Star Odyssey Chapter 1939: Star Luo Territory

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The Ce family is unlikely to be willing to let him observe and imitate the chessboard. Do they want to imitate the chief referee? He couldn’t do it on his own.

You Kexin left, You Lao paddled, and Lu Yin sat alone on the wooden boat and swam on the Great Styx River.

The Star Luo Territory is a rather peculiar region. The Ce family has been operating for countless years, using planets as chess pieces. The entire Star Luo Territory is like a chessboard. No matter from which angle you look at it, the Star Luo Territory is a neatly arranged chess game.

The further away you get from the Seven-Character Royal Court, the more surprised you are by the strangeness of the Seven-Character Royal Court.

Youjia Great Styx River is like a mirror of the starry sky, reflecting bright light, Kujia Lingxu earth is shining with thunder, Cejia Xingluo Domain is a chessboard, as if playing chess for a giant, Huijia Wanxiang Mountain , containing countless golden meteors, the Xia family’s Xia Dao Continent is like a long knife lying across the starry sky, unparalleled, and the Xie family’s bone plain is full of white bones, and the yin energy is overwhelming.

The Seven-Character Royal Court surrounds the Chenzu Tomb, forming the most terrifying behemoth in the southern boundary of the new universe.

On a planet in the Xingluo Territory, Zhu San was drinking depressedly. What he saw in front of him was a little hazy. He was drunk. This was a flower house. There were beautiful women everywhere, but no one greeted him.

At this time, the hustle and bustle made the entire flower building excited. In the rear courtyard, in the room, and outside, beautiful women walked out one after another, looking at the door with bright eyes.

Several young men entered with humble expressions, but could not hide the pride in their eyes. After entering the flower house, one of them hugged two beautiful women and laughed and played, making the people around them envious.

“That is Qian Ye, the leader of the Fantasy Business Alliance. He is really impressive. He is worthy of being the genius who can help the family lay out the Fantasy Business Alliance and ultimately control the Fantasy Business Alliance.” Some people commented, and their voices were not quiet.

The young master who was leading the group with his arms around two beautiful women heard this, and the corners of his mouth raised in a proud arc, becoming more and more presumptuous. The sweet smile that came from his ears made his heart sway.

“Qian Ye, the master of the Fantasy Business Alliance, Zi Shu, the master of the Guangyuan Consortium, and Mr. Ming Tai, who is married to the princess of the Fengqi Great World. These three are now the most outstanding geniuses of the Ce family. Our Ce family is very particular. Strategic layout, not advocating force, and better at grasping the highest value at the smallest cost. The three geniuses have mastered the Fantasy Business Alliance, Guangyuan Consortium and Fengqi World for their family. They even overshadowed their peers named Ce. In particular, the three of them are brothers and sisters, even if the clan leader Ce Jiu Shao sees them, they treat each other with courtesy.”

“Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of people with foreign surnames in my family. There are too few who can achieve the level they do. However, I heard that there are people with foreign surnames who are hiding deeper and are plotting big things.”

“It’s just a rumor. Who believes it? Without using family resources, the three of them have reached the limit of their current achievements. This is because the three of them support each other. Look at that drunkard, Zhu San, whose surname is Zhu’s family. He attempted to seize a city in the outer universe, but failed and returned.”

“Is he Zhusan? It is said that the family has great expectations for him. They even handed over the battle strategy to him, but he still failed, and it is a garbage place like the outer universe. It is really shameful.”

“I heard that he also went to the funeral garden, but escaped quickly. He was as timid as a mouse. In comparison, Mr. Qian Ye and the others are too good.”

Qian Ye, who was walking into the room with a beautiful woman in his arms, suddenly stopped and looked back. He saw Zhu San, who was no one paying attention in the hall and was already drunk. His eyes flashed and he hugged the two women. Return and approach Takesan.

The other two looked at each other and then followed.

For a time, Zhusan’s surroundings were filled with the fragrance of powder.

“Brother Zhu, it would be lonely to be drunk alone, so we will accompany you like this

What? “Qian Ye sat opposite Zhu San and looked at him with interest.

Zhu San’s eyes were blurry and he couldn’t see clearly, “Who are you?”.

“Brother Zhu is so drunk that he doesn’t even recognize us three brothers.” Zishu laughed, walked behind Zhu San, grabbed his hair unceremoniously, and lifted his head up.

Zhu San’s neck hurt, and he subconsciously slapped Zi Shu with his palm. Zi Shu looked fiercely, avoided it, and threw his leg out. He was also in the exploration realm. Zi Shu’s fighting power was not weak, but he couldn’t overpower the drunken Zi Shu. Zhu San, even though Zhu San was already drunk, he easily defused Zi Shu’s attack with his tactics. He turned around, raised his fingers, turned into strange patterns, and pressed towards Zi Shu.

Zishu’s pupils shrank sharply. Faced with this blow, he didn’t know how to dodge, as if he couldn’t dodge no matter how hard he tried.

At this time, Master Ming took out a strange gun-like weapon and shot something at Zhu San. Zhu San’s body froze, and his fingertips stopped in front of Zi Shu’s forehead, unable to get closer.

“I blocked his movements, Zi Shu, are you okay?” Master Ming asked.

Zishu’s face was ugly. He was almost finished just now. Looking at Zhusan who was still drunk in front of him, he couldn’t help being angry and kicked Zhusan away.

Zhu San hit the wall hard, spitting out a mouthful of blood, and then continued to vomit. The onlookers immediately backed away in disgust.

