Star Odyssey Chapter 2085: Great people

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“Elder misses me very much?” Lu Yin joked. Of course he knew that the elder Gong cared about not him, but the soles of his feet.

The elder Gong replied, “You may be exposed.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “I haven’t been exposed yet?”.

The elder was speechless, “You didn’t hide it?”.

“No, I thought it was already exposed,” Lu Yin said speechlessly. Has his love been exposed yet? Did another Yi team member die? It’s not that serious.

Elder Gong replied, “Although not yet, it is coming soon. Hen Xin contacted the Home of the Gods and said that a master who practiced the Zhou Yan Scripture severely injured two members of Team Yi. He asked about the master who practiced the Zhou Yan Scripture. I haven’t suspected you yet, but after the God of Mirrors told me, you were the first person I thought of.”

“Elder, how can junior Zhou Yan Zhenjing practice be so powerful that he can seriously injure two Yi team members?” Lu Yin denied.

The elder Gong replied, “I don’t have enough strength to use foreign objects. You have so many foreign objects and treasures, especially a candle from the land of the gods. It’s not impossible for you to take action.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Yes, it was the junior who took action. The elder’s guess was really accurate.”

The elder Gonggong said solemnly, “Remind you, don’t attack the people of Team Yi. In any case, they are also strong human beings who deal with the Eternals.”

“Don’t worry, this junior is not that cruel and will let him go soon,” Lu Yin said.

The elder Gong replied, “That’s good. There are rumors that you are dead. Fortunately, you are still alive, and I can feel at ease.”

“Are the elders worried about the juniors, or about the Tianxing Kung Fu?” Lu Yin replied with a smile.

The elder Gong immediately replied, “Tian Xing Gong”.

Lu Yin pouted, even if it was the truth, don’t be so straightforward, “It’s a pity, Xingyuan is gone, and Tianxing Gong can neither be practiced nor fought. What a pity.”

“Do you really think so?”, the elder Gong asked.

Lu Yin was stunned. He just felt disgusted with the elder Gong. He didn’t expect the elder Gong to react like this, “Elder, can the Heavenly Star Technique still be used without the Star Energy and Star Source?”

“Fu Zu ordered the rune numbers to appear on the fifth continent. Even if life and death are unknown now, the rune numbers can still be used. The legendary God of Death also has death energy left behind. In this case, will Chen Zu’s power definitely be placed in the star source?” , the elder Gong replied.

Lu Yin’s expression changed.

“Chenzu is no worse than any ancestral realm strongman, and the self-created Tianxing Kung Fu is no weaker than any other Kung Fu method. It’s just that you haven’t mastered it yet,” the elder Gong replied.

Lu Yin hurriedly replied, “But this junior has tried it, and it is impossible to use the Star Technique without Xingyuan.”

The elder Gong pondered for a moment, “When I discovered the patterns on the soles of your feet, you asked me what secrets the patterns concealed. Do you still remember my answer?”

Of course Lu Yin remembers that the elder Gong’s answer shocked him to this day, and it was also the motivation that supported him in practicing Tianxing Gong. “Tell me, how can you be sure that the planet you are on did not come from Tianxing Gong?”.

Lu Buzheng was equally shocked when he saw the conversation between the two, especially Lu Yin’s last reply. He couldn’t help but look at the stars. How could it be possible? How could the stars in this universe come from the same technique? I have never heard of it, not even in the Tianshang Sect era.

“Yes, then, if the Star Source Universe is swallowed up, can you see the destruction of large swaths of stars?” Elder Gong asked again.

Lu Yin understands, this is what the elder Gong meant, if the Heavenly Star Technique must be used

Cultivation can only be done by a star source, so in this universe, the planet running on the Chenzu Tianxing Gong has long been destroyed. So, the Tianxing Gong does not necessarily have to rely on a star source?

“Chen Zu is amazingly talented and beautiful. He is rare in ancient times. He is an outstanding figure in ancient and modern times. How can he rely on the power of others for his self-created skills, even if that person is the ancestor?” replied the elder Gong.

Lu Yin knew more about Chen Ancestor than that. He monopolized two mountains and one sea. This achievement shocked even Lu Buzheng, the leader of the Tianmen Sect from the Tianshang Sect era. Even in the most glorious era of mankind, Chen Ancestors are all outstanding people.

“Junior understands, Tianxing Kung, I will never give up,” Lu Yin replied seriously.

After finishing the conversation with Elder Gong, Lu Yin looked at the stars in the distance, with a burning look in his eyes. He underestimated Tianxing Gong and Chen Zu. Elder Gong was right, Fu Zu can do it, and Chen Zu is the same. can do.

“What stars did you just say? Am I right? Are there any stars in the sky that were formed due to martial arts?” Lu Buzheng asked after a question.

Lu Yin looked at Lu Buzheng and smiled, “Third uncle, will you underestimate this era?”.

If the explanation had just come out, Lu Buzheng would definitely have said yes without hesitation. This was also the reason why he had not waited for Lu Yin and the others before joining forces with Henxin to directly confront the Eternals. As long as no strong ancestral realm took action, they would He believed that he was the strongest in the field of Half Ancestor. This was the pride of the Twelve Heavenly Sect masters who belonged to the Tianshang Sect era.

But now, he is really hesitant, is he underestimating this era? Wrong, the more they understand this era, the less they will underestimate it, especially the Fifth Continent, which can actually gather nine mountains and eight seas with the power of one continent. This was impossible in the Tianshang Sect era.

