Star Odyssey Chapter 1936: The truth

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You Kexin opened her personal terminal, and a light curtain appeared in the sky. The light curtain shook, and the scene kept retreating. At a glance, it was clear that the photographer was fleeing. Suddenly, blood sprayed, the light curtain fell, and in the last scene, You Kexin He was crying and coughing up blood, and there was no life in his eyes under his head.

You Kexin just looked at the light screen. For a mother, watching the scene of her son’s tragic death caused great psychological pressure, but she didn’t know how many times she had watched it, and now she could face it calmly.

The light curtain was cancelled, and Huisantong once again took away the personal terminal from You Kexin.

“Clan Leader You, do you know where that is?” Lu Yin asked.

You Kexin shook his head, “I don’t know, I can’t tell from the picture.”

Lu Yin motioned to cut off You Kexin, and then looked at You Lao, “Old man, have you ever told Chief You about An Shuixing?”

You Lao shook his head, “No, after learning about the death of Youqi’s child, old man, I went to Anshui, but it was normal there. I stayed there for half a year and found nothing.”

“Don’t you think the starry sky around Anshui is very similar to the starry sky photographed by Youcrying Death?”.

“It’s not like it, it’s already there.”

“Then why didn’t you tell Chief You?”.

“There’s no need. Even the old man, I can’t notice anything strange about him. What’s the point if the others are gone,” Youlao sighed.

There are too many cruising realm cultivators in the universe. There is no murderer visible in Youqi’s death scene, and there are no traces of battle. It is impossible to find the enemy. Anshui Planet is indeed a very ordinary planet. .

This is why it can hide the eternal kingdom.

“Leader Lu, you mentioned An Shuixing again and again. You suddenly stood up when you heard the word An Shuixing before. Are you very concerned about this place?” Ce Laoyan asked.

Lu Yin said cautiously, “Everyone, please step back and do not spread the word about what is to come. Otherwise, you will be judged by the Interstellar Arbitration Commission.”

Mu Tianlun was surprised. Lu Yin was a director. It was true that he could indirectly influence the Interstellar Arbitration, but he was not able to directly decide who should be tried. The one who was qualified to decide was the council. Now he dared to say this, that is to say This matter is indeed very important, so important that we can skip the Council of Ministers and let the Interstellar Arbitration Court judge it.

Huizhi and the others became more solemn and waved for everyone to leave. Only the heads of the Seven-Character Royal Family and Mu Tianlun could hear.

Lu Yin solemnly said, “An Shuixing is the eternal kingdom.”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

“The eternal kingdom? The eternal kingdom of the New Humanity Alliance?” Huizhi was horrified.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, the Eternal Kingdom is located in parallel time and space. What I saw when I came out was Anshui. This has always been the headquarters of the New Human Alliance and the location of the Seven Gods. I was captured and accepted the death energy. The transformation is there”.

No one expected to know this news, and looked at Lu Yin with strange and puzzled eyes.

“Leader Lu, since you know that Anshui Planet is an eternal kingdom, why don’t you report it to the Hall of Glory?” Mu Tianlun shouted.

Lu Yin looked at him like an idiot, “It’s not me who knows, it was the chief referee who told me.”

Mu Tianlun was startled, chief referee?

Huizhi solemnly said, “Leader Lu, please make it clear.”

Lu Yin will lead the referee to destroy the Eternal Kingdom

The matter of degree has been revealed. Many people know about it, but it has not been spread. Mu Tianlun will know it when he returns to the world of arbitration, and there is no need to hide it.

“The Eternal Kingdom was destroyed. Because it is in parallel time and space, it will never be found. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the Lord Referee for confirmation,” Lu Yin said.

Everyone looked at each other with complicated expressions. They knew that the headquarters of the New Humanity Alliance was hidden in the new universe, but they did not expect that it was so close to them that they were neighbors.

Mu Tianlun thought further. The interstellar arbitration action, the chief referee alone is enough to destroy the eternal kingdom, why did he bring Lu Yin with him? What is his relationship with Lu Yin?

Huizhi’s eyes flashed, “Since Anshui is the direction from the parallel time and space of the Eternal Kingdom, does that mean what You Qi said about the disaster?”

Lu Yin said, “It is very possible that if Youqi betrayed humanity, why did he say the three words An Shuixing to Mr. You? Isn’t he afraid that Mr. You will tell the You family that the You family sent people to target An Shuixing? He It was impossible to expect that Youlao would not say anything, let alone perform the drama of death with the New Humanity Alliance. The reason why he died, no, I should say fake death, was probably controlled by the New Humanity Alliance in some way, and wanted to Find a way to get him to join the funeral garden.”

“If this speculation comes true, Youqi is not actively betraying humanity.”

“Of course, there is another possibility. You Qi could predict that You Lao wouldn’t say anything, and could predict that You Lao wouldn’t find anything on Anshui Planet. As for the purpose of doing this,” Lu Yin spread his hands. “Meaningless”.

Everyone looked at You Kexin, yes, it was meaningless. What was the purpose of You Qi An Shuixing in tempting You Lao to go? It makes no sense at all. If he betrays humanity, there is no need to lure You Lao there. The most likely reason for this is that You Qi discovered the secrets of An Shuixing and wanted to explore alone. Before leaving, he accidentally mentioned it to You Lao.

