Star Odyssey Chapter 2060: Crash

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Lanxian was helpless. Her purpose was too obvious. She wanted a drop of blood from others, but no one was willing to give it. Chuyuan exploded directly. He could not be Lanxian’s opponent, and he had no ability to escape Lanxian’s conspiracies. Fortunately, the world is not far from the main hall, and the ruins of Daoyuan Sect have been revealed in a way that no one could have imagined.

Although these Daozi from the Tianshang Sect era are far from the opponents of the Half-Ancestor in terms of absolute combat power, they have many strange methods, especially in certain situations, such as the Daoyuan Sect. Their understanding of the Daoyuan Sect is incomparable. Follow these tips.

Not only Chu Yuan, but also Helo Mebis escaped into the main hall with the help of rare treasures.

As the ruins of Daoyuan Sect appear in the world and the thinking network covers the starry sky, the strength of Jiuyao and Lanxian is restricted, but this does not prevent Jiuyao from taking action against Chuyuan.

“Junior, you are seeking death.” Jiu Yao stepped out into the main hall and raised his hand to grab Chu Yuan.

This hand hit Chu Yuan’s shoulder without any hindrance. With the absolute strength gap between Jiu Yao and Chu Yuan, Chu Yuan couldn’t avoid it, but Jiu Yao couldn’t hurt him either.

Chu Yuan’s tattered coat shattered, revealing the white robe underneath, trimmed with gold threads, exactly the same as the blue sky. It was this white robe that blocked Jiu Yao.

Jiu Yao was surprised, his hand was soft, his palm power could not penetrate the white robe and hurt Chu Yuan, what was it?

On the other side, Lan Xian also attacked Helo Mebis. Similarly, Helo Mebis also had a white robe exposed under her tattered green dress. However, compared to Jiu Yao, Lan Xian’s attack was much lighter. She I would rather get blood.

Although the two half-ancestors failed to hurt them, they caught them.

Chu Yuan’s formlessness cannot stop the absolute strength difference between him and Jiu Yao, but even if he is caught by Jiu Yao, he is not worried, his life will not be threatened, Daozi is the future of a continent, even now In today’s era without the Tianshang Sect, it is unlikely that even the half-ancestor would be good at killing Daozi.

“Follow me.” Jiu Yao grabbed Chu Yuan’s shoulders and took him away.

Suddenly, the void was split into two by a violent force. Jiu Yao’s expression changed, he hurriedly pushed away and released his grip on Chu Yuan.

I saw a slash appearing between him and Chu Yuan, passing through the void, staying in the void, and gradually turning into a human form.

Jiu Yao’s face was solemn. This slash was no small matter. Although Xingyuan was swallowed up by the liquid, the force of the slash still made him fearful. The hair on his body stood up, “Who is that person?”

Chu Yuan looked at the slash that stayed in the void in front of him and turned into a human form, and was surprised, “Twelve Heavenly Clan, Master of the Heavenly Sword Clan, Senior Leng Qing.”

In the distance, Lan Xian was also attracted by the slash. Taking this opportunity, a big tree appeared behind Helo Mebis. He raised his right fist and shouted at Lan Xian.

Although Lan Xian does not cultivate the body, as a half-ancestor, he has survived so many source tribulations, and each source tribulation washes away the body. Even if he is not good at this, the physical strength is not as strong as Helo Mebis. Practitioners of secondary source tribulations are comparable.

Helo Mebisi’s punch was blocked by Lan Xian, but he was unable to fight her back.

Lan Xian took action and slapped Helo Mebis on the forehead.

Helo Mebis’s eyes widened, and the big tree behind her almost materialized, instantly blending into her body. She was about to strike again. In the distance, a slash suddenly came towards this side. Lan Xian hurriedly turned the wind of her palm to strike. Slash.

With a tearing sound, Lanxian’s sleeves were torn to pieces, revealing his white arms, and he took a few steps back.

Helo Mebisi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you very much, Master Leng Qing.”

Jiu Yao was surprised, a slash seemed to be spiritual

When moving normally, it is not a slash at all, but a person. The person and the slash are one, and this person’s use of the knife has exceeded their knowledge.

Among the half-ancestors, those who are good at using knives are Xia De and Xia Ji of the Xia family, but those two are far behind this person in terms of knives.

Outside the main hall, the ruins of Daoyuan Sect are collapsing in various places, and the mountains and seas are scattered.

Lu Yin found the main hall and looked at the only place that showed no signs of collapse. No wonder Chu Yuan didn’t even go to the Shanhai inheritance and only came here. There must be something weird in this place.

The main hall is very large and cannot be seen from the inside, but from Lu Yin’s perspective, the main hall is not just a hall, it also connects the surrounding mountains and rivers.

The mountains, rivers and land did not collapse, so they must be related to the main hall, maybe they are part of the main hall.

At this moment, in the main hall, Jiuyao and Lanxian faced that slash.

Lu Yin took one glance and showed no interest. He stared at Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis. The two people actually started fighting and moved away from the main hall and towards the depths.

Lu Yin stared at Helo Mebis. She was talking. Because the distance was too far, she couldn’t hear what she said, but she always chased Chu Yuan.

When they met outside the main hall for the first time, Helo Mebis asked Chu Yuan why he came here. Chu Yuan did not answer directly. Helo Mebis mentioned the ancestor. Is there anything related to the ancestor in the main hall? thing?

Also, how did the ruins of the Daoyuan Sect appear in the world?

Lu Yin thought for a moment, and when Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis disappeared before his eyes, he rushed towards the main hall.

In the main hall, Jiu Yao didn’t want to fight with this slashing attack at all, but this man didn’t give up. He also said that Taoism is the future of the era and must be protected. Such nonsense left him speechless.

