Star Odyssey Chapter 2046: Afraid

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This palm is one of the seven combat skills of Changtian Island. Although it is powerful, it is impossible to cause such serious injuries to a half-ancestor. In the final analysis, it was the needle that broke Wang Si’s inner world, that is, During the Star Envoy Period, the location of the Star Source Cyclone.

Shangsheng Tianshi did not expect that the needle was so powerful, and it pierced Wang Si’s body directly.

Wang Si also didn’t expect that the Holy Heavenly Master would actually find the location of her inner world and break it directly, causing her serious injury.

Nihuang hurriedly came to Wang Si’s side, and Xia De and Bai Laogui moved over at the same time, blocking three directions and looking warily at the Holy Master, especially the needle in his hand.

There were too few exotic treasures and foreign objects that could pose a threat to the Half-Ancestor, so they didn’t use them much. They didn’t expect that the Supreme Saint Heavenly Master would have them.

Wang Si coughed up blood with difficulty and stared at the Holy Heavenly Master with a pale face, his eyes filled with hatred, “How did you find the location of my inner world?”.

Shangsheng Tianshi did not answer.

“I found it”, Lu Yin’s voice sounded.

Wang Si and others looked over and were shocked, “Is that you?”.

Lu Yin said in a deep voice, “Old bitch, you didn’t expect that I was the one who found the location of your inner world, and that needle is also mine.”

“Impossible, how could you possibly find the location of my inner world?” Wang Si said angrily, vomiting blood again, and his face became even more miserable. She was injured too seriously this time, and she might not be able to survive her whole life. After that, his hatred for Lu Yin became even more intense.

“Have you been staring at us?” Nihuang looked at Lu Yin and spoke slowly. If he always stares at one person fighting, he can find flaws, especially if the star envoys will subconsciously protect the location of the star source cyclone.

Lu Yin looked at Ni Huang and said, “You are enemies.”

Nihuang smiled, with self-deprecation and sarcasm, “I didn’t expect that we, who have lived for most of our lives, would be tricked by juniors like you. We plotted against you, and you plotted against us. Ever since we set foot on this battlefield You have been watching us since the beginning, and have been analyzing our battles to find out the location of the inner world. You guessed it right, not only Wang Si, but also the three of us have been seen through by you.”

Xia De looked at Lu Yin in shock. If what Ni Huang said was true, Lu Yin would be terrible. His foresight about the future was extremely terrifying.

Even Jue Yi is much more solemn.

Lu Yin exhaled, “There is nothing I can do. I am just a little star envoy. I can only use my brain because of my power. You came to this starry sky just to kill me. If you want to protect yourself, you must work harder than others.”

Nihuang smiled bitterly, “We are also facing the threat of the Eternals. We are on the verge of life and death, but you still have the time to observe us?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes were calm, “Most of the time, I did not participate in the war, and I am not qualified to participate in the war.”

Old Ghost Bai said coldly, “Little beast of the Lu family, you are so despicable.”

Qui Luo shouted, “This is called fighting wisdom. If you want to use hostages to force him, isn’t it despicable? Your method of dealing with the Lu family is 10,000 times despicable than that old **** Wang Si.”

Wang Si stared at Lu Yin with hatred. She was unwilling to accept that the dignified half-ancestor was plotted against by the junior she hated the most.

Lu Yin looked at Lu Buzheng, “Catch Wang Si, let’s talk about the other three.” Wang Si was seriously injured and couldn’t use the inner world even if he wanted to. He couldn’t hide in the thinking network, but Ni Huang and the other three were different. , you can run away, you can also fight to the death, and if you can’t defeat it, you can hide in the thinking network.

Thinking Network cannot persist for a long time and will eventually be lifted.

Lu Buzheng looked at Lu Yin with a complicated look in his eyes

Cognitively, the Lu family has no shortage of masters of wisdom and strategy, but there are only a few people like Lu Yin who can scheme against the half-ancestor in the Origin Tribulation Realm and succeed. Even within the Lu family, this is an outlier.

Most people in the Lu family don’t rely on their brains to make a living.

“Do it”, Quiro shouted, and his energy rushed towards Ni Huang and the others.

Lu Buzheng visualized the Immovable King Elephant again and punched it.

Shangsheng Tianshi also appeared at the same time.

Originally, only the four Ni Huangs could deal with Lu Buzheng and the others, but now that there is one less Wang Si, they are directly at a disadvantage. The trouble is that they have to protect the Wang Si. Another point is that compared to Lu Bu Zheng and Kuiluo, they have less control over the stars. Source usage is greater.

Lu Buzheng relied on the visualization of the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant to possess terrifying power. Quero directly used his energy and spirit, but they could not find any power outside the star source to counter it. However, he used star source combat skills to maintain The time is too short, and if it is used up, they will definitely lose.

Facing the attack from Lu Buzheng and others, Emperor Ni wanted to retreat.

At this time, Jueyi took action, and the death energy turned into chains and flew towards Lu Buzheng, “Lu Buzheng, your opponent is me.”

Lu Buzheng looked at Jueyi and avoided the death energy chain, “Don’t you hate playing tricks the most?”

Jue Yi was indifferent, “Just because I hate tactics doesn’t mean I’m stupid. If the three of them are gone, how can I clean up the house?”

Ni Huang and others breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Jue Yi was not too stubborn.

Jue Yi attacked Lu BuZheng, and the situation was reversed. Using Jue Yi to replace Wang Si was the best thing for Ni Huang and the others. However, the situation soon changed again. Lan Xian and Yaoxian returned to sneak attack Jue Yi. .

No one expected that people from the Sixth Continent would suddenly appear and help Lu Yin.

Lu Yin himself didn’t expect that in this situation, everyone just wanted to keep their own star source, and fighting would only destroy the star source.

