Star Odyssey Chapter 2058: Guess

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“No, I’m not interested in seeing him. Since Half-Ancestor Jiuyao won’t let me wait here to fight, we’ll leave first.” Lu Yin said. He wanted to stay away from Jiuyao, not because he was afraid of Jiuyao. Jiu Yao is unlikely to take action against him now. He is afraid that Lan Xian will recognize him and demand blood.

Although I don’t know what Lan Xian’s purpose is in wanting his blood, it’s not a good thing.

Jiu Yao said, “I hope that the three of you will leave the ruins of the Daoyuan Sect as soon as possible, and that there is a star source here not to be publicized. Can the three of you do it?”

Helo Mebis raised his eyebrows and said in a cold tone, “So what if we can’t do it? It’s our freedom to come or not.”

Jiu Yao’s face darkened.

Helo Mebis recognized Lu Yin and changed his attitude towards him. Even though Jiu Yao was the half-ancestor, in Helo Mebis’ view, he was still beyond them. If he was not the half-ancestor, Jiu Yao would She was not qualified to be on par with them, and she also hated people from the Sixth Continent.

Lu Yin was speechless. This Helo Mebis has a very bad temper. It is completely different from other Mebis tribe members. Although Feathered Mebis can have a hot temper sometimes, she is normally very ladylike. It’s better to leave quickly. , he doesn’t want to provoke Jiu Yao now, “I promise, don’t worry, I won’t publicize it to the outside world.” He can publicize internally that the people in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance are his own insiders.

After hearing Lu Yin’s words, Jiu Yao’s expression became better. He glanced at Helo Mebis coldly. If humans hadn’t united against the Eternals now, he wouldn’t be so polite. All these Taoists would be punished. Catch and hand over the ancient inheritance.

“Half-Ancestor Jiuyao, I will take my leave now. Don’t worry, things here will not be publicized to the outside world.” Lu Yin said again, and walked towards the distance under Jiuyao’s calm eyes. There was a teleportation beam there. I don’t know where it will be teleported to, so it’s better to leave first.

Jiu Yao did not stop him.

Chu Yuan took a deep look at Lu Yin. He could see that Lu Yin was avoiding Jiu Yao. This person deliberately said that he was a Taoist from the Fifth Continent in order to make Jiu Yao mistakenly think that he came from the sky like them. Zong era.

Although he could see it, Chu Yuan did not reveal it. He had no need to show kindness to Jiu Yao.

He looks as gentle as jade, but in fact he is as arrogant as Helo Mebis, Tian Jialan and others. He looks down on people of this era, so what if he is a half-ancestor? If you give him time, he will definitely become an ancestor, let alone a mere half-ancestor.

At this time, the void twisted and Lan Xian walked out, “Jiu Yao Half-Ancestor, what’s wrong?”.

Jiu Yao said lightly, “Three Dao disciples from the Tianshang Sect era are fighting, so we can only let them leave first.”

Lan Xian nodded. If it were in the past, these people would not be able to run away, but now is not the time to take action against them. Not to mention the threat of the Eternals, those ancient strong men will be difficult to deal with. God knows who is coming, then Several Tianmen sect leaders are not easy to mess with.

Huh? Suddenly, Lan Xian saw Lu Yin who had walked to the teleportation beam. This figure from behind?

“Stop”, Lan Xian shouted sharply, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin turned around. The appearance of a withered dead person startled Lan Xian. She stared at Lu Yin and said, “You are Lu Yin.”

Jiu Yao was surprised, “Lu Yin?”.

Lu Yin’s heart sank, “I am the Taoist Master of the Fifth Continent.”

In the distance, a cultivator from the Sixth Continent shouted, “Half Ancestor Qi, he is Lu Yin.”

Jiu Yao was furious after hearing this. He was a **** and actually lied to him.

Lu Yin rushed towards the teleportation light pillar without hesitation. He was still less than two meters away. This distance was not far for him, and it was not far for Lan Xian.

Only the surrounding area

The cherry blossoms filled the sky, and the three-stringed drum music sounded in his ears. Lu Yin was shocked, trouble, in the inner world, he shouted, “Lan Xian, don’t you just want my blood? Those two bloods are more precious, one is the ancestor Descendants, one is a descendant of the mother tree.”

Lan Xian was surprised and subconsciously looked at Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis.

Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis were at a loss, what kind of ancestors and descendants are they? Descendants of what mother tree?

With Lu Yin’s strength, it was simply unrealistic to escape from the inner world of the Half-Ancestor. Fortunately, he was prepared and brought Styx with him before entering.

The River Styx is very strange. It looks like a river and a liquid, but it is like a solid that can be held in the hand or hidden in the arms.

Lu Yin stepped on the Styx and disappeared into the beam of teleportation in an instant.

This Styx has been improved by him three times, and its ultimate speed is no worse than that of the Second Night King, who is second only to the Half-Ancestor as a peak star messenger.

Even Lan Xian couldn’t stop Lu Yin from escaping. At two meters, Lu Yin couldn’t escape, but he could escape with the help of Styx’s speed.

Jiu Yao originally wanted to take action. He had no idea about Lu Yin. He was just angry. After all, he was deceived by Lu Yin. But when he saw that the world within Lan Xian was covered, he thought he was sure of it. Unexpectedly, he was run away by Lu Yin. This kid Where do all these strange foreign objects come from?

Lan Xian was annoyed and was diverted by Lu Yin’s words, mainly because what he said was so shocking, and he spoke of the ancestor and the mother tree.

Thinking of this, she stared at Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis with a bad look on her face.

Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis are now in the inner world of Lanxian, looking at the cherry blossoms, which are beautiful, but also very dangerous.

