Star Odyssey Chapter 2087: Slippers

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Quiluo was speechless. Lu Buzheng didn’t know Lu Yin yet, but he understood that the strange behavior of the ancestor turtle could not be related to that boy. It was very likely that the boy was the legitimate son of the Lu family, and the ancestor turtle had once It’s the Lu family’s pet. If anyone can do anything to the ancestral turtle, that kid is the most likely.

On the back of the ancestral turtle, Lu Yin looked at the slippers in his hand in disbelief. The ancestral turtle could really beat him and howled, what on earth is this? Really slippers? It can’t be an exotic treasure that looks like a slipper!

After staring for a long time, especially at the place where the black footprints were obvious, Lu Yin had to admit that these were slippers, absolutely right.

Who would make such a thing? Being able to inflict pain on the ancestral turtle is something that even the half-ancestral body of the ancient **** cannot do. If this thing hits the half-ancestral body, it will be very painful. Who is so extravagant to do such a thing?

Lu Yin shook it. It looked like an ordinary slipper. It bent out of shape with a little force, but such a thing had unimaginable power. Really, he didn’t know what to say.

Unfortunately, I only got one.

Someone should use this thing. He got one. Then, doesn’t the owner of the slipper only have one? Lu Yin swallowed, he was embarrassed, it wasn’t intentional.

It has been shaken four times and I will rest for ten days.

In the past ten days, Lu Yin had been studying the slippers. He was surprised that there were no runes and no power. How could this thing make the ancestors howl? The material couldn’t be seen. Sometimes he wanted to smoke himself to feel it, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t want to. He would find a chance to smoke a half-ancestor.

After ten days passed, Lu Yin raised his hand, and the next step was – Tianxing Kung Fu.

The Heavenly Star Technique has already moved 80,000 stars, which is not far behind the 99,000 stars of the fifth level of perfection. This retreat must break through to the sixth level.

The rotation of the dice stopped at two o’clock. Lu Yin shook his head and continued at one o’clock.

Seeing that it was just one point, Lu Yin suddenly felt a little hopeful. After all, he had just gotten something good. Unfortunately, a piece of clothing fell out this time. It was useless. Continue.

It was only the third time it panned to four o’clock. As the scene in front of him changed, Lu Yin entered the time-still space.

Cultivation is a very boring thing, and once it takes a long time, you need to meditate.

Fortunately, Lu Yin had the Hui Gen tea that he got from the Hui family. He had the real Hui Gen tea that the Hui family cultivated themselves. Unfortunately, he only had one plant left and couldn’t use it until the critical moment.

While reciting the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra, the stars are moving.

Almost a year passed in the time-stationary space, and the number of stars increased by almost four thousand, which meant that Lu Yin had to stay in the time-stationary space for five years. If it were not for the talent of dice, he would have cultivated this skill to the fifth level of perfection. Don’t know how long it will take yet.

Retreating outside is not as comfortable as standing still in time, and you are likely to be disturbed.

As for the outside world, there is still more than a month left before the Tianmen Conference is held.

The solar system is becoming lively, and cultivators are arriving one after another. Most of them can only stay outside the solar system, and only a few elite cultivators can enter.

The Tianmen Meeting is held every five years. This time the Tianmen Meeting has two more events than before, both related to fighting.

The first is the gambling agreement between the ten-member team, and the second is the battle between Daozi.

Most cultivators don’t care about the battle between ten-person teams. Whether it is the Sanjue Tianmen or other Tianmen, as long as someone teaches them fighting spirit, it will be fine, even if the Sanjue Tianmen controls the entire fifth kingdom

Lu Cultivation System has nothing to do with them, it is too far away from them.

What everyone is paying attention to is the dispute between Daozi.

Daozi is not only an important step in rebuilding Tianshang Sect, but also related to the mysterious half-ancestor Mingnu. Whoever can get help from Mingnu may dominate the situation in the fifth continent. Even if the Sanjue Tianmen half-ancestors are numerous, In the eyes of many people, she is definitely not on the same level as her.

In addition to the seed players recommended by the major Tianmen, there are also many practitioners participating in this Daozi competition. As long as they are not too old, even if they are a little over a hundred years old, but not too much, they can sign up.

Some gaps cannot be bridged by time, let alone such a short time.

Every cultivator wants to participate, let alone those geniuses who were once famous in the stars.

Outside the solar system, spaceships arrived one after another and parked next to the space station. There were also many spaceships parked in the starry sky, not approaching anywhere.

Wu Da led several cultivators around the starry sky. Those cultivators were young and wore cosmic armor. They could not see the exploration realm at a glance. “Be quiet and don’t let anyone see you.”

“Boss, there is no need to be so low-key. We have received permission from Glory Tianmen and Lu Tianmen to interview those cultivators who want to participate in the Daozi Competition.” Someone whispered.

Wu Dali shouted, “This is not a low-key, but an attitude. No matter what attitude others have towards us, we must continue as always. Your boss, I walked through the Starry Sky Battle Academy step by step, and now I can interview the half-ancestor. What do I rely on? That’s it. manner”.

A woman curled her lips and said, “Even if they don’t agree to your interview, you will go secretly.”

Wu Daodao, “This is the attitude. As the greatest reporter under the stars, I must know what I want to know.” After saying that, he stared into the distance, and a familiar figure flashed past, “Chase, someone is coming. ”.

