Star Odyssey Chapter 2047: Select

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Old Ghost Bai snorted, “Don’t be too smart. I won’t leave the ancestral realm. I just don’t want the abandoned land to be broken and let the Eternals succeed. But if you really want to die, the Sifang Balance will definitely make you regret it.”

“Now is not the time for internal strife. The Seven Gods can still enter and exit. We don’t care. The worst we can do is leave the abandoned land. What about you? Once the abandoned land is occupied by the Eternals, you can only escape to the starry sky of the tree, where we are. In this world of balance, do you want to be hunted and enslaved forever?” Ni Huang shouted.

Qui Luo was bombarded with energy, “So what if I’m being chased? Old man, I’ve been chased by you for so many years and it’s fine. At worst, it could overturn the balance of the world.”

Old Ghost Bai sneered, “It’s just you who are joking? A strong man from the ancestral realm suppressed it casually.”

“We can also break through the ancestral realm.” Judge Qingping took action. The scales extended to the feet of Bai Laogui. Bai Laogui was afraid. Xia Ji suddenly raised his sword and slashed at Qingping. Lu Yin was shocked, “Senior brother, be careful.” .

Xia Ji’s sword was blocked by Chan Lao, “What are you going to do?”.

Xia Ji’s blade was pressed down, “Recognize your ancestors and return to your clan.” As he said this, the blade twisted, and two shadows of the blade appeared. He pressed down the three-style sword intention, not only attacking Qingping, but also Zen Lao.

Lu Yin looked at Xia De, Xia De must have promised something, otherwise Xia Ji would not take action.

Recognize your ancestors and return to your clan? The Xia family of the Seven-Character Royal Court should also be the seed left behind by the Xia family, just like the Bai family left behind the Baiye clan.

But Xia De had a high regard for Xia Ji. Although Xia Ji was powerful, he was no match for Zen.

The situation changes again and again, and the contradictions of human beings are exposed. This may be the reason why the Forgotten Gods and the others left.

Without external contradictions, internal contradictions will break out.

In the end, Hen Xin took action, helped Ni Huang and the others, and crushed Qing Ping’s scales.

Lu Buzheng and others all stopped and looked at Hen Xin.

Nihuang and the others didn’t understand why Henxin helped them.

“Hen Xin, what do you mean?”, Lu Buzheng asked in a low voice.

Hen Xin looked at Lu Buzheng and did not answer. Instead, she looked at Ni Huang, “From now on, listen to me and follow me. I will help you. Otherwise, I will help them.”

Lu Bu Zheng raised his eyebrows and shouted, “You want to take advantage of us.”

Lu Yin didn’t expect that Hen Xin, who seemed the most honest and honest, was actually the darkest. In this way, he forced Ni Huang and the others to choose, and there was no room for them.

Nihuang didn’t expect to suddenly face this choice, and was a little confused for a moment.

“No wonder someone calls you Hen Heizi. You have climbed from an ordinary person to the height of the Tianmen Sect Master. You are indeed no ordinary person.” Jue Yiyi.

Hen Xin stared at Nihuang, “How to choose?”.

Nihuang clenched his fist and said, “Form an alliance, otherwise we would rather be trapped than follow you.”

“Okay”, Hen Xin agreed directly, very simply.

Lu Buzheng gritted his teeth, “Hen Heizi, you are despicable.”

Qui Luo ridiculed, “The ancient **** is the Taoist master of the third continent and betrays mankind. The people under this kind of man are all the same.”

Hen Xin raised his eyes, “The Third Continent and the Fifth Continent already have enmity, what’s so strange about it?” She said, looking at Lu Yin, “Now it seems that you have the greatest influence on the final outcome of this battle. War or peace, choose one.”

Looking at Hen Xin at this moment, Lu Yin remembered that when he first met him, he recognized that he was the one who made the decision at a glance, and analyzed a lot. Now that he thinks about it, this person is really shrewd

, he also had a thorough understanding of the situation, and took this opportunity to grab Ni Huang and the others, which was considered a very powerful force in the fifth continent.

