Star Odyssey Chapter 2072: Tidal flat

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Lu Yin frowned. This person came from the Tianshang Sect era. It was normal for him to help Chu Yuan. It would be troublesome if he took action against him.

No one here will help me.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? Let me go immediately.” Leng Qing shouted, raising his hand and throwing the needle at Lu Yin. The target was Lu Yin’s shoulder. He was not trying to kill Lu Yin, he was just trying to destroy Lu Yin’s fight. Grab the sword.

The Sanxuan ancient sound sounded, deflecting the direction of the needle and inserting it into the pillar.

Lan Xian took action to block Leng Qing and whispered to Lu Yin, “You owe me another favor.”

Lu Yin was surprised, he didn’t expect that she would actually help him.

Jiu Yao stared at Lan Xian, “This is their business, go back.”

Lan Xian hugged Sanxuan and said, “I want the blood of the Lu family, especially this Lu Yin’s.”

Jiu Yao frowned, he still didn’t understand what Lan Xian wanted the blood for.

“Isn’t there one on the pillar?” Helo Mebis said.

Lan Xian was startled and subconsciously looked at the pillar. Sure enough, Lu Yin had been beaten by the Forgotten God before and spit out a lot of blood.

Lu Yin’s face twitched, this woman…

Lan Xian had no reason to help Lu Yin. She waved her hand and the blood on the pillar flew towards her.

Lu Yin was anxious. Lan Xian asked for his blood several times without success, but she did not give up. Obviously, her blood was very useful to her. God knows what she was going to do. If she had the ability to control the enemy through her blood, she would be in trouble. , an immortal Yushan has already made people wary, and another Lanxian will give him a headache just thinking about it.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin no longer had any scruples and speeded up reciting the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra.

It is difficult to recite the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra. Even with his current ability, he can only recite most of it at most, and he has to recite it slowly. Now he speeds up all of a sudden. The opposite Chu Yuan can’t keep up, so he is anxious and speeds up the recitation.

In an instant, the sword shook more and more violently.

The moment Lu Yin’s blood was taken away by Lan Xian, the two ancestral scriptures fought for it. The sword suddenly became parallel and then spun wildly, as if it had malfunctioned. Everyone looked at it, not understanding what happened.

Chu Yuan and Lu Yin didn’t understand either, feeling that the sword was out of their control.

Suddenly, the sword stopped, pointed at Lu Yin, and thrust out suddenly.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, what the hell?

No one expected this scene to happen. When the sword thrust out, no one could stop it, and Lu Yin himself did not react.

The sword pierced Lu Yin’s heart all at once. Lu Yin felt severe pain sweeping through his nerves. His vision went dark and he didn’t know anything anymore.

At the same time, the main hall shattered, and the huge suction force threw everyone out, disappearing into the long river of time and space together with the ruins of the main hall.

The dim water washed over the tidal flats, bringing out a few strange fish from time to time, struggling to jump back into the river.

A hand suddenly fell down and caught the strange fish, “There is something to eat, haha, more food, more food, finally caught it.” The speaker was a man in tattered clothes, with mud on his body, as if from It was like crawling out of the swamp, and I was very excited to catch a swimming fish in my hand.

His words attracted envious looks from many people around him.

This is a very long tidal flat. In the distance, the stars are falling on the tidal flat, and the river cannot see the end. There are stars above the head. There are also stars behind the tidal flat. This tidal flat is located in the starry sky.

There are countless wooden houses stretching on the tidal flat with no end in sight. People come out of the wooden houses from time to time and look longingly into the river, hoping to catch something.

“Old Hei, how many have you caught?” someone shouted.

The dirty man who caught the fish before said proudly, “Three.”

“That’s right. You’re not afraid of death. A lot of people have been dragged into the river and eaten in the past few days. The supervision has also been strict and they are not allowed to approach the galaxy during this time.”

“What are you afraid of? The surveillance is just for show. They don’t care whether we live or die. And they are really close to the galaxy. How dare they chase us?”

“Be careful, don’t die, human life is worthless these days.”

The old black man grinned, holding on to the three fish tightly, and ran towards the depths of the tidal flat.

On the beach, there are many wooden houses arranged in a miscellaneous manner.

Lao Hei came to a wooden house and knocked on the door softly.

“Who?” came a hoarse voice, alert.

Lao Hei whispered, “It’s me.”

“What’s the matter?”, the hoarse voice relaxed a little, but did not open the door.

Old Hei licked his lips and said, “I caught three fish by the star river, do you want them?”.

The room was silent for a while, “Are you willing to give it to me?”.

“Of course, as long as you obey me, I will give you these three fishes,” Lao Hei whispered.

“Go away”, the hoarse voice shouted angrily.

Lao Hei snorted coldly, “Don’t be ignorant. Without me to protect you, with your unstable fighting spirit, there is no way you can survive in this galaxy, let alone dig clay mines. As long as these fish often Eating will definitely stabilize your fighting spirit and even help you recover from your injuries. As long as you follow me, you will have all these.”

“Get out of here,” the hoarse voice said angrily.

Lao Hei turned around and left, “You are so ugly, no one will want you except me, just wait to die in the galaxy.” As he said this, his voice faded away.