Not long after, on a deserted planet, Wu Da saw the person who had just passed by, “No wonder it looked familiar, it was him.”

“Boss, who is it?”, the person behind him was curious.

Wu Daodao, “Abroli, a genius of the Hungarian clan, was once a subordinate of King Xingkai in the Tenth Duel Battle, and a very crazy person.”

“Never heard of it”.

Wu Daodao, “Of course you haven’t heard of it, little brat. The Fifth Continent was not what it is now. When I was young, boss, I was in the top 100, and one genius after another was born. This person was number four on the original top 100 list.”

“Is this the era when Lu Yin existed?” someone exclaimed.

Wu Dayi was startled, nodded, and sighed, “Yes, there was the era of Lu Yin, and Lu Yin was the symbol of that era. Although it was only twenty years ago, without him, the starry sky is no longer the same. In the starry sky, even ordinary people at that time had heard the legend of Lu Yin, and his deeds had never stopped, following everyone like a shadow.”

“I heard from my mother. She said that in that era when the Internet was developed, they would soon know what was happening in the universe and they often saw reports about Lu Yin.”

“I have also heard that the name Lu Yin has been with a generation, but it is a pity that he died.”

Wu Da shook his head, Lu Yin, I haven’t heard this name for a long time. Now everyone knows that Tian Jialan is Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis. But in this era, without star energy, Zhan The power of Qi and field is widespread, and what they see is this type of master.

Times are gone forever, it’s a pity for Lu Yin, if everything goes well

Growing up, I don’t know what height it will reach.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if Lu Yin is not here, he is definitely not as good as Brother Chu Yuan,” the woman in Wu Da’s team whispered, her eyes lit up when she mentioned Chu Yuan.

No one else refuted.

Chu Yuan, this name has resounded across the starry sky for more than ten years. A Taoist disciple who is the most arrogant in the Tianshang Sect era is known as the leader who will definitely become an ancestor and lead mankind to the future. He is the one who participated in the dispute between the Taoists of the Three Jue Tianmen. Seed is also the most likely prodigy to become a Taoist.

Even if Wu Da feels sorry for Lu Yin, he has to admit that even if Lu Yin is still around, he may not be able to compete with Chu Yuan. He is not a person of the same era. Chu Yuan experienced the heyday of mankind, and Lu Yin, if he let go It may not be possible to become a Taoist at that time.

Abroli’s appearance did not attract much attention. He was too little known, especially the Haunted Tribe, which was almost extinct, just like the Reimu Tribe.

Shortly afterwards, Murong also appeared and was recorded by Wu Da. The appearance of once-famous practitioners only attracted the attention of some people and failed to cause a sensation.

“It’s Wei’an, Wei’an has appeared.” There was a sensation outside the solar system. The appearance of a young man attracted the attention of many people.

Wei’an is not from this era. Like Chu Yuan and others, he comes from the Tianshang Sect era. He is a cultivator from the second continent. He has no roots and no feet. He is a casual cultivator, but he can fight against his peers with his sword magic. He even challenged Helo Mebis and was a genius.

He naturally wants to compete for the position of Daozi when he appears.

Immediately afterwards, the appearance of a young man once again caused a sensation, Hen Mo, a young man who madly worshiped Sanjue Tianmen. For this reason, he even changed his name and surname just to join the Yi team.

Unfortunately, during the Tianshang Sect era, I was unable to join the Yi Team because of my family background. The Yi Team only accepted casual cultivators.

Even so, this person only practices fighting spirit.

As soon as he appeared, Wu Da immediately ranked him high. In this era of starvation, Hen Mo’s mastery of fighting spirit gave him the confidence to challenge Chu Yuan and the others.

Subsequently, cultivators from the Tianshang Sect era came out one after another.

Even Lu Buzheng didn’t know how many people were frozen in the ice at the beginning. He only knew that there were also children from the Lu family participating in the war, namely Lu Lai and Lu Jiao, who were both from the sidelines. In their time, these two people were not very powerful. Although he is far behind Lu Tianyi, he is still the one who has challenged Lu Tianyi head-on.

In addition to these people, on the Sixth Continent, the former domain princes Nan Yanfei and Di Fa also appeared, also competing for the position of Taoist Master.

The newly formed Tianshang Sect includes the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent. At the moment, the leader of the Blood Heaven Sect in the Sixth Continent is Jiuyao. As for the Blood Ancestor, it has also become a legend.

Time continues to pass, more and more people come to the solar system, and there are less than ten days left before the Tianmen Meeting.

Three Jue Tianmen, Immortal Heavenly Clan, Bloody Heavenly Clan and others have arrived. They were all teleported through the original treasure formation.

Each major Tianmen have original treasure formations that lead directly to the solar system, so that they can be evacuated at critical moments.

At this time, Lu Yin had been in seclusion for four years, of course in a time-static space.

It took him four years to practice Tian Xing Gong alone. In addition to the previous duel with Hen San and the time to recover, he has spent six years in this retreat, and his resources have also consumed hundreds of millions of cubic star energy crystal marrow. He had rarely been in retreat for so long in the past. The last retreat seemed to have lasted this long, and he was becoming more and more diligent in his cultivation.


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