Star Odyssey Chapter 1927: Knock on the door

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On the second night, the king stood high in the sky. When he saw Lu Yin appear, he stepped forward.

“Let’s go” Lu Yin said.

The king of the second night asked, “Where is this place?”.

“It has nothing to do with us.”

On the second night, the king was surprised, “You don’t want the dead energy in the underground anymore?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “No, we won’t be able to find this parallel space after we go out.”

On the second night, the king was confused. This was not like Lu Yin’s behavior. He was so full of lifelessness and refused even if he said he didn’t want it. Why didn’t he believe it so much?

But when he saw Lu Yin stepping out of the eternal kingdom and watching the parallel time and space of the eternal kingdom disappear, he believed that Lu Yin seemed to really not want it anymore.

Once the parallel space disappears, it will never be found unless there are coordinates.

“Where to go now?” asked the King of the Second Night.

“Don’t worry.” Lu Yin faced the starry sky, raised his hand, and slashed horizontally. He saw the starry sky being torn apart. In an instant, Lu Yin sensed the death aura. He stepped out and his whole body disappeared.

The second night king saw Lu Yin disappearing, his eyes flashed, he would not give up those death auras, but how did he determine the coordinates of the eternal kingdom?

After a while, Lu Yin walked out with a calm expression. There was no living creature in the Eternal Kingdom, and the aura on the big seal was only his, which meant that the Eternal Kingdom had become his private property, a whole piece of parallel time and space. private property, although this parallel time and space is not as big as the big world.

Originally Lu Yin planned to go to the Aurora Spaceship Company and the Home of the Gods, but both were in the northern boundary. They were currently in the southern boundary. Maybe it would be good to visit the Seven-Word Royal Court.

What he wants to visit the most is the Ku family. He is more interested in Ku Ancestor than anyone else now. This ancestral realm powerhouse with a very low sense of existence is the most powerful person in the world.

Everyone in the world knows that Chen Zu is invincible, Fu Zu created civilization, knows that Hui Zu calculates the years and has unparalleled wisdom, and even hears about the legendary God of Death, Wu Tian, ​​etc., but no one mentions Ku Zu.

It is as if this Kuzu never existed.

Even on the canopy of the Starry Sky Tree, Kuzu is closest to the inside. Based on his position, he may be the weakest ancestor.

But Lu Yin knew, and was becoming more and more certain that Kuzu was terrifyingly strong.

If nothing else, Things Must Reverse is simply comparable to the magic of rune technology, allowing an enlightened person to heal the half-ancestor’s injuries, cure the terrible poison developed by the Eternals, and even let him get rid of Chen Zu’s talent.

He has heard that Chenzu used the furnace of heaven and earth to refine the strong men of the sixth continent’s ancestral realm during the ancestral realm period. According to this calculation, Chenzu at that time may not have the ability to use the furnace of heaven and earth to refine Kuzu. Kuzu , unfathomable, and even rumored to possess the power of time, which Lu Yin desperately wanted to know.

Looking back at the planet, Yin has left, the Dark Arbitration Institute, Yin, Tongyu and the mysterious chief judge. One day, he will know the true purpose of the Dead Nether Clan. He believes that the Dead Nether Clan will not harm them for the time being. He, however, never believed that they would truly surrender to him.

“Go to the Seven-Character Royal Court”, Lu Yin said calmly.

The king was surprised on the second night, but did not say much. The only person in the Seven-Character Royal Court who could pose a threat to Lu Yin was Half-Ancestor Xia Ji.

The last time Xia Ji made a move against Lu Yin, he attracted Elder Gong and the Supreme Saint Heavenly Master. Now that Lu Yin’s status is getting higher, he will not take action even more.

But regardless of whether he will take action or not, it is still unwise to take the initiative to contact a half-ancestor who is hostile to him.

Of course Lu Yin knew that, so he visited the Seven-Character Royal Court as a director of the Hall of Glory in order to explain Nan Yuan’s dismissal to the Seven-Character Royal Court, which was originally left to Xin Jiao

, Lu Yin now embraced him.

