Star Odyssey Chapter 1967: Little Mother Tree

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King Ye’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t want to say anything, but under Lu Yin’s gaze, he still said, “It’s the bark of the original mother tree. I have always kept it, nourished it with my talent, and used it as a treasure of heritage.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were bright and he looked into the distance. He saw such a large piece of bark of a mother tree. He really wanted to get whatever he wanted. “Are you a human or a tree now?”

King Ye smiled bitterly, “I don’t know, it could be a person or a tree.”

“What would you do if you got the sapling?” Lu Yin asked.

King Ye’s eyes flashed, “Of course I will cultivate it and wait for it to grow up.”


“It can be used as my clone. The spirit-splitting combat skills of the Lingling tribe are not real clones at all, but short-lived combat skills. I want to have a nine-clone method similar to Chenzu’s. I want to know how the little sapling is. If you are born, you can try to let other Star Source Pills give birth to saplings, then I will have countless clones, and the main body will always cultivate until the half-ancestor. At that time, who will be my opponent in the Fifth Continent?” Ye Wang said, his face turned pale. Red, excited and excited.

It sounded like what he said was fine, but Lu Yin felt something was wrong and glanced at the Second Night King.

The king of the second night has been following Lu Yin for a long time. He knew what Lu Yin meant with just one look. He wanted him to use the illusion of energy and energy to make King Ye tell the truth.

With the strength of the Second Night King, using all his strength to cast the illusion, King Ye will never be able to resist.

Soon after, King Ye’s eyes were dull and he repeated what he said before.

Lu Yin stared at him, “Why are you so eager to get the saplings?”.

King Ye’s eyes were still dull, but his expression was very fanatical, “I want it to become my clone, and I will develop more clones. In the future, I will be the invincible fifth continent, and everyone will respect me. What a hall of glory, what… The Daoyuan Sect all surrenders to me, I am the Mother Tree, and I am everything in this universe.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze and looked at the Second Night King.

The second night king nodded, proving that what King Ye said in the illusion was true.

Lu Yin exhaled. It seemed that he was overthinking it. Just when he was about to let the Second Night King break the illusion, footsteps sounded behind him. It was Yu’er.

She has been hiding underground. Although she was frozen, luckily it was only on the edge, and she was not affected by the battle just now. She was lucky, otherwise she would have died if she touched her.

“He lied”, Yu’er’s voice came.

Lu Yin was startled and looked back at her, “What did you say?”.

Yu Er blinked his eyes, his face was dusty, he looked a little dirty, but he looked even more playful and cute, “King Ye lied, he once said that no matter what master uses spirit and spirit combat skills on him It’s no use.”

“It’s useless? Why?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Yu Er shook her head, “I don’t know, but”, at this point, she wiped her face, “That’s what he said.”

Lu Yin slowly turned around and looked at King Ye.

King Ye’s eyes were still dull, still immersed in fantasy.

Lu Yin stared at King Ye for a long time. He believed in Yu’er more than King Ye. Yu’er wanted to survive and had no conflict of interest with him. He even wanted to take refuge with him. He should not lie.

However, Yu’er’s words cannot prove that King Ye is really immune to the Second Night King’s spiritual combat skills.

Thinking, he looked to the right, looking across a long distance, and saw the headquarters of Clover Company, saw countless people trembling, countless people fainting on the ground, and saw King Xiaoye lying on the ground not knowing whether he was alive or dead

, saw Balsam, Balsam raised his eyes at the same time and looked at Lu Yin.

“Come here”, Lu Yin said two words lightly.

Bangzhi frowned, thought for a while, stood up, raised his feet across the void, and came to Lu Yin’s side. At a glance, he saw King Ye’s eyes were dull, his eyes were bitter, and his face was gloomy.

“What does Alliance Leader Lu want to do with us?” Balsam said in a low voice.

Lu Yin said calmly, “Look at you.”

“I don’t understand”, Balsam is calm.

Lu Yin said, “How much do you know about King Ye?”.

Bangzhi didn’t even look at Lu Yin, just stared at Ye Wang, “I won’t say a word about everything about Ye Wang.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Aren’t you afraid of death?”.

Bangzhi walked towards King Ye step by step, squatted down, and hugged him slowly, “He saved me and gave me everything.”

Lu Yin frowned, this was troublesome, but it also proved that King Ye might be lying. Before, he threatened to compare Balsam’s answer. Now it seems that King Ye should be Mou Ding Balm and won’t say anything. Pretending to be threatened by him, he told most of the truth.

If you want people to believe a lie, 90% of it is true and 10% of it is false. He has the ability and motive to hide the 10% of the truth.

“It’s a pity. It would be fine if you said everything, but you don’t say anything, so I can’t believe what King Ye said,” Lu Yin said lightly.

Basm closed her eyes in pain.

“I would rather kill someone by mistake than let it go,” Lu Yin said, waving his hand, “Destroyed.”

On the second night, the king’s momentum skyrocketed.

King Ye’s dull pupils suddenly shrank, “Wait a minute”, he pushed away the balsam and prayed to look at Lu Yin, “Don’t kill me, I managed to survive from the Daoyuan Sect era to today, I can survive For a longer period of time, I can truly achieve immortality, Alliance Leader Lu, don’t kill me, I am valuable to you, and I can make you immortal.”

