Star Odyssey Chapter 2033: Eat slowly

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The void returns to its original state.

Qingzhuhou is bitter. Originally, according to the instructions of the ancient gods, the half ancestors formed a team to find and kill those people from the ancient times, but they were killed when they just encountered them. It is really ridiculous.

This is the powerful person from the Tianshang Sect era when mankind was at its peak. You guessed it right, she was the leader of the Twelve Heavenly Sects in that era. It was really terrifying.

The ancient **** tried to eliminate those ancient strongmen one by one before they joined forces, but he overestimated the strength of his men.

Even if Qingzhuhou faces the Tianmen Sect Master, he can only choose to protect himself.

On the other side, Lu Yin planned to roll the dice to see if there was a chance to merge into the bodies of these ancient strong men and check the memories of that era.

The fifth continent is very large, and it may not be easy to encounter those ancient strongmen. If they are really capable, Lu Yin hopes to contact them as soon as possible and join forces to deal with the Eternals.

What can really determine the ownership of the Fifth Continent is the battle between the half-ancestors. Nowadays, the half-ancestors of mankind are concentrated in several strongholds, and the network is cut off. It is difficult to know the outside world. Lu Yin can only think of this method.

Although there is little hope, I still have to give it a try.

Roll the dice to see your luck. It has been a few months since the last time you rolled the dice, and it should be easy to get six o’clock.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin pointed out, the dice slowly rotated, then stopped, three o’clock.

There is nothing to improve, and even if you want to improve, you don’t have the money. You only have more than 70 billion cubic star energy crystal marrow, which is not enough.

Again, this time, the dice stopped, four o’clock, time stopped in space.

Coming to the timeless space, what Lu Yin wanted to practice most was the Heavenly Star Technique.

But it was different from before. This time, he took out his wisdom root and was not far away from the fifth level of perfection.

Originally, with the blessing of the Ancestor Sutra, Lu Yin practiced the Tianxing Gong and could only increase the number of 4,000 in a year. But this time with the help of Hui Gen Tea, he didn’t know whether his understanding of the Tianxing Gong was deepened or his realm was enhanced. When he stepped out of the static space of time, , the number of stars in his Heavenly Star Technique has actually reached 75,000, which is really not far from the 99,000 stars of the fifth level of perfection.

Raise your hand, the dice appears again, and click out with one finger.

This time, the dice stopped at five o’clock. Lu Yin pursed his lips. It was useless. Wait, he suddenly remembered that Quiro was outside?

Thinking of this, he immediately walked out of the retreat.

The place where he retreats is in Aurous Ling, and Quiro is also in Aurous Ling. He asked Quiro to help guard it. So far, only one Quiro knows that he has a talent for dice, but he did not tell Quiro about the specific talent. Luo.

The moment he walked out of the retreat, Lu Yin’s field swept across the entire Jinling City, and then he saw Quiro in a roast duck restaurant.

The old guy looked at Lu Yin who suddenly appeared with a blank expression on his face, chewing a duck leg in his mouth.

Lu Yin patted Quiro’s shoulder with one hand and said seriously, “Eat slowly,” and then left.

Qiu Luo was confused from beginning to end. He even thought he was hallucinating. It wasn’t until someone around him started talking that he was sure that Mr. Lu had really been here just now and even patted him. What did he mean?

Lu Yin returned to the place of seclusion with a depressed look on his face. This old guy Quiro actually had no talent. No wonder he never used it and it was a waste of his energy.

Come again.

Lu Yin raised his hand, the dice appeared, pointed out with one finger, and watched the dice slowly stop. At four o’clock, time stopped again.

He doesn’t plan to use the Wisdom Root this time. There is only one Wisdom Root left, so he has to use it sparingly.

When he stepped out of the static space of time again, Lu Yin’s Heavenly Star Skill could already move 80,000 stars

Stars, a total of 80,000 stars, as long as you enter the timeless space to practice a few more times, you will be able to reach the fifth level of perfection.

“Boy, what do you mean?” came Quiro’s voice.

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What do you mean?”.

“Old man, I’m eating roast duck, why are you slapping me?” Quiro asked. As an old monster who survived the pursuit of Sifang Tianping, Quiro was very vigilant. If it weren’t for Lu Yin , even Ni Huang didn’t want to pat him, but it was precisely because it was Lu Yin that he seemed weird. The more abnormal the behavior, the more sinister it was. This was Quilo’s rule of life.

Lu Yin had forgotten that for Quiro, the moment he patted him happened just a few seconds ago, but for him, almost a year had passed.

“I’ll let you eat slowly,” Lu Yin said.

Quero was silent for a moment, “What do you mean?”.

“Eat slowly and don’t choke.”

“Boy, are you crazy?”.

“Keep eating”.

In the roast duck restaurant, Quiro looked at the duck leg in his hand and couldn’t eat it.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and ignored Quero, come again.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering roar came, his expression changed, and he walked out of the starry sky.

In the solar system, countless cultivators look to the south.

A huge beast in the starry sky howled and crashed into the stars. A human figure was seen on its back and shouted, “Beast, you still dare to resist, stop it.” As he said that, he exerted force on one foot, and the giant beast howled again, Blood spurted out, and the originally ferocious eyes became dim.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. It was Wang Si. This old **** didn’t know where to find this giant beast. She read that right. This starry sky beast was from the same era as Hen Xin. She wanted to pass this The starry sky beast knows the things of that era.

