Star Odyssey Chapter 2086: Testing

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Calculating, when I was cultivating for the third source tribulation, the total amount of star source contained in the four star source cyclones was already comparable to the second night king.

Even a single star source cyclone is far superior to practitioners of the same generation. The Lu family’s use of star energy and star source is far beyond that of their peers. Chu Yuan finally cultivated to the point where he is close to the Lu family, but the star within Lu Yin’s body The total number of sources even far exceeds that of the Lu family, which is why Taoists like Chu Yuan doubt their lives.

As the power of Yiyang’s explosion restored Lu Yin’s body, the star source cyclone in his body also filled up. He rested for a few days, and the time was just right to leave the timeless space.

The next step is to practice Tianxing Gong. The elder Gong’s words kept reminding him, which made his enthusiasm for practicing Tianxing Gong surge again. He raised his hand, the dice appeared, pointed out, five o’clock, he pursed his lips, it was useless, just about to He continued to roll the dice, and suddenly, he remembered that there were not many people in the Supreme Mountain? Especially Liu Shaoge.

Liu Shaoge was his most feared opponent when he first embarked on the path of cultivation. It was definitely not easy for this person to go from an earthling with no resource background to a high position in the Hanxian Sect, and even enter the eyes of the half-ancestor, but all along, he No one knows what talent Liu Shaoge has.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin immediately took out the Supreme Mountain and entered.

In the Supreme Mountain, Yuchen, Liu Shaoge and others are all far apart and have little communication with each other. They are waiting for the day when Lu Yin may be released. This place is like a prison for them.

Lu Yin entered the Supreme Mountain and came directly in front of Liu Shaoge. Under Liu Shaoge’s blank gaze, he clapped him away with one hand.

At five o’clock, you must contact a talented person within ten seconds before you can borrow that person’s talent. Seven seconds have passed and there are three seconds left.

Lu Yin’s slap was very slow. He wanted to see Liu Shaoge’s reaction. Moreover, this hand was directed towards Liu Shaoge’s forehead. No matter who looked at it, it seemed like he was going to kill Liu Shaoge.

Liu Shaoge didn’t respond at all. He just watched Lu Yin slap his forehead with his hand, with confusion and confusion in his eyes.

Lu Yin put his hand on Liu Shaoge’s forehead and stared into his eyes.

Liu Shaoge blinked, “Brother Lu, is this a joke?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, he retracted his hand, and looked deeply at Liu Shaoge, “Even an ordinary person will not react when someone slaps his forehead with his palm, let alone the relationship between you and me, Liu Shaoge, you let I remember the first time I met you.”

Liu Shaoge smiled bitterly, “What’s the point of reacting? Brother Lu is far stronger than me. If you want to kill me, even if you dodge, it’s useless.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, if I want to kill you, you can’t hide at all, but this is also the scariest thing about you.” After a pause, Lu Yin stared at Liu Shaoge, “In such a short time, you I have made the most effective judgment. This is your instinctive judgment. Not everyone has your instinct. You and Zhenwu Night King give me similar feelings, but they are different.”

“He is extremely cautious. No matter how despicable or ruthless his methods are, he will kill his enemies and enjoy the process. But you only pursue the results. It doesn’t matter what the process is like or whether you enjoy it. All you want is a result”.

Liu Shaoge took a few steps back. This time, he was alert. From Lu Yin’s words, he felt murderous intent, “Brother Lu, you and I are not enemies. The previous debts have been wiped out, and we will not become enemies in the future. , It is not Brother Lu’s character to kill someone who is not an enemy.”

Does Lu Yin want to kill Liu Shaoge? If the two were equally powerful, he thought, but now,

“I really want to see how far you can go. Don’t worry, I will let you go soon.” After that, he left the Supreme Mountain.

Liu Shaoge breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lu Yin leaving. At this time, his back was soaked and he looked at the ground in annoyance. He was careless.

I should have avoided and been vigilant like an ordinary person, instead of what I just did. It was only because Lu Yin was so unexpected that he took action. Who would have thought that he suddenly took action against me, was it a test or something? An unreasonable temptation?

Liu Shaoge couldn’t figure out what the meaning of Lu Yin’s actions was? There is a big gap between me and him, and his life is under his control, so why bother testing myself?

Don’t talk about Liu Shaoge, even Huizu couldn’t figure out why Lu Yin did what he did.

Lu Yin just had a sudden idea. He wanted to borrow Liu Shaoge’s talent with five points on the dice. Anyway, he wanted to touch him, so why not test it out? It was just a coincidence, but many things in this world are caused by a coincidence. .

The temptation of Liu Shaoge gave Lu Yin an inexplicable idea. The Eternals can plant spies within the human race. Why can’t humans plant spies within the Eternals? After all, not all Eternals are composed of corpse kings. Among the Seven Gods, the God of Forgotten Ruins seems to be a human being.

Wait a minute, he thought of something else. If he really wanted to plant a traitor into the Eternal Clan, the Xia family would be the best choice because of the method of nine clones.

No one knows who in the Xia family has practiced nine clones. If a member of the Xia family surrenders his clone to the Eternals, even if he is transformed into a corpse king, he may become a traitor.

Yeah, why didn’t you think of it before? Looking at it this way, is there a traitor within the Eternals? If he could have such an idea, Hui Zu, who was calculating his time, would not have thought of it?

