Star Odyssey Chapter 2029: Team Yi

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The inner world is the manifestation of the true power of the Half-Ancestor. After using the inner world, the drunkard knows that he will be trapped by the thought network, but similarly, the ancient **** will also be trapped, because he must use his true power to stop him the inner world.

The ancient **** was indifferent, “I don’t know what to say,” he said, raising his right arm with one palm facing down, “My power level is different from yours.”

After saying that, a palm fell, directly breaking the inner world of Jiu Chi, causing Jiu Chi to be seriously injured.

The drunkard was shocked. The next moment, his body was pulled by the web of thoughts, dragged into the void and trapped, just like Wu Yihou.

He originally wanted to explode his strength and drag the Ancient God into being trapped together, otherwise no one would be the Ancient God’s opponent, but even if he exploded into the inner world, he was still no match for the Ancient God. The scene just now was equivalent to saying that the Ancient God used stars to make him In this situation, he surpassed his level and defeated his half-ancestor.

He is not an ordinary half-ancestor, but a half-ancestor who has passed three levels and possesses the object of origin. Comparatively speaking, he has surpassed Lan Xian, Xue Laogui and the others, but he was still challenged by the ancient god.

Not only the drunkard, Elder Gong also saw the ancient **** in this state for the first time. This is the Seven Gods.

The Mirror God and other cultivators from the Home of the Gods, as well as the disciples and elders of the Star Palm who fled into the Home of the Gods, as well as many people from the City of Starry Sky, looked at the ancient **** with fear in their eyes.

The ancient gods showed more power than they knew.

Don’t talk about them, even the elders cannot understand the power of the ancient god. He has truly surpassed the level and challenged the half-ancestor. Looking at history, there are very few such existences.

I can’t stop it. How can I stop this kind of monster?

The Mirror God trembled. He originally thought that with the help of the Rune Technology Ruins, he could stop the Eternals. The star source universe being swallowed up had little to do with them. They had the ability to protect themselves, but they were too naive.

Suddenly, he remembered that even in Fu Zu’s era, rune technology had still declined to this day, and the power they controlled was not invincible.

Feng Hua Shen’s face was pale. Not far away, Elder Yao Shan, Elder Yuan Ke and others of the Tianxing Sect felt so helpless for the first time.

In the distance, the God of Forgotten Ruins approaches, also destroying the rune technology ruins. This is the Seven Gods Heaven.

The ancient god’s eyes fell on the elder Gong, and he slowly raised his hand and grabbed it.

It seems that in his eyes, even the elders are no more than children.

Countless stars were rotating on the elder’s body. Facing the ancient god, he had no choice but to fight hard. At this time, a stream of air passed through the void, blocked in front of him, and turned into a person to face the ancient god.

The ancient **** frowned, “Three Yang Ancestral Qi, it’s you again.”

The figure that appeared was none other than Zen Lao manifested with the three Yang ancestral energy.

“I really thought that my mere combat skills could stop me.” The ancient **** casually slapped away the oncoming figure, and the falling snow flew in his palm. It was supposed to be a terrifying method, but it was ineffective against the ancient god.

Beside Mr. Gong, Mr. Zen, Mr. Xia Ji, and Chief Judge Qingping all walked out with solemn expressions.

“Leave him to me, you deal with the others,” Zen Lao said, facing the ancient **** directly.

The elder Gong said in a deep voice, “Be careful, the drunkard can’t do anything to him if he unleashes all his strength.”

Chan Lao took a deep breath and said, “I know.”

With a sweet smile, Wangxu God approached, “It’s really interesting. Even if you block him, can you block me?”.

The scales on the soles of Referee Qingping’s feet appeared directly on the soles of Wangxu God’s feet, “Try it”.

Forgotten God’s eyes were solemn, “Didn’t I let you underestimate me during the first battle, little guy?”

The dark stars are swaying and may fall at any time, and the kneeling giant statues in the Land of the Gods are broken one by one.

No one else can interfere in the half-ancestor’s battle.

The science and technology star field ruins can

It can block the ordinary half-ancestors, but it can’t block the Seven Gods, and it can’t block the Twelve Hours either. After all, it is a dead thing.

With all seventeen ruins shattered, the land of the gods was completely exposed to the Eternals.

Countless green bamboos rise from the ground and penetrate each cultivator. Looking around, the green bamboos are stained with blood.

Feng Hua Shen’s eyes widened and she looked at the ground in disbelief. Her body was pierced by the green bamboo, and the severe pain gradually overwhelmed her consciousness. She didn’t want to die and wanted to break the green bamboo, but to her, the green bamboo was indestructible.

Another round of green bamboo rose into the sky, piercing her head. Half of her body hung on the bamboo, dyeing the earth red.

Countless people died tragically under the Green Bamboo. Eighteen gods of the younger generation in the land of gods, except Taiyi God and Little White God, went to the fifth tower. Now they were taken away to the outer universe by Lu Yin, and the rest of them all died.

Tianxing Sect Yao Ji was also casually obliterated by a half-ancestral corpse king. He was just one of the people obliterated, and he was nothing more than an ant.

Elder Yao Shan’s eyes were red, and he rushed towards the Half-Ancestor Corpse King, but was also obliterated.

Practitioners fell one by one, their corpses floated in the starry sky, and the land of the gods ushered in the end.

Countless wailing and desperate roars cannot stop the slaughter. The Eternals need the Corpse King, but there are too many humans. Even the stronghold of the Land of the Gods is just a drop in the ocean and can be slaughtered at will.

Tons of people died, and most of them couldn’t even leave their bodies behind.

Old Zen has never been so helpless. He can’t stop it. It’s incredible to be able to stop an ancient god.

