Star Odyssey Chapter 195: Future variables

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The old man’s face changed, looking at Lu Yin, sometimes strangely, sometimes with flickering eyes, as if he was hesitating for something, especially when he looked at the perfect galaxy diagram formed by Lu Yin’s ninth star, the strange color on his face became even stronger Okay, this doesn’t seem to be the orthodox Tianxing Kung Fu.

“The orthodox Tianxing Gong is to open up the thirty-six fatal points of the human body and completely eliminate the weak points. However, this child’s Tianxing Gong is forced to operate. There are powerful people to take action, but this method can only last for a while. Tianxing Gong How can anyone deduce this? This boy will definitely go to Tianxing Sect.” The old man thought in his heart, his eyes flashing.

After a while, as if he had made up his mind, the old man flicked his finger, and a wisp of strong wind swept past, hitting Lu Yin directly on the back of his head. He fainted again. On this planet, he seemed to have no power. Sobering up, going back and forth between being dizzy and not dizzy.

The old man walked up to Lu Yin and raised the soles of his feet, “One of the thirty-six fatal points is here. If you want to learn orthodox Tianxing Kung Fu, you must open up the fatal points. I don’t know if those old guys from the Tianxing Sect saw the soles of your feet. What pattern will you choose? Unfortunately, I can’t see it.” After saying that, Zixing could carve something on the soles of Lu Yin’s feet.

“Boy, the moment the patterns on the soles of your feet are exposed, it will change your destiny. I hope you can bear it.” The old man murmured to himself, looked at Lu Yin complicatedly, and casually removed the dark energy on his body. There is no need. Originally, I just wanted to leave a glimmer of hope, but now, it depends on how lucky this kid is. He has a background from the Tianxing Sect, so his chances are much greater than others. But why are the disciples of the Tianxing Sect in the outer universe? He couldn’t figure it out. Thanks to this kid pretending not to know about the new universe, he had been deceived.

No matter what, even if this kid is a traitor to the Tianxing Sect, as long as the Tianxing Gong is not abolished, he will have a chance, let alone being able to deduce the ninth star. There is a big shot behind this kid.

How could the old man know that Lu Yin’s Tianxing Gong was stolen? Of course he didn’t know about the New Universe. The Tianxing Sect’s protection of the Tianxing Gong was unparalleled. It was impossible for the old man to think that someone could steal the Tianxing Gong. This was a misunderstanding. , as for whether Lu Yin will go to Tianxing Sect in the future, no one knows whether the pattern on the soles of his feet will be exposed.

After an unknown amount of time, Lu Yin woke up again and rubbed his head. What happened? I fainted out of nowhere. Could it be the sequelae of memorizing the full text of Shibi?

Lu Yin subconsciously looked up at the stone wall and was dumbfounded. The previous full text was gone and countless numbers appeared. What does this mean? He turned around to look for the old man.

A piece of meat flew over in front of him. Lu Yin took it and looked outside the cave.

The old man came over and said, “Eat it and then carry it on your back.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “I said, do you also need to memorize these numbers?”.

“Nonsense, just memorize it if I ask you to,” the old man shouted.

Lu Yin even wanted to scold him. There were numbers all over the stone wall. He had memorized the whole text for nearly a month, but now he still had numbers.

“Don’t worry, these numbers are not oppressive. You can carry them on your back soon.” The old man explained when he saw Lu Yin’s increasingly ugly face.

Lu Yin is better now. As long as he is not oppressed, it is not too difficult to carry the whole body. After all, he is a strong person in the Fusion Realm, and his five senses have been greatly improved.

“By the way, I remember you know how to fight. Try it,” the old man said suddenly.

Lu Yin was surprised, but he still circulated his fighting energy, and the air flow surrounded his body. Then, the fighting energy turned into black and covered his whole body, forming veins, and the lines were purple.

Black fighting spirit and purple stripes, this is the symbol of the three lines of fighting spirit.

Lu Yin looked at his body blankly, in disbelief. How could he improve his three lines of fighting spirit so much? It’s obviously the initial fighting spirit.

The old man was not surprised, “Sure enough, your physical talent is very good. It has actually been improved from the initial level to the third level. It is quite good. You are considered to be somewhat powerful among the younger generation.”

“How could this happen?” Lu Yin was puzzled.

The old man smiled strangely, “Because you are dead.”

Lu Yin was confused.

The corners of the old man’s mouth curled up and he said calmly, “There is a very strange skill in the universe called the Mysterious Skill of Life and Death. This skill is not difficult, but the training conditions are so harsh that almost no one in the universe can do it. Because it is for dead people to practice.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and stared at the old man.

“When you fell on this planet, in order to avoid being eaten, you overdrafted your strength and used combat skills. You then faced off with those slaves for several days. In fact, after I appeared, you fainted. That cannot be considered fainting. , because you are really dead.” The old man stared at Lu Yin, and seeing his confused look, he continued, “I controlled your own star energy to run the Mysterious Life and Death Technique. This technique cannot help you heal your injuries. On the contrary, it may even aggravate your injuries. “I was injured and tried this technique just out of curiosity. I didn’t expect that you survived, and you were successful in this technique.”

“How did I survive?” Lu Yin frowned.

