Star Odyssey Chapter 1938: Exotic Treasure Styx

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You Lao also realized the seriousness of the problem, “If this is really the case, maybe there is something wrong with the Immortal Sutra technique.”

“What do you say?” Lu Yin’s eyes lit up.

Mr. You said in a deep voice, “The ancestors have existed for too long. In fact, except for the secret of Youzi, we don’t know anything about our ancestors. If it weren’t for the existence of Youzimi, we wouldn’t even dare to believe that there are ancestors of the Netherworld. This person also obtained information about his ancestors from the secret of the word You, such as the title of Bai Chang Nether.”

Lu Yin nodded, Bai Chang Netherworld, You Keyan mentioned it before.

“The exercises practiced by our ancestors are called Xie Jing, which is all-encompassing. No one knows what chapters there are in it. Perhaps, this Sutra of Immortality is one of the chapters,” Youlao said.

Lu Yin has a headache. If this is the case, Immortal Yushan will indeed be difficult to deal with.

The Ancestor of the Netherworld is an ancient existence. Even Caixing Sect said that the years of its existence are likely to intersect with the legendary era of the God of Death. The older this kind of person is, the more terrifying it is, especially the name of the Immortal Sutra, which makes Lu I feel a chill in my back.

“Senior, do you think the ancestor of Netherworld is still alive?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Youlao raised his eyes, “Because of the Immortal Sutra?”

Lu Yin nodded, “If the Book of Immortality is really a chapter in the evil scripture, and it is said that practicing the Book of Immortality can lead to eternal life, then is the ancestor of Netherworld immortal? Is he still alive somewhere?”.

You Lao shook his head, “Maybe. If our ancestors are still alive, it will be a good thing for my You family.”

“Is it possible that the person who has been staring at you is the ancestor of Netherworld?” Lu Yin said again.

This sentence made You Lao startled, and made You Ke’s heart tremble, as if looking at that gaze again, the Great Styx looked much more sinister.

“Leader Lu, are you kidding?” You Kexin’s face turned pale. Anyone who made such a guess would panic. The ancestor is still alive and is still staring at the descendants. It’s terrible.

Seeing that her horrified expression was not fake, Lu Yin said indifferently, “Whether you are the ancestor of Netherworld or not, I haven’t done anything to you for so many years. Either you are worried about Xia Ji. After all, you are in the Seven-Character Royal Court, or… You are hallucinating.”

“Impossible”, You Ke thought.

Lu Yin lowered his head and looked at the Great Styx River. He couldn’t see the bottom. He stretched out his hand and reached into the river. The Great Styx River was not an ordinary river. It had the special characteristics of corrupting all substances. Ordinary people did not dare to touch it. Of course, it was not a threat to Lu Yin. , “Have you ever thought that maybe that gaze came from the bottom of the Great Styx?”.

Youlao was surprised, “You think so too?”.

Lu Yin was startled and looked at You Lao, “Senior, do you think so too?”.

You Lao sighed, “Since I felt that gaze, the entire You family has been on tenterhooks for so many years. I have searched all over the family, and the only possibility is the bottom of the Great Styx.”

“What’s the result?” Lu Yin asked.

Mr. You said, “There is no abnormality. The Great Styx itself is a powerful rare treasure. All the exotic treasures of my You family, the Styx, were born here. However, I have gone deep into the bottom of the river countless times, but I can’t find anything. This is also the reason why I always punt here. If there is someone hiding at the bottom of the Great Styx and he appears, I will at least be the first to know, or the first to die.”

Lu Yin looked at Mr. You with respect. He was an old man who could give up his life for his family. “If the You family agrees, I would be willing to go to the bottom of the river to explore.”

“Of course, Leader Lu, please help yourself,” Youlao said.

You Kexin also nodded, “Okay.”

When they agreed so simply, Lu Yin panicked. His advantage over You Lao was that he could see the rune numbers, but the rune numbers were not feasible in the new universe. Other than that, it was the field, the energy, and the spirit. these detection methods.

Since You Lao has gone deep into the Great River of Styx countless times and still cannot find it, with his current strength, the result will be the same if he goes down.

“Let the Second Night King go down,” Lu Yin said.

Youlao still didn’t refuse.

On the second night, the king was called over by Lu Yin. He heard that he was going to dive into the Great Styx River to search, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Several juniors were rowing on the river, but he went down to do hard work, which made everyone unhappy.

But since Lu Yin said it, there was nothing he could do.

On the second night, the King of Night went deep into the Great Styx, and Youlao was very concerned about it.

“Old senior, let’s talk about the Ce family. How much do you know about the Ce family?” Lu Yin asked.

You Kexin was surprised, “Ce family?”

Seeing that You Lao ignored him and kept staring at the bottom of the river, Lu Yin looked at You Kexin and said, “Yes, the Ce family is the next one I want to visit.”

You Ke thought to himself, “It seems that Alliance Leader Lu is going to visit the Seven-Character Royal Court.”

“Almost” Lu Yin admitted.

You Ke said in his heart, “The Ce family has nothing to say. Their ancestor is Ce Wangtian, and he is also a relatively ancient strong man in the ancestral realm. However, compared with the ancestors of my You family, it is difficult to study. The ancestor of Ce Wangtian It is common sense to make records clearer, create strategy secrets, leave behind chessboards, and pass down strategies.”

Lu Yin raised his eyes, is this common sense? No, it’s just common sense in the eyes of these big shots.

If it weren’t for a coincidence, Mr. Mu used the blood of the Zhu family to guide him to understand the chessboard, he might not know the name Ce Wangtian even if he reaches the enlightenment state.