But he thought too highly of himself, and was eventually controlled by the New Humanity Alliance, sent to a cemetery, and became a coordinate.

Even Mu Tianlun would find it difficult to refute that the Eternal Kingdom is the headquarters of the New Humanity Alliance, the biggest secret. There is no need to use the Eternal Kingdom as a bait, and even if it is used as a bait, what is the temptation? Just a Youlao? Or Youjia? Meaningless.

When Mr. You mentioned the words “An Shuixing”, Lu Yin knew that Youqi’s betrayal was unlikely.

Mu Tianlun said solemnly, “Leader Lu, even if what you say makes sense, as long as there is a slight possibility, we cannot hastily confirm that the You family has not colluded with the New Human Alliance.”

“Of course”, Lu Yin looked at Mu Tianlun, “Youqi became the coordinate of the New Humanity Alliance after all. This is a fact. Maybe he did betray humanity and colluded with the New Humanity Alliance, but he didn’t know An Shuixing’s secret. Everything It’s all a coincidence, even if the coincidence is quite small.”

Mu Tianlun looked ugly and stopped talking.

Huizhi said, “Leader Lu, in your opinion, how will this trial be handled?”

Lu Yin pondered for a moment, “Everyone, if your guess comes true, Youqi not only did not betray humanity, but was also contributing to the eradication of the New Human Alliance. His death was for humanity. Based on this argument, we will conduct this review The results do not make any malicious guesses, that is to say, we subjectively believe that the Youjia did not collude with the New Humanity Alliance.”

Seeing that Mu Tianlun was about to speak.

Lu Yin continued, “Of course, this speculation cannot be completely denied. The investigation of the You family will continue, but for the You family, the investigation and trial methods will have to change, and at least the most basic respect will be given.”

“I agree with Alliance Leader Lu’s decision,” Huizhi was the first to speak.

“I agree too,” Kupu said.

Xie Ahua and Ce Laoyan both agreed, and Lu Yin looked at Xia Yi.

Xia Yi said in a low voice, “Agree.” Although he is hostile to Lu Yin, the You family is the Seven-Character Royal Court after all, and one Yu family has been lost. If even the You family is lost, there will only be five families left in the Seven-Character Royal Court. Strength decreased sharply.

From the perspective of the Seven-Word Royal Court, he must agree.

Only Mu Tianlun is left, and he is supervising the trial on behalf of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute. If he does not agree, the trial may still continue, causing unnecessary trouble.

“Leader Lu, do you mean to lower the intensity of scrutiny of the You family? What if the You family runs away because of this?” Mu Tianlun asked, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin put his hands behind his back and said, “Run away?”.

Mu Tianlun’s eyes narrowed. He wanted to force Lu Yin to express his position and contact Lu Yin about the You family’s possible collusion with the New Human Alliance.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “It’s none of my business if you run away.”

Everyone was stunned.

Mu Tianlun’s eyes widened, “It was you who proposed the joint trial decision.”

“You can also mention one. If it’s good, we agree.” Lu Yin rolled his eyes.

Mu Tianlun’s face twitched. Faced with the looks of the heads of the Seven-Character Royal Court, how could he mention it? If there was no Lu Yin, he could propose a new joint trial on behalf of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute until the result meets his requirements, but Lu Yin here represents the council, a director and the decision collectively agreed by the Seven-Word Royal Court, even if he refutes it , it is not that easy to re-open the trial, and at the same time, it offends the entire Seven-Character Royal Court.

Although as the chief judge of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute, he is not afraid of the Seven-Word Royal Court, there is no need to establish a mortal enemy.

“I can agree with Leader Lu’s decision regarding the results of this review, but at the same time, I will report to the chief referee. If the You family escapes because of the relaxation of the review, you cannot shirk this responsibility, Leader Lu.” Mu Tianlun He said something in a deep voice, and then left without waiting for Lu Yin to refute.

After Mu Tianlun left, Lu Yin looked at Huizhi, “Although it is unlikely that the You family will betray humanity, we still have to keep an eye on it. No one can explain such things as coincidences. Maybe there really is such a coincidence. , or maybe the New Humanity Alliance has a deeper layout, so the monitoring of the You family must not be relaxed.”

Huizhi said, “We know that even if the Hall of Glory does not intervene, we will make a decision about the You family. For at least a hundred years, the people of the You family will not be allowed to leave the scope of the Seven-Word Royal Court, and there will always be people watching them. of”.

Lu Yin nodded. The New Humanity Alliance is the enemy of all mankind, not only the Hall of Glory, but also the Seven-Word Royal Court. After all, they are all humans.

As the final notice of the joint trial decision ended, everyone in the You family breathed a sigh of relief.

You Ke is puzzled, is it over so soon? Moreover, the result of the trial was favorable to the You family. Not only was she not taken to the Arbitration World for trial, but the You family was not overly imprisoned. Except that she could not leave the scope of the Seven-Character Royal Court, the You family was no different from before.

In her guess, this is unlikely to happen unless something goes wrong during the trial.

Thinking of this, she looked at Lu Yin. The only person who could bring changes to this trial was this person.

“Sister You, you must be grateful to Alliance Leader Lu. If it weren’t for Alliance Leader Lu for this trial, your You family would be in trouble.” Xie Ahua said with a smile, then gave Lu Yin a charming look and left. .


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