Star Odyssey Chapter 1977: Take action

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“What’s the matter?”, Mirror God asked.

At this time, Zi Shen arrived and said, “You don’t need to tell me the location. I will go with you. As long as you don’t tell me, it won’t be a broken oath.”

The Mirror God became more and more dissatisfied, “Purple God, you”, as soon as he said this, the Purple God’s pupils turned into runes, staring at the Mirror God, weakening him. At the same time, there was a pair of eyes staring at the Mirror God further away. , at the moment when Purple God weakened him, something came out of nothing, and the sharp blade pierced the heart of Mirror God, but Mirror God did not react at all.

He couldn’t believe it. At this time, all the mirrors in the entire land of the gods were broken. The reason why the Mirror God was called the Mirror God was because his talent was the Mirror Realm and he could travel among all the mirrors.

It is the God of Wind who destroys all the mirrors.

The God of Mirrors vomited blood violently, and the sharp blade in his heart disappeared directly, entering the infinite realm of the Zhou Yan Sutra.

Purple God sneered, and a figure walked out from beside him at the same time. It was a familiar face, and it was also a face hated by countless people in the Land of the Gods—Jin Mie.

The Mirror God’s pupils shrank sharply, his face was pale, and he was crumbling. He stared at Jin Mie, then looked at the Purple God, “You, you guys?”.

Jin Mie sneered, “I told you, he would be surprised.”

Purple God looked at the Mirror God, “Tell me, where is that location? Now you don’t have to think about cultivation. As long as you tell me the location, I can spare your life and allow you to join us. From now on, you will still be the leader of the world. The mirror **** in the land of gods will not change.”

The Mirror God gritted his teeth and glared at the Purple God, “You have betrayed the land of the gods.” He said, then looked at the Wind God, “You are also a traitor.”

“You can’t say she’s a traitor. I brought her out by myself,” Zishen said lightly.

The Mirror God stared at the Purple God, “Why?”.

Zishen’s eyes flashed, “Tell me the location.”

“Why did you betray the land of the gods and why did you cooperate with Jin Mie?”, Mirror God shouted, his eyes suddenly swept over Zi God, Jin Mie and Fengshen. Zi God and Jin Mie took a step back, and Fengshen half The body suddenly disappeared, disappearing silently, even she herself didn’t react.

There is no sign of taking action. This is the Zhouyan Scripture. This is the way Rune Technology fights.

Even a Star Messenger can disappear silently.

Zi Shen put a hand on Fengshen’s shoulder, allowing her to reorganize her body. Jin Mie waved his hand, and a sharp blade appeared in his hand and slashed towards the Mirror God. The sharp blade rolled back in mid-air, and slashed towards Jin Mie himself as if he was alive. Jin Mie’s eyes were stern. The sharp blade rewinds again, constantly wandering between the Mirror God and Ember.


The Mirror God vomited blood again. Zi Shen stared at his injury, a cold light flashed in his eyes. Invisibly, the Mirror God’s flesh and blood began to evaporate from the wound, turning into runes and disappearing. The Mirror God immediately used the state of knowing, Only then did Zi Shen’s attack on him be restrained.

The three of them did not move much, but they experienced an extremely thrilling battle.

Most of Fengshen’s body has recovered, her whole body is trembling and her face is pale. She almost died just now. Once the Mirror God completely disappears, she will really disappear between heaven and earth, unless a stronger user of the Zhouyan Scripture takes action. Otherwise she would be dead.

The fight lasted only a moment, the mirror god’s injuries worsened, and he was breathing heavily.

“How long can you hold on?” Jin Mie sneered, raised his head, and the Mirror God appeared in all directions with sharp blades, making him unable to go to heaven or earth.

The Mirror God just stared at the Purple God, “Why do you want to cooperate with that traitor? The Candle God has never treated you badly.”

Zishen did not answer.

“Why exactly”, Mirror

God roared, I still can’t believe it all.