“The Ce family members are constantly learning and exploring simulated combat skills because of the theory of war strategy. They have the most combat skills in my Seven-Character King’s Court. And because they have to understand the chessboard, they play chess with everyone they meet. They consider themselves to be layout makers. , are always competing with the Hui family. The Hui family is considered the smartest, and the Ce family thinks they are the smartest and very arrogant. If Leader Lu visits the Ce family, it may not be as smooth as visiting other families,” You Ke thought.

Lu Yin understood that You Kexin was talking about visiting the Ce family as a stranger who had never been in contact with him, and he was not a stranger to the Ce family. At least, he knew Ce’s secret code, and it was exposed. In addition, Having destroyed the Zhu family’s plan to control thousands of cities, the Ce family’s attitude towards him is likely to be unfriendly.

“Have any outsiders ever observed the Ce family’s chessboard?” Lu Yin asked.

You Kexin shook his head and suddenly reacted, surprised, “You don’t want to look at the immovable chessboard left to them by the ancestors of the Ce family, do you?”

Lu Yin nodded naturally.

You Kexin was speechless, “You really dare to think that the Ce family’s understanding of the secret of Ce came from that Fu Fu chessboard. The Ce family’s rare treasures were also imitated from that Fu Fu chess board. They all have the same name. Fu Fu chess board is very important to the Ce family. The significance of the Ce family is equivalent to the significance of the Great Styx to my You family, and the importance of the dead trees of the years to theirs. How can I let you observe it?”

Lu Yin pondered, looking at the bottom of the river, yes, how could he be allowed to observe.

“It’s not impossible. Some outsiders have once observed the immovable chessboard.” Youlao said calmly, still looking at the bottom of the river.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Who?”.

Youlao said calmly, “Chief Referee.”

“Chief referee?” You Kexin exclaimed.

The chief referee in their mouth will only be the chief referee of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute. For the chief referee, so

Some people are secretive, not only because the opponent controls the largest ruling body in the Hall of Glory, but also because of strength. The strength of the chief referee is extremely terrifying. This is recognized by everyone.

Nowadays, the person who is at the top of the cultivation world in the Fifth Continent is the half-ancestor, but even the half-ancestor must respect the chief referee.

“The chief referee has been to Ce’s house and observed the immovable chessboard?” Lu Yin was equally surprised.

Youlao looked at Lu Yin and said, “Yes, that happened many, many years ago.”

“How?” Lu Yin asked.

You Lao recalled, “persuading”.

“Convince?” Lu Yin’s eyes flashed.

You Lao solemnly said, “A person who has convinced the Ce family can watch and imitate the chessboard. The Ce family is a typical person who bullies the weak and fears the strong. They consider themselves to be the planners and are good at making decisions before making moves, so they often do not use force. They fought hard and faced the referee, but they backed down because the opponent was too strong.”

Lu Yin blinked, too strong, is that enough? This is really interesting, but it’s a pity that he can’t do it now. The Ce family must have elders with more than one million combat power. At present, he is not a match for such an existence. It is also an external force to rely on the Second Night King.

“How powerful was the chief referee in convincing Ce Jia?” Lu Yin asked.

You Lao said, “I don’t know, who can clearly see the strength of the chief referee, but he has survived several origin tribulations, and even if he doesn’t have a combat power of one million, he is almost there.”

Lu Yin nodded. He had only survived one source tribulation. Even if he used the method of closing three levels to gain three more star source cyclones, it was equivalent to the improvement brought by surviving four source tribulations, but it was still one source tribulation. , not to mention closing the three levels, the improvement brought by breaking the three levels will be gone. However, when one day the four star source cyclones come out and the three levels are broken again, the strength will soar to what level.

You Kexin looked at Lu Yin and then at You Lao, with confusion. She didn’t know about this, but why did the elder tell Lu Yin?

At this time, the King of the Second Night rushed out of the Great River Styx.

Lu Yin and the others looked at each other.

The king said on the second night, “There is nothing unusual, but a strange water flow occasionally occurs in the river, which seems to ignore space.”

“That’s the Styx River,” You Lao said. At this point, with a wave of his hand, the Great Styx River boiled. Then, a stream of water was drawn up by him, lying in front of Lu Yin. Under Lu Yin’s doubtful eyes, He said, “Leader Lu, this Styx is the rare treasure of my You family. Although it is not a very powerful exotic treasure, it has been cultivated in the Great Styx for many years and is given to you.”

Lu Yin has not only heard of the You family’s rare treasure, the Styx, but also seen it. Especially when Ce Jiu used the Styx in the Chenzu Tomb, he was deeply impressed.

“Ordinary Styx treasures can only move in the space where the star energy is, but this Styx can move in the star source universe, instantaneously across endless distances, and is of great help to the star envoys.” You Kexin was envious, she There is no such thing as the River Styx.

The Styx Rivers are all born from the Great Styx River. The longer the storage time, the better the Styx River effect. The Styx River used by Ce Jiu and the younger generation is the most common, but it can also help them, while the Styx River used by Lu Yin This is the rare treasure of the You family second only to the Great Styx. Even the clan leader You Kexin is not qualified to use it.

This is a rare treasure given by the You family to thank Lu Yin for his help.

Lu Yin’s eyes were bright and he quickly put away the Styx and thanked him.

This trip to the Seven-Character Royal Court has already made a lot of money. The wisdom roots of the Hui family, the dead trees of the Ku family, and the Styx of the You family. Next, we have to go to the Ce family. If we can successfully observe and imitate the chessboard, that will be It’s really worth the trip.


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