Star Odyssey Chapter 198: Lu Yin’s noble man

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Suddenly, the super-large spaceship began to explode. The entire hull shook, causing the weapon to lose control. A beam of light grazed Lu Yin’s personal spaceship and shot into the depths of the starry sky. Immediately afterwards, the super-large spaceship fell into a sea of ​​fire, and the entire ship The spaceship exploded violently.

Although Lu Yin was not hit directly, the beam still destroyed the hatch of his personal spacecraft. The huge suction force spread, and the personal spacecraft made a squeaking sound. The air was pushed out, and the endless pressure made it difficult for him to breathe. It’s over, the spacecraft is still destroyed.

The abnormal noise became louder and louder, and Lu Yin felt bitter. He did not expect that he still could not escape the disaster of Tuofu Star, and death was inevitable.

As his personal spacecraft disintegrated, Lu Yin was exposed to the starry sky. The huge pressure almost burst him. Fortunately, because of his strong body, he did not die immediately. He hugged the hatch tightly, and followed The air wave emitted by the explosion of the super large spaceship pushed the hatch into the depths of the starry sky, like a meteorite.

Lu Yin has lost consciousness. He is just in a state of fusion and cannot survive in space. Death is only a matter of time. Subconsciously, he used the Mysterious Art of Life and Death.

Not far away from the starry sky, the same super-large spaceship sailed smoothly.

In the command room, someone exclaimed, “Captain, there is an explosion coming from the right front, it is suspected that the spacecraft exploded.”

“Don’t worry, keep sailing”.


At this time, another exclamation came, “Ship, Captain, look, there is someone floating in space.”

The entire command room looked at the light curtain in surprise. Above, the hatch of a spaceship floated quietly, and lying on the hatch was a ragged young man who looked young and seriously injured.

“Zoom in” the captain frowned and said suddenly.

The light curtain gradually drew closer, and everyone could clearly see the young man’s appearance.

The captain was surprised, “It’s him? Rescue immediately.” At the same time, on the other side, in the luxurious lounge, a woman with a fresh and stunning appearance was looking at the star map. She didn’t know what she was thinking about. The captain’s voice came from the woman’s personal terminal. came out, “Madam, please watch this scene.”

The woman looked at her personal terminal and saw the scene just now. Her eyes changed and she said, “Save him immediately, I’ll be there soon.”

Not long after, Lu Yin was salvaged into the spacecraft. Someone immediately carried him into the rescue cabin, and several doctors treated him at the same time.

“Madam, this child is so seriously injured that it’s a miracle he’s alive.”

“What a strong body, reaching the standard of exploration realm.”

“The damage to the five internal organs is serious, and it is getting more and more serious, as if there is no self-healing function.”

“Hey, it’s just a fusion environment, and it’s a miracle that I can survive in space.”

“Madam, I didn’t expect to meet him again not long after we parted,” the captain whispered.

The woman was Mrs. Nalan. She looked at the discussions among the doctors with strange eyes, “This is fate. In the vast universe, it is difficult to find a planet, but I met this person twice in a row. , and it’s all when he needs help the most.”

“You are his nobleman,” the captain smiled.

Looking at Lu Yin being treated, Mrs. Nalan curled her lips and said, “Is it noble? Maybe.”

There was still half a month left before the Ten Academy Competition, and at this time, Lu Yin was rescued by Mrs. Nalan.

For seven days in a row, all the doctors on the Nalan family spaceship tried their best to treat him, and then they barely managed to save his life. For this, the price paid was huge, including the medicinal materials that the inner universe cherished were used on Lu Yin. .

“How is he?” Mrs. Nalan asked, looking at Lu Yin lying naked in the nutrient solution without any hesitation.

A doctor whispered, “Madam, this child’s injuries are quite serious and he has no ability to heal himself. But for some reason, there is always a sense of life hanging on him, and he just can’t die. After all our efforts to rescue him, his life has come back.” , but I don’t know when I will wake up.”

Mrs. Nalan nodded.

At this time, the door opened, and a beautiful girl wearing a white dress came. It is worth noting that the girl carried a long sword on her back. It was not the simple long sword of Wanjian Mountain, but more concise, and even Said there was no style.

“Auntie, who is this person?” the girl asked, looking at Lu Yin without hesitation. In her eyes, there seemed to be no difference between men and women.

Mrs. Nalan smiled and said, “Your classmate from the tenth hospital is named Lu Yin.”

The girl was surprised, “The Tenth Courtyard? I thought the Tenth Courtyard had disappeared.”

“You pay too little attention to outside news. This child is not simple. He is the chief of the Tenth Hospital, just like you,” said Mrs. Nalan.

The girl was surprised and looked at Lu Yin again. No matter what the Tenth Court was like, it was definitely not easy to be the chief, but it was just a matter of harmony.

“Auntie, since the Tenth House still exists, I don’t need to rush back to the inner universe. Let’s go directly to the Tenth House,” the girl said.

Mrs. Nalan’s eyes lit up, “Yes, why did I forget? The Tenth Hospital is closer, okay, you can contact the Tenth Hospital.”

At this moment, in the tenth courtyard, Instructor Sha Hai stood quietly on the sand, looking at the big cannon and the small cannon, and the big cannon and the small cannon also looked at each other.

“Brother, you see I’m getting older. Let me give up players like this to you. I’ll remember you forever.”

“No, I want to become a seeded player.”

“Brother, do you know what humility is?”