Lan Xian wanted Lu Yin’s blood, which might be important. Lu Yin understood, so she kept watching. What about Yao Xian? What else are you planning?

The three-stringed music played, bringing Lan Xian’s sweet voice, and his wonderful eyes swept towards Lu Yin, “You owe me a drop of blood.”

Although the strength of Lan Xian and Yao Xian is much lower than that of Kui Luo and others, without using the inner world, their gap is not that exaggerated. Even if the two of them can’t hold off Jue Yi, they can at least deal with Bai Laogui. Or Shade could free up Quiro.

Qui Luo’s strength is enough to hold back Ni Huang.

The Half-Ancestor’s melee made the countless corpse kings at the entrance to Falling Star Sea forget about them. Soon, countless corpse kings began to scatter, heading in all directions on the fifth continent.

Guihou was allowed to enter the ancestor turtle’s back by Lu Yin. As soon as he entered, he started to flatter him like crazy. He never stopped saying “seventh brother”.

“How many masters are there in those Corpse Kings?” Lu Yin asked sharply.

Gui Hou shrank his head, “There are many, there are no less than fifty above the Star Envoys. I don’t know where the Eternals found so many monsters. Once they are all scattered, it will be a disaster for the Fifth Continent.”

Lu Yin frowned. This was not the biggest disaster. He looked towards the entrance of the Sea of ​​Falling Stars. There was a palm inserted there, which was enough for the masters of the Eternal Race to go back and forth.

He suddenly thought of something and looked at Yunying Mavis, “Senior, it is our common responsibility to protect the fifth continent, and the Mavis family is no exception, right?”

Cloud Shadow Mavis was wary, “What do you mean?”.

Lu Yin said, “Let the ancestor turtle block the gap.”

“Impossible”, Yunying Mabisi refused directly, after finishing speaking

As if realizing that his tone was bad, he added, “It’s not that we don’t want to, but that the ancestor turtle doesn’t want to. It won’t get close to the Corpse God, you should know.”

“Try it. If you can plug that gap, the Mavis family will be the biggest contributor to the Fifth Continent,” Lu Yin said.

Yunying Mabisi had no choice but to try to get the ancestral turtle close to the entrance of the Falling Star Sea. Along the way, whenever he encountered the Eternal Corpse King, Lu Yin took action directly. His headache still continued. Lu Buzheng said that the backlash of talent will last for a while. Time, and he will be in pain during this time, Lu Yin can feel it now.

Every time he made a move, his headache would become more severe, and he had to quickly find a place to retreat and enter a timeless space to rest.

Ahead, a pair of scarlet vertical eyes flashed past, then headed into the distance.

Lu Yin’s heart sank. He couldn’t deal with the corpse kings with a million combat power. These corpse kings were scattered to the fifth continent, and he didn’t know how much disaster they would bring.

Suddenly, scales appeared on the soles of the feet of the corpse king with a million combat power, and then his body shattered.

Lu Yin was overjoyed, this was a trial, the chief referee and the others had finally arrived.

The next moment, Elder Zen, Chief Judge Qingping and Xia Ji all arrived. They saw the Half-Ancestor fighting in the distance and countless zombie kings escaping.

Old Chan and the others did not take action. Just as Jiuyao and the others thought, if they take action now, they will consume the star source in their bodies. Once they encounter the invasion of the Eternals again, it will be difficult for them to deal with it.

Of course Lu Yin also knew about this situation. He had just used superimposed strength instead of the power of the star source.

The Eternals left so many corpse kings just to consume their power. To deal with those corpse kings, the only way to deal with them is the cultivators under the half-ancestors.

“What are you looking at? Why don’t you come and help?” Quelo shouted, telling Mr. Zen and the others.

Bai Laogui threatened, “The new empty corridor of Chuangtianyuan will be repaired soon. When the time comes, our tree starry sky will be connected to your abandoned land again. If you dare to take action against us, wait until you are sanctioned by the Sifang Balance.”

Lu Yin sneered, “Who can punish you? Your ancestral realm? Do you really think we are stupid to believe that we are not allowed to leave the Sifang Tianping ancestral realm because we are afraid of the strong ancestral realm behind me? This is the ancestral realm of the fifth continent. , the Sixth Continent Martial Ancestor invaded and was seriously injured. The Secret Ancestor betrayed and attacked the Burial Garden, but was also seriously injured. Once the Ancestral Realm appears, it will not attract the current power. No one can be unscrupulous here, otherwise the Eternal Clan will just go to the Ancestral Realm. A strong person can win here, so why spend so much energy on the layout?”

This truth has only been figured out recently. Lu Yin originally thought that Sifang Tianping was really afraid of the powerful Ancestral Realm behind him. He was afraid that a war between Ancestral Realm would break out in the fifth continent, so he did not take action from the Ancestral Realm, but even the Eternals did not He was surprised when a strong man from the ancestral realm entered.

Each of the Seven Gods is extremely powerful. There are Tao masters and family ancestors. They are all strong men in the oldest era. Hei Wushen is no exception. But why is Hei Wushen always favored by the Martial Ancestor and the Blood God? Zu is blocking the outside?

Half ancestors are strong and weak, and the same is true in the ancestral realm. He does not believe that Martial Ancestor and Blood Ancestor can fight against Hei Wushen. No matter how bad Hei Wushen is, he should be similar to Chen Ancestor back then. Chen Ancestor can single-handedly challenge several ancestors. Of those who are strong.

It is definitely not difficult for Hei Wushen to come in, but he never comes in, and the same goes for Corpse God, who would rather hold the entrance to Falling Star Sea than come in. There must be something in this fifth continent that makes them afraid.

The Eternals are afraid, and the Four Directions Balance will also be afraid.


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