Star Odyssey Chapter 2031: The Era of Tianshang Sect

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At this moment, the wound on Quiro’s palm was in severe pain, and the sharp energy that should have been suppressed reappeared. He stared at the middle-aged man closely. This man was quite scary.

“Hen Xin, the master of Sanjue Tianmen,” said the middle-aged man.

Most people are at a loss.

Only Emperor Ni exclaimed, “One of the twelve Heavenly Sect Masters?”.

Hen Xin looked at it and said, “It seems that only you know. Your reaction really proves that there is something wrong with the Tianshang Sect. As a human being, you don’t understand the Twelve Heavenly Gates and the Tianshang Sect. Please explain it clearly to me.”

Nihuang looked at Bai Laogui and said, “Let the King of the Second Night come out.”

Bai Laogui was puzzled, “Twelve Heavenly Gates? I seem to have read ancient books. There were no Twelve Heavenly Gates in the Daoyuan Sect era, only a few.”

“Let the Second Night King come out and explain it to him first,” Ni Huang said. He also came out of the Daoyuan Sect era and knew far more than the Second Night King, but it was impossible for Hen Xin to explain it slowly.

Ni Huang spoke, but Bai Laogui couldn’t refuse and immediately asked the Second Night King to come out.

On the second night, the king looked around blankly. When he saw Lu Yin’s cold eyes, he became more and more wary. He had been following Lu Yin for a while. He knew this person well. In terms of strength, he could not threaten him, but in terms of scheming, ten of his own He was not dead enough, so he was worried that Lu Yin had dug a hole for him.

“The Second Night King, tell me everything you know about human history,” Ni Huang said calmly.

On the second night, the king was stunned, “Calendar, history?”.

“Just say it,” Bai Laogui said impatiently.

Faced with so many half-ancestors, especially the strange man in the distance, this pressure was far greater than that of Bai Laogui and the others, another half-ancestor. He had many questions, but he was not qualified to ask anything now, “I The history we know starts from the Hanxian Sect on the fifth continent, when…”

Listening to the Second Night King slowly speaking, Lu Yin had someone record it. There will definitely be other people of the same generation as Hen Xin showing up next. It would be too troublesome to explain one by one, so it would be better to record it and let them see it for themselves.

This was also the first time Lu Yin heard the Second Night King talking about history. He also didn’t know much about the history of that period. He only knew that the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent were at war. He only knew that Chenzu started the war. Knowing that when Chen Zu was practicing, he was hunted down by the Daoyuan Sect because of the giant’s clone, he really didn’t know much.

It took the King of the Second Night a short time to tell the story of the history he knew. Of course, what he knew was definitely not the core given his status.

“Who was the Taoist Master in that era? Was he still the Taoist Master of the past?” Hen Xin asked.

On the second night, the king was at a loss, he didn’t know.

“Does the ancestor exist?” Henxin asked again.

On the second night, the king was still at a loss. Forget about him, Emperor Ni was also at a loss. Isn’t the ancestor a legend?

“The ancestor has always been a legend. Does the ancestor really exist?” Lu Yin asked.

Hen Xin did not answer, “According to what you say, this fifth continent is going to be over? The Eternals have invaded, can’t you stop it?”.

Everyone was silent.

They could hear that in Henxin’s era, the Eternals seemed to be far inferior to humans, but why were humans defeated step by step in the end? What happened?

“Who appeared with you in this era? If there are many masters, they may not be able to unite to defeat the Eternals,” said the Shang Shengtian Master.

Hen Xin looks to the south,

“I’m going to confirm what you said. If it’s true, I will find a way to destroy those monsters.” After that, he was about to leave.

Lu Yin hurriedly threw out the wireless Gu, “Senior, use this connection.”

Hen Xin did not refuse and took away Wireless Gu.

Lu Yin wanted him to stay, but he couldn’t. This person had to prove something.

This person is too reckless. In their time, the Eternals may have been suppressed by humans, so that he looked down on those monsters, but those monsters could destroy five continents step by step, destroy the Daoyuan Sect, and make the ancestor a legend. His strength is beyond the imagination of a half-ancestor like him, and if he is careless, the consequences will not be good.

“Senior Nihuang, what are the twelve heavenly gates?” Lu Yin looked at Nihuang and asked.

Nihuang had no intention of speaking.

“I know senior doesn’t want to talk to me more, but no one knows who will appear next. It’s best for everyone to know in advance,” Lu Yin added.

Nihuang pondered for a moment and then spoke slowly, “Humanity once had its most prosperous period. At that time, Daoyuan Sect, also known as Tianshang Sect, had the so-called Three Realms and Six Paths, Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, and Twelve Heavenly Gates. The Twelve Heavenly Gates represent the most powerful among the twelve human half-ancestors, and they are the twelve most powerful half-ancestors who will definitely be able to break through the ancestral realm. Each of them has a strength that is infinitely close to the ancestral realm. They are the next generation of mankind. Representative of the times.”

Lu Yin was surprised, Three Realms and Six Paths? Isn’t that the trial realm of the Starry Sky War Academy? Why is it related to Daoyuan Sect?

“The prince you encountered before was also one of the Twelve Heavenly Gates, the sect leader of the Yuhua Tianmen. However, she is not from the same era as the person just now. Although the times are different, you have also experienced the strength of the prince. The one just now People are at least on the same level as her,” Ni Huang said.

“What are the Three Realms and Six Paths?” Lu Yin asked hurriedly.

