Star Odyssey Chapter 2061: Statue of the Ancestor

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At the same time, in the outside world, half-ancestors were heading towards the ruins of Daoyuan Sect one by one, but they were summoned by the Blood Ancestor on the way. The entrance to the Sea of ​​Falling Stars was in danger, and the Eternal Clan dispatched several twelve warriors, and even the Ancestral Realm Corpse King. Take action, intending to storm the entrance to Falling Star Sea.

After receiving the news, Zen Lao and others hurried to Falling Star Sea. Nothing was more important than there, even Ni Huang and others had to go.

The shaking of the ruined main hall of Daoyuan Sect became more and more violent. No one noticed that a layer of colorful colors appeared outside the main hall. It was difficult to see clearly with the naked eye, like a thin film wrapping the main hall.

Under the main hall, Lu Yin suddenly avoided his spot, and a statue appeared just below his feet and slowly floated up.

The three of them stared at the statue, “Ancestor?” Chu Yuan exclaimed.

Helo Mebis was surprised, “Is this the statue of the ancestor?”.

Lu Yin looked at the statue. It was a middle-aged man with an elegant appearance and a faint smile. He had a giant python wrapped around his waist and a condor on his shoulders, which was lifelike.

The statue looks small, the same size as an ordinary person, but for some reason, Lu Yin feels inexplicable respect when looking at this statue.

He heard what Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis said. Was he really the first ancestor?

According to legend, the ancestor opened up the starry sky, integrated six continents, founded the Daoyuan Sect, established the human race’s cultivation system, and brought about the heyday of the Tianshang Sect. All mortals worshiped him. He originally thought this was a legend, but as the Tianshang Sect The ancient strongman of the era appeared, he knew it was not a legend, but now, he really saw the appearance of the ancestor.

When the statue of the ancestor appeared, none of the three people moved. They watched the statue slowly rise into the sky and shatter the earth above it, connecting the main hall from top to bottom. Lu Yin and the others could see Jiu Yao’s three half-ancestors from underground. .

On the first floor of the main hall, the statue of the ancestor floats.

Jiu Yao was shocked when he saw it, “Ancestor?”

Lan Xian’s expression changed drastically, and his eyes became respectful as he looked at the statue of the ancestor.

Leng Qing, the master of the Tiandao Sect, recovered his body, looked at the statue of the ancestor and bowed respectfully, “Leng Qing pays homage to the ancestor.”

The statue of the ancestor slowly floated up, finally stopped in mid-air, and then madly swallowed the surrounding stars. The speed of this swallowing star actually exceeded that of the liquid. Not only the main hall, but also the surrounding stars were swallowed by it, including what was originally supposed to be The stars swallowed by the liquid all converged towards the main hall.

This star-devouring power is far more domineering than liquid. It swallows not only the star sources in the starry sky, but also the star sources of the star source cyclone in the cultivator’s body.

The first one to be swallowed was Jiu Yao, who was the closest. Jiu Yao was shocked, and the star source in his body came out of his body, turning into a long river of star source and heading towards the statue.

“My Xingyuan, no”, Jiu Yao quickly stopped, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop it.

Next is Lan Xian, followed by Leng Qing.

Leng Qing still maintained a respectful salute. Even if the star source in his body was swallowed up, he did not show any signs of abnormality.

Jiuyao and Lanxian are different. They rush towards the outside world together. No matter what, the star source is the foundation of power. Without the star source, they cannot even use the inner world. Once they encounter an irresistible force, Enemies, even if they want to use their inner world, they will not have the chance to be trapped by the thinking network.

Being swallowed by the star source within the body is equivalent to giving up life.

However, the two of them were blocked. An invisible force appeared outside the main hall at some point, making it impossible for them to escape.

On the floor below the main hall, the star source of the star source cyclone in Lu Yin’s body was also forcibly absorbed. He wanted to contain it, but he couldn’t.

The star source cyclone continued to shrink. Not only that, the devouring force even broke through the three closed levels he had originally closed, swallowing up the star sources in the other three star source cyclones in his body.

Lu Yin’s face changed drastically, how could this be allowed? This is his biggest secret. How can four star source cyclones be swallowed up?

He jumped up and wanted to rush out of the main hall, but like Jiu Yao and Lan Xian, he couldn’t.

The same is true for Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis.

Compared to Chu Yuan, Helo Mebis looks much better. The fundamental power she cultivates is not the Star Source. The Star Source is just one of the powers cultivated by the Mebis family.

Lu Yin has also cultivated the death energy. Losing the star source does not mean that he has no cultivation, but the four star source cyclones in his body have been absorbed, and he is unwilling to do so no matter what.

Jiu Yao directly attacked the statue. He had never experienced the Tianshang Sect era and did not understand the greatness of the ancestor, so he did not have much awe in his heart. Although he usually visited the statue of the ancestor, he was also following the Martial Ancestors. The practitioners of this generation simply Without the impression of the ancestor, even the **** of death and fate are considered legends.

However, Jiuyao’s attack was useless. His attack was close to the statue of the ancestor, and the most essential star source was swallowed directly. No matter what attack he used, he could not destroy the statue.

On the fifth continent, countless people looked at the ruins of Daoyuan Sect. The only main hall that had not collapsed was actually devouring the star source. Many people wanted to get close. They thought that if the main hall swallowed the star source, there would be a star source for them to restore. , but as a star envoy approached the main hall and was forcibly swallowed by the star source, no one dared to approach.

In the outer universe, the ancestral turtle looked at the main hall, his huge pupils becoming respectful and docile.

