Star Odyssey Chapter 1900: The Cage of Ten Thousand Beasts

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The cultivators from the Sixth Continent reached the Huang Yuan territory without any hindrance.

On a planet in the Huang Yuan Territory, Lu Yin looked at countless cultivators from the Sixth Continent heading towards the Iron-Blooded Territory in various spaceships, with fear deep in his eyes.

The war potential of the Sixth Continent is too great. If the Eternals had not destroyed the Sixth Continent, experienced a series of accidents such as the betrayal of the Secret Ancestor, and the elimination of the Secret Ancestor territory, the Sixth Continent would not have been like this.

Back then, half of the Sixth Continent could attack the entire Fifth Continent. You can imagine how powerful it was.

In the final analysis, most of the reason for the decline of the Sixth Continent is Huizu. Huizu calculated the years and severely cheated the Sixth Continent, making the Sixth Continent what it is now.

The Master of Sword Valley passed through the starry sky, saw Lu Yin, stopped, and landed.

“I helped you in the Sixth Continent, how are you going to thank me, senior?” Lu Yin said with a smile.

The Master of Sword Valley thought Lu Yin was unhappy, but thinking that Lu Yin might be accepted as a disciple by the Blood Ancestor, Lan Xian also specifically asked not to take over the Eastern Territory. It was obvious that he wanted to give the Eastern Territory to Lu Yin.

Even the Half-Ancestor showed his kindness, but the Sword Valley Master did not dare to show his face anymore and forced a smile, “Thank you very much, Alliance Leader Lu. If the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance hadn’t cut off the retreat of the Behemoth Star Territory, we really wouldn’t have been able to defeat it so easily. “.

Lu Yin laughed, “Senior, you are polite, I just hope that the Sixth Continent can defend the Iron-Blooded Territory and this kind of thing will not happen again. After all, after passing the Iron-Blooded Territory, you will reach our Eastern Frontier Alliance region.” .

The Master of Sword Valley lost his temper. He really wanted to say that the entire outer universe belongs to the Sixth Continent, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t. Bearing in mind that the half-ancestor wanted to give Lu Yin face, he could only smile reluctantly. “No, they have no chance. This time, we will occupy even the barbarian territory.”

Lu Yin praised, “If you are brave enough, then you won’t bother your seniors.”

The Lord of Sword Valley left quickly.

The people of the Sixth Continent have never thought that someone would refuse the temptation of being accepted as a disciple in the Ancestral Realm, even if this person is the genius of the Fifth Continent.

The reason why Lu Yin just talked to the Sword Valley Master was to confirm the attitude of the Sixth Continent again. He always felt that people like the Sword Valley Master retreated too fast. Do they really care so little about the Eastern Territory? Or are you really convinced that he will be accepted as a disciple by the Blood Ancestor?

Is there something going on in this that even he doesn’t know about?

No matter what Lu Yin thought, at this moment, the war situation reversed. Xu Qing led the expeditionary force of the Sky Demon Empire to invade the outer universe and fled to the unknown star territory. From the domineering territory to the barbaric territory, there were not many giant beasts along the way that could resist the third enemy. The six continents, if any, were easily destroyed.

In one month, the Sixth Continent has been destroyed and has reached the iron-blooded territory, and will soon enter the barbarian territory.

In the outer universe, a red mass appeared outside a very ordinary planet, like magma, twisting the void and gradually burning the surrounding area.

The magma turned into a human form, a man with a sinister expression and an old face.

The man looked at the planet for a long time, and finally turned into magma again, smacking towards the surface of the planet like a meteor.

In the planet, at a beautiful scenic spot, Kui Luo, Xiao Qing, Fu Kong, Meng Erye and others were playing like a family.

When the magma falls like a meteor.

Qiu Luo glanced at him and curled up his mouth, “Take pictures and take pictures. I don’t have time for my grandson. Hurry up and take pictures of grandpa.”

Fu Kong’s face twitched, feeling extremely aggrieved.

