Star Odyssey Chapter 1963: Healing and Creation

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Hearing Lu Yin’s dissatisfaction, King Ye smiled and said, “Leader Lu, just look at it quietly. This flower is the one I have seen in my life. No, it is a strange plant that has not even been recorded in ancient books. It is the most peculiar. The unique thing is that it can form all kinds of food, and I don’t know how it is formed. Just like we humans have talents that cannot be explained, this flower also cannot be explained that it can form food, such as barbecue, such as exquisite dishes.”

Lu Yin was surprised, is there such a thing?

“And I have checked that these foods are made from real ingredients, just like the food made by others is transferred here,” Ye Wang said.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Then I want to see, how long will it take?”.

“I’m not sure. Alliance Leader Lu is here to study immortality. I can tell Alliance Leader Lu that I have no clue about immortality, but there is a little bit about space, and it has something to do with this flower,” King Ye said confidently. .

Lu Yin looked at King Ye, “Did you study space through it?”.

King Ye nodded, “How should I put it? After researching so far, I found that space may not exist. It is just an illusion in our human understanding. Just like this flower, I don’t believe it comes out of nothing. It definitely comes through space. Bringing food that someone else has made, and this space, it doesn’t mean anything to it.”

Lu Yin thought of Wireless Gu. Space seemed to have no meaning to Wireless Gu.

“In addition to bringing Alliance Leader Lu here to see the magic of this flower, I also want to study space with Alliance Leader Lu. As far as I know, Alliance Leader Lu also has something that is said to be able to ignore space, which is a kind of Gu.” King Ye He stared at Lu Yin and said.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “Wireless Gu”.

“When Balsam presented a gift to Young Emperor Qing on behalf of our Clover Company, Alliance Leader Lu became interested in wireless Gu at that time. You might as well tell Alliance Leader Lu that Balsam also investigated the wireless Gu cultivated in the small city and was equally interested, but Lu The Alliance Leader took the lead, if Alliance Leader Lu thinks our Clover Company is qualified, we might as well study together,” King Ye suggested.

Lu Yin thought for a moment and said, “It’s okay to study together, but it will consume a lot of resources.”

King Ye smiled and said, “This aspect will be fully undertaken by our Clover Company. How about we allocate one billion crystal marrow first?”

Lu Yin smiled brightly and said, “Okay.”

King Ye smiled and sat down, “Let’s wait and see, Leader Lu may be able to see something.”

Lu Yin came here to eliminate Clover Company, not to study with it, but he didn’t care about such a short time.

King Ye probably guessed his purpose. He labeled him when he came up and said that he represented the Hall of Glory. Now he is tempting him with research space and providing funds. How could Lu Yin not see it? If he didn’t want to delay time , just find a way to deal with him.

Lu Yin was also curious as to what ability King Ye had to fight against the Second Night King. He was at best about the same as Liu Ye Feihua, but he was far behind the Second Night King.

One day passed quickly, and on Hua Shang, the piece of meat had been thrown away by King Ye. He did not eat meat.

After waiting for another two days, the petals suddenly moved, and then in Lu Yin’s surprised eyes, a dish appeared. It was a very delicate dish. Although the ingredients could not be seen, the fragrance could not deceive anyone.

Lu Yin kept staring at the flowers, but he didn’t see how the vegetables appeared.

He suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar, very familiar, this flower, the dish that appeared inexplicably. At this time, King Ye next to him laughed loudly, and Lu Yin’s mind suddenly tightened. The same flower, the same laughter ,

What he saw in front of him was blurry, as if he saw several figures sitting around, talking about something, and waiting for something.

This scene is very familiar, yet very sad. What’s going on? Had he seen this kind of flower before? When was Lu Xiaoxuan? Then these people are the Seven Heroes?

“Leader Lu,” King Ye shouted and looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was startled. The blurry scene disappeared. He saw King Ye and exhaled, “What’s the matter?”.

King Ye asked, “Can Alliance Leader Lu see clearly?”

Lu Yin was surprised, “What do you see clearly?”.

“The emergence of food”, Ye Wangdao.

Lu Yin shook his head, “No.”

King Ye was disappointed, “It appears out of thin air, either created or transferred. This is what I said to Leader Lu. If we can study this flower thoroughly, maybe we also have similar abilities.”

“The ability to transform into delicious food?” Lu Yin’s eyes lit up and he blurted out, as if he had said the same thing before.

Ye Wang was stunned, “Of course it’s not about changing food, but the ability to control space.” He looked at Lu Yin a little strange. Normal people wouldn’t think of changing into food.

Lu Yin looked at the flowers blankly, recalling the familiar scene, and was stunned again for a moment.

Seeing Lu Yin’s appearance, a cold light flashed deep in King Ye’s eyes, and he moved his fingers.

At this time, a roasted pig appeared on the petals, and the aroma was fragrant, waking up Lu Yin.

Lu Yin grabbed the roasted pork leg and ate it. His mood couldn’t get better. His memories and emotions had been sealed. Even if he remembered some of them occasionally, he felt sad. Perhaps, sealing is not necessarily a bad thing. Once he remembered it, he Not as happy as now.