Nihuang withdrew his gaze and said with a leisurely look, “The Three Realms and Six Paths are legends. I have only read about them from ancient books. In the era when I was born, there were no longer Three Realms and Six Paths. The Tao Master he spoke of should be the Six Paths Master. , and the Six Paths Master, as far as I know, should be the master of the Principle Source Sect, of course, it may be someone else.”

Yes, Lu Yin remembered it. He had always known about Daoyuan Sect, but he had never heard of who the sect leader was. How could a sect not have a sect leader?

Both the Fifth Continent Daoyuan Sect and the Sixth Continent Daoyuan Sect have never heard of the name of their sect leader.

“Senior’s era, Daoyuan Sect still existed, then, who is the sect leader?” Lu Yin asked.

Ni Huang, Wang Si, Bai Laogui and Xia De all looked at Lu Yin.

Wang Si sneered, “Sect master? The remnants of the Lu family are the remnants of the Lu family. Even if their memories are lost, they still want to take advantage of their ancestors’ names.”

Lu Yin was puzzled.

Nihuang and others left directly without saying anything else.

Qui Luo coughed a few times and said, “Well, it is said, it is just said that the leader of the Fifth Continent’s Daoyuan Sect is your ancestor of the Lu family.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, “My ancestor of the Lu family?”.

Qiu Luo nodded, “Didn’t I tell you before that your Lu family has several powerful people in the ancestral realm, including Lu Tianyi, who has nine mountains and eight seas, and there are even more ancient legendary beings, which refers to this An ancestor of the Lu family who may be the leader of the Daoyuan Sect, but this legend has never been confirmed. Anyway, old man, I have never seen a leader of the Daoyuan Sect since I was born.”

Lu Yin understands, no wonder Ni Huang and the others have such strange expressions and are so unhappy. According to Quelo, the Lu family has always been there

To dominate the fifth continent, in addition to relying on the Lu family’s own strength, there is also the legend of the ancestor.

The master of the Daoyuan Sect, what a terrible legend. It’s a pity that I should have just asked Hen Xin who the master of the fifth continent is, so that I can confirm whether he is the ancestor of the Lu family.

But fortunately, someone else will definitely show up next.

“How come the sect leader has never appeared?”, Lu Yin wondered.

Qui Luo shrugged, “Who knows, whether it is the fifth continent or the sixth continent, the master of the Daoyuan Sect has never appeared.” As he said, he rubbed his chin, “If the master of the Daoyuan Sect is the so-called The transformation of the Six Paths Master into a legend must have happened even longer ago, and it must be related to the Eternals.”

Lu Yin left. He wanted to contact the Starry Sky War Academy and ask about the Three Realms and Six Paths.

The Three Realms and Six Paths actually existed in Henxin’s era, which means that the Three Realms and Six Paths of the Starry Sky War Academy may be related to that era, but the years are so far apart that even history has gaps. Why does the Starry Sky War Academy have records of the Three Realms and Six Paths? ?

Is it because of inheritance?

Lu Yin thought of what Mad Dean said, the reason for the existence of the Starry Sky War Academy is inheritance. Human beings need inheritance. Could it be that this is inheritance?

Even if the Three Realms and Six Paths become legends, will the Starry Sky War Academy retain its name?

Hen Xin appeared in front of Lu Yin and others, and in the outer universe, in the central territory, one after another figures came out of the cracks in the void. Some fell to the planet, were seriously injured and were dying, some were floating in the starry sky, and some were turned into withered bones.

A man walked out of the starry sky, and black air currents appeared on his body. He seemed to be looking for something. After a long time, he frowned and said, “How could there be nothing?” As he said this, a strange-looking spaceship slowly approached in front of him. .

In the spaceship are practitioners from the Cloud Valley of the Sixth Continent.

The Sword Valley Master of Yungu died in the previous battle, and even the Valley Master’s Sword Attendant and Sword Confucian died. There was originally a sealer in Yungu, but he left directly after the death of the Sword Valley Master.

As a result, the major forces of the Sixth Continent gathered in the central territory, but Yungu had no one to lead them, so they could only slowly pass by.

The strongest person in the spaceship was only at the Enlightenment level with a combat power of 400,000. He looked at the starry sky anxiously, fearing that he would encounter the Eternals and be destroyed.

Yungu was so glorious in its heyday. The master of Sword Valley was an elder of Daoyuan Sect, with four sealers under his command. Among the younger generation, there were also swordsmen from the domain, who were the leaders in swordsmanship in the Wuxian domain. Who could see that they were not Envy, but now, abandoned.

With a sigh, the Enlightenment cultivator turned to leave. Suddenly, his expression changed drastically. A man appeared behind him and stared at him coldly.

There are hundreds of thousands of Yungu disciples, but only tens of thousands came to the outer universe of the Fifth Continent from the Sixth Continent, and now there are only a few hundred who are qualified to follow him. There is absolutely no such man, and when did this man appear in the universe? Behind him, he didn’t even notice.

“Who are you?”, the enlightenment cultivator was alert and his eyes were frightened.

The man looked at him, “Are you scared?”,

The enlightenment cultivator swallowed, “Who is the senior?”.

“I want to know what era it is now,” the man said slowly.

Not long after, the man looked at the starry sky with his hands behind his back. The enlightenment cultivator just stood there. Although this man only said two sentences, less than twenty words, he understood clearly. People must have lived for a long time, and they don’t even know the age. Either they are frozen in time, or they don’t dare to imagine.


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