Star Odyssey Chapter 2030: A thread

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The five people looked at the ancient **** in disbelief.

“Tao Master, what did she mean?” The man looked ugly and stared at the ancient god. In fact, at the first sight, he realized something was wrong. Although the scarlet vertical eyes were obscure, they existed. Yes, the symbol of the Eternals.

The ancient **** said indifferently, “You are just an ant. Even if Hen Xin breaks through the ancestral realm, he is still an ant in my eyes. There is no need to explain to the ants.” He said, pressing down on the five people with one hand, “End it, you guys have already It should disappear into the long river of history.”

The five people did not move, just watching the ancient god’s palm fall, still immersed in shock.

Seeing that they were about to die at the hands of the ancient god, Mr. Chan blocked the last stream of air in front of them and turned into a human form. He also raised his hand and struck the palm mark of the ancient **** with one palm.


The void exploded, and the ancient **** was shocked. His palm was actually blocked?

Old Chan panted heavily, and he still had to ask him out.

In front of the five people, Mr. Chan appeared as the last person transformed by the three yang ancestral energy. He was a energetic middle-aged man. Although he looked handsome and mighty, he was a bit dull due to the three yang ancestral energy. .

The appearance of this man surprised the ancient god, “Lu Tianyi?”.

Forgotten God exclaimed, “Lu Tianyi?”.

The last person in the Zen Lao Sanyang Ancestral Qi is none other than Lu Tianyi, one of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas of the Lu family.

Forgotten God was surprised, “How could you imitate Lu Tianyi with your combat skills? He was not dead at first, and he was still alive until the Sifang Balance banished the Lu family.”

The ancient **** was also curious. Since the war started, he had not seen Lu Tianyi even when he saw those five people.

Mr. Zen looked at Lu Tianyi’s back and said with admiration, “When the Daoyuan Sect was destroyed, I was ordered by the Lu family to build the Hall of Glory. The Sanyang ancestral energy was obtained from senior Lu Tianyi. Senior not only taught The Three Yang Ancestral Qi is more willing to let himself become one of the Three Yang Ancestral Qi that I have transformed into. For many years, I have been unwilling to use this Ancestral Qi and do not want to blaspheme my predecessors. Now I have no choice.”

Qingzhu Hou praised, “One of the reasons why the Lu family was exiled is that many people were dissatisfied with the general order. They thought that the Lu family did not even spare the dead and insulted many people, but the Lu family also punished themselves. I haven’t let go, and I am willing to be used by an ant in my ancestral realm. This is the Lu family.”

Old Zen is a half-ancestor, and those who are transformed from the three Yang ancestral energy are half-ancestors. One of them is Xue Qingqing of the Sixth Continent, a very ordinary ancestral realm. He died in the battle of Daoyuan Sect. It was a coincidence. Used by Zen Lao’s fighting skills, the second path transformed him into Huizu. Unfortunately, Huizu was not good at fighting, but this third path made even the ancient gods fear him.

No one in the Lu family can be underestimated. Lu Tianyi is one of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas. Although he may not have been inherited by the Mountains and Seas during his half-ancestor period, even so, he also has various methods of the Lu family, and even more—— General platform.

This is the last strength of Zen Lao. The three Yang ancestral energy joins forces, and the half ancestor is absolutely invincible. Even Ni Huang cannot be Lu Tian’s opponent during the half ancestor period, not to mention Huizu and Xue Qingwu.

The Eternals have not allowed the descendants of the Three Yang Ancestral Qi to appear in the Hall of Glory for many years, just to prevent this trick, but now, Mr. Zen has used it.

Old Zen looked at the five people, “I don’t know who you are, but the Taoist you call is the Eternal Clan monster. Perhaps he betrayed humans and defected to the Eternal Clan. What he is going to do now, It is to exterminate humanity on our fifth continent and enslave humanity.”

“Impossible, the Taoist is the Taoist, how can it be possible to betray humanity, how is it possible

Betray the ancestor,” the man shouted, and the other four glared at Mr. Chan, unwilling to believe it.

Chan Lao shook his head helplessly, forget it if he can’t be persuaded, these five people actually can’t help much.

“The Three Yang Ancestral Qi is very powerful, but without Star Source, how long can you last?”, the ancient **** said calmly.

Old Chan’s eyes flashed. This was his biggest weakness. Even if he could fight with the ancient gods, he would not be his opponent if time extended. It was impossible for him to display the Three Yang Ancestral Qi endlessly.

“But I don’t want to fight now. Let’s give you some breathing space and gather more experts. We don’t want to fill up the search for the fifth continent.” The ancient **** said, turned around and headed towards the land of the gods. .

Forgotten God smiled and glanced at Zen Lao and the others before leaving as well.

The departure of the Eternals made the elders and the others breathe a sigh of relief.

Old Zen was surprised that the ancient gods might not be afraid of Sanyang’s ancestral energy. Thinking about it, he looked at those five people. Could it be them?

Outside the Home of the Gods, the ancient **** stopped and looked at Qingzhuhou, “When did this happen?”

“Just now, in an instant, a thread took its life,” Qingzhu Hou said solemnly.

Forgotten God was surprised, “What’s wrong?”.

Qingzhu said, “I just received the news that a piece of thread took the life of the half-ancestral beast.”

Forgotten God was surprised, “A thread?”.

