Star Odyssey Chapter 1912: Xishuang

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Having seen Chen Zu’s reverse step, he didn’t want to miss this unique combat skill no matter what.

In today’s battles, the only way to speed up is to use physical force to accelerate, or to use secret techniques such as Ce Zi Mi. If you lack a footwork combat skill, reverse step is perfect, but there is really little hope of finding it.

With a bang, not far away, a small auction house exploded, and several figures flew out and landed on the street, fighting together in the blink of an eye.

Qian Zou was surprised, “You actually dare to fight in the streets of Qingtian City. It seems you have some background.”

Lu Yin looked at the people fighting on the street. They were clearly divided into two parties, one with three people and the other with six people. Although the numbers were unequal, they were equally matched. The party with fewer people was older.

“Hit me, I will be responsible for killing the young master.” In the broken auction house, a young man with a smooth face walked out. He was dressed like a man, but anyone with a discerning eye could tell at a glance that she was a woman. She looked pretty. good.

On the less crowded side, a man pushed away the two people fighting him. Seven lines of fighting energy appeared on his body. He punched the man disguised as a man. The man didn’t care because someone was in a hurry to block him. , there is more than one.


The man punched away the young man who was standing in front of the man dressed as a man. The young generation rarely mastered the seven lines of fighting spirit. One man was beaten until he vomited blood and fell into a coma, while the other man pulled the young man dressed as a man. The person stepped back and stared at the man, “Do you know who she is? Even your ten lives are not enough to compensate for hurting her.”

The man sneered, “Then do you know who I am? I’m not ashamed of my words.”

The battle was fierce, but the people around did not leave. Instead, they cheered and watched the excitement. This kind of thing did not happen often in Qingtian City. Fighting was prohibited in the city, and the guards were coming.

While he was talking, the guard team had arrived and responded very quickly. The leader was a man with a scar on his face. He had a vicissitudes of life and a fierce look in his eyes. He was not angry or intimidating. “Fighting is not allowed in Qingtian City. I don’t know. Are there any rules?” As he spoke, the scarred man glanced at both sides.

Qian Zou introduced, “Brother Seven, this man is the captain of the Qingtian City Guards, known as Uncle Dao. It is said that the knife on his face was left by King Qing. King Qing did not kill him with the knife. In order to return his life, he Stayed in Qingtian City.”

Lu Yin took a sip of tea. With over 400,000 combat power, he was almost invincible in the outer universe. Even in the inner universe, he was enough to become a strong person in the small flow world. For example, Beimen Taisui, the two had similar combat power.

Among the two sides fighting, the man said, “We know the rules, and we are willing to bear half of the hundredfold compensation.”

“That’s all,” the young man disguised as a man said.

The man was furious and stared at her, “You were the one who made the move first. We are willing to bear half of it because we don’t want to cause trouble. Don’t ask for trouble. I, Chihong World, am not someone to be trifled with.”

Many people exclaimed, Red Rainbow World?

Lu Yin was surprised, Red Rainbow World? It was one of the three thousand great worlds. He had heard that, looking at the three thousand great worlds, there were very few powerful star envoys. The Great World of Light, the Great World of Yuqiong, and the great world of Chihong also had star envoys, which was enough. Be remembered by him.

Lu Yin has always been very concerned about the three thousand worlds. Among these three thousand worlds, some are very weak and can be destroyed by a drop of life poison, but some are terrifyingly strong. For example, when Mu En took him to Boundary Mountain for the first time, even Mu En didn’t dare to touch the card he encountered on the way. He checked some information, but there was no record of that card world.

Three thousand

Although the big world is in the realm of glory, it seems to be able to go out independently.

After he became the director, he also checked some information on the Three Thousand Worlds. The records were quite old, and it was difficult for even the Hall of Glory to fully calculate the situation of the Three Thousand Worlds.

Some of these big worlds have become weaker and weaker, but some may develop beyond expectations.

But no matter what, according to official records, the number of Star Envoys in the Three Thousand Worlds does not exceed ten.

“Are you from the Yan Lord of the Crimson World?” Uncle Dao was also surprised and looked at the three men seriously. These three men were not very strong.

The man said politely, “We are Prince Yan’s disciples. We came to Qingtian City this time to find some rare treasures for self-defense for the Prince.”

A sneer said, “It turns out he is from Yanchen, no wonder he is so arrogant.” The person who spoke was the young man disguised as a man.

Hearing what she said, the expressions of the three disciples of Prince Yan changed slightly. They knew Yan Chen’s name, but they also said it directly. The background was not simple, “Who are you?”.

The injured person quickly said, “This is Miss Xi Shuang.”

Scar and Prince Yan’s disciples were all surprised, “The granddaughter of the commander of the Hall of Glory Expeditionary Force, Xi Shuang?”

In the distance, Qian Zou sneered, “They are all acquaintances. The universe is so big, there are not many people who can bring these people together. Qingtian City can do it.”

Lu Yin looked at Xi Shuang and saw that she was Xi Gu’s granddaughter, which was interesting.

After the two sides identified themselves, it was natural that they could no longer argue. Whether it was Qingtian City, Chihong World or the Expeditionary Force, they all had strong Star Envoys. It didn’t take long for the excitement to dissipate.

Lu Yin stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?” Qianzou was curious.

“Follow” Lu Yin said calmly, without looking away from Xi Shuang.