In the wooden house, a figure was sitting in the corner. His face could not be seen, except for a pair of beautiful eyes. As the stars turned, the silver light swept across the beach and towards the wooden house. The figure quickly lowered his head, not daring to face the silver of light.

When the silver light moved away, the figure turned to look at another corner of the wooden house. There was a shabby bed made of hardened gravel. There was a person lying on the bed. He didn’t know whether he was alive or dead, and there was a sword stuck in his chest. Just lying on the bed.

The figure kept staring at the man on the bed, not knowing what he was thinking.

The bright stars rose from the other side of the tidal flat, illuminating the edge of the star river and the countless dilapidated wooden houses on the tidal flat.

The figure stared at the man on the bed all night, until the light outside fell, he coughed a few times and walked out of the wooden house.

When the outside light became weaker and weaker, and the day passed, the figure returned to the wooden house, and sat in the corner again, staring blankly at the person on the bed.

I don’t know how long it took, but there was a knock on the door, “Have you thought clearly? I caught another fish today, plus the three fish yesterday, which is a total of four fish. Even the supervisor was jealous when he saw it. I will give them all to you.” How about it?”.

The figure curled up and made a feeble sound, “Get out.”

“Smelly woman, you are disfigured and still pretending to be noble. In the past, let alone four fish, even forty fish were not something I could touch, but now you are just an ugly woman, and you can’t even look at that trash. The ugly monster on the street, what is there to be noble about? You should think clearly for yourself. There is still hope when you are alive. If you die, there will be nothing. Don’t expect anyone to take you away. Those people can’t protect themselves.” Cursing, Dahei left. .

The figure seemed not to have heard his words and was still looking at the bed blankly.

Then the second day, the third day, the fourth day, time passed day by day, and the figure remained the same

Tian looked at the man on the bed and seemed to be able to bring him to life.

Ten days later, on the tidal flats, those living in wooden houses lined up to hand over something.

In the distance, a young man crossed his arms and looked at those people with strong disgust in his eyes.

“Uncle Jiang, when can we get out of this predicament?” the young man asked in a rather unhappy tone. He was Xia Sheng, Xia Yi’s illegitimate son.

Speaking of which, his fate was rough. As an illegitimate son of Xia Yi, he had never entered the Xia Dao Continent. Xia Yi stayed outside alone and ignored him until Xia Jiuyou killed all the other sons of Xia Yi. He was just remembered, but Xia Yi still didn’t care.

After Nan Yuan resigned from the council, there was no one in the Xia family for a while. Only then did Xia Yi think of such an illegitimate son. It was just a show of throwing him to the seven-character royal court representing the council.

That period was the peak of Xia Sheng’s life. He came into contact with various big figures, and was even qualified to talk to the leader of Alliance Lu who unified the inner and outer universe. He really saw the light and was very ambitious. He planned to use his status as a director to establish his own power and expand his influence. force.

However, with the great changes in the universe, the ancestor Xia Ji followed those in the Starry Sky of the Tree, the Seven-Character Royal Court was completely divided, and the council existed in name only. He was forced to return to the Xia family. Now that times have changed, he can only stay in such a garbage place. .

“Master, keep your voice down, don’t let the head of the family hear you”, Uncle Jiang warned in a low voice.

Xia Sheng was disdainful and shook his head, Patriarch? Xia Yi is no longer the head of the family. Today, the Xia family can only be managed by the ancestor Xia Ji. Xia Yi is responsible for the entire tidal flat. The reason why he came here is also because of Xia Yi.

Sometimes he thinks about how wonderful it would be if he were not Xia Yi’s son, but the illegitimate son of Xia Ji’s ancestor. Of course, he was just thinking about it.

The most regrettable thing is that the council is gone, otherwise he wouldn’t be like this. The authority that replaces the council now is not something people like him can enter, not even the cheap father Xia Yi is qualified.

“Why so few?”, shouted sharply.

Xia Sheng and Uncle Jiang looked at each other.

I saw a man wrapped in black cloth bent over, coughing, and making a hoarse voice, “I, I will try my best.”

“Try your best? It will expire this month. If there is still so little, I will throw you to the frontline battlefield.”

The man wrapped in black cloth nodded repeatedly.

Xia Sheng frowned and said, “Don’t bring this kind of refill again. He has been seriously injured at first glance and his fighting spirit is unstable. There is no way to collect Yan. It is a waste of energy.”

“Yes, young master, I will throw her to the frontline battlefield in this month,” Uncle Jiang said.

One day passed again, and when the stars dimmed, everyone subconsciously stayed away from the beach and returned to the wooden house. Only a few people stayed by the star river, staring into the river with red eyes.

The man wrapped in black cloth walked towards the wooden house.

Suddenly, a scream came. Many people looked and saw a person’s body broken into two parts on the beach beside the galaxy. The blood stained the ground and even the water of the surrounding galaxies red. Spreading around.

This scene frightened those who originally planned to stay on the beach to catch fish, and they subconsciously backed away a lot.

Dahei was among them. He had been lucky these past few days and had caught several fish, but it was still far from what he expected. When he saw someone being bitten to death, not only was he not afraid, but he became even more ferocious. Everything in his mind It’s that woman.

He wants to get her. Although she is ugly now, she used to be brilliant and was his dream. No matter what, he must get her once.


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