There are also not many giant beasts in the iron-blooded territory, but it is different in the barbarian territory


The Barbarian Territory leads directly to the Behemoth Star Territory.

When countless cultivators from the Sixth Continent attacked, a war broke out in the barbarian territory.

Originally, Sword Valley Master and the others thought that without Xu Qing’s group of masters, Barbarian Frontier could easily take over and even invade the Behemoth Star Territory.

But they didn’t expect to encounter difficulties.

Humans have human rules, and the Behemoth Star Territory also has rules for the Behemoth Star Territory.

In the fifth continent, there is Kunze, where countless prisoners are imprisoned. These prisoners are so powerful that releasing any one of them is enough to cause chaos in an area. There are even powerful men like Liu Huang with over a million combat powers.

In the Behemoth Star Territory, there is also a place called the Beast Cage. As the name suggests, it imprisons all beasts.

The starry sky beasts that can be imprisoned in the Beast Cage are as powerful as the people imprisoned in Kunze.

At this moment, what stands between the Barbarian Territory and the Iron-Blooded Territory is the Beast Cage.

The Ten Thousand Beast Cage is different from Kunze in that it can be moved. It looks like a birdcage, but is extremely large and can even be spread out to form a fence.

The border between the Barbarian Territory and the Iron-Blooded Territory is not that big. The Ten Thousand Beast Cage is spread out and can cover most of it, which just stops the Sixth Continent from attacking the Barbarian Territory.

The giant beasts imprisoned in the Beast Cage regard the Sky Demon Empire as their enemy and would rather let the Sixth Continent pass. However, the Sky Demon Empire has inspired their bestiality. Everything they see is an enemy. Now they only know how to kill. .

Among them, there are many behemoths with a combat power exceeding one million. Due to the stimulation of animal nature, they are fearless of death and even fearless of pain, just like a big mountain blocking the Sixth Continent.

If this is the case, Master Qinghua and Master Sancun can deal with the seals of the heavens, but it is Ten Thousand Beast Cage that is in trouble.

Human Kunze is eroded by death energy, and the Ten Thousand Beast Cage is made of a strange metal unique to the Behemoth Star Domain. It can swallow flesh and blood and change its hardness. It is a very magical and vital metal. The more flesh and blood it swallows, the more The more it is, the harder it is, and the more it looks like a greedy beast.

This is the most difficult thing. Even if Zhutian Yinzhao wants to destroy the beast cage, it will be difficult.

Lu Yin looked at the images taken from the border between the Iron-Blooded Territory and the Barbarian Territory, and raised his eyebrows, “What’s going on with this Ten Thousand Beast Cage? Even the seals of the heavens are troublesome.”

Amebis’s expression was solemn, “According to ancient books, the fourth continent once experienced a disaster. That disaster resulted in the death of countless behemoths, even half-ancestral level behemoths, and eventually led to the ancestral realm. Only the strong take action to solve it, and the source of the disaster was a strange metal. You guessed it, the Beast Cage is made of that metal.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “All the half-ancestral giant beasts were killed?”.

“To be precise, it’s devouring,” Yamebis said fearfully, “Do you know why humans formed the Daoyuan Sect? There is a guess that in ancient times, there were endless disasters, and humans had to unite to deal with them, just like ordinary people Facing storms and tsunamis, the disasters practitioners face are sometimes equally unsolvable.”

Lu Yin understood and looked at the image, “You, the Mebis clan, have records about that metal. Doesn’t the Sky Demon Empire have records? If so, how dare you use it?”

Amebis said, “The Ten Thousand Beast Cage is very small. According to records, the metal that can cause disaster is large enough to cover half of the outer universe. It may have been discovered too late.”

“Such a size can be dealt with by Zhutian Yinzhao, but the giant beasts in the beast cage are troublesome. Killing them will make the metal bigger and harder. Even without killing them, the metal will become bigger and harder.” If you don’t go to the barbarian territory, this time the Behemoth Star Territory is an invasion

The outer universe has indeed paid a heavy price.”