This idea was deeply imprinted in Lu Yin’s heart. Then he looked at the dice and saw an additional mark on the five o’clock side of the dice, like the sun. He didn’t know what talent this mark represented.

Continue to roll the dice, this time it reached three o’clock, no, continue, the fourth time it was one o’clock, there was a snap, one fell out, Lu Yin’s face twitched, slippers?

You read that right, what fell on the ground was indeed a slipper. It was a very ordinary slipper with black footprints on it. It was really disgusting to Lu Yin. Who would hide the slipper in the Ningkong Ring? Afraid of losing it?

Lu Yin was unhappy. He looked at Ge Ying and waved his hand. The slippers were knocked away but were not damaged.

Lu Yin was surprised and waved his hand again. This time he used a little force, which even the hunting realm could not withstand. However, the slippers were hit, but they were blown away by the huge force. They were still not damaged. Even the slippers were not damaged. The black footprints were not damaged at all.

This is wrong. How is it possible that a slipper can block the power of the hunting realm?

Lu Yin didn’t believe in evil, so he struck out with a palm. This time it was an empty palm. One palm was enough to kill Enlightenment Realm.

But the slippers were still intact. They were also blown away and fell to the ground. The face with the footprints seemed to be laughing at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked solemn, picked up the slippers, and tried hard. The slippers were twisted and deformed, but they were not broken. Lu Yin tried harder and harder, and even visualized the Uranian King Elephant. He didn’t believe it. A mere slipper could still hold up. To survive the destruction of over one million combat power?

This slipper is obviously unusual, it should be a foreign object or a rare treasure, but even so, he has no intention of using it. How can a slipper be used? I’m just curious about how much force this thing can withstand.

But even if Lu Yin visualized the Uranian King Elephant and tore the slippers with a force that even a million-strong warrior might not be able to withstand, the slippers were still undamaged and extremely strong.

Lu Yin couldn’t understand. His pupils turned into runes and stared at the slippers. There were no runes. What’s going on?

He took the slippers and slapped them on the ground.

The surrounding area shook, a wailing sound came out, and then it shook violently up and down.

Lu Yin was shocked. The place where he retreated was on the back of the ancestral turtle. He heard the wailing just now. It couldn’t be the ancestral turtle. Lu Yin was stunned. The slippers didn’t seem to have much power, but they could pump The ancestral turtle howls?

Outside, many members of the Mebis clan grabbed things around them in fear. The ancestral turtle jumped up and down as if someone had stepped on its tail. Its huge eyes rolled straight, and there were faint tears flowing. It was in pain. Who smoked it?

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. It has been a long time since Ancestor Turtle has experienced such pain. He is not used to it.

It turned its neck and stared at its back, staring at the place where Lu Yin retreated, where it was slapped and it hurt.

On the sacred tree, Helo Mebis grabbed the trunk and asked, “What’s wrong with this ancestral turtle?”.

The feathered Mebis was at a loss, “I don’t know, this has never happened before, Lord Ancestor Turtle is watching here.”

Helo Mebis’s eyes lit up, “I know, it must have sensed the appearance of my Taoist disciple and wants to recognize me as its master.”

Feathering Mavis has nothing to say to Helo Mavis. This woman has a hot temper, is narcissistic and proud, and is difficult to communicate with.

Yunying Mabisi and other members of the Mabis clan appeared in front of the ancestor turtle, and kept comforting him. Tears rolled in the ancestor turtle’s eyes, it hurt, and he was beaten.

Many people in the outside world also saw the ancestral turtle jumping up and down, especially Lu Buzheng, who was afraid that the ancestral turtle would accidentally trample the earth to pieces.

In the retreat place, Lu Yin blinked. Was it the ancestral turtle wailing? He decided to try again, maybe it was a coincidence? After all, it was just a slipper. Then, he patted the ground again.

The ancestral turtle opened its mouth wide and let out another wail. It jumped up and ran rampantly in the Canglan territory. It hurt so much.

On the back, the sacred tree was bent and tilted to the left and right.

Many members of the Mebis tribe were shocked and hurriedly comforted them.

The ancestor turtle felt wronged, who did it offend? It was slapped again, and the more I thought about it, the more aggrieved it became. It just wanted to sleep. Thinking about it, it whined again. It had not made a sound for many, many years.

The unusual movements of the ancestral turtle attracted the attention of the human star field. Henxin and the first class focused their attention on the outer universe.

The existence of the Ancestral Turtle is also one of their weapons against the Eternals. At this moment, there is a sudden change. Could it be that the Mavis family did something?

Many people thought of Helo Mebis. Before she appeared, the Ancestral Turtle had never moved. Even the ancient gods were unable to do anything to the Ancestral Turtle.

No one knows what happened to the ancestor turtle.

Even Lu Buzheng couldn’t guess that it was related to Lu Yin, and even he couldn’t hurt the ancestral turtle at all. The ancestral turtle was obviously in pain.

“Is it spring?” Quilo came back, murmuring to himself as he looked at the ancestral turtle’s tears of grievance.

Lu Buzheng was speechless, and this was not the case with Fa Chun. By the way, what if this thing had Fa Chun? Where can I find another giant turtle?

“That kid Lu Yin is back? Where is he?” Quiro asked.

Lu Bu Zheng said, “Retreat on the back of the ancestral turtle.”

Qui Luo was stunned and pointed at the ancestral turtle, “You mean, on its back?”.

Lu Buzheng nodded, “I hope the ancestral turtle’s strange behavior will not affect him.”


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