Star Odyssey Chapter 1964: Strange wood

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When Lu Yin said the three words of Xingyuan Dan, the moment he finished speaking, King Ye reached out to grab him and attacked Lu Yin directly, extremely decisively.

As soon as the three words Xingyuan Dan came out, King Ye no longer hesitated, Lu Yin had already shown his cards.

Before Lu Yin disappeared, the Night King appeared on the second day. He snorted coldly and pointed a finger. The Night King’s immortal finger brought extremely cold air and almost froze the entire world of Clover Company in an instant.

This finger was far beyond what King Ye could fight against. The nearby fish was frozen and fell to the ground.

With a click, King Ye was hit on the forehead by a finger, and his head cracked. Strangely, there was no blood, and his body was split into two, turning into a cracked tree to wrap around the second King of the Night.

The Second Night King was disdainful, and with a flick of his finger, the star source swept across the void, causing countless cracks in the world. In the outside world, the three green leaves were all cracked, unable to withstand the power of the Second Night King. .

Lu Yin kept retreating. Clover Company had no power to confront the Second Night King head-on. He looked at the direction of the flower before. He wanted to take that thing away, although it was impossible to study space by studying a flower. , but that flower can bring back his memories.

Unexpectedly, the explosion of King Star Source on the second night did not push away the trees transformed by King Ye. The whole world suddenly mutated, and all the plants quickly condensed. Trees appeared on the earth and soared into the sky. It happened to be on the second night Around the king, the trees continued to form, gradually surrounding the second night king.

Lu Yin’s expression changed, this kind of tree?

With a bang, all the plants in Clover Company’s world disappeared, and only huge trees appeared in the sky, sealing the Second Night King. A loud noise and the roar of the Second Night King came from inside.

He couldn’t break it open.

Lu Yin couldn’t believe it, what kind of tree could trap the Second Night King? Is this King Ye’s trump card?

Behind, the void was distorted. King Ye walked out with a pale face and stared at Lu Yin. His originally handsome face was full of ferocity and his eyes were stern.

Lu Yin turned around and looked at King Ye, “Who are you?”.

King Ye grinned, “Boy, you are too arrogant. I didn’t want to break up with you. You really thought that with the protection of the Second Night King, you could run wild. Don’t you want to know what my creation is? This It’s creation, see clearly?”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, “This is not your power.”

“Hahahaha, it doesn’t need to be my power. The Second Night King is trapped. I can kill you before he escapes. Although I don’t know how you controlled the Second Night King, you are dead. , he will be out of trouble, not only will he not attack me, but he will thank me.” King Ye said sharply, stepped out with one foot, raised his fist and hit Lu Yin with a clean and neat attack.

Lu Yin struck out with a palm, Kong Ming Palm.


A loud noise shook the sky, and the two of them stepped back at the same time.

Ye Wang was shocked, “Your power?”.

Compared to King Ye, Lu Yin was even more surprised. King Ye not only had the power to confront Kong Mingzhang head-on, but also ignored the spirit and field. How could it be possible?

Since breaking through the Star Envoy, even if the three levels are closed to retain the three star source cyclones, which reduces the strength bonus of breaking through the three levels, he is still enough to challenge more than 800,000 combat powerhouses. Later, with the help of Jiu Shen The elder understood Qian Zhongjing and other combat skills, and his strength improved by leaps and bounds, but he did not expect that he could not suppress King Ye all at once.

You must not underestimate King Ye. He escaped from Liu Huang’s sword, and

Today, the second night king is even trapped.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin raised his hand and continued the Kongming Palm. This time, he exerted the maximum power of the Kongming Palm, the Thousand-Strength Kongming Palm.

King Ye rushed towards Lu Yin and was hit by Kong Ming’s palm, which only limited his speed but could not hurt him.

Lu Yin has fought countless battles. King Ye’s real strength should be about the same as him, but he can withstand the Kong Ming Palm. This is something he did not expect. There is something weird about his body.

“So what if I trap the Second Night King? I can get out,” Lu Yin shouted.

King Ye sneered, “Unless you directly destroy the world, don’t even think about going out.” He said, “Move the stars and change the leaves.” He waved his hand, and strange fluctuations passed through Lu Yin’s body, and Lu Yin released The stars turned into fallen leaves.

This is a combat technique that King Ye has used in both the Mountain and Sea Realm and the Supreme Tournament. It can turn the opponent’s star energy into fallen leaves. Lu Yin has seen it before and marveled at the magic. Now that King Ye has used it, he can turn his star energy into fallen leaves. Turn into fallen leaves.

When you reach the Star Envoy realm, you have to worry about the release of Star Source during the battle, even if there is a Breath Collection Stone, lest it attracts the attention of the Star Source Universe, Lu Yin is restrained by King Ye’s move of Star Source and Leaf.

Lu Yin raised his foot and stepped out. The moment King Ye arrived in front of him, his body swayed and he stepped backwards.

Ye Wang punched out, punching through the void. He should have hit Lu Yin, but he just missed. How could it happen?

Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes, and the Zhouyan Scripture – the realm of knowing or not, weakened.

Wang Ye’s face changed, and his chest felt cold. Seeing Lu Yin’s palm come out, he narrowed his eyes. The next moment, Lu Yin not only missed with his palm, but his body was inexplicably thrown far away.

“The secret technique of exile?”, Lu Yin stared at King Ye in disbelief, “Are you from the Hall of Glory?”.