“I don’t know, you survived anyway. I said before that most people can’t survive your injuries. No matter how strong you are, that kind of injury is equivalent to death. I’m just curious about how to run the Mystical Art of Life and Death for you, but you Now that you have come back to life, you can also enjoy the benefits brought to you by the Mysterious Art of Life and Death,” the old man said enviously.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “I have already practiced other techniques, and it is impossible for me to practice other techniques.”

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to practice the Mysterious Art of Life and Death. Only dead people can practice it. Its only use is to try your luck. If you die, you will die. But if you live, then congratulations, you will transform, just like now “The old man said.

Lu Yin looked at his hands and the lines on his body. He could feel his strength, which was the strength gained from gambling with his life.

“Then can I continue to use the Mysterious Skills of Life and Death to improve my fighting spirit in the future?” Lu Yin asked. His fighting spirit suddenly increased so much that everyone was excited.

The old man shook his head, “I said that the Mysterious Art of Life and Death does not require practice, and of course it cannot be used. It is just gambling, squeezing your potential at the moment of your death. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. The Mysterious Art of Life and Death not only does not It will stimulate this potential, and even suppress the body’s self-healing ability, aggravating the injury, and these potentials are converted into power. When you die, everything is gone, but as long as you live, these powers will be fed back to yourself, no need to I’m surprised that your fighting spirit has improved so much, because you really risked your life to get it back.”

Lu Yin stared at the old man closely, “You mean you didn’t want to save me at the beginning, but you were just curious and that’s why you used the Mysterious Skill of Life and Death on me?”.

The old man admitted without hesitation.

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze, and only a fool would believe it. This old guy must have hoped that someone could carry those things down and deliver them to the person he designated. However, the place he mentioned was too dangerous, so he used the Mysterious Skill of Life and Death to deny it. He kept betting that whoever survived would have a greater chance of gaining strength. He was by no means the only one who had his life-and-death mystical skills, but he was the only one who survived.

The old guy was really cruel. At that time, he was destined to die, and using the Mysterious Skills of Life and Death to suppress his self-healing ability was tantamount to murder. It was a miracle that he survived.

“Back then, there were people who were jealous of the Mysterious Art of Life and Death, but did not dare to practice it, so they searched for 10,000 geniuses in the entire universe, killed them all, and then started to use the Mysterious Art of Life and Death. Unfortunately, all those geniuses died and none survived. From now on, this The martial art has been forgotten,” the old man murmured, looking at Lu Yin with some envy.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Old man, looking at you now, you have actually reached the stage of practicing the Mysterious Art of Life and Death. Practice, maybe your strength will increase and you can fly out.”

“Fly out? Boy, you don’t think that I can’t reach the exploration level, do you? Let me tell you, grandpa, when I was at my peak, I could smash hundreds of these planets with one slap,” the old man said disdainfully.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, only a fool would believe that even in the hunting realm it would be difficult to destroy so many planets with one blow!

“Okay, stop talking nonsense and memorize it quickly,” the old man urged.

Lu Yin had no choice but to look at the stone wall and began to recite the irregular numbers.

Although there were many numbers, he memorized them all in a few days without any pressure. In order to prevent him from forgetting, the old man forced him to memorize the numbers and the full text of Shibi every day. The numbers were easy to memorize, but the full text It was very difficult. He could only recite a little bit at a time and then fainted. He would wake up and continue reciting it, and so on, and another half a month passed.

Since ten days ago, Lu Yin has taken over the hunting job. The old man is very strong. Lu Yin knows this, but he is not very comfortable with letting an old guy who can barely walk find food for him. Habit.

Looking at the dry land and the slaves mining in the distance, Lu Yin felt depressed. He looked up at the sky. Thick dark red clouds buried the planet. It was like a cemetery.


A chilling sound sounded after itself, and a huge strange beetle bit Lu Yin fiercely. This kind of beetle can bite through metal and tear the earth apart. Those slaves could only run away when they encountered it, but this thing It’s food for Lu Yin and the old man.

With a bang, the beetle was killed. Lu Yin took back his hand and looked at the three lines of fighting energy covering his body, experiencing its power. He wondered what level he was in the academy now? Domain owner? Ordinary Territory Lords are definitely no match for him. Fankelide only has the second level of fighting spirit. Perhaps, he is qualified to compete for the title of the strongest Territory Lord.

Not knowing when he could go back, Lu Yin looked up again and dragged the giant beetle back to the cave.

At this moment, there is still half a month left before the Ten Academy Competition.

With the beetle still at the entrance of the cave, Lu Yin saw the old man staring high into the sky and asked in confusion, “What are you looking at?”.

The old man frowned and said, “Something’s wrong. Mine hasn’t been collected for a month.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “Ore collection? Whose planet is this? Who will come to collect the ore? When?”.

The old man glanced at Lu Yin and said, “Do you really want to go back?”.

“Nonsense” Lu Yin shouted.

The old man laughed and said, “Don’t you know how much you have strengthened in just two and a half months?”.

“So what if the universe is invincible, what’s the use of facing you all day long?” Lu Yin rolled his eyes.

The old man said lightly, “This planet belongs to the Leo family.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Leao family?”.

The old man nodded.

“No, I was attacked at the Pirate Port. The Leo family should have been attacked by enemies, and they might even have been destroyed. How could it be from the Leo family?” Lu Yin frowned in confusion.

The old man disdainfully said, “Don’t deny it when something happens. Think about its rationality. This planet does belong to the Leo family.”


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