Also in the southern border, under the leadership of the Second Night King, Lu Yin quickly arrived at the Seven-Character Royal Court.

When Lu Yin was thrown directly to the Chen Zu Tomb by the Witch Spirit God, and then came out of the Chen Zu Tomb, and was taken to Boundary Mountain by Mu En, he did not take a good look at the Seven-Word Royal Court. After many years, he now See clearly the Seven-Character Royal Court.

The Seven-Character Royal Court surrounds the Chenzu Tomb in seven directions, including the Great Styx River of the You family, Lingxu Land of the Ku family, Xingluo Territory of the Ce family, Xiadao Continent of the Xia family, and Of the Hui family’s Wanxiang Mountain and the Xie family’s Guyuan, only the Yu family was gone and was replaced by the other six families.

Looking at the Xia Dao Continent in front of him, Lu Yin remembered the rumors he had heard. It was said that the Xia Dao Continent was actually a sword used by Chen Zu. He didn’t know if it was true or not. Anyway, he couldn’t see the rune numbers. .

It is not easy to see the runes in the new universe, and they are all on guard against the land of the gods.

“If you go any further, you will attract the attention of the Seven-Character Royal Court,” the king said on the second night.

Lu Yin put his hands behind his back and “knocked on the door.”

On the second night, the king was stunned, and then he raised his hand and made a knocking gesture. As he clasped his **** into the void, ripples spread, heading towards Xiadao Continent.

The King of the Second Night was astonishingly powerful, second only to the Half-Ancestor. His power spread, causing the entire Seven-Character Royal Court to tremble.

Deep in the Xia Dao Continent, Xia Ji opened his eyes, with a chill and unconcealed murderous intent deep in his eyes, “How dare this kid come here?”

Lu Yin crossed the source tribulation and defeated Chen Zu of the same realm, which broke Xia Ji’s belief in invincibility placed on Chen Zu, causing Xia Ji to lose his temper and contact Lu Yin, but was ridiculed by Lu Yin.

Lu Yin not only took away the biggest secret left by Chen Zu within the Tianxing Sect, but also caused a flaw in his state of mind after the Tribulation of Origin. This was deeper than the hatred of the Tu family for annihilation. It can be said that Lu Yin single-handedly killed Xia Ji The desire to break through the ancestral realm was almost impossible. If possible, Xia Ji would like to kill Lu Yin.

But he is the half-ancestor, and it is impossible for him to publicly attack a director who visits the Xia family. This is not only as simple as putting aside his identity to deal with the juniors. Regardless of the half-ancestor behind Lu Yin, his identity as a director is enough to make Zen Always take action against him.

The directors of the Hall of Glory can be dealt with, but they must not be dealt with in this way.

Now he is still the half-ancestor and the pillar of the Seven-Character Royal Court. Once he takes action against Lu Yin, the Seven-Character Royal Court will be in trouble. Especially, the Seven-Character Royal Court will not allow anything to happen to Lu Yin. The Hui family, The Ku family’s attitude towards Lu Yin is completely different from that of the Xia family.

Thinking about it, the Xia family closed their eyes. He could bear it. He had endured it for many years in order to seize the Heavenly Star Jade, and he did not hesitate to scheme against the little Sister Tou mercenary group. Now, he can bear it as well.

On the second night, the king knocked on the door and attracted all the experts of the Xia family.

In addition to the clan leader Xia Yi, there is also the elder Xia Meng who has the foundation.

Seeing Xia Yi appear, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. The old boy walked out of the gate of the Yanlan Flow Realm Funeral Garden in an attempt to destroy the gate of the funeral garden and kill Emperor Luo and Chen Huang. If Neptune hadn’t been there in time, appeared, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance suffered heavy losses, and he himself was imprisoned in the Ross Empire Fortress.

But he didn’t know who released him. Lu Yin guessed it was King Ye.