The Hall of Glory Expeditionary Force once helped Cong Ying deal with his group of giants. If Chenhuang hadn’t broken through the Star Envoy, he would have been wiped out by the regiment, and his losses would have been huge. Although Cong Ying suffered from this incident. He was dismissed, but Xi Gu had no loss. Lu Yin always kept this in mind. He finally met Xi Gu’s granddaughter today and wanted to talk to him no matter what.

There are many interesting places in Qingtian City. Although the streets are crowded, there are many scenic spots.

Lu Yin and Qian Zou followed Xi Shuang and his group for most of the day, visiting a lot of scenery in Qingtian City. When it got dark, they followed Xi Shuang to the brothel.

Looking at the brothel in front of him, Lu Yin was speechless. Why did this woman come here?

Qian Zou’s eyes are shining and he is in good spirits. Xi Shuang is in good spirits and has good taste.

“Brother Qi, they’re in,” Qianzou reminded and urged.

Lu Yin looked calm as he stepped into the brothel step by step.

The brothel is not a place to sell one’s body. What is more important here is spiritual relaxation. The reason why it attracts countless people has its own reason. Apart from anything else, the women here are indeed the most beautiful. Even ordinary maids are… Many people watched it and never wanted to leave.

Xishuang was received by Hua Niang as soon as she entered. The moment her identity was exposed, it had been spread to the brothel. Or perhaps, the brothel already knew about it.

“Young Master Xi, I have admired you for a long time.” Hua Niang treats Xi Shuang no differently than she treats other men, and she is not surprised by the arrival of a woman.

Xishuang was very satisfied, “Who are you?”.

“The little girl Qingyun, the flower girl of the brothel in the north, came here to receive the young master. I don’t know if the young master is there

The girl you like? The little girl will arrange this for Young Master Xi,” Qingyun said with a soft smile. She also has a beautiful appearance. Although she is older, her charm is still there. In the eyes of many people, she is more attractive than some little girls.

Xishuang raised her head and said, “When I come to a brothel, I naturally look for the oiran. As a young master, only the oiran can receive her.”

Qingyun was embarrassed, “Young Master Xi, the oiran is currently serving Young Master Qingyu, and I really can’t afford it. How about I make an appointment for you tomorrow? Tomorrow she will be waiting for you, Young Master Xi.”

Xishuang didn’t care, “I don’t want her to serve me. I just want to see how beautiful this courtesan is. Let her come out and show me.”

Qingyun was in a dilemma, “Young Master Xi, this”, at this time, a woman hurriedly came to Qingyun and whispered. Qingyun was shocked, anger flashed in his eyes, and he quickly walked towards the depths of the brothel without entertaining Xishuang. .

Xishuang followed with great interest, and of course Lu Yin also followed.

Soon, they came to a courtyard of the brothel, and a panicked voice came from inside, “Young Master Qing, I don’t sell my body as an artist in my brothel, please don’t do this.”

“You don’t sell your body if you are an artist? Bah, you bitch, you are pretending to be innocent in front of me. When talking about Lu Yin, the eyes of those people in Shangqing are shining. If they were here tonight, you would have stripped naked and served you. Well, am I worse than them? Come here.”

Hua Niang Qingyun rushed in angrily, shook Qing Yu away with a wave of her hand, and glared at him, “Young Master Qing, you should know the rules of my brothel. No matter who you are, they are not prostitutes. If you like Luomei, Luomei also likes you, you can redeem her life and marry her, but if you want to use force, please go back.”

The commotion here was a bit loud, and many people were attracted.

Qing Yu obviously drank too much and sneered, “What are you brothels? They are just a bunch of bitches. If you come to Qingtian City today, don’t even think about leaving.” He said, pointing at Qingyun, “You, you, I want your entire brothel to serve you today, and you will all strip naked for me, hahahaha.”

Qingyun was furious and clenched his fists, “Young Master Qing, you’ve drunk too much.”

Qing Yu sneered, “Why, do you have the ability to let the star messenger behind you come out? Don’t think that I don’t know that there is an old man who is the director behind your brothel. That old guy was so punished by Lu Yin that he didn’t even dare to fart. All the masters under my command are dead, your brothel has no star messengers to support you now, and a group of **** still pretend to be noble like before. If I tell you to take off your clothes, you have to take them off.”

Xishuang frowned and looked at Qingyu, “My mouth really stinks. Men all do this. It’s disgusting.”

Oiran Luomei hurriedly ran behind Qingyun and stared at Qingyu angrily.

Qing Yu’s words were heard by many people, and the girls in the brothel around them looked different. In the past, the brothel was considered a relatively powerful force in the new universe. It was backed by the immortal man and supported by the strong star messengers, especially Because of the underworld, the old man held a very high position among the directors, and no one dared to offend him. As a result, he was always a guest in the brothel, and no one dared to force him.

But it’s different now. The old man is dead. The master star messenger hasn’t appeared for a long time. He must have been beaten to death by Lu Yin. What else does the brothel have to care about?

“Everyone, today the rules of this brothel are going to be changed. Anyone who performs arts but not sells their body is all fart. From now on, all the women in the brothel will be naked for me to receive. Do you think you are right?” Qing Yu shouted, in Yao Hong How frustrating it was there, how indulgent it was now.

Many people laughed wildly in response, “Yes, the young city lord is right, I will take off my clothes to receive him from now on.”

“Take off your clothes for reception, haha”.


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