Star Odyssey Chapter 2075: High profile

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Ten years ago, a young man was very lucky. He mined a large amount of clay ore and was promoted to join the affiliated team of Team Yi. He was awarded powerful combat skills and became a master. But more than ten years ago, that young man was just an ordinary person. Just ordinary practitioners doing nothing.

The fifth continent is experiencing drastic changes. Some people see despair, while others see hope.

Most of those who mine Yan here hold on to some hope. This is one of the few places where they can get in touch with the top brass of Sanjue Tianmen.

What’s more important is that the galaxy is stocked with a large number of swimming fish from ancient times. The most common of these swimming fish can strengthen the body. It is said that some swimming fish are even jealous of the star angels, and they will become rich as soon as they catch one.

Xiyue came here with this hope. She hoped to enter the Three Jue Tianmen through here and gain powerful power to avenge her people. In today’s universe, star energy cannot be replenished. The largest and easiest power to use is fighting spirit. , fields, these, she has the foundation of fighting spirit, so she naturally wants to join the Sanjue Tianmen, this is her path.

It’s a pity that if it weren’t for Lu Yin, she wouldn’t even be able to stay here and would be sent to the frontline battlefield. It was also one of the few places where she could get into the eyes of Tianmen’s senior officials, but the death rate was not comparable here.

For those who practice fighting spirit, this is the safest and most likely place to reach the sky in one step.

Lu Yin jumped into the galaxy like everyone else. Twenty years ago, this was impossible. Only those in the Enlightenment realm dared to enter the galaxy, and there was a lot of misfortune. Now, with the galaxy being disrupted, More and more people dare to go in.

The so-called bottom of the galaxy in Xiyue’s mouth is just the tidal flat, not the real bottom of the galaxy, otherwise these cultivators would not be able to go deep.

Lu Yin followed Xi Yue into the galaxy, and the surrounding area gradually became clearer from turbid to a depth of only a hundred meters. The further in, the clearer he could see.

Xi Yue suddenly raised her hand to grab the small gravel flowing beside her, looked at it carefully, and then handed it to Lu Yin, “If there is Yan, it will be among this kind of gravel, and it will be easy to distinguish.”

Lu Yin took it. It was too small, so he threw it away, then opened the field and spread it around.

The power of his field is extremely powerful. It was comparable to the invisible light at the beginning. After the return of the tree starry sky, it even surpassed the invisible light. Looking at the current universe, even if Henxin spreads the battle energy and field, there is no one among his peers. There are those who surpass Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s field spread in all directions.

Xi Yue was startled, “If you want to stay here, it’s best not to be discovered. Once it’s discovered that you know how to use the field, you won’t be here anymore.”

Lu Yin passed through the field and collected a handful of gravel within an area. After listening to Xi Yue’s words, “Where to go?”.

“I don’t know, but we are definitely not with us. In the eyes of Sanjue Tianmen, we are just tools for collecting pottery. Some talented warriors and field practitioners have other places to go,” Xiyue said. As he said that, he looked at the handful of gravel in front of Lu Yin, took it, and began to search for it one by one.

She didn’t expect Lu Yin to be able to collect pans. He was destined not to stay here for long.

Lu Yin watched Xi Yue check the gravel one by one, “With your stable strength of four lines of fighting energy, you don’t need to stay here for a long time.”

Xi Yue was startled, yes, her injuries have recovered and her fighting spirit has stabilized. She really doesn’t need to stay here for long.

Her purpose was to enter the Sanjue Tianmen to learn higher fighting spirit, not to collect Yan here.

“How many dumplings can be produced here every day?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Xiyue said, “I

The indicator of our tidal flat is one kilogram per month, and the average for an individual is 0.1 gram. This is the actual result. The real test of our daily indicator is the gravel being inspected. Whether the gravel is sanded or not, it is We must make a mark with fighting spirit to prevent repeated inspections from wasting time. Our daily task is at least five hundred grits.”

Lu Yin was embarrassed. He just threw a piece of gravel. Is that the mission?

However, one kilogram of 焢 can be obtained from this tidal flat every month, which is far more than the original 焢星. This is just a tidal flat, and it is only every month. He can imagine how many 焢 collected by Sanjue Tianmen, except There are also people in the Sanjue Tianmen and other Tianmen by the Xinghe River.

“Lu Tianmen is also collecting pans,” Lu Yin asked.

Xiyue nodded, “Probably, but no matter how much they collect, they will sell it to Sanjue Tianmen. Only Sanjue Tianmen has micro-array technology.”

For one day, Lu Yin collected gravel at the bottom of the river, five hundred gravels, easily.

It wasn’t until the sun went down above their heads that everyone walked out of the galaxy and lined up to hand over the inspected gravel.

The gravel will be stored in one place.

“Brother Dahei, how are you? How much is today?” A short man came over and asked.

Lu Yin said in a loud voice, “More than five hundred.”

“You only have more than five hundred? Didn’t you always start with one thousand before?”, the man was surprised, and then smiled ambiguously, “It seems that Brother Dahei used too much force last night, hahahaha.”

Someone from behind suddenly started shouting, “Dahei, take care of yourself, don’t get hollowed out.”

“That’s right, you are the elite in our tidal flat who are most likely to receive the teachings of Team Yi’s fighting spirit. Don’t be held back.”