After finishing a roasted pig, Lu Yin stood up and wiped his hands casually on his body, saying, “It’s great.”

King Ye was surprised that Lu Yin looked like two different people. Could it be that he had a dual personality?

“Let’s go”, Lu Yin turned around and left the flowing water waterfall.

King Ye followed, “Leader Lu, let’s study space together. This is the most magical power.”

Lu Yin did not answer, but asked, “It is said that King Ye represents creation and healing. I understand healing, it is Clover Company. So, what is creation?”, as he said, he looked at King Ye.

Ye Wang and Lu Yin looked at each other and said with a smile, “What kind of creation is just a sense of mystery deliberately created by the people below. Otherwise, how could others care about our Clover Company?”

Lu Yin looked away, “reasonable”.

At this time, in front, a figure came across the void. It was a girl, with bright eyes and white teeth, a beautiful appearance, cunning eyes, and a hint of charm.

“Yu’er meets King Ye, meets Lord Lu.” The girl came to the two men and saluted respectfully.

“Yu’er, what’s the matter?” King Ye asked.

Yu Er pursed his lips with a slight smile, “All the company’s information on drug research for immortality has been prepared.”

Wang Ye said favorably and looked at Lu Yin, “Alliance Leader Lu is interested in eternal life. This is all that Clover Company can do. I will take you to see it.”

Lu Yin said, “Don’t worry,” he said, looking at Yu Er, “Are you Yu Mu’s disciple?”.

King Ye looked at Yu’er.

Yu Er saluted respectfully, “I didn’t expect Alliance Leader Lu to know my daughter. Master was once rude to Alliance Leader, and I apologized for Master.” He said and saluted again.

Lu Yin said, “Fish Screen

I said, you are the hidden seed of Clover Company, let me be careful about you.”

Yu Er was surprised, “Why be so careful? Did the little girl do something wrong? Or did the master have some misunderstanding? Oh, by the way.” Yu’er seemed to have remembered something and looked aggrieved, “Master once wanted the little girl to The little girl didn’t agree to accompany him, so she did it.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked at King Ye, “I have always been curious about the seeds of Clover Company. King Ye, I wonder if there are any seeds hidden by Clover Company in our Dongjiang Alliance?”.

King Ye was startled and said in a deep voice, “I don’t know what the traitor Yumu said to Alliance Leader Lu. The so-called hidden seeds are just that our Clover Company sponsors some talented practitioners, and we don’t want their talents to go to waste. , it can be regarded as making a contribution to mankind, but it does not control their lives, and it is impossible for them to become spies. Leader Lu said this is a bit too much.”

“But you didn’t answer my question.” Lu Yin stared at King Ye and asked again, “In our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, does Clover Company have hidden seeds?”

Yu’er opened his eyes wide and looked curiously.

King Ye is a **** in their hearts. Has anyone ever questioned King Ye like this? I didn’t even dare to think about it, but I didn’t expect that she would see it today.

King Ye frowned, “No.”

Lu Yin and King Ye looked at each other for a while, and then smiled, “I believe King Ye.”

King Ye looked ugly, “Leader Lu, I welcome you to the big world of Clover Company’s headquarters. Whether it is the company’s drug research secrets for immortality or the flower that I regard as the future and can study space, I will welcome you. I shared it with you, but Alliance Leader Lu’s attitude towards me seems not very friendly.”

“Although our Clover Company is not as good as the Dongjiang Alliance, we will not bow down.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Don’t mind, King Ye, we haven’t said anything about the business yet.”

“Alliance Leader Lu can take away all the research materials on immortality drugs from our Clover Company as a gift, and don’t talk about anything else,” King Ye said dissatisfied.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Research on immortality drugs has been accumulated by Clover Company for many years. This gift from King Ye is so valuable that I am flattered.”

Ye Wang said, “I just hope that Alliance Leader Lu will not disappoint my good intentions. If Alliance Leader Lu is still willing to study space with me, I welcome it.”

“Of course I am willing, but there are some things that must be made clear.” Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back and looked at Ye Wang, “Xia Yi said that it was you who let him go.”

King Ye’s eyes widened sharply, “What Xia Yi? I don’t know what Alliance Leader Lu is talking about.”

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Don’t you know? I went to the Seven-Character Royal Court and specifically asked Xia Yi. Xia Yi was captured by our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and imprisoned in the Rus Empire Fortress. It was you who let him go. “.

King Ye moved his fingers and his expression became darker, “It turns out that Alliance Leader Lu is here to ask for guilt.”

Lu Yin raised his head and said, “It doesn’t count. Tell me the reason. Maybe I don’t care?”.

King Ye’s eyes flickered, “I didn’t let him go. You can ask Xia Yi to confront me. Besides, I have no reason to let him go.”

“Why?” Lu Yin touched the Ningkong Ring and suddenly looked at Yu Er, “Your name, King Ye, represents creation and healing. Do you know what it means?”.

Yu Er was startled, not expecting Lu Yin to ask her, “I, no, don’t know.”

Lu Yin smiled, “It’s very simple. Cure represents Clover Company, creation.” He stared at King Ye, “It represents – Xingyuan Dan.”


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