Star Odyssey Chapter 2059: The present world

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Throughout the history of human cultivation, since Star Source, who would have thought that the God of Death could create death energy? Can fate see through the future and past? Who would have thought that Fu Zu could create the number of runes? Who would have thought of the miraculous power of things turning in reverse?

The civilization that mankind possesses all comes from creation.

Creation comes from wisdom, which simply means whimsy.

The more absurd the idea, the more miraculous it will be after success. The predecessors were able to create various powers, so I may not be unable to try some bizarre ideas.

Whatever he wanted to do, he absorbed the cauldron energy and shattered five cauldrons. The cauldron energy of the sixth cauldron was not absorbed yet, so he could only use Wuyang.

It has been a long time since I used the Nine Yang Cauldron. Lu Yin took out the Supreme Mountain first. Even if the Five Yangs can gather the star source, the Ningkong Ring cannot directly store it, only the Supreme Mountain.

As the stars gathered, Lu Yin raised his hand, and five dazzling suns took shape in his palm, continuously absorbing the surrounding stars, “Nine Suns Transformed into a Cauldron – Five Suns”.

The five suns slowly grew in size and rose into the sky, truly as dazzling as five suns, continuously gathering the surrounding stars.

When he first used Jiuyang Transformation Cauldron into Yiyang, Lu Yin mobilized most of the star energy in his body. At that time, Yiyang could not withstand too high combat power, and there was a limit. But with the two yangs and the three yangs, Especially after the Fourth Yang appeared, the power of this combat skill changed, and it felt like something was watching from the dark that even the leader of the Boundary Mountain could not explain.

The emergence of the Fourth Yang not only changes this combat skill, but also allows it to continuously absorb power from the starry sky, whether it is star energy or star source.

After Mr. Mu taught him the Nine-Yang Cauldron, Lu Yin even knew the potential of this combat technique, and its power was unlimited. This was the Nine-Yang Cauldron.

Lu Yin was originally worried that absorbing too much star source would attract the attention of the star source universe, but now that the star source universe is swallowed up by those liquids, his small amount cannot attract the star source universe at all.

Gradually, the total amount of star sources contained in each sun has reached more than half of the total amount of star sources contained in himself. The five suns combined are equivalent to the sum of the four star source cyclones in his body. This is just the beginning. , the Five Yangs are still absorbing the star source and continuing to skyrocket.

Every moment, the five suns are skyrocketing, and the total amount of star source they contain has far exceeded the total amount of star source contained in Lu Yin’s body. In Lu Yin’s view, it may be enough to rival the Second Night King.

Lu Yin’s own total amount of star source cyclones is much higher than that of his peers. In addition, he has four star source cyclones, and his total amount is still far less than the five suns at this moment. You can imagine the stars contained in the five suns. The total number of sources is large.

If this blow is released, it will be enough to make the scalp of a million-strong combat power go numb. No, I have to continue. Since I want to grab the star source, I must grab it more thoroughly. But having said that, I can’t grab this little star source at all. Not being noticed by the half-ancestor.

The source of the inheritance of mountains and seas was absorbed and gradually affected other places.

Looking at the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, starting from the place of inheritance of mountains and seas, ripples appeared in the void and spread towards the entire ruins of Daoyuan Sect.

Just as Lu Yin was absorbing the star source with the Five Yangs, the ruins of Daoyuan Sect shook and cracked in many places. Under his feet, the sea boiled and the mountains were faulted. Further away, including the Sutra Pavilion, the Shijie Platform, and the Burial Gong The land, etc., all cracked, the Jiuding space also cracked, and the remaining four tripods kept shaking.

Lu Yin was shocked, what happened? Doesn’t it have anything to do with him? Did he just absorb some star source? Not to the point.

The ruined main hall of Daoyuan Sect, Jiuyao and Lanxian looked ugly,

Staring at Chu Yuan in the main hall, the surrounding ground shook and cracked, and huge cracks spread above his head.

“Come out,” Jiu Yao shouted, grabbing Chu Yuan with one hand.

There was blood at the corner of Chu Yuan’s mouth, “You want my blood? Are you worthy?” After saying that, the misty voice distorted the void, as if it came from across the years, chanted by the Yuanzong, and turned into an indescribable vastness. The power caused the entire Daoyuan Sect to fall.

Since ancient times, the Daoyuan Sect of the six continents has been located at the top of the continent, supported by the Optimus Pillar.

The Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent were defeated in a battle. The Optimus Pillar turned into a boundary mountain and became the location of the Hall of Glory. The ruins of Daoyuan Sect inexplicably entered the vast void and never appeared again. Only Dao Pu can enter.

No matter where the ruins of Daoyuan Sect are, they always exist in the fifth continent.

After a long time, the ruins of Daoyuan Sect finally appeared at this moment.

On the fifth continent, this day was originally very ordinary. At the entrance to the Falling Star Sea, the Blood Ancestor was calmly guarding it with the four half-ancestors. In the outer universe, the cultivators of the Sixth Continent secretly gathered Dao Pu, and Lu Buzheng guarded the territory in the east. Outside Lu Yin’s retreat, Ancestral Turtle squinted his eyes from time to time, as if he wanted to sleep, while in the distant new universe, Zen Lao read ancient books, trying to find something about the Tianshang Sect.

This day should have been ordinary, but in the midst of the ordinary, thunder appeared, streaking across the starry sky of the Fifth Continent, causing countless people to look up and see the ruins of the Daoyuan Sect that were far away but seemed to be close at hand. .