After a while, the giant beast was captured by Wang Si.

Lu Yin’s eyes were hot. He wanted it too. The reason why he rolled the dice was because he wanted to merge into the ancient strong man’s body and check his memory. Unexpectedly, Wang Si captured an ancient creature. They should know a lot of things.

“Senior, go and listen,” Lu Yin opened his mouth and said to Quiro who had just walked out beside him.

Quero rolled his eyes, “I don’t want to get beaten, old man.”

“You don’t want to know what happened in ancient times? At that time, mankind was known as the Heavenly Sect, and even the Eternals looked down upon it. How did it become like this? There are Tao Masters, the Twelve Heavenly Sects, etc., you don’t want to know?”, Lu Yin was confused, he knew that Quilo couldn’t stand gossip.

Qui Luo sneered, “You want to fool me, you are still young. Let me tell you, the more you want to know something, the less urgent it is, take your time.” After saying that, he let out a weird smile and glanced at Wang Si and others.

Lu Yin understands, the old guy is targeting Wang Si.

He returned to his retreat, rested for ten days, and then resumed rolling the dice.

I was lucky this time, it was directly at six o’clock.

Lu Yin’s consciousness appeared in the dark space with anticipation. Looking at several bright light groups around him, he was a little surprised. He was so lucky?

Thinking about it, I picked one at random and integrated my consciousness.

A violent roar rang in his ears. Lu Yin had just merged into consciousness and before he could react, a huge black shadow appeared beside him and knocked him away. He could faintly hear many people shouting.

Lu Yin hit the ground and coughed a few times. He endured the pain and raised his head. What caught his eyes was a familiar starry sky. Looking back, he saw mother trees connected to the sky. This is – the battlefield behind?

“Lord Chun, are you okay?” someone shouted.

“Master Chun?”.

Lu Yin was confused. The next moment, memories poured in, his expression changed, and he actually merged into the main body of the second formation.

He knows this Lord Chun and has seen it. It was Lord Chun who controlled the giant corpse king at the second formation base, so that the original cone original treasure formation was not completely destroyed. This person is A master of four source tribulations, no wonder he merged into his body.

“Chun ordered me to be careful,” someone shouted.

Lu Yin looked up and saw a huge corpse king falling from the sky and stomping on him.

He hurriedly avoided it, the ground shook, and the huge corpse king pressed down with one hand, twisting the void with terrifying force.

Lu Yin kept avoiding it and looked around. This was still the second formation base. Where was the original treasure formation?

Memories kept pouring in. Lu Yin focused on checking the memories of this period. His expression changed again. Was it so intense?

About three months ago, a rare and fierce war broke out on the battlefield behind. From the Dominion Realm to the New World, wars were going on everywhere. All the twelve Eternals were dispatched, and the Tree Star Sky also had several half-ancestors as reinforcements. The battle was already underway. It lasted three months without stopping.

This war was initiated by humans, and the apparent purpose was to seize the New World. Lord Chun only received this order, but in fact Lu Yin knew that the purpose was to hold back the Eternals.

No wonder more than two months have passed since that battle. The Eternals have always been quiet. They probably have no reinforcements. The Tree Starry Sky is attacking like crazy. The second formation base has not made much progress. Under the new continent, he started from Chun Commandery Lord. From the memory, I learned that using the Wandao Ancestor as an arrow, he led the remaining army to break through Xiangcheng and headed towards the center of the New Continent.

And from time to time, the aftermath of the Ancestral Realm descended overhead. Three of the original five great commanders, including himself, the hidden sixth great commander, had died. They were all masters of four or even five origin tribulations.

Other formations suffered equally heavy losses.

And Lord Chun doesn’t know when this war will end.

Lu Yin controlled Lord Chun’s body to continuously regress, and then exited the fusion. He could no longer control Lord Chun, otherwise this guy would be beaten to death.

Consciousness returned to the body, Lu Yin quickly walked out of the retreat, looking for the Holy Master.

He had previously guessed that once something goes wrong on the Fifth Continent, the Starry Tree side might take action to hold back the Eternal Clan to prevent the Eternal Clan from sending more experts, but the speculation was just a guess after all, without any basis.

It’s okay now. He knows the situation in the Star Sky of Trees. The Eternals probably don’t have the energy to send experts to support here. He must unite with the ancient strongmen to fight the Eternals out during this time, otherwise there will be no chance.

On the battlefield behind the Tree Starry Sky, humans are always on the defensive. Now they are able to suppress the Eternals because so many half-ancestors were dragged to the fifth continent. But this situation will not last long. After all, humans and the Corpse King Different, not so tough.

Once the Eternals turn around to suppress humans and send experts to support the Fifth Continent, they will have no hope at all.

“Senior, what happened to the original treasure formation you arranged?” Lu Yin asked. Only the Supreme Heavenly Master can arrange the original treasure formation for ultra-long distance transmission and get in touch with Mr. Chan and the others.

Shang Sheng Tianshi said, “It’s set up, but this great teleportation original treasure formation can only be transmitted in one direction. After all, the set up time is too short. If you go to the new universe, you have to run by yourself if you want to come back.”

Lu Yin nodded and looked towards the corner of the solar system, where the Wen family was.


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