“That’s a lot of nonsense. Either give up your position, or you are the traitor to the land of gods. After you die, my face will be replaced by yours,” Jin Mie said impatiently.

The face of the Mirror God changed. That face was that of a giant. It was an endless shame for him to carry the land of the gods as a traitor. “Jin Mie, you are the traitor, you are all traitors, Just wait, the Candle God will definitely come out and won’t let you go.”

Jin Mie laughed, “Candle God? Are you thinking too much? I went to the place where Zhu God retreated to see what he was like. Let me tell you.” When he said this, the corners of his mouth curled up, “No one , there is no one in the place of retreat of the Candle God, he has long since lost his cultivation.”

The Mirror God’s eyes widened, “It’s impossible, the Candle God has been in seclusion to attack the Half-Ancestral Realm and the higher levels of the Zhou Yan Scripture.”

Jin Mie shook his head and looked at Zishen.

Zi Shen said, “It is indeed gone. Otherwise, how could we dare to take action here? The Candle God should have failed to practice the Zhou Yan Sutra and disappeared. Didn’t you do the same just now? You wanted to disappear the Wind God.” .

The God of Mirrors clenched his fists, “I don’t believe it.”

Zi Shen said, “Okay, either hand over your position and I can let you die decently, or you can join us without dying, or I will make you a traitor to the land of the gods. Jin Mie is here anyway.” Well, no one else knows who he is cooperating with.”

The Mirror God is sad, the home of the majestic gods. At its peak, it could compete with the Tianxing Sect and the Mavis clan. Looking at the fifth continent, it is unrivaled and no one dares to offend it. Now, traitors appear one after another. Although he does not believe it, But the Candle God may really be gone, otherwise how could Jin Mie and Zi Shen dare to take action in the land of the gods.

“Brother Zi, it seems that he hasn’t thought about it yet, so forget it. The Zhouyan Scripture is not your main strength anyway,” Jin Mie said.

Purple God frowned and stared at Mirror God, “Last chance.”

The Mirror God stared at the Purple God with red eyes, “I just want to know why you betrayed? You can get everything in the land of the gods.”

Zishen shook his head, “It seems you want to die.”

“If he doesn’t say it, I’ll tell you.” A voice suddenly appeared, causing Zi Shen and Jin Mie’s expressions to change drastically. Several people looked at the corner at the same time. At some point, Lu Yin leaned against the wall and watched with interest. Looking at this scene, his eyes were smiling.

Zishen’s pupils shrank, “Lu Yin?”.

Jin Mie’s expression changed and her heart sank.

Lu Yin clapped his hands and applauded, “It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful. I didn’t expect to see such a good show by accident. It’s wonderful.”

The Mirror God didn’t expect Lu Yin to show up, so he couldn’t believe it, “Leader Lu, why are you here?”.

Lu Yin looked at the Mirror God, “Are you curious why the Purple God betrayed you? I can tell you, because his name is Xia Ji.”

The Mirror God was shocked and couldn’t believe it, “Seven-Character Royal Court, the half-ancestor of the Xia family?”.

Lu Yin looked at Zishen and said, “You’re right, old guy.”

Zishen’s face was gloomy, and he was terrifyingly calm, “talking nonsense, I don’t know what it means.”

Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back, “It was Xia Ji who personally caught me in the first place, trying to force me to use the Heavenly Star Technique and get the secret of the Heavenly Star Technique. He even wanted to steal the inheritance of the God of Death. The place where I was caught was The Land of Gods Trial Platform, Fengshen is yours, so you prevent me from seeing the trial platform, lest I recognize it, I am not wrong.”

Zishen’s face became more and more gloomy, “Junior, if you insist on confirming me as my husband

Xia Ji, that doesn’t matter. If you have the ability, go and seek revenge on the half-ancestor of the Xia family. I won’t accompany you.” After saying that, he and Jin Mie tore open the void at the same time and entered the Star Source Universe in an attempt to escape.

