Star Odyssey Chapter 196: Your name

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After listening to the old man’s words, Lu Yin pondered. The Leo family and the Pirate Port were attacked. He seemed to have caught something, but he didn’t completely figure it out.

The old man said lightly, “If a person encounters an enemy that is too powerful, he will first hide and eliminate all clues that may lead to him being found.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up and he clenched his fists. That’s right, if this planet really belongs to the Leo family, then the only reason for them to attack the pirate port is to eliminate all clues about themselves, and even fabricate a war to destroy the entire planet. The family disappears to avoid powerful enemies.

I was just unlucky and happened to encounter this kind of thing. A small person is a small person. Even if he was accidentally injured, no one would seek justice for him. Lu Yin believed that once the Leo family discovered the existence of Zhuo Baiye, they would never throw her here. On this planet, in the final analysis, it is power, and Lu Yin began to desire power.

He doesn’t want to be easily sacrificed in the future. No matter how strong he is, unless he is truly invincible in the universe, he can only be reduced to a chess piece. He doesn’t want to be a chess piece, he wants to be a chess player.

What he experienced during this period was something he would never forget, and the inhuman torture changed his mind.

The old man looked into Lu Yin’s eyes and saw a different look. The corners of his mouth curled up. Sometimes a word could ignite a fire.

“You just said that the Leo family has not mined for a month, which proves that they have left, right?” Lu Yin asked.

The old man shook his head, “This planet is very hidden, and the Leo family will not give up, but”, at this point, the old man paused, his eyes deep, “Once we give up, the entire planet will turn into dust.”

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat, “What do you mean? This planet is going to be destroyed?”.

The old man nodded, “The big forces all have their own ways and means of doing things. The pirate port you mentioned was attacked before you were thrown to this planet. If the Leo family really wants to disappear, then after that There shouldn’t be any movement, but you were thrown onto this planet. Your existence is evidence that the Leo family still exists. In order to eliminate all evidence, once they abandon this planet, it will be completely destroyed.”

“The Leo family doesn’t know I’m alive,” Lu Yin said.

The old man was disdainful, “They don’t need to know. What they want is to eliminate all possible evidence. Even uneaten white meat can be analyzed through meat quality.”

“What about you? Why did you appear on this planet?” Lu Yin suddenly asked as the topic changed. The old man was so calm, maybe there was a way to escape.

“You may know about me in the future, but now.” Suddenly, the old man’s face changed drastically, “Boy, I was right. Just pray, it depends on this time whether you can survive.”

Lu Yin raised his head and his pupils shrank. He saw a beam of light hitting the ground. It was so familiar and unforgettable. He was almost annihilated by this beam of light.


The earth shook, air waves swept in from the distance, strong winds blew away the thick clouds, and Lu Yin saw the stars for the first time.

Huge cracks spread on the ground, and fiery red magma erupted from the ground. The old man grabbed Lu Yin and flew into the air. Although Lu Yin had recovered a lot from his physical injuries and could even use his fighting spirit, his internal organs were still seriously injured and he wanted to use Combat skills are difficult, and the star energy is only absorbed a little through the Tianxing Gong, so there is no way to avoid the beam attack.

“Boy, there is a spaceship in the ground five miles north of where my grandson’s bones are buried. I wish you good luck.” As he said that, the old man threw Lu Yin out, put his palms together, and an indescribable chant appeared inexplicably outside his body, as if coming from Ancient times also seem to come from the distant future, breaking through the starry sky and shooting directly into the universe.

Outside the Tuofu Planet, a super-large warship was suspended and bombarded with beams of light in an attempt to completely destroy the planet.

In the spaceship, a young man looked at the bombarded Tofu star with bright eyes and praised, “Grandpa Third, thank you for letting me visit. It is rare for a planet to be destroyed. It is so beautiful!”.

Not far away, a middle-aged man smiled and looked at Tuofu Xing with a high gaze, “This is the property of our Leo family, but we must give it up, otherwise the enemy will trace it.”

“Is there anyone else on this planet?” The young man was curious.

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “You can’t be considered a human being, just a slave.”

“It’s a pity that I can’t see them being crushed,” the young man sighed.

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “There will be many opportunities like this in the future. When we go to other territories, Third Grandpa will catch more slaves for you to play with.”

“Thank you Third Grandpa” the young man was overjoyed.

Suddenly, the majestic chant broke through the atmosphere of Tofu Star and burst into the starry sky.

The super-large spaceship shook. Everyone stared blankly at the vision not far away. The third grandfather’s eyes changed, and then he said hotly, “Inheritance, this is an ancient inheritance. I didn’t expect that an abandoned planet would have an inheritance.” , after speaking, he rushed out of the spacecraft and rushed towards the Tofu star.

At the same time, several figures rushed out, also rushing towards Tofu Star.

They are all strong men in the Leo family who walk in the starry sky. Among them, the third grandfather is the only strong man in the cruising realm in the family. They are the protectors of the Leo family. At this moment, they were attracted by the old man and rushed towards the Tuofu star. .

For the powerful people who walk in the starry sky, the destruction of the planet is not a threat to their lives, inheritance is the most important thing.