“You two, is what Lu Yin said true?” Lan Xian asked, staring at the two of them.

Chu Yuan was puzzled, “What is this half-ancestor referring to?”.

“Who are the descendants of the ancestor?” Lanxian asked. Since becoming the half-ancestor, she knew that the ancestor may not be a legend. There is a statue of the ancestor in the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent. Of course, she had also doubted it before , the ancestor may have been fabricated by later generations, and this statue is also fake, but since the people from the Tianshang Sect era appeared, she knew that the ancestor really existed.

Nowadays, there are practitioners from the Tianshang Sect era in the Sixth Continent, and some of them are from the Sixth Continent, and they are becoming more and more familiar with things from the Tianshang Sect era.

The more he understood, the more excited Lan Xian became. If there was really a descendant of the ancestor among these two people, the value of his blood would be much greater than that of Lu Yinke.

Chu Yuan said lightly, “The ancestor has no descendants. If there are, they are descendants, not descendants.”

Lan Xian frowned, “Did Lu Yin lie to me?”.

Helo Mebis snorted coldly, “This is the first time I have seen such a deceitful guy, opening his mouth to do it.”

“So, who are the descendants of the mother tree?” Lan Xian asked again.

Helo Mebis rolled his eyes, “Where did the descendants of the mother tree come from?”.

Lan Xian was angry. She had been tricked. The words “ancestor” and “mother tree” were so shocking that her attention was diverted for a moment. Damn Lu Yin, you bastard.

“Since you knew he was Lu Yin, why didn’t you tell him?” Jiu Yao angrily scolded, glaring at the two of them.

Chu Yuan’s face was dull, “Who he is has nothing to do with us. I recognize him as the Fifth Continent Daozi.”

“I admit it too,” Helo Mebis said.

Jiu Yao was also angry. The unreasonable arrogance of these two people made Lu Yin fool him.

“Send the order to the person who can get out the fastest. Dao Pu assigns all the sealers to enter the ruins of Daoyuan Sect to replenish the star source.” Jiu Yao ordered, and Lu Yin appeared and took his place

The fact that there are star sources in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect cannot be hidden, and the total amount of star sources here exceeds what he and Lanxian need to replenish. Rather than taking advantage of the fifth continent, it is better to let the cultivators of the sixth continent restore the star sources.

Remembering what Lu Yin said just now, Jiu Yao got angry. That **** said twice that he would not publicize it to the outside world. Only a ghost would believe his words.

Lan Xian looked deeply at Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis, “I heard that you are Taoists. So it seems that your family is almost the same as the Lu family? The difference is not much different.”

Helo Mebis proudly said, “My Mebis clan is the clan in charge of the second continent, and the Lu family is the clan in charge of the fifth continent, and we have equal status.”

Lan Xian looked at Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan was much more cautious than Helo Mebis. Combining Lu Yin’s words before escaping and Lan Xian’s strange attitude, he said lightly, “I’m just an ordinary person.”

Helo Mebis sneered, “Chu Yuan, when did you become so humble? You are the only Taoist among us who was received by the ancestor, and you are extremely talented.”

Jiuyao and Lanxian were surprised to be received by the ancestor?

Chu Yuan looked ugly. Could this stupid woman not see the situation clearly? No wonder he is called the craziest in the history of the Mavis family.

Lan Xian smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Although Lu Yin ran away, the two of them were not bad. The Mabis clan was the race that the Sixth Continent had always wanted to capture. When the Sixth Continent invaded the Fifth Continent, , they ordered the arrest of the Mebis tribe.

It is rumored that the Mavis family can control plants in the entire universe, and their bloodline is no worse than that of the Lu family.

But the other one was able to be received by the ancestor. No matter how he was born, his own talent and talent were enough to rival anything else.

Thinking of this, Lan Xian slowly landed and faced Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis.

On the other side, Lu Yin reached a barren mountain through the teleportation beam, and then looked for the next teleportation beam to escape without looking back.

He didn’t know if Lan Xian would come after him. Once he came, he wouldn’t be able to escape at all.

A mere few meters away still requires Styx to accelerate in order to escape. Even if this distance is extended to ten meters, it is not enough for him to escape in the inner world of Lanxian.

Some places in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect are very dangerous. Fortunately, with Lu Yin’s current strength, these dangers are not a concern.

After passing several teleportation beams in succession, he arrived at the seaside, and further away was the Mountain and Sea Heritage.

He exhaled and raised his head. Jiuyao and Lanxian arrived and recognized him. They would definitely find a way to replenish the star source to the cultivators of the Sixth Continent. If the Eternals were not blocked overseas by the Falling Star, they would Sharing the star source here with the fifth continent half-ancestor to deal with the threat of the Eternals, but now that the Eternals are blocked, the crisis is suspended, and internal conflicts among humans have broken out, it will not be so easy for the fifth continent half-ancestor to come here to restore the star source. .

There is still more than half a month before he leaves the ruins of Daoyuan Sect. This half month is enough for many masters in the Sixth Continent to restore the Star Source. Even if there is a Star Source left, it may not be enough for Quiro, Third Uncle and the others to recover. In this case , and you can only try the method you imagined before.

When absorbing the cauldron energy in the Jiuding space, Lu Yin had some thoughts.

The Nine Yang Hua Ding is essentially a gathering of star sources, using the cauldron energy as a guide to release the extremely powerful power that the star source can explode. Before the power explodes, the star source is still a star source. So, can we rely on Jiu Yang The battle technique of Hua Ding gathers star sources without bursting out, and is it specially used to collect star sources?

This guess is a bit fanciful, but Lu Yin still plans to try it.


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