But what is his purpose in doing this? There is also Jue Yi, who wants to listen to him. They all seem to have their own purposes. He is eager to understand the thoughts of these ancient strong men.

Times were different, and he couldn’t see through it for a while.

“He”, Lu Yin spoke, looked at Lu Buzheng, and shook his head.

Lu Buzheng stared at Nihuang and the others with murderous intent, then looked at Hen Xin, “You are cruel, Hen Heizi, remember, don’t fall into my hands.”

Hen Xin withdrew his gaze and said, “Let’s talk about it after it falls into your hands.”

“No”, Wang Si screamed, staring at Lu Yin with hatred, “I must kill you”, she looked at Hen Xin, “We can’t let go of this scoundrel of the Lu family, we must kill him.”

Henxin is indifferent, “No one asks you for your opinion.”

Jueyi said lightly, “I also want to catch that kid.”

“You can’t capture him,” said Mr. Chan, “No one can capture Lu Yin. Facing the decisive battle between the Eternals, he took the lead. If it weren’t for him, there would be no way for the Boundary Mountain to block the entrance to the Sea of ​​Falling Stars. So, It’s public and private, I won’t let you deal with him.”

Old Ghost Bai was so cold, “Is it worth it for a Lu family scoundrel? The Xinkong Corridor will definitely be repaired, because of that gap, the Eternals will definitely come in. Even if there is no threat from the Eternals, I Sifang Tianping promises that it can be done Let the people in the Abandoned Land practice in the Starry Sky of Trees and compete for training resources fairly. There are no remnants of the Lu family, and we have no conflict with you. Would you rather become mortal enemies with us than protect the remnants of the Lu family?”

Old Chan’s eyes were complicated, “You ask me if it’s worth it? Of course it’s worth it. The Lu family has been kind to me. If it weren’t for the Lu family, I wouldn’t have obtained the Three Yang Ancestral Qi, and the Hall of Glory wouldn’t be able to be built. You all are here one by one. The seeds left behind by the Fifth Continent, the Hall of Glory, are the seeds left by the Lu family. We resent the ancient Du surname for abandoning this continent, but at the same time we are also blessed by the ancient Du surname.”

“If it were before, I could be unconscionable and abandon Lu Yin regardless of the Lu family’s favor to us, but I can’t do it now. I protect him, not only because of the Lu family’s favor, but also because of himself. Who of you can pass on your own To the public of the universe? Lu Yin has a legacy of kindness to our Fifth Continent, and the Fifth Continent will not give up on him.”

In the distance, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. Elder Chan’s Sanyang ancestor was so angry that he was from the Lu family? Then why did you treat him that way in the first place? If he hadn’t taken the initiative to take over the war against the Behemoth Star Territory, Mr. Chan might not have been so protective of him, and it was obvious that Mr. Zen was even a little wary of him at the beginning.

Shangsheng Tianshi said, “What Zen Lao said is right, it should be like this.”

The elder Gong smiled lightly and said, “Not bad.”

Referee Qingping didn’t say a word, but someone attacked Lu Yin. He was the first to step forward, which was enough to see his attitude. It was his junior brother.

Hen Xin frowned, “It doesn’t make sense anymore, and there is no need to persist. Let go of the past hatred for the time being. The threat of the Eternals has not been resolved yet.”

Lu Buzheng was the most unwilling. He started this civil war and only wanted to avenge the Lu family.

Jueyi doesn’t want to let Lu Yin go, but now it seems that there is nothing he can do against Lu Yin, and the ancestor turtle’s defense cannot be broken.

Lu Yin glanced around, feeling helpless. Each of these half-ancestors was smarter than the last. It was not easy to severely injure Wang Si. It was simply impossible to deal with Ni Huang and others.

He is obviously the most powerful, but it is precisely because of this that Hen Xin has the opportunity to take advantage of him.