Lu Yin was thrown to the ground in the distance. The place next to him was the burial place of the old man’s grandson. He looked into the distance. The old man made a huge noise. What on earth was he going to do with such a big noise?

“Boy, let’s go. Remember to recite the full text of Shibi more often. It will be good for you. I will also remove your dark power. Forget everything that happened here and live well.” The old man’s voice rang in Lu Yin’s ears.

Lu Yin stared at the old man closely. The two had been together for two and a half months. From the beginning when he was wary of the old man to later feeling aggrieved and now, Lu Yin didn’t know what his emotions were. It was very complicated. Anyway, He had been saved by this person, and his strength had greatly increased. “Let’s go together,” Lu Yin shouted.

The old man turned around and smiled, his face was as thin as a skeleton, but this smile was full of sunshine. Lu Yin even saw kindness and relief in his eyes, “Your words are enough, good boy, live Get down, let’s go, I’ll cut off the road for you.”

Lu Yin only felt the strong wind, being pushed hard to the north, where there was a spaceship prepared for him.

“Your name” Lu Yin shouted.

“Hahahaha, I have lived my whole life, but I didn’t expect to be buried in a place on the edge of the outer universe. Fortune plays a trick on people, and God plays a trick on people.” The old man laughed wildly, and at this moment, several figures landed, and they were the ones from the Leo family. A strong man walking in the starry sky.

The moment they saw the old man, those people were surprised, how could there be such a powerful practitioner here?

“It is your honor to be buried with me.” The old man made a move with one hand, and the entire Tuofu star changed. Time seemed to have stopped. Those strong men walking in the starry sky appeared before the old man without any ability to resist. The people in front of him, including the strong man in the cruising realm, were all stunned.

Lu Yin fell to the ground again and looked back. He happened to see this scene. He couldn’t understand how the old man did it. The power level was too different. Then, the void exploded and black cracks swallowed everything. Gradually spread.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, and he hit the ground with a palm, revealing a personal spaceship. He entered it without hesitation and started it immediately.

As the spacecraft swayed and gradually lifted into the sky, in the distance, the black hole spread more and more. It had swallowed up the old man and those strong men walking in the starry sky, and was gradually going to swallow up the entire Tofu Star.

The mountains, rivers and land were completely destroyed, magma erupted, and was quickly swallowed up by the black hole. In the distance, some slaves screamed desperately, but no one could save them. A burst of magma swept past like a wave, and everything disappeared.

The spacecraft flew up at high speed with a roar, narrowly avoiding being swallowed by the black hole, crossing the atmosphere, and appearing in the starry sky.

Lu Yin looked back and saw that the floating star was gradually disappearing.

Ahead, a very large spaceship came into view. This was the spaceship of the Leo family.

As a burst of traction appeared, Lu Yin’s personal spaceship was uncontrollably sucked into the Leo family’s super-large spaceship.

Everyone in the Leo family is looking at the Tuofu planet with anxiety. The whole planet is almost gone. Why haven’t the powerful members of the family appeared yet?

The spacecraft shook for a while, and Lu Yin opened his eyes. As the hatch opened, dozens of Leo family practitioners gathered around, staring at Lu Yin, “Come out, come out immediately.”

Lu Yin walked out slowly, with only a rag covering his whole body. He looked like a primitive man. His hair had grown a bit, and his face was dark. He looked no different from those slaves.

“Take him to see the young master” shouted one person. This person was a cultivator in the extreme realm, and there were at least five strong ones in the extreme realm around him.

Lu Yin did not act rashly, he had breath gathering skills. These people did not know his strength at all. What they wanted to know most at the moment was what happened to Tuofu Star. All the strong men in the family who walked in the starry sky disappeared. This is a big problem for the Leo family. It was a disaster. Without the protection of those people, the family would not be able to survive no matter how many resources they had.

This super large spaceship is equivalent to a small city. There are more than 100,000 people living in it, floating in the starry sky. The person who calls the shots is the strong man in the cruising realm. However, this person disappeared together with the Tofu star. At this moment, Lei The Ao family was in panic, and those people couldn’t wait to get the news from Lu Yin.

Pushing open the door, Lu Yin was pushed into the main hall, surrounded by a circle of leaders of the Leo family.

Lu Yin glanced at everyone. It was these people who almost killed him. A beam of light made him fall completely into the abyss, but they didn’t care at all.

“Tell me, what happened to Tuofu Xing?” A middle-aged man shouted, staring at Lu Yin closely.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. This person was not weak in strength. He could actually bring him a sense of crisis. He was a person at the peak of the extreme realm, who was comparable to the domain lord. There were several people at the peak of the extreme realm around him.

Although these people are not as talented as the students of the Starry Sky War Academy and are very strong at a young age, with time, they have reached the level of a domain lord or even stronger. Fortunately, he has not yet. He found an extreme powerhouse that could make his scalp tingle, which meant that the Leo family did not have an extreme powerhouse that could compete with the Realm Lord.

The strongest group of practitioners who walked in the starry sky all died on Tuofu Star.


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