The ancient **** looked to the west, solemnly, “The power of fate.”

Forgotten God’s expression changed. When it came to fate, even the ancient gods were too solemn, “Destiny still exists?”

Old Shinto said, “I don’t know, but who can easily kill the half-ancestor with just a thread? Who can you think of?”.

“Fate Girl”, Wangxu God blurted out, “One of the twelve sect masters, Fate Girl, the chess piece of fate, controls the fate of one thread, one is alive, the other is dead. I didn’t expect that she also appeared. At that time That war caused the Tianshang Sect to cut off a generation. I thought that all of that generation would be dead. But now that it comes out, it will bring about great changes in the current situation.”

The ancient **** said lightly, “It doesn’t matter, it won’t affect the overall situation.” As he said, he raised his head, “As long as Huizu’s power disappears, this continent can be controlled in an instant. Find a way to force the mouse to leave. He is here now.” The place is inappropriate.”

Lu Yin didn’t care about the new space war. He was now standing outside the earth, looking at the middle-aged man in the starry sky strangely.

This person appeared suddenly and attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he appeared. His power was vast and majestic, and he also had the aura of an extremely sharp blade. He almost shattered the earth as soon as he appeared, but luckily Quiro stopped him.

The middle-aged man looked around blankly, “Where is this?”.

Lu Yin frowned and asked in a low voice, “Is he the half-ancestor?”.

Qiu Luo said cautiously, “Absolutely, and it’s not an ordinary half-ancestor. It’s unfathomable, you see.” As he spoke, he opened his hand, and there was a ray of blood in his palm.

With Quilo’s ability, not many of the half-ancestors could harm him, but he didn’t recover, either because he didn’t want to or because he couldn’t.

“This guy is quite tricky. Be careful. With your physique, you’ll be done with one knife,” Quiro warned.

In the distance, the Supreme Saint Heavenly Master walked out, followed by Ni Huang and the four other half-ancestors. They didn’t want anything to happen to Lu Yin now, and they still hoped to follow Lu Yin to the starry sky among the trees.

The middle-aged man looked at the ancestral turtle and was surprised, “What a big turtle. When did there be such a big turtle?”.

“Senior, may I ask your name?” Lu Yin asked.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yin, but did not answer. He looked around again, then raised his head, “The power of the ancestral realm is covering it. What happened to the Star Source Universe?”

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Lu Yin asked again, “May I ask where your senior is from?”.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yin for the second time and said in a hoarse voice, “I also want to know where I come from, where I am here, and where I am.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he guessed that this person should have interpreted the words from that place, otherwise it would be impossible for a half-ancestral strongman to appear out of thin air and be so powerful, “Senior, do you know about Daoyuan Sect?” .

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yin and said, “You are a little star envoy and half-ancestor is waiting around you but you are allowed to speak. It seems you can make the decision.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “I don’t dare, I’m just being polite to you seniors.”

Quro rolled his eyes, polite? Wang Si and those guys want to kill you.

Wang Si glanced at Lu Yin coldly, that hypocritical little beast.

The middle-aged man’s aura slowly calmed down, “Did you just ask me about the Daoyuan Sect? That’s wrong. Since we are human beings, we should call it the Heavenly Sect.”

Lu Yin was confused, “Tian Shang Sect?”.

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows, “You don’t know the Tianshang Sect? Then why do you know the Daoyuan Sect? Wait a minute.” He looked around, his face changed drastically, “Where is the mother tree? Why don’t you see the mother tree?”

“Senior, this is the fifth continent. The mother tree has long since moved. Maybe you may not be a cultivator of my fifth continent. However, the other five continents are gone,” Lu Yin said solemnly.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yin in shock, then sneered, “Boy, you dare to lie to me? Gone? Gone? Five continents gone? How is it possible? Who can do it?”

“Eternal Clan”, the Holy Heavenly Master spoke.

The middle-aged man mocked, “They are just a group of failed monsters, and you still call them the Eternals? They are just trash.” He said with a sharp look, “You are not just the lackeys of that group of trash, right, I think. “Get up, I felt something was wrong before the battle started. Those **** dared to provoke us. What’s your conspiracy?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “Senior, please calm down. We will explain everything to you. The starry sky has changed.” He was about to say something when he suddenly remembered how many ancient characters would appear later. , they didn’t even know that five continents had disappeared, which proved that their existence was too long ago, and they didn’t know how long it would take to explain each one.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin had a headache. He looked at Bai Laogui and said, “Let the King of the Second Night come out and explain.”

Bai Laogui raised his eyebrows and said, “Speak for yourself.”

Lu Yin said coldly, “He has experienced the Daoyuan Sect era of the decisive battle between the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent, but I have not experienced it.”

Old Ghost Bai sneered and ignored him at all.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he looked at the middle-aged man, “Senior, the only one who can explain it to you is a man named the Second Night King. He has experienced the process of the Fifth Continent’s Daoyuan Sect from its peak to its decline. We These people are so far away from his time that they can’t be explained to you”.

The middle-aged man looked at Bai Laogui and said, “No matter who you are, let that Second Night King come out first.”

Bai Laogui looked at the middle-aged man and said, “First explain your identity clearly.”

The middle-aged man’s gaze was sharp, and his aura changed again, like a sharp long knife piercing the sky, and then spread out, covering all the half-ancestors such as Ni Huang.


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