Suddenly, all the half-ancestors looked to the west, and an old man walked out, with slow steps and soft eyes, filled with fatigue and vicissitudes of life.

Followed by Jiuyao Half-Ancestor and Tiantian Jialan.

“Blood Ancestor”, Lan Xian and Yao Xian quickly stepped forward to salute.

The other half-ancestors looked solemn, and then saluted, “I have met the ancestors in the ancestral realm.”

Not only Nihuang and others, but also Lu Buzheng and others saluted. Although they came from the ancient era of Tianshang Sect and were much senior than the Blood Ancestors, the ancestral realm was the ancestral realm, and they were only half-ancestors. Facing the ancestral realm, You should salute unless you are an enemy.

Lu Yin stood on the back of the ancestral turtle, and like the Mavis family, he also slowly saluted, “See Senior Blood Ancestor.”

“See Senior Blood Ancestor”.

The Blood Ancestor, formerly known as Xue Maozi, is one of the three ancestors of the Sixth Continent and the only one who has never shown any hostility to the Fifth Continent.

When Neptune broke through the upper three gates and led out the Starry Sky of Trees to restore the sky of the Fifth Continent, causing the Sixth Continent to invade the Fifth Continent, Martial Ancestor personally took action. If not for Fu Ancestor, he would have been able to sweep across the entire Fifth Continent.

Secret Ancestor Yiren even betrayed humanity and attacked the funeral garden in an attempt to destroy the cemetery and shatter the oldest inheritance of mankind. Fortunately, Chen Zu took action to stop Yiren and severely injured Yiren.

Only the Blood Ancestor did not take action against the Fifth Continent, and even fought against the Eternals from beginning to end.

Lu Yin broke through the Star Envoy, causing the Star Source Universe to boil and leading to the Blood Ancestor. It was at that time that he met the Blood Ancestor for the first time.

Before this, Lu Yin had never had such close contact with an Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

Today, Blood Ancestor is the only ancestral realm left in the fifth continent.

“It seems you don’t plan to fight anymore.” Blood Ancestor’s voice sounded, and his eyes swept over all the Half-Ancestors, including Lu Yin.

Old Chan looked at the Blood Ancestor and said respectfully, “Why are you here, senior?”.

The Blood Ancestor clasped his hands behind his back and looked tiredly at the Falling Star Sea, “How could I not come? This is the biggest disaster for mankind. If you are not careful, you will be like Jiuxiang, and you will not even be able to save the body.”

Jiu Yao’s face was ugly and his eyes were sad.

Jiu Xiang was the name of the Martial Ancestor. He was killed overseas in Falling Star, and his head was thrown out. It was extremely tragic.

“You have done a good job in sealing the entrance and fighting for a life for us humans. Unfortunately, there is still a gap. If you want to hold on to that gap, the price you pay will be very high, but no matter what, Everyone present is responsible, including myself,” Blood Ancestor said word by word.

Lu Yin asked, “Senior, what are you going to do?” He had been in contact with the Blood Ancestor, and this old man was quite easy to talk to.

Behind the Blood Ancestor, Tian Tian Jialan looked at Lu Yin with a proud look on his face, feeling even more superior. His identity had been recognized. Even the Blood Ancestor was very polite to him, admitting that he would definitely break through the Ancestor. Realm, in this starry sky, no, it should be said that in this era, he is the top.

The Blood Ancestor looked at Lu Yin and said, “Draw lots and I will guard the entrance forever. Just like before, but I will not be alone, but I will guard it together with at least four half-ancestors at the same time. Because of the power above my head, the half-ancestors’ The strength is enough to guard, otherwise let alone the half-ancestors, the ancestral realm will not be able to defend it. Of course, the further back, the more half-ancestors will need to be guarded, depending on the offensive of the Eternals.”

“At present, their offensive is not strong, or even non-existent.”

Everyone was quiet and deep in thought.

It requires the demi-ancestor to guard, which means facing the front line of the Eternals. This is not a good job, but it has to be done.


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