In the hands of Old Zen, the ancient jade that he had read carefully turned into fly ash. He stared blankly in the direction of the inner universe with a dull expression. Are they the ruins of Daoyuan Sect? How come the ruins of Daoyuan Sect appear?

Similarly in the new universe, where the original Seven-Word Royal Court was, Hen Xin and other half-ancestors looked into the distance in shock, “Are those the ruins of Daoyuan Sect?” Xia Ji blurted out.

Nihuang was shocked, “Yes, it’s the ruins of my fifth continent’s Daoyuan Sect. How come they suddenly appeared?”.

Hen Xin stood up with a solemn expression. For ancient strongmen like them, Daoyuan Sect was not far away. “Let’s go, maybe we can find what we want there.”

At the entrance of Falling Star Sea, the Blood Ancestor looked into the inner universe and was shocked, “The ruins of the Daoyuan Sect on the fifth continent?”.

Yao Xian was surprised, “We don’t know where the ruins of the Yuan Sect are, how could they appear?”.

At this moment, countless people are looking at the ruins of Daoyuan Sect. It is clear and within reach, but they really want to touch it, but they are extremely far away.

The moment the ruins of Daoyuan Sect appeared in the starry sky of the Fifth Continent, they began to split. The thinking network covered them, and the liquid also absorbed the star sources in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect crazily.

In the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, Lu Yin looked at the overlapping starry sky and didn’t understand what was happening, but he still felt that the surrounding stars were being absorbed by the domineering power, and quickly threw Wuyang into the Supreme Mountain, looking at it anxiously.

I saw Wuyang suspended above the Supreme Mountain, without detonating and showing no signs of instability.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, and he quickly warned everyone in the Supreme Mountain, “Don’t get close to these five suns. Don’t blame me if you die.”

In the Supreme Mountain, everyone looked at their heads. Is that the sun?

In fact, there was no need for Lu Yin to warn him. The moment the Five Yangs appeared, the indescribable but terrifying force had already made everyone afraid to act rashly.

That is not the gathering of star energy, but the gathering of the five suns of star sources, with destructive power that can shock millions of powerful warriors

Powerful, even a glance can make everyone tremble.

However, although they were trembling, some people were still dissatisfied, “Long Qi, get out of here, Long Qi, I want to challenge you to a duel, Long Qi——”, Xia Taili shouted, his face flushed. , she was so aggrieved by being trapped in the Supreme Mountain, she was not a person who could bear her temper.

Lu Yin ignored her.

In the Supreme Mountain, Xia Taili became even more angry when he saw that Lu Yin didn’t make a sound, “If you say you won’t touch it, I won’t touch it. I have to touch it today.” As he said that, he was about to go up to the sky and touch the five suns. .

Lu Yin frowned and was about to take action as soon as he moved his fingers.

But before it was his turn to take action, Xia Taili was stopped by someone. She was not afraid of death, but some people were.

Seeing Xia Taili going crazy, Wang Dashuai hugged her thighs and said, “Sister, please let us go. We don’t want to die yet. That thing is not easy to mess with at first sight. Sister, just listen to Brother Seven. Bar”.

Xia Taili kicked away Marshal Wang, “Get out of here, you bastard. I don’t believe in evil. If you don’t let me go, Long Qi, I’ll poke those five pieces of shit.” After saying that, he took off again. , at this time, several figures took action and knocked down Xia Taili. It was Wen No. 1, Ghost Qian Prince and Long Xi.

Wen Yiyi said in a deep voice, “Princess Taili, those five suns have unpredictable power. If you are not careful, all of us will be implicated. Calm down, we have been trapped for so many years. go Ape”.

Xia Taili stared at him, “You say I’m crazy?”.

Oni Qian Taizi said coldly, “If you don’t obey, I’ll shave your face.”

” First and Long Xi.

Long Xi stopped Xia Taili not because she was afraid of death, but because she didn’t want Xia Taili to destroy Lu Yin’s things. She increasingly regarded Lu Yin as Lu Xiaoxuan, even though they were two completely different people.

Outside the Supreme Mountain, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. Although some people went crazy, it was okay. Most people were sober. It would be good if someone could restrain this Xia Taili.

Sooner or later this crazy woman has to be let go, otherwise who knows she will go crazy one day, and the Xia family will always keep an eye on her as long as she is around.

But even if it is to be let go, it is not that easy. Xia Ji betrayed the Fifth Continent and took refuge with the Tree Star Kong Xia family. From his standpoint, he was right. He wanted to recognize his ancestors and return to the clan, but from the Fifth Continent’s standpoint, he It was a big mistake, and considering everything he had done before, Lu Yin had no intention of letting him go.

So what about the Half-Ancestor, if he can’t control the general in one Source Tribulation, then he will try twice. If the second Source Tribulation fails, he will try three Source Tribulations. Anyway, there is time and still space. He is not afraid of the backlash of his talent. One day he will be able to control half of the Source Tribulation. Ancestor truly has the qualifications to speak on the Half Ancestor battlefield.

With the Supreme Mountain put away, the surrounding mountains and seas cracked and gradually separated. In the distance, golden characters flew in all directions. They were ancient characters from the Sutra Pavilion.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yin thought to himself that it was not good, and quickly looked around, looking for the Jiuding space. There were still four cauldrons that had not absorbed the cauldron energy. Once they were scattered, they didn’t know when they would be found.

Although Lu Yin wanted to take away the remaining four cauldrons, it was already too late. Before he remembered, the four cauldrons had already flown away and were scattered in all directions on the fifth continent, just like those golden ancient characters.

The star source in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect was absorbed by the liquid, which made Jiu Yao furious. Before he had time to replenish the star source, the star source here was gone.


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