The Galaxy is at a rare calm. All the behemoths inside, whether visible or invisible, are standing still, facing the direction of the main hall.

Animals are far more perceptive than humans, and they are aware of the pressure of their ancestors.

In the distant Behemoth Star Territory, Master Butian looked at the Human Star Territory in the distance, clenching his fists. He also noticed the supreme power. Instead of making it respectful, it made it resentful. The ancestor created mankind. The heyday brought about the darkest era of slavery for these giant beasts in the sky.

They will definitely take revenge.

In the main hall, the first star source in the body to be completely absorbed by the statue was Helo Mebis. She had the smallest total amount of star source in her body. It was not surprising. The Mebis family did not specialize in star source cultivation.

In the Tianshang Sect era, the ancestors encouraged humans to create their own power, so various powers such as Death Qi, Destiny, and Mavis appeared.

The next person to be absorbed by the star source in his body is Chu Yuan. He specializes in cultivating the star source. After all, he was received by the ancestor. He wants to start with the power of the star source to create another kind of power that is comparable to the three realms and six paths.

To create other powers, you have to wait at least until the Half-Ancestor. So far, he has been cultivating Star Source.

When it comes to the total number of stars, he thinks he is no worse than any other Taoist disciple.

Among the six mainland Daozi, the one with the most exaggerated total star source is the Lu family Daozi. Whether it is star energy or star source, the consumption and absorption of the Lu family are far beyond that of ordinary practitioners, but Chu Yuan has the confidence to compete with the Lu family. Daozi compared, in that era, he did compete with Lu Tiandaozi, and the total amount of star resources between the two was almost the same.

Chu Yuan originally thought that with his second source calamity cultivation, the total number of star sources would exceed Lu Yin. Even if Lu Yin was strong enough to fight Daozi, but after all, he was only a small level away, so he should not be able to compare with Lu Yin. Tianyi can’t compare to him.

Danlu is hidden inside the star

The source is still being absorbed, but his is already over.

Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis both looked at Lu Yin in surprise. This person has a lot of star energy in his body? As expected of the Lu family.

Lu Yin’s face looks ugly. It’s troublesome. The first star source cyclone is about to dry up. Once the star source is gone in the body, how will he improve his realm in the future? Wait, he looked at the Ningkong Ring. There were still five Yangs in the Supreme Mountain, and the total amount of star source contained should be close to that of the Half-Ancestor. He was qualified to recover, but it was a bit difficult to achieve a breakthrough in cultivation.

Fortunately, he had condensed the Five Yangs in advance, and finally there was still a way out. He couldn’t escape or avoid it anyway, so he just didn’t care. Lu Yin looked at Jiuyao and the other three half-ancestors, and these three half-ancestors also gave up completely. , no matter how much the statue swallows the star source, it cannot escape anyway.

Feeling the gaze of Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis, Lu Yin looked at him and said, “The star source in your body is gone?”.

“How many more do you have?” Chu Yuan asked. This was the first time he was curious about Lu Yin. Even if Lu Yin showed the strength to fight Daozi before, he was not too curious, regardless of this person. How awesome, as long as he appears, he will definitely be the leader of an era.

Helo Mebis also looked at Lu Yin curiously. The Lu family’s cultivation has a great need for star energy and star sources. This is common sense. She was curious about how many star sources Lu Yin had and whether they could compare with the original ones. Lu Tianyi.

Lu Yin doesn’t know how to answer. Can he say that his first star source cyclone has not been exhausted yet? Can he say that he still has three star source cyclones? Obviously you can’t, but you can’t seem to hide it.

Time passed slowly, and the cultivators who originally wanted to approach the ruins of Daoyuan Sect all stayed away, for fear that the star energy in their bodies would also be absorbed, so that no one dared to come around the main hall of the ruins of Daoyuan Sect.

Lu Yin’s first star source cyclone was completely exhausted, and the second star source cyclone was almost gone. The time it took for the star source to be devoured was twice as long as that of Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan’s expression turned bad. How many stars are there in this person’s body? Still being swallowed?

Not only him, Jiu Yao, Lan Xian and Leng Qing also noticed Lu Yin.

In the main hall, the four of them are the only ones being swallowed up by Star Source at this moment.

They are half ancestors, and their total amount of star source is not comparable to that of Star Envoys. However, Lu Yin is still being devoured. The total amount of star source in his body is a bit scary.

Lan Xian’s eyes are full of brilliance, and he is worthy of being a member of the legendary Lu family.

Then, after a while, the second star source cyclone in Lu Yin’s body dried up, and nearly half of the third star source cyclone was swallowed up.

Chu Yuan and others looked at him a little strangely. They thought it was wrong. How could one Source Tribulation contain so many Star Sources? But this person is indeed a source of calamity. Is he a monster?

Even Chu Yuan couldn’t help but think of this. Lu Tianyi, who had competed with him at the beginning, had only one-third of the star source of this person, and this person was still absorbed by the star source.

In the main hall, several people were staring at Lu Yin, wanting to see how many stars he had hidden.

Lu Yin was also helpless. The four star source cyclones were discovered before they broke out. Really, he didn’t want to.

By the way, it seems that there are more than four. If the death energy is also counted, I should have five cyclones.

Time continued to pass, Lu Yin’s three star source cyclones were exhausted, and it was the turn of the fourth one.

Chu Yuan’s face darkened. At first, he could easily face Lu Yin and Helo Mebis, but now, he feels threatened. There are so many star sources hidden in one person’s body. This That’s an exaggeration. The total amount of star source in this person’s body is almost as much as that of a strong person who has experienced six source tribulations. How did he cultivate?


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