Behind, Xiyue’s face turned red. These **** looked at her while talking, with teasing, sarcastic, and other looks in their eyes.

If it was the old Dahei, she wouldn’t care, she was used to it, but the person standing there was Lu Yin.

Suddenly, she remembered that she was entangled with Lu Yin in the sand sea of ​​Wangchuan in the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky, and she blushed when she thought about it.

Soon after, the two walked towards the wooden house.

“Don’t come, that’s Dahei’s room”, Xiyue pointed, and then left without looking back.

Lu Yin was startled, that was Dahei’s house, what did it have to do with him? He followed directly.

Xiyue’s face turned red, her head buried in her knees, and she sat in the corner.

Lu Yin entered.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?”, Xiyue shouted.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “I’m not Dahei.”

Xiyue stopped talking, lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

Lu Yin took out the sword from the Ningkong Ring and fumbled around. The power in his body was in a mess. He didn’t know how to sort it out. Those powers were entangled and restricted with each other, causing him to be unable to mobilize and giving him a headache.

“What is your purpose of staying here?” Xiyue asked.

Lu Yin said, “Take a few days’ rest.”

Xiyue still lowered her head, “Actually, there is indeed an opportunity here. Hen Xin, the leader of Sanjue Tianmen, once said to the outside world that the Warring States Period was not the ultimate level of fighting spirit. There is a higher realm above this. Every Sanjue Tianmen Everyone has the opportunity to learn, as long as they work hard enough.”

Lu Yin was not surprised. In the decisive battle, the Ancient God and Hen Xin did not use the Warring States Period. Instead, they used that purple-black substance, which should be the power of the Ancient God.

He also talked with his third uncle, Lu Buzheng, about the ancient third road

Lord, create the ultimate in human body cultivation and create a lineage of giants.

Fighting spirit was also created by him and created a path.

Hen Xin was taught by the ancient Taoist master that the cultivation of fighting spirit should be the best among human beings in the current universe.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, could he learn the ultimate fighting spirit from Hen Xin?

“All the people here are from Sanjue Tianmen?” Lu Yin asked.

Xiyue said, “Everything has been inspected,” she looked at Lu Yin, “Dahei, originally didn’t know how to fight, but after being publicly taught by a Yi team member from Sanjue Tianmen, he learned how to fight. He was placed on this tidal flat. , in the Sanjue Tianmen records, there is no problem with his identity.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze. This was interesting. In this way, he could do something with Dahei’s identity.

As for the disguise being revealed, Lu Yin had forgotten before that there were bones sent by Tian Dou in his Ningkong Ring. The bones were made in the evil way and contained a lot of death energy, which could be used to display the death aspect.

Just do what you want, Lu Yin took out the bones. In Xiyue’s surprised eyes, nothing changed, the appearance was still the same, but only Lu Yin knew that he had transformed into Dahei with his death face, not the appearance of Dahei. Disguise.

Jueyi used his death mask to hide the Forgotten God. He also used his death mask to avoid the Half-Ancestor’s large-scale screening. As long as he doesn’t meet the Half-Ancestor at close range, his death mask will not be exposed. Just take a look. How far can this **** person go?

For several days, Lu Yin, as Dahei, calmly collected Yan. Needless to say, he actually collected one, although it was far less than a gram.

At night, he also caught that kind of swimming fish. It is said that it came from the Tianshang Sect era and was kept in this galaxy by Hen Xin. It was regarded as a reward for collecting Yan. As long as you dare to catch it, you can practice with this fish.

However, supervision generally does not allow arbitrary arrests, lest these people be eaten by creatures in the galaxy, causing the weight of this moon cake to decrease.

The bonfire was flickering on the beach, Lu Yin was grilling fish leisurely, and there were more than a dozen of those swimming fish beside him. Opposite him was Xiyue.

Xi Yue looked at Lu Yin speechlessly, “It’s too high-profile.”

“Didn’t you say that this Dahei is high-profile, okay?” Lu Yin said nonchalantly.

Xiyue rolled her eyes, okay? There are so many fish around, this is no longer high-profile. Dahei was so excited after catching two. There is no doubt whether the supervision of this tidal flat can catch so many at one time.

In the distance, pairs of greedy eyes looked at the wooden house, eager to come and **** it.

Someone took action, but was knocked down by the gravel thrown by Xiyue.

The fighting spirit of the four lines is not comparable to these people.

Suddenly, a figure walked out of the void, wearing the Three Jue Tianmen service. His face was solemn and he stared at Lu Yin coldly. This person was the supervisor of this tidal flat, a hunting realm cultivator.

“Dahei, you captured this?”, the supervisor shouted.

Lu Yin raised his head and smiled at the supervisor, “Yes, do you want to eat? Together?”

The supervisor looked at the dozen or so swimming fish, his eyes a little warm, but he also had scruples, “How high is your fighting spirit?”.

Lu Yin asked before, Dahei’s fighting spirit has always been the second pattern, and on this beach, he is the most powerful, and most of the others have the first pattern.

“Four Marks”, Lu Yin replied, raising his hand, purple fighting spirit gradually covered it, but it looked a little unstable.

The supervisor was surprised, “You actually have four lines of fighting spirit? When did you break through?”.


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