Lu Yin rushed into the main hall and rushed towards the direction where Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis disappeared without turning his head.

Jiu Yao shouted sharply, “Lan Xian, follow me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the slash suddenly enlarged, covering Jiu Yao and Lan Xian.

Jiu Yao was furious, “Who are you? We have no reason to fight to the death.”

“Any Taoist disciple must never be killed by force due to the cultivation of his elders. This is the tenet of Tianshang Sect. You two will deserve to die if you break the rules.” A cold voice came out.

Jiu Yao was extremely angry, “The era of Tianshang Sect is long gone.”


Lan Xian stepped back, a little helpless. This person seemed to have just regained consciousness and had not yet recovered from the Tianshang Sect era. He was completely crazy.

“Don’t you realize that Xingyuan cannot be used?” Jiuyao shouted again, avoiding the blade attack.

“So what?”.

Jiu Yao had nothing to say. Facing the Tianmen Sect Master from the Tianshang Sect era, both he and Lan Xian were suppressed. This person was too fierce and decisive in his attacks, and his strength was comparable to that of Lu Bu, and he was on the same level as them.

Only by facing it head-on can we know the power of the twelve heavenly gate masters in the Tianshang Sect era. As they themselves said, the twelve heavenly gate gate masters all have the potential to break into the ancestral realm, representing an era, and Daozi , represents the next era.

The Eternals buried the Twelve Heavenly Gates and Daozi, which is equivalent to burying two eras of mankind and causing a gap in the world of human cultivation.

The main hall has more than one floor. Lu Yin followed Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis in and found out that Jiu Yao and the others were on the first floor. At this moment, he came to the second floor underground. Chu Yuan and He Luo Mebis Lomebis is here.

Seeing Lu Yin appear, Chu Yuan frowned.

Helo Mebis’s gaze

Liang, “From the Lu family, help us deal with him. He must be looking for something good, related to the ancestor.”

“Helo Mebis, don’t talk nonsense”, Chu Yuan shouted, no longer calm, with a cold light deep in his eyes.

Helo Mebis sneered, “Why, you dare not say it? I know that in our time, only one of the twelve Tianmen sect masters had seen the ancestor, and among the Taoists, only one had seen the ancestor. There is only one representative of each era who is qualified to meet the ancestor. The ancestor must have said something to you. You can’t wait to come to the main hall and there is a way to expose the ruins of the Yuanzong. You must be looking for something.”

“That’s right.” Before Chu Yuan could say anything, Lu Yin shouted loudly and slapped Chu Yuan with the Kong Ming Palm.

Chu Yuan raised his hand, and Kong Ming’s palm hit the white robe without any harm.

“From the Lu family, you are qualified to compete with us in terms of strength, but you are not a Taoist, so don’t get involved, or I will have plenty of ways to deal with you,” Chu Yuan warned.

Helomebis said, “Relying on foreign objects and rare treasures? I have them too, from the Lu family. You can take action. If he uses foreign objects to deal with you, I will help you block it.”

Lu Yin was dissatisfied, “Where are you?”.

Helo Mebisi said, “Of course I will take action, and I will take care of you a little bit. His white robe can withstand eight source tribulation attacks and is the symbol of Daozi. Don’t hit him, not just on the head, but also on the feet.” Okay, by the way, don’t you also have some foreign objects? Use them.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Compared to foreign objects?”.

Before, the ruins of Daoyuan Sect did not appear in the world. If foreign objects were placed in the Ningkong Ring, they could not be taken out. The only thing he could use was the Styx. But now it is different. The ruins of Daoyuan Sect have appeared in the world, and they all collapsed. Ningkong Everything in the ring can be used.

“It’s definitely better than foreign objects, right?” Lu Yin rubbed the Ningkong Ring and did not take action immediately. He was not stupid, so of course he let Helo Mebis compete with Chu Yuan.

While Chu Yuan was resisting the Helo Mebis offensive, he glanced at Lu Yin. This man mentioned comparing foreign objects twice. What did he mean? Does he have many foreign objects and exotic treasures?

Helo Mebisi suddenly stepped back and looked at Lu Yin, “Are you going to make a move? Also, you have a lot of foreign objects? Don’t take useless ones. The foreign objects on our body have six source tribulations. If you can’t achieve the above-mentioned destructive power and defensive power, don’t use it to embarrass yourself.”

Lu Yin smiled. No one in this era can compare with him in foreign objects. Well, let’s compare it with the Tianshang Sect era. The defensive power and destructive power of the six origin tribulations? Is it very high? It’s just a million combat power.

“You have always looked down on this era. Today I will let you see what outstanding people have come out of this era.” Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes, staring at Chu Yuan, weakening.

Similar to the external objects in the Ningkong Ring, in the Daoyuan Sect, neither the external objects in the Ningkong Ring nor the runes were available in the Daoyuan Sect. The Zhou Yan Sutra was equivalent to being abolished. Now, the runes are filling the starry sky. It’s time for them to understand this era.

Chu Yuan only felt his body trembled and weakened. With his level of cultivation, there would be no deviation in the control of any part of the body. It was even more impossible to suddenly become weak. He stared at Lu Yin and saw the changes in Lu Yin’s pupils. “you?”.

Lu Yin struck out with a palm. Suddenly, the main hall shook. He missed the target and almost fell down.

The entire main hall was shaking and the ground was cracking.

Lu Yin and the others looked at the soles of their feet, “They are about to collapse.”

Chu Yuan was surprised, it was impossible, how could this place collapse?

The cracks in the ground are getting bigger and bigger, and the shaking of the main hall is getting more and more violent.


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