“But it shouldn’t be able to stop them for long.”

Didi Didi

Lu Yin’s personal terminal rang. He took a look and saw that he was the deputy city lord of the city, Little Bear?

They haven’t contacted each other for a long time. Some time ago, Yincheng sent someone to give some ancient objects to Lu Yin and asked him to help break them down.

“Leader Lu, a rare metal has appeared in the barbarian border. Our city hopes you can help us get it,” Deputy City Leader Xiaoxiong said anxiously.

Lu Yin was surprised, “A cage of ten thousand beasts?”

“Yes, this metal is very rare. We hope that Alliance Leader Lu will find a way to bring it to my city. No matter what the conditions are,” Deputy City Leader Xiao Xiong said in a serious tone.

Lu Yin glanced at Yamebis. Without her explanation, he would not have known the origin of the Beast Cage, “Deputy City Lord Little Bear, may I know why you care so much about this metal?”.

Deputy City Master Little Bear said, “That kind of metal comes from ancient times. It has the property of swallowing flesh and blood and increasing the hardness. It can increase the strength of my transformed body. I thought it had disappeared long ago. I didn’t expect that the Ten Thousand Beast Cage of the Sky Demon Empire is based on this Make it with metal, Alliance Leader Lu, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“I can only try my best. If you can see the preciousness of this metal, the Sixth Continent will not be able to see it, and you may not be able to get it,” Lu Yin said.

Deputy City Master Xiao Xiong said gratefully, “Already, Leader Lu, please try your best to help. Whatever the terms, as long as I can do it in this city, just feel free to ask for it.”

Lu Yin put down his personal terminal. He was not surprised that the Science and Technology Star Territory knew the dynamics of the battlefield, but the contact was too decisive. It seemed that they attached great importance to the Ten Thousand Beast Cage.

“A lot of people know about the origin of this metal?” Lu Yin asked.

Amebis said, “It shouldn’t be much. After all, it was too long ago, and the Fifth Continent has experienced wars and even been changed. The Hall of Glory may not know about it.”

The Hall of Glory may not know, and a city may not know. If you don’t know, how can you care so much.

Lu Yin looked to the north and became interested in the Beast Cage.

It can bring disaster to the ancient Fourth Continent and force the strong men of the ancestral realm to take action, which proves that the upper limit of this kind of thing is very high. If it is improved, I don’t know how far it can be improved.

At the junction of the Iron-Blooded Territory and the Barbarian Territory, Master Sancun and other heavenly seals took action and slaughtered all the giant beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Cage. The blood mixed with flesh was swallowed by the Ten Thousand Beast Cage, and the Ten Thousand Beast Cage became larger visibly to the naked eye. , from the beginning it covered most of the border, to now, it directly covers the entire border, and spreads towards the barbarian and iron-blooded territories.

The flesh and blood seems to stimulate this metal. Whether it is a giant beast or a human, it will be swallowed directly once it is touched.

And its hardness also gives Zhutian Yinzhao a headache, but fortunately it is not unbreakable.

A Ten Thousand Beasts Cage blocked the Sixth Continent for five days. Five days later, the Ten Thousand Beasts Cage was shattered, and the Sixth Continent rushed into the Barbarian Frontier and counterattacked the Behemoth Star Territory.

In the Behemoth Star Territory, there are also countless behemoths that are constantly entering the Barbarian Territory for reinforcements.

However, these reinforcing behemoths could not stop the Sixth Continent. Gradually, the Sixth Continent reached the junction of the Barbarian Frontier and the Behemoth Star Territory. Once they crossed over, they officially entered the Behemoth Star Territory.

On the other side, under the cover of the Second Night King, Lu Yin came to the iron-blooded territory, and he wanted to collect the beast cages.

The Beast Cage is very, very large, covering the border between the Barbarian Territory and the Iron-Blooded Territory. After it was smashed, the fragments were scattered everywhere. Not only Lu Yin was collecting it, but many people were collecting it.


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