Star Odyssey Chapter 1886: Waiting

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A palm, suspended in the sky, this is the Wang family.

Wang Si’s eyes were cracked, and there was strong fear and disbelief deep in his eyes. “Shocking the mother tree is rare in ancient and modern times. He must be killed. This son must be killed. If he is not killed, he will become a trouble in the future.” As she spoke, she looked up He raised his head and knelt down, “Ancestor, our Wang family must not be destroyed by this son’s hands, Ancestor——”.

Hanxian Sect, leader Bai Teng narrowed his eyes, “It is truly a genius to be able to make the mother tree vibrate, overlap the void, and appear in this starry sky. Unfortunately, you will not survive. The ancestor has decided to take action himself and go to the abandoned place. , No one can save you, the more shocked you are, the more beautiful you will be, the faster you will die, Shao Hong’s revenge will finally be avenged.”

At this time, a pair of eyes appeared behind Lu Yin, from an old man. His eyes were cloudy, but with supreme majesty.

When these eyes appeared, Bai Teng’s pupils shrank, ancestral realm?

Wang Si, Long Ke and others were shocked. This feeling, the ancestral realm? Only the ancestral realm can give them such a sense of oppression. Is there a strong ancestral realm behind this boy?

Bai Teng looked ugly and punched the ground. How could it be possible that there was an ancestral realm in the abandoned place to help him? In this way, it would be inconvenient for the ancestor to go there, bastard.

“Sect Master, the evil descendants of the Lu family are protected by the ancestral realm, and we agree to Wang Si’s request to conquer.” A voice came, informing Bai Teng.

Bai Teng’s eyes flickered, and even if it was inconvenient for the ancestor to take action, he could still kill this son by conquering the abandoned land. Conquering, must conquer, let the sea of ​​blood in the abandoned land surge into the sky, and bury Shaohong with him.

At this moment, Lu Yin did not look towards the top world. He saw a pair of eyes, staring at him calmly. He was very familiar with those eyes. He could often see them whenever he fainted or slept. Those eyes were beautiful. But it gave him unlimited murderous intent, and he almost couldn’t help but say two words – ‘bold’.

The gaze between each other was devoid of any emotion, but it was the coldest and most terrifying gaze.

The void overlap will disappear soon.

Lu Yin looked at those eyes, raised his arm, opened his right palm, and then clenched it tightly, as if he wanted to hold the entire tree starry sky in his palm, then turned his palm and pressed it down, opened his mouth and said two words, “Wait a minute.” “.

He was saying to the owner of those eyes, and he was also saying to the entire tree starry sky that he had provoked the tree starry sky and the four-dimensional balance.

As the void overlapped and disappeared, the starry sky of the tree boiled. Lu Yin’s provocative look was imprinted in everyone’s mind. Countless people yelled and cursed, and countless people were excited. Some people filled the sky with murderous intent, and some looked forward to the Lu family’s return. The entire tree starry sky is not peaceful.

“It must be the starry sky,” a hoarse voice sounded behind him. Lu Yin just put down his hand, startled, and turned around hastily. At some point, there was an old man behind him, looking at him with a smile.

Lu Yin didn’t even notice the old man’s appearance. As the tree’s vision disappeared, he felt the magnificent power. “Ancestor?” Lu Yin said, what he felt was the power of the ancestor. This kind of The power has been felt more than once, but this time, recently, it came from this old man.

The old man nodded, looked at Lu Yin, and said with admiration, “I’m a shameless person.”

Blood concealment? Lu Yin blinked, “Blood Ancestor?”.

The old man smiled and said, “Xue Maozi is my taboo name. You can also call me Blood Ancestor, as you wish.”

He is truly a strong man in the ancestral realm. Lu Yin suppressed the shock in his heart and slowly saluted, “Junior Lu Yin, see you, senior blood ancestor.”