King Ye sneered, “You don’t need to know, you are dead today. There is a fundamental difference between you and me.” As he said that, he pushed his hands sideways and shouted, “Changing stars to change leaves.” At the same time, In the sky above, golden meteors fell down one after another, smacking towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was completely shocked, “Hui Family Combat Skill – Golden Meteor”, how is it possible? King Ye not only knows the secret skills of the Hall of Glory, but also Hui Family Combat Skills, how is it possible?

At this moment, King Ye is full of mystery.

Golden meteors smacked towards Lu Yin, each one possessing the power of 800,000 combat star envoys. This is what King Ye has cultivated for countless years, second only to the trump card that trapped the Second Night King. Speaking of Lu Yin, even if dozens of star envoys attack the clover world at the same time, they will be destroyed by this golden meteor.

Faced with such a strong attack, Lu Yin could only use Zhou Yan Zhenjing to know the realm.

On the opposite side, King Ye sneered, and in Lu Yin’s incredible gaze, his pupils turned into runes, “You think you are the only one who can know the Zhou Yan Sutra, and so can I.” After speaking, he stared at Lu Yin, weakening.

Lu Yin was shocked, and had no time to think about why King Ye knew the Zhouyan Scripture, stepped backwards, and dodged golden meteors one after another.

Every golden meteor strikes, shaking the whole world, like the end of the world,

There are many, many people living in the big world of Clover Company. As the plants are absorbed, those people have panicked. Now, when they see the golden meteors erupting, they are all trembling with fear, fearing that they will be killed.

Bangzhi looked into the distance with a pale face. King Ye finally showed his true power.

No one in this universe understands King Ye, not even the Hall of Glory understands King Ye, and she has only had a glimpse of King Ye, and is already willing to surrender.


Wang Erye may seem incredible to others, but she knows that King Ye can do it. In this big world, King Ye is invincible.

Lu Yin underestimated King Ye and thought he could easily suppress him, but he didn’t expect that King Ye would be trapped the next day and he would also be in a hard fight. This was his first real fight after breaking through the Star Envoy, and he didn’t want to use foreign objects.

King Ye is very strong, so it will be his first touchstone after becoming a Star Messenger.

Lu Yin underestimated King Ye, and King Ye also underestimated Lu Yin.

He originally thought that by breaking Lu Yin’s knowledge of the Zhou Yan Sutra, he could suppress Lu Yin with the golden meteor, or at the worst, force out his trump cards, such as those foreign objects, but he did not expect that Lu Yin could use his footwork and combat skills alone to defeat him. Dodged golden meteors one after another.

Those golden meteors are not real meteors and can be easily avoided. Each meteor has an attack power of 800,000, which is equivalent to the attack of a strong man with 800,000 combat power. How can it be easily avoided.

But Lu Yin avoided it very easily, very easily.

King Ye had to stop the golden meteor fighting technique and looked deeply at Lu Yin, “Where did you learn this footwork? I’ve never seen you use it before.”

Lu Yin raised his head, “You haven’t seen a lot, King Ye. To be honest, I did underestimate you, but that’s it. I’m very interested in your secrets.” After saying that, he stepped on He approached Ye King at an extremely fast speed, reversed the chaos in the void, and made Ye King’s attack helpless. He even visualized the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant, and his power increased tenfold, and he struck out with one palm.

The Ye King can move stars and change leaves. Facing him is like facing the Star Envoy in the Enlightenment state. It is difficult to defeat, but it is not impossible to defeat him.

Wang Ye gritted his teeth, “That’s it? You can give it a try,” he said while raising his hand to resist Lu Yin’s palm.


A shocking loud noise tore through the world, and outside, one of the green leaves split directly.

The brains of everyone in the big world roared, and the cultivators under the enlightenment state fainted directly, and some were even shocked to death.

Lu Yin and Ye Wang Jingtian faced each other and retreated at the same time again.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply. It was impossible. His strength had increased tenfold. With a million combat power, no one should be able to resist it unless the Eternals became the zombie king.

King Ye exclaimed, “Everyone in the world says that your physical strength, Lu Yin, is invincible. It is indeed true. You are the only one who can face me head-on for many years.”

Both sides marveled at the other’s power, and neither understood why the other had such power.

“Who are you?” Lu Yin shouted sharply, his body suddenly disappeared, and he reached the limit of reverse step, just like using the Great Teleportation Formation, surrounded by stars, 38,000 stars turned into celestial swordsmanship, slashed down with one sword, and at the same time , the pupils turned into runes to weaken King Ye’s runes.

King Ye raised his hand, and it was still the secret skill of banishment. It was not to banish Lu Yin himself, but to banish the Star Sword Technique. Even though Lu Yin used the Fourteenth Sword to perform the Star Sword Technique, he was still restrained. Regarding the use of the secret skill of banishment, King Ye was far away. More than super clear them.

Lu Yin let go of his hand, and the Star Sword Technique turned into stars surrounding him. He struck out with one palm, the Star Palm.

Ye Wang’s pupils also turned into runes and met Lu Yin’s eyes, weakening each other. He fired his palms at the same time, and struck at each other with dozens of palms. Both sides could do nothing to the other. Gradually, Lu Yin suddenly felt pain.

Before, even with the strongest force, he would not feel any pain. Now, suddenly, he thought of something, “Can you still amplify your five senses?”

Amplification of the five senses is also the secret technique of the Hall of Glory. If King Ye can know how to banish, he can amplify the five senses.


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