Lu Yin was funny and said jokingly, “Do you really think I care about eternal life? It’s just an excuse.”

King Ye prayed loudly, “But I really have a way to make you immortal. It is impossible for human beings to live forever, but there are too many things that are immortal in the universe and stars. The mother tree can do it. Throughout human history, there have been many faults, but the mother tree But it has never been broken. I absorbed the material of the mother tree. Give me a period of time and I can integrate this material into your body, so that you can become the mother tree like me and achieve eternal life. Lord Lu, it is true immortality.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Let me turn into a tree like you? Abandoning my human identity, then why don’t I become the Corpse King? Join the Eternals? They also promise to give eternal life.”

Wang Ye gritted his teeth, “Those are flesh and blood without emotions, so what if they live forever.”

Lu Yin raised his hand and cut off King Ye’s arm with his sharp edge. King Ye’s body was thrown far away, “Look at you, you don’t even have flesh and blood. One has abandoned feelings and the other has abandoned flesh and blood. You are not human, and I , I just want to be a human being, not a monster.”

Both of King Ye’s arms were gone and he stood up with difficulty, “I can help you study space. That flower can really be studied.”

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “My secret strategy already involves the space field and is far more useful than your flower.”

“I can help you absorb the power of others, Alliance Leader Lu. When you and I fought at the beginning, the reason why I was able to resist your Kong Ming Palm was because I absorbed your power,” King Ye shouted.

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What do you mean?”.

King Ye gasped and said in a deep voice, “I know you are not pregnant this time

Good intentions, I never thought that I could hide the capture of the sapling from you, so I arranged it in advance. When we observe the flower, the position where you are sitting is where I can absorb your power. At that time, I I absorbed your physical power and integrated it into my body, allowing me to temporarily have the strength to fight against your Kongming Palm.”

“The tree that trapped the Second Night King is my true body, and my current body is just a transfer of consciousness. There is no way to resist your physical power. I can only do it by absorbing your physical power. Just now you were able to cut off my arm with just one swing, that was because the power I absorbed was exhausted.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Your talent is very useful.”

Ye Wang breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, it’s very useful. As long as you don’t kill me, Alliance Leader Lu, I can help you absorb the power of others and help you embark on the road to true invincibility. Let’s study space and immortality together. I, Clover Company I can help you earn a lot of resources. Leader Lu, killing me will do you no good. Keep me and I can help you do a lot of things.”

The king of the second night looked at Lu Yin, and he was moved. This Ye King is indeed useful. No one knows better than him how difficult it is to live from the Daoyuan Sect era to the present. Maybe, this Ye King is really possible eternal life.

After being quiet for a while, Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back and said, “I am very moved by what you said.”

King Ye’s eyes lit up.

“It’s a pity”, Lu Yin’s face was cold, “You must be hiding something. Being able to survive from the Daoyuan Sect era to now proves your worth, but it also proves that you are very powerful. For powerful people “Either be my friend, or” Lu Yin didn’t say the next words, but the meaning was very clear. He was worried about King Ye and didn’t want him to survive.

On the second night, the king’s momentum surged again, and he stared at King Ye with murderous intent.

Ye Wang’s face changed greatly, “Wait a minute, I said, the reason why I want to capture the sapling is because it is a mother tree.”

What Ye Wang said shocked Lu Yin and Erye Wang. Balsam and Yu’er didn’t understand the mother tree, but they understood it.

“What did you say?” The two of them spoke at the same time, as if they heard something incredible.

After King Ye said these words, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength, lowered his head, and laughed a few times, not sure whether he was laughing at himself or others.

Lu Yin didn’t rush him, just waited.

King Ye slowly raised his head and took a long breath, “I myself absorbed the material of the mother tree and transformed into a half-human and half-tree. The Xingyuan Pill is both my power and the power formed by the material of the mother tree. The saplings emerge from the Xingyuan Pill. There is only one possibility for birth. It relies on the material growth of the mother tree. I don’t know how you did it, Alliance Leader Lu. It stands to reason that it is impossible to give birth to a sapling just by relying on part of the material of the mother tree, but it just appeared.”

“I don’t understand the process, but since it appears, it means that it will only be the mother tree. If I get it, I will get the complete mother tree. I can rely on it to take root in the star source universe, absorb the star source, and fight back against myself. What’s more, I can rely on it to take root in the star source universe. It absorbs more material from the mother tree and makes the body more perfect. It is of great use to me. Who wouldn’t care if the sapling is the mother tree? Since ancient times, there has only been one mother tree. It was born in the starry sky and cannot be planted. But Now the second strain has appeared, and it is the real immortality.”

“I can try to replace it, become the real mother tree, and achieve eternal life.”

Telling the truth in one breath, King Ye exposed the biggest secret and stared at Lu Yin, “Leader Lu, with the little sapling and my help, you can live forever. It really is possible. No one wants to “Eternal life, even if you don’t want your body to turn into a tree, I can still study that substance to accelerate the growth of the sapling and become the second mother tree.”


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