The Blood Ancestor looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “You were the one who made the Star Source Universe move? How did you do it?”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, how to answer? This is the ancestor, even if he

I feel that the ancestors of the sixth continent are far less powerful than Chen Zu, but they are ancestors after all. But the ancestors of the fifth continent have changed so much that they can’t breathe. Can they be justified in lying? If you don’t lie, can you tell the truth? Absolutely not.

Lu Yin didn’t know how to answer.

The Blood Ancestor spoke again, “Everyone has a secret. If you don’t want to tell it, don’t tell it.”

“Thank you, Senior Blood Ancestor” Lu Yin said in a relaxed tone, very magnanimously.

The Blood Ancestor praised, “Breaking through the vision can make the Star Source Universe boil and activate the Mother Tree. Little guy, you are very powerful.”

Lu Yin hurriedly saluted, “This junior is just lucky and deserves no praise from the Blood Ancestor.”

The Blood Ancestor smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, I am not the Nine Prime Ministers. Although I am hostile to the Fifth Continent, I will not do anything to take action against juniors like you.”

Lu Yin laughed dryly. Facing the ancestral realm, he could do nothing. He wondered if the blood ancestor had seen the scene where he used the corpse to block the source of calamity.

“Did you see Zhiyi in that starry sky?” Blood Ancestor asked, looking at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin quickly replied, “No, I swear, I have never seen Zhiyi.”

The Blood Ancestor sighed, “It seems that I will never see that child again.”

Lu Yin has really never seen Zhiyi. He has never seen the top ten entering the starry sky of trees. He has never seen Zhiyi. He knows that Qiu Shi is trapped in the golden wheat field of the seed garden.

“Little fellow, are you willing to become my disciple?” Blood Ancestor suddenly spoke and looked at Lu Yin with a smile.

Lu Yin was startled and said hurriedly, “I already have a master who takes good care of me. When I first became a disciple, I swore that I would only have one master in my life. I have let down my good intentions.”

The Blood Ancestor was funny, “It’s up to you.” Suddenly, his expression changed and his body disappeared.

Lu Yin watched the Blood Ancestor leave and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the Blood Ancestor did not show the power of the Ancestral Realm to oppress him, facing a strong Ancestral Realm man, the pressure was indeed too great.

What happened just now was really tempting. He wanted to become his disciple to the Blood Ancestor. Zhiyi also offered to help him become his apprentice to the Blood Ancestor, but he also refused. It’s a pity, he has Mr. Mu, and Mr. Mu is definitely in the ancestral realm, but I don’t know how it compares to the Blood Ancestor. It should be better than the Blood Ancestor!

The disappearance of the strange image of the big tree means that Lu Yin has completely overcome the source of the star messenger and stepped into the ranks of the star messenger.

Different from ordinary Star Envoys, he has four Star Source Cyclones, three of which are hidden in the three levels. I don’t know if anyone else has played like this before, probably not.

Remembering the last Source Tribulation that was forcefully sucked out, Lu Yin was afraid. Not to mention him, the power of that Source Tribulation, even a million-strong combat power might not be able to withstand it. It was not a Source Tribulation at all, but a Source Tribulation. A punishment.

Is that why he can carry it with a foreign object like a corpse? Lu Yin was thoughtful.

In the west, Lanxian and Master Qinghua appeared, in the south, Elder Jiu Shen, the Second Night King and others also appeared, and in the north, Xu Qing and the men from the Tianyao royal family, masters appeared in front of Lu Yin one by one.

Everyone looked at him in wonder and wonder, wanting to understand what happened to him.

When crossing the tribulation, I was shocked by the Chen Ancestor. The star source was absorbed, causing the star source universe to change, leading to the Blood Ancestor and the huge vision. Everyone wanted to know what happened, but they did not approach Lu Lu Yin, I still have lingering fears about what happened before. God knows if anything will happen to Lu Yin again.

