he also made a gesture.

The eldest sister rolled her eyes, picked up the mace again, and looked at Chu Yuan of Sanjue Tianmen. Chu Yuan felt her gaze and looked over.

The two looked at each other. The eldest sister sneered, raised her hand, thumb pointed upward, and then suddenly turned it over and dropped it. That provocative attitude stunned Chu Yuan. He had never been provoked like this before, not at all. No grace.

Hen Xin saw this and raised her eyebrows, “Ming Nu, take care of your people.”

A pleasant voice came from the white cloud, “Just saying hello.”

“This greeting comes at a relatively high price,” Hen Xin said coldly.

Mingnu didn’t answer, but the eldest sister said, “I deserve a beating.”

On the opposite side, Guihou emerged from the shadows, “Is someone looking for Qianzou again? That guy is quite popular, he should be Nibu. Someone recognized that Nibu was from the Tianshang Sect era. Find an opportunity to learn from it. “.

On Zugui’s back, Lu Yin also saw the elder sister’s head. He recognized such a weird person at a glance. It was definitely the elder sister’s head. Seeing that the elder sister’s head was fine, he was relieved. It was okay, and he was better than he looked. .

“There is no need to waste time, let’s start the battle of ten people.” Hen Xin spoke directly, showing full confidence. Although Xing Kai was gone, there was no one to supplement him. However, his strength was far inferior to Xing Kai’s, but Compared with other Tianmen, he is definitely a master. Hen Xin still has this kind of confidence.

Zen Lao said, “How to compare?”.

Hen Xin said lightly, “Whatever.”

“Then you will challenge three,” Quiro shouted


Hen Xin looked at him coldly and said nothing. Xia Ji said, “There must be a limit to shamelessness. Kuiluo, you have had many good deeds over the years, and one day I will settle the score with you.”

Quo Luo smiled strangely, “Then let’s see who is unlucky first. If you want to recognize your ancestors and return to the clan, old man, I will prevent you from even seeing your true ancestors.”

Xia Ji was so angry that he took a step forward and was about to take action, but was stopped by Xia De. “There is no need to cause trouble.” He looked at the opposite side, “There are four Tianmen duels in total, and there are exactly two groups. You can choose what to do. Showdown”.

Lu Buzheng said directly, “I, Lu Tianmen, will fight against the Glory Tianmen.”

Everyone looked at Mr. Chan.

Old Zen agreed.

Xia De laughed. It seemed that the two families had discussed it well and had definitely compared their combat power. One of them simply admitted defeat and reserved some strength to deal with them. Then, the Blood Heaven Clan would consume their strength.

Xia De guessed well. The Sanjue Tianmen tried to control the current human cultivation system, and the other Tianmen naturally joined forces to attack. They had already compared their combat power before the Tianmen meeting was held, and found that the Lu Tianmen team of ten was the strongest, so they left Against the Three Jue Tianmen, the ten-man team of the Glory Tianmen was the weakest, so they just gave up and allowed Lu Tianmen to retain their strength.

As for the Blood Heaven Clan, they really intend to consume the combat power of the ten people from the San Jue Clan.

Related to today’s cultivation system, the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent have rarely joined forces.

On Ancestral Turtle’s back, Lu Yin saw the ten-man team of the Sanjue Tianmen walking out. Instead of Xing Kai, they added a person he didn’t know. On the opposite side, the ten-man team of the Sixth Continent’s Blood Sky Clan walked out.

Most of them are acquaintances, the wielder, the corpse collector, Young Master Changbai, the Qinghua duo, Xiaoqing, Shangrong, and three unknown ones, most of them former domain princes.

It’s almost the same when you think about it. No matter what kind of power they cultivate, these elites have understanding and combat power far beyond others. At least under the Star Envoy, they are very strong.

Twenty years ago, apart from himself, among the powerful men of his generation, only the four young ancestors of the Tree Starry Sky had reached the strength to fight against the Star Envoy. But today, twenty years later, Lu Yin is really curious about how much these people have improved.

If it were purely a comparison of combat power, Lu Yin always felt that those from Sanjue Tianmen did not have the upper hand, at least Heixu, Coco and Dai Ao were definitely behind. But now the comparison was fighting spirit, which they had before Lu Yin left Jianshan. The level of Qi Wen’s fighting spirit may be even higher now.

The result was as expected, but the strength of Heixu and the others was beyond Lu Yin’s expectation. Only after the comparison did he know why the Sanjue Tianmen chose them.

Leaving aside the eight lines of battle energy, Heixu’s use of battle energy is actually different from others. He uses the talent of void blast to add an application to battle energy that is difficult for ordinary people to achieve. With battle energy blast, he uses eight lines of battle energy. Wen’s fighting spirit directly tore apart Shang Rong’s fighting spirit.

There is a gap in strength between him and Shang Rong. Even if Xing Neng is gone, the physical gap caused by the gap in their original cultivation level is still there, but he can make up for this.

Ke Ke was even more exaggerated. One needle pierced the wielder’s eight lines of fighting spirit. The wielder had the highest fighting spirit among the ten members of the Xue Tian Clan, but he was stunned to be pierced by Coco.

Dai Ao possesses extremely powerful palm power. He focuses on palm techniques. People like Heixu and Wang Yi stabilize their fighting spirit and reach six lines of fighting spirit throughout their body. Dai Ao stabilizes his whole body and only stabilizes his fighting spirit with his two palms. Above it, it reached the seventh line, and even exceeded Xing Kai. With one palm blow, the body picker was beaten to the point of vomiting blood, and Xiao Qing did not dare to take it hard.


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