If it was just Lu Yin, they wouldn’t care, but the Second Night King and Lu Ying were inseparable. Facing the Second Night King, how could they be opponents.

They wanted to escape, but they had to be able to escape. Facing the Second Night King, a terrifying existence second only to the Half-Ancestor, these two people only had a combat power of over 700,000, and were directly blasted out of the Star Source Universe. , the king raised his hand to suppress them on the second night, making them unable to move.

Purple God’s face was ferocious, and a terrifying aura suddenly erupted, directly surpassing the combat power of more than 700,000, reaching the level of nearly one million combat power.

Not surprisingly, Jin Mie stared at Lu Yin, his pupils turned into runes, trying to make Lu Yin disappear.

Lu Yin has always been on guard. As the clone of Half Ancestor Xia Ji, no matter how weak Zi Shen is, he should have a combat power of one million. How could he show a combat power of 700,000? When he exploded with all his strength, The King of Night also took action the next day.

And Lu Yin’s own opponent is Jin Mie.

Jin Mie is good at sneak attacks. First he sneak attacked Mirror God, and now he tried to sneak attack Lu Yin.

The God of Mirrors hurriedly took action, and two waves of Zhou Yan Sutra power exploded in front of Lu Yin, blowing like a strong wind, lifting Lu Yin’s hair.

Jin Mie glanced at the Glass God coldly, turned around and ran away. No matter how powerful the Purple God was, he would never be a match for the Second Night King. He just wanted to escape as far away as possible.

Lu Yin raised his hand with a clear palm.

Jin Mie’s whole body was shrouded in the protection of the Zhou Yan Sutra. Kong Ming’s palm touched that layer of protection and was weakened. Even so, the residual power still made Jin Mie unstable.

Jin Mie was horrified, how could Lu Yin be so powerful? It was obvious that the Universe Sea was still very weak in the first battle.

With Lu Yin’s current strength, how could he let Jin Mie escape.

A chessboard appeared under his feet, disappeared instantly, and appeared in front of Jin Mie. Jin Mie had already entered the Star Source Universe, but was still blocked by Lu Yin.

“Get lost”, Jin Mie shouted, staring at Lu Yin with blood and tears streaming from the corners of his eyes, trying to make Lu Yin disappear directly.

Lu Yin sneered, bursting with terrifying power, and the number of runes increased infinitely. No matter how magical the Zhou Yan Scripture was, it was impossible to challenge too many levels. Lu Yin’s number of runes had exceeded the total number of runes that Jin Mie could disappear in an instant. , not to mention that Lu Yin himself also practiced the Zhou Yan Sutra, so Jin Mie’s attack was neither painful nor itchy to him.

Lifting his palm, Lu Yin struck out with another palm.

Jin Mie hurriedly used the state of knowledge.

In the Zhouyan Scripture, the state of knowledge is the strongest defense.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up and he stepped backwards, approaching Jin Mie step by step.

Jin Mie was puzzled at first, but when Lu Yin got closer and closer, the feeling of chaos and void made him uncomfortable, and he could not maintain the state of knowing.

Going in reverse direction, he directly broke through Jin Mie’s Zhen Mie Realm, Zhou Yan Zhen Sutra.

Jin Mie can’t believe it. How is it possible that a single footwork actually broke the Zhou Yan Sutra?

It was unbelievable that Lu Yin was defeated by Chen Zu’s clone in reverse step at first. Now, he has become one of the defeated ones. This feeling is so good.


With a loud noise, Jin Mie’s body was knocked out of the Star Source Universe. Half of his body was shattered and hit hard under the ground of the main hall of the Home of the Gods. Lu Yin walked out, flicked his fingers, and pointed the wind through Jin Mie’s limbs. He was lying on the ground unable to get up, and blood was flowing along the ground.

Jin Mie’s face was pale, with blood at the corner of his mouth, and he glared at Lu Yin unwillingly.


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