The first one to speak was Lan Xian. Her eyes were filled with brilliance. She looked at Lu Yin as if she were looking at a peerless treasure. “Long time no see, leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

Facing Lan Xian, Lu Yin frowned slightly, not knowing what to use

Attitude, this woman has gathered all the temptations that make men dream about her. Her tingling voice, beautiful figure, moving drumming sound, and those eyes are enough to enchant people. She can seduce anyone in the world. A man, but also a half-ancestor, came to the battlefield and used the sound of three-string plucking to make the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance become cannon fodder in the battle against the Behemoth Star Territory.

If it weren’t for the founder Jingyi, she would have succeeded.

Logically speaking, for Lu Yin and the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, she is an enemy, even if she is not an enemy, she is not a friend. However, when faced with the crisis of the Sword King, she saved herself. The Sword King’s first kill was her help. blocked.

Lu Yin didn’t expect that she would help him block the Sword King’s slash at the time. So, she did save him.

Both an enemy, but not an enemy, a benefactor, but not a benefactor. Lu Yin looked at Lan Xian with complicated eyes, but he was the half-ancestor, so he should have the respect he deserved. Thinking about it, he said solemnly , “I have met Half Ancestor Lan Xian.”

Everyone present has experienced Lan Xian’s power, and it can be said that he has the ability to decide everyone’s life or death.

The Xufuyou Ancestor was able to make Lan Xian fearful because he wore the skin of the Supreme Ancestor, but he also ran away in the end. No one, not even the Half Ancestor, could be Lan Xian’s opponent.

“Has the Blood Ancestor arrived just now?” Lan Xian asked.

Everyone looked at Lu Yin with serious expressions. They looked at the Blood Ancestor. He is the truly powerful man who dominates all in the Fifth Continent today and is also the strongest person who protects the Fifth Continent from being invaded by the Eternals. Even the enemies heard that the Blood Ancestor II The characters must also be respected. This is respect for the ancestors and is the ultimate state of human cultivation.

Lu Yin nodded, “Senior Blood Ancestor came and left again.”

“Did the old man say something?” Lan Xian was curious.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “He said he wanted to accept me as his disciple.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Accept you as a disciple?” Xu Qing exclaimed, in disbelief, with extreme fear and anger.

Lu Yin looked at him and nodded, “Yes, accept me as your disciple.”

“So? Are you now a disciple of the Blood Ancestor?” Xu Qing asked eagerly.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and said, “Before we have time, something unexpected happened. The Blood Ancestor left first, but he will come back to me.”

Xu Qing’s eyelids twitched, Blood Ancestor’s disciple, disciple, really disciple? If Lu Yin really becomes the disciple of the Blood Ancestor, it will be in trouble. He must not kill him. If he kills the disciples of the Blood Ancestor, God knows how the Blood Ancestor will take revenge on the Behemoth Star Territory.

The Behemoth Star Territory has the courage to start a war with the Sixth Continent, but facing an ancestral realm, it makes me tremble just thinking about it.

“Do you really want to become a disciple of the Blood Ancestor?” the man from the Heavenly Demon Royal Family asked again.

Lu Yin raised his head, “Am I not worthy?”.

No one present, not even half-ancestor Lan Xian, could say that Lu Yin was not worthy. Or, to put it another way, even if half-ancestor Lan Xian was not worthy of becoming a disciple of the Blood Ancestor, Lu Yin was. Unbelievable, defeating Chen Zu of the same realm, making him invincible in the Enlightenment Realm, stepping into the Star Envoy, causing visions, and becoming a disciple of the Ancestral Realm is normal.

It should be said that it would be strange for such a person not to become an Ancestral Realm disciple.

Xu Qing never doubted Lu Yin, why did the Blood Ancestor come? The only explanation is to accept him as a disciple. This child’s talent has reached a level that even the powerful people in the ancestral realm have to pay attention to.

Lu Yin looked away. He was telling the truth. The Blood Ancestor did want to accept him as his disciple, but he just refused. There was no need to tell these people.


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