“It turns out it’s the Second Night King, Alliance Leader Lu. What’s the matter with coming to Xiandao Continent?” Xia Yi asked, his tone unceremonious.

On the second night, when the king retreated, Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Nanyuan is from your Xia family. He kidnapped the grandson of the director in an attempt to control the old man Mikami and dominate the council. The council has informed you about this. Xia family, I am here to explain this matter.”

Xia Yi looked calm

, “No need, we already know that we will send someone else to replace Nan Yuan, so you don’t need to worry about Alliance Leader Lu.”

Lu Yin didn’t care about Xia Yi. This person existed in name only. He looked at Xia Meng, who was also looking at him.

“Senior, long time no see,” Lu Yin said.

Xia Meng looked at Lu Yin seriously, “You have changed so much. When you calculated Jiuyou, you were just a junior, but now you have such terrifying strength.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “How can I compare with my seniors if I don’t think they are scary?”

Xia Meng looked deeply at Lu Yin, “Have you ever seen him in that starry sky?”

Lu Yin nodded, and when he was about to say something, he glanced at Xia Yi and said, “If Clan Chief Xia Yi has something to do, you can go and do it first. You don’t need to greet me, and I have no intention of entering Xiadao Continent.”

Xia Yi’s eyes widened sharply, “Charlotte is my son, I can’t know about him?”.

“No,” Lu Yin replied simply. Now he has the confidence to say no to anyone, and there is no need to give face to some people.

Xia Yi was furious, “Leader Lu, please listen clearly, Xia Luo is my son.”

“Clan leader, please go back,” Xia Meng said in a deep voice.

Xia Yi glared at Xia Meng, “Why can’t I know about my son’s condition?”.

Xia Meng was disgusted, “Go back, don’t force me to do anything.”

Xia Yi was extremely angry, but he didn’t dare to resist. His strength was far inferior to Xia Meng’s, and there was no possibility of fighting back.

Having no choice but to leave, Xia Yi glared at Lu Yin with resentment before leaving. He should have killed him in the cemetery.

“Xia Yi is gone, Alliance Leader Lu, please speak frankly,” Xia Meng said, looking at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said, “I did see Xia Luo before I came back. He is doing well. He has joined Shenwutian, so his status should not be low.”

Xia Meng nodded, not sure whether he believed it or not, “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

In the entire Xia family, the only one who cared about Xia Luo was Xia Meng. The only one who wanted to save Xia Jiuyou was Xia Meng. Lu Yin had no ill feelings toward this woman, even though she was most likely an enemy.

“Alliance Leader Lu is here, apart from explaining Nanyuan’s affairs, is there anything else you need to do?” Xia Meng asked.

Lu Yin thought for a while and said, “There is one more piece of advice.”

Xia Meng looked at Lu Yin and said.

Lu Yin’s face was solemn, “Although the Council permanently reserves a quota for the Seven-Word Royal Court, this quota can be used by many people and can be constantly replaced. I hope that the person who succeeds Nan Yuan will not cause trouble for me, otherwise, I will It will also give you a headache.”

Xia Meng said calmly, “I will tell the clan leader for you.”

“It’s not necessary, just tell that old guy Xia Ji, Xia Yi is just a useless piece of trash.” When mentioning Xia Ji, Lu Yin’s attitude changed and he became full of hostility.

Xia Meng frowned, “No matter what, Xia Ji is the ancestor of my Xia family. Leader Lu, please be polite when you speak.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Okay, for the sake of my senior, I won’t scold him for your Xia family.”

Xia Meng didn’t know how to talk to Lu Yin. This young man was no longer something she could manipulate.

Criticizing the half-ancestor of the Xia family outside Xiadao Continent was something that only Lu Yin had ever done.

“Farewell, senior,” Lu Yin said.

Xia Meng’s tone was calm, “Leader Lu, whether you are an enemy or a friend, you have saved so many ordinary people in the outer universe. In this matter, I still admire you.” After speaking, he turned and left.


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