The magic of Fuzu, the invincibility of Chenzu, and the low-key Kuzu and Supreme Ancestor. Who dares to underestimate this era?

“In this era, there are countless possibilities,” Lu Yin said.

Lu Buzheng thought for a while and said, “Maybe.”

“I will also be one of these countless possibilities,” Lu Yin said again.

Lu Buzheng’s eyes shone and he patted Lu Yin’s shoulder hard, “Three uncles believe that before we appeared, you were a legend in this era, and after we appear, you will definitely create legends.”

Lu Yin took a deep breath and his eyes were firmer than ever before, “I’m going into seclusion. I will appear during the battle between Taoists.”

Lu Buzheng was funny, “Now in seclusion? Forget it, there are only more than two months before the Daozi battle, and it’s too late to do anything. Chu Yuan, Helo Mebis and the others have been preparing for more than ten years, and they will fight if they can. Forget it if you can’t argue. You might as well take a break in the past two months. Third uncle will tell you about the Tianshang Sect era and my Lu family. By the way, I am not the only one from the Lu family. There are also several people. Of course, they are not direct descendants.” .

Lu Yin said, “More than two months, that’s enough. Third uncle, I’m going into seclusion, and I have to ask you for the outside affairs. Wait until I come out of seclusion in more than two months.” At this point, Lu Yin looked at Lu Buqi. , the corners of his mouth curled up, “Maybe it will become different.”

Lu Buzheng couldn’t understand what Lu Yin was talking about. What changes could have happened in just over two months? Can he still become an ancestor? However, since Lu Yin wanted to retreat, he did not stop him, “It’s up to you. Don’t force anything. With your ability, you will rule this era sooner or later. There is no rush.”

Lu Yin went into seclusion. This time, it was more than just seclusion.

The elder Gong’s words stimulated him again, and he recalled the scenes he had seen while traveling through time and space.

Neptune is no more than a star envoy, but he has the courage to break through the upper three gates and make the fifth one

The mainland changes.

The Lu family is willing to endure eternal infamy just for the chance to protect humanity.

Chen Ancestor burned his ancestral realm in front of the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent with a shocking spirit.

Fuzu carries civilization on his back, and he will kill his enemies no matter how far away they are, leaving a breathing space for the Fifth Continent.

Ku Zu silently rushed into the Eternal Clan. Although he was not brilliant, he was infinitely heroic.

These individual heroes and shocking great deeds represent a splendid era of mankind. From the ancient Tianshang Sect when the human race was at its peak to the ancient Daoyuan Sect, none of these outstanding figures have experienced life and death. No one is born great, and no one is born great. Easily invincible.

Lu Yin raised his hand, the dice rotated slowly, and finally stopped, at four o’clock, time stopped in space.

Gray and white space is boring and devoid of fun.

Lu Yin took out the Supreme Mountain and released Hen San. Under Hen San’s puzzled gaze, he solemnly said, “Come on, let me try the fighting spirit of the Yi team members in a life and death battle.”

Hen San’s eyes changed. He looked at Lu Yin as if he were looking at a dead person, and the corners of his mouth split open, “You are looking for death.”

As the scene in front of him changed, Lu Yin left the static space of time. At this moment, he had almost no intact skin on his body, his left hand was irregularly twisted, and his clothes were stained with blood. However, compared to him, Hen San looked worse and had long been in a coma.

After leaving the timeless space, Lu Yin collapsed on the ground, took out the medicine with difficulty to treat Hen San, and then threw him into the Supreme Mountain. His body continued to dry up. He raised his hand and the dice appeared. He pointed out the dice slowly. Spin, a little, useless weapon, carry on.

If Fear Hensan hadn’t discovered that the time was wrong and analyzed that he had the ability to stop time, he wouldn’t have rolled the dice again after coming out. He had only stayed in the time-stopped space for more than a month.

This time it’s six o’clock. Fortunately, I put the Ningkong Ring aside in advance and come back.

The fourth time, at three o’clock, looking at the upper and lower light curtains, Lu Yin was lying on the ground and had to rest for ten days before he could continue rolling the dice.

The further you go, the more effective the dice will be, especially the time-still space and six points. The most useful ones in the early stage are three points. Unfortunately, as the star source universe is swallowed up, it is not as easy to obtain star energy crystals as before. The star energy crystal marrow in the universe will only continue to decrease, and the role of the three points will be reduced.

Ten days passed quickly. For people like Lu Buzheng, only ten days had indeed passed.

Lu Yin raised his hand, the dice appeared, pointed out with one finger, good luck, at four o’clock, he entered the timeless space. The most important thing now is to recover. Thinking about it, he closed his eyes, relaxed his body and mind, and just pretended to be asleep. Sleep.

Time passed quickly, and when there was less than half a month left before leaving the static space of time, Lu Yin’s injuries were almost recovered due to the extreme situation of things, but the dry state was still there. He took out the Supreme Mountain, and then led out One of the five yangs bombards oneself. This is the real way to use the five yangs.

When the sun struck **** the body surface, the huge power caused the dry body to continuously recover. At the same time, the majestic star source poured into the star source cyclone and was absorbed by the four star source cyclones.

Originally, in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, the total amount of star source contained in the Five Suns was enough to rival a strong man like the Second Night King who was infinitely close to the Half-Ancestor. He could easily fill up his four star source cyclones, and there would be more. A lot, but when traveling through time and space, I broke through to three source tribulations, and each star source cyclone became much stronger. After calculation, even if the total number of star sources is comparable to the second night king, it is only the four sources in my body. After filling up the star source cyclone, there is nothing superfluous.


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