After spitting out the wine in his stomach, Zhu San leaned against the wall and became more awake. At the same time, he felt pain in his abdomen.

He covered his abdomen and looked forward.

Qian Ye, Zi Shu and Prince Ming looked down at him.

“Brother Zhu, are you still awake?” Qian Ye spoke, staring at Zhu San with cold eyes.

Zhu San is confused.

Zishu sneered, “Looks like I’m going to kick him again.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhu San woke up. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, stood up with difficulty, and stared at Zi Shu, “Did you kick me?”.

Zi Shu doesn’t care.

Ming Taigong said calmly, “Brother Zhu, you are drunk and causing trouble in this flower house. We don’t want your Zhu family’s reputation to be ruined, so we stopped you specifically.” He said loudly, “Don’t you think so? “.

Suddenly, countless people responded, “Yes, Zhu San, you have to thank the three young masters, otherwise your Zhu family will be completely disgraced.”

“That’s right. Thank you three gentlemen and stop making trouble.”

“What a shame.”

“I still haven’t thanked the three gentlemen.”

Although Zhusan was drunk, he was not unconscious yet. Hearing the noise around him, he remembered what happened just now. A cold light flashed deep in his eyes. He glanced at the three of them and turned around to walk out.

Qian Ye and the three looked at each other. They were not asking Zhu San to leave because they were causing trouble for him.

In fact, when the three of them returned from the outside world in high spirits, they thought they were the most outstanding people among the Ce family, but they met Zhu San.

Although Zhu San failed to capture Ten Thousand Cities and was a loser, his own strength is quite good, at least for them, it is very strong. In terms of tactics, the three immortals of Yin and Yang are not able to fight against them. Especially by handing over the Yin and Yang Three Immortals Duel’s starting move, he offset Wan Qiancheng’s mistakes and even received a reward.

This is something they always keep in mind.

However, for those outside the Ce family, the three of them were always superior to Zhu San. However, Zhu San was the only one left in the Zhu family and could not do anything else. Gradually, Zhu San fell silent.

But no matter what

Why is Shen Shen? Zhusan’s strength is indeed superior to them. Strategy theory is not something that foreigners can learn, but Zhusan knows it, which makes them jealous and crazy.

The three of them chased out of the flower building and stood in front of Zhu San.

“Zhu San, we helped you just now, why did you just leave like this?” Zi Shu said fiercely.

Zhu San’s eyes turned cold, “What do you want?”.

The three of them looked at each other again, but before they spoke, Zhusan said, “How about I leave the strategy to you?”.

The three of them were startled, then ecstatic.

Zhu San looked sarcastically, “I am willing to teach you, but do you dare to learn?”.

After hearing this, the expressions of the three people changed and they were struggling. Do you dare to learn? Of course I don’t dare. That’s the theory of war strategy. Only the children of the Ce family can learn it. But why can Zhusan learn it? They also want to learn. Only those who have learned the theory of war strategy can be considered a true strategy expert. They can also use this to imitate other people’s combat skills and be as majestic as they want.

“If you don’t dare to learn, just get out of the way.” Zhusan pushed the three of them away and planned to leave.

“This **** is playing tricks on us,” Zi Shu realized. Zhu San said in public that he wanted to teach them tactics theory. How could they learn it? He was seeking death. This guy clearly had no intention of teaching them.

Qian Ye and Mr. Ming Tai also reacted and became extremely angry. “Go”, and with that, the three of them took action against Zhu San.

Zhusan can defeat one of them alone, but when faced with three people working together, especially these three who are brothers and familiar with each other, he was injured before and could not stop him at all. He was seriously injured soon, even with the strategy. The duel between Yin and Yang and the Three Immortals cannot make up much of the gap.

These three people have been struggling in the new universe, and their starting point is higher than Zhusan.

“You loser, so what if you learned strategic theory? I heard that in the outer universe, you were tricked into wearing women’s clothes. It was a shame to our family.” Qian Ye kicked Zhu San on the head. Kicked Zhusan away.

Zishu stepped forward and trampled Zhusan’s soles hard, “You trash, show me how to wear women’s clothes again? Wear them for me, I want you to pretend to be a woman in this flower house.”

“It’s interesting. You worked really hard to complete the task. Unfortunately, you have no brains.” Master Mingtai mocked and slapped Zhusan in the face.

The whole street watched, but no one helped Zhusan.

In the distribution of Star Luo Territory, this planet is only for people with foreign surnames, and Qian Ye and the other three are the most outstanding among the people with foreign surnames, and there are family elders behind them. Zhu San is only one person, how can he be their opponent? How dare others interfere.

Zhu San coughed up blood, anger and hatred accumulated in his heart. After the Ce family took advantage of him, he ignored it. Before, he entered the cemetery to gain a future, but when he met Lu Yin, he was hunted down. In panic, he could only Withdrawing, looking at it now, it was better to stay in the funeral garden than to be bullied in this Star Luo Realm.

While they were being beaten, a huge ruler fell from a high altitude, knocking Qian Ye and the others back. This was the aura, and the oppressed three people almost vomited blood.

“Who?”, the three of them looked up, and at some point, a young man appeared in the sky, staring at them coldly.

When they saw the man’s appearance clearly, they were shocked and hurriedly saluted, “See the young patriarch.”

On the whole street, everyone hurriedly saluted and said, “See the young patriarch.”

“See the Young Patriarch”.

The person who appeared was Ce Jiu. No one expected that Ce Jiu would come here. Children of the Ce family generally do not come to areas with foreign surnames, especially Ce Jiu, the young patriarch.


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