The ancient **** looked at Mr. Chan and said, “You only have this ability, three yang ancestral energy, who is the third one?”.

Beside Mr. Chan is Huizu, who is guarded by the original treasure formation to delay the ancient god. After listening to the ancient god’s words, a third stream of air appeared behind him, “It’s an acquaintance of yours.”

The ancient **** was surprised and said, “Look.”

At this time, a huge crack in the void spread from above everyone’s heads, as if the entire Fifth Continent had been cut.

The Ancient God, Elder Zen and others all raised their heads.

Old Zen’s eyes were excited. Is this drastic change a success in interpreting the language? After two months of delay and all the interpreters’ efforts, the place was finally revealed. Whether it was a blessing or a curse was unpredictable.

He could only believe Mr. Mu’s words, there was the only hope.

Forgotten God raised his head, looked north along the cracks in the void, and frowned. How come there seemed to be a familiar breath passing through him?

In the crack, a giant starry sky beast fell and let out a ferocious roar. Qingzhu Hou moved his hand, and a piece of green bamboo penetrated the starry sky giant beast from the bottom up. The starry sky giant beast has a combat power of over one million, but it can’t be defeated by Qingzhu Hou. It’s an ant.

The giant beast’s blood spilled across the starry sky. Due to its size, it covered half of the land of the gods. As its body was pierced, it was like a rain of blood fell on the land of the gods.

Suddenly, Qingzhu Hou’s expression changed, and his Qingzhu broke.

The starry sky beast is dead, but there are five more figures on its back, some standing, some squatting, or half kneeling.

These five people looked haggard, most of their clothes fell off, some had broken weapons, and one lost half of his body. But for some reason, everyone could feel their unyieldingness the moment they saw them. The fighting will and the indescribable iron-blooded spirit.

This aura directly overcame the battlefield in the land of gods, and even the half-ancestor’s battle could not cover up this aura.

There were only five of them, and they looked half-disabled, but they couldn’t be ignored.

The soles of one of them’s feet were broken green bamboo, and there was a piece of green bamboo on his arm. It seemed that the green bamboo was crushed directly by him.

Qingzhuhou stared at that person, especially at his clothes

I always feel like I have seen the logo somewhere.

Old Zen looked at the five people in surprise. Although these people have iron-blooded momentum and are not weak in strength, it is a pity that none of them are half-ancestors. They only have more than one million combat power. They cannot make much difference on this battlefield. Great effect.

The hope mentioned by that gentleman cannot be just these few people.

“Team Yi,” the ancient **** said slowly, looking at the five people.

Old Chan was surprised, does he know him?

In the distance, the Forgotten God was surprised, “Is it them? Henxin’s Yi team? How could they appear? They should have disappeared into the long river of history.”

The elder Gong and the others looked at blankly, Captain Yi? Never heard of it.

Old Zen has never heard of it either.

The Ancient God and the God of Forgotten Ruins can recognize them, which proves that these people are not unknown people, but he thinks that he has read all the ancient books in the Hall of Glory, even the ancient books of the Mavis family, but there is nothing about Team Yi In the records, did the word “Yi Team” exist in history?

The corpse of the starry sky beast slid down the green bamboo, and on its back, the five people’s originally confused eyes gradually became clear and they could see their surroundings clearly.

The battlefield is not surprising to them, because from birth to now, even if they are unconscious, they have been walking on battlefields.

Among the five people, the one who was kneeling stood up and held up half of the sword in his hand.

The squatting man also stood up and moved his arms. There were strange gloves on his hands, covered with ferocious barbs.

The five people’s eyes swept across the battlefield, and suddenly they all focused on the ancient god. Their originally calm eyes became extremely shocked, and they all kowtowed at the same time, “Team Yi meets the Taoist Master.”

Old Zen’s heart sank, it’s over, he is actually a member of the Eternal Clan.

The ancient **** was very calm and expected this situation.

Forgotten God looked at him thoughtfully.

The elder Gong sighed, his luck is really bad. It seems that quite a few of the people who interpreted the language belong to the Eternal Clan. Although these people are human beings, they worship the ancient gods. They should be people who have taken refuge in the Eternal Clan. What a pity for that momentum. .

The ancient **** watched quietly as the five people knelt down to him and slowly said, “Where is Hen Xin?”.

Among the five people, one person raised his head. This person was the most seriously injured. Half of his body was missing, but the other four people were led by him. “The sect master is missing, but he should not be far from here.” As he said this, this person He looked at the ancient **** with a strange look in his eyes, “Tao Master, what’s wrong with you?”.

Forgotten God laughed happily.

The five people looked at her. The person who just replied frowned when he saw the Forgotten God. He looked familiar.

Forgotten God looked at the five people with a smile, especially the leader, “I remember you, I forgot your name, but you were following Hen Xin back then, and you were the leader of Team Yi, right?”

“Are you?”, the man was confused.

The corners of Forgotten God’s mouth curled up, “My name is Wang Miaomiao.”

The man was shocked, “Ancestor of the Wang family from the Fifth Continent?”.

“Haha, what a pity, I am no longer the ancestor of the Wang family.” Wangxu God looked at the man with a smile, “I am the Eternal Clan, one of the Seven Gods, Wangxu God.”

The man was confused, “What are the Seven Gods?”.

Forgotten God laughed loudly and pointed at the ancient god, “Your Taoist master is now also an ancient **** who is one of the seven gods of the Eternal Clan. Haha, it’s so interesting. His subordinates who worshiped him in the past actually saw that he had surrendered to mankind. What do you think of the most despised old enemy, the ancient god?”


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