“This is what I should say to you, brother, don’t bully the small, don’t think I don’t know, you just want to be in the spotlight, you just want to be famous, the top ten seed players are on the high platform, it’s so coquettish.”

“You heartless”.

“If we continue to argue, I won’t let you listen to Xiyue’s albums from now on.”


Teacher Shahai was impatient and said, “Shut up, you two worthless things.”

Cannon and Cannon shut up immediately.

At this time, Teacher Shahai’s personal terminal rang, and he frowned. To be honest, he hated this thing, but he was responsible for almost everything in the Tenth Hospital, and the other old guys couldn’t do anything.

“Who is it?” Instructor Sha Hai’s tone was not very good.

On the other side of the terminal, the girl frowned and said calmly, “Hello, Teacher Shahai, I am Liu Xiaoyun, the chief of the Seventh Hospital.”

Instructor Sha Hai was surprised, “Chief of the Seventh Academy? Why are you contacting me?”.

Big Pao and Xiao Pao were equally surprised. Isn’t the Chief of the Seventh Academy the Realm Lord? Member of student union? That was a person of real power, and it had been a long time since the Tenth House had spoken to a person of this caliber.

“I want to use the Ten Academy Boundary Domain Mountain to enter the competition, and I need to ask my instructor for approval,” Liu Xiaoyun said.

Instructor Sha Hai was confused, “Where is your own college?”.

“Students are not in the inner universe, but in the outer universe,” Liu Xiaoyun said.

Teacher Sha Hai said favorably, “Okay, it’s up to you. Come over.”

“Thank you, tutor, there is one more thing. The chief of your hospital, Lu Yin, is with me. We will go there together,” Liu Xiaoyun said.

Teacher Sha Hai was surprised, “Lu Yin? Is he still alive?”.

“Alive, seriously injured, but should be able to participate in the competition in time.”

“When will you come over?”.

“According to the itinerary, it will take about ten days, and the competition will start in seven days. We may not arrive until the actual draw of the competition.”

Instructor Sha Hai said in a deep voice, “I know, come here as soon as possible.” After hanging up the call, he looked up and saw Cannon and Xiaopao with surprised expressions.

“There is no need to argue. The seed player will be given to Lu Yin. He will not be able to come back at the beginning of the competition, so we can only let him be the seed player before there is enough time.” Instructor Sha Hai said calmly.

“It’s amazing that Lu Yin didn’t die. It’s a miracle that he survived after being hit by that kind of beam.” Cannon exclaimed.

Xiao Pao also said, “Let him be the seeded player, but it’s unlucky for him to stand with the other masters of the Nine Academy. Hehe, it’s stressful enough.”

Instructor Sha Hai was impatient and said, “Okay, there’s so much nonsense, get out of here.”

At the beginning of the ten-house competition, each house can select a seed player and directly participate in the draw. Generally speaking, it is the leader of the house.

Lu Yin of the Tenth House was only the chief freshman, not the chief of the whole house. However, when the Tenth House reported Lu Yin’s name, it still caused a sensation.

It has long been spread that Lu Yin was killed in the Pirate Port, but the Tenth Hospital still reported his name, which shocked many people.

Secretly or overtly, countless people were talking about the Tenth House still setting off smoke bombs, but none of these comments reached the ears of the Tenth House or Lu Yin.

Seven days later, in the Dayu Empire and the Zhenyu Star Emperor Palace, a huge light curtain was raised. This light curtain was connected to the cosmic network and the entire process of the Ten Academy Competition will be broadcast in real time.

Not only the Imperial Palace, but also all the light screens in the entire Zhenyu Star will broadcast the Ten Academy Competition at that moment. This is a grand event in the entire universe.

In the Huo family, Huo Xiaoling watched the light curtain being raised with complicated eyes. She also participated in the Tenth House assessment but failed. Otherwise, the people who appeared in this light curtain might also include her. Thinking of this , Huo Xiaoling thought of Xiuzi and Lu Yin, one was the strongest of the younger generation in the Daewoo Empire, and the other was the Zishan King. These two people should appear!

The Ona family also raised the light curtain, and they will also watch the whole competition of the Ten Houses.

On the light screen, the list of seed players from the Ten Star Academy appeared, and the tenth one was named Lu Yin.

“There were rumors that Lu Yin died, but I didn’t expect that not only did he survive, he also became a seed player,” Roque Ona said excitedly to Snow Mountain Ona.

Snow Mountain Ona also looked at the light screen excitedly and exhaled, “That’s good, it’s good that you’re not dead.”

Not far away, Jenny Ona looked at the light curtain with shocked eyes.

Yutang, Gulbach, and Tianming are all gathered together. Others are watching the excitement. What they want to see is the gap. This is an order from Wendy Yushan. The Star Battle Academy Ten Academy Competition represents that age In this truly peak battle, Wendy Yushan wants them to clearly understand the gap.

“I didn’t expect Zishan King to be the seed of the Tenth Academy. It’s terrible.”

“Yes, Xiuzi is not even a seed. Could it be that he surpasses Xiuzi?”.

“It’s impossible, Xiuzi is the strongest in our Daewoo Empire.”

At the headquarters of the Sixth Team of Huangting, Taoxiang kept smashing her mouth, eating snacks by the handful, staring at the light screen with big eyes, let’s start, it’s been a long time, Lu Yin, come on.

A warship floats in the starry sky, and the second prince Duke Yushan looks at the light curtain. At this moment, he is no longer as lazy as when he was on the Zhenyu Star. His whole person reveals a sense of exhaustion and complex emotions from the inside out. .


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