Star Odyssey Chapter 1884: Breaking and sealing

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Liu Qianjue and others looked deeply at Lu Yin. At this moment, their mentality changed.

Before, they had to join the Dongjiang Alliance. Now, they saw the scene of Lu Yin defeating Chen Zu, which greatly touched them. They joined the Dongjiang Alliance and became Lu Yin’s subordinates. Once Lu Yin becomes the ancestor in the future, they will be given the opportunity to join the Dongjiang Alliance. The benefits they bring will be immeasurable.

“Congratulations to the leader of the Alliance for successfully crossing the Source Tribulation” the mountain **** shouted, being the first to express his stance, which shocked He and the elders.

Immediately afterwards, Liu Qianjue, Lingqiu, and Mrs. You all expressed their opinions one by one to congratulate Lu Yin.

On the opposite side, Xu Qing’s face was ugly, “This kind of origin calamity has been overcome. Once he becomes a star envoy, his combat power will definitely increase greatly. Even on this battlefield, he may not be without the ability to protect himself. I want to kill him.” It’s difficult.”

The man from the Sky Demon Royal Family exclaimed, “If he can defeat the Chen Ancestor of the same realm, perhaps he will be the first ancestral realm in the Fifth Continent.”

Hearing this, Xu Qing’s face turned even uglier. Although an ancestral realm is terrifying, it does not make people despair. However, Lu Yin also has the identity of the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. This son is not only a practitioner, but also good at strategizing. Technique, he remembered what Lu Yin said before the war started. In the future, once he becomes an ancestor, how will he deal with the Behemoth Star Territory?

No, this guy must be killed, otherwise it will definitely be a disaster for the Behemoth Star Territory in the future.

Lu Yindu’s source calamity can be called the most desperate source calamity. Chen Zu has already represented the pinnacle of Enlightenment realm combat power. Not to mention Breakthrough Star Envoy, even if 700,000 strong combat powermen face Chen Ancestor in Enlightenment realm It is also difficult to defeat. If you win against Chenzu, it will mean that you have passed through the origin calamity.

The star energy in Lu Yin’s body dissipated, and the next moment, the star source flowed out of the source tribulation vortex and was absorbed by Lu Yin.

This is the reward for surviving the Origin Tribulation, successfully breaking through, and stepping into the ranks of Star Envoys. What is used is no longer Star Energy, but Star Source.

The reason why the power of each person’s Source Tribulation is different is because of the difference in how much Star Source is absorbed. The stronger the cultivator, the more Star Source will be absorbed after breaking through, and the Star Source Universe will naturally be more hostile.

The terror of the star energy in Lu Yin’s body allowed Xingyuan Universe to directly manifest Chen Zu, which brought about the most desperate source of calamity. However, Lu Yin still managed to overcome the calamity. If Xingyuan Universe had an expression, it must be very ugly at this moment.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, but he soon thought of another thing.

Back then, Kui Luo said that Bai Xian’er had transcended the Origin Tribulation, which shook the starry sky among the trees and brought out the ancestral realm. How did she do it? Is it too much noise? Or is it because she attracts attention, so she attracts the powerful people from the ancestral realm?

It is most likely the latter. Lu Yin is not arrogant, but he is very sure that in the realm of Enlightenment, he has reached the limit. Chen Zu has also reached the limit. Even so, it has not led to the ancestral realm. A strong person, but if he is a disciple of the Hanxian Sect, or is still a disciple of the Lu family, the Source Tribulation that he just fought against Chen Ancestor can definitely bring out a strong person in the ancestral realm.

It can definitely make the Eternals fearful.

Lu Yin has this confidence. Compared with him, the biggest difference between Bai Xianer and him is his background.

Looking to the north, perhaps at this moment, Xu Qing’s murderous intention towards her is just like the murderous intention towards Bai Xian’er after her tribulation, the Eternal Clan’s murderous intention towards her!

Shaking his head, Lu Yin stopped thinking about it. Only when the absorption of the star source was finished and replaced with the star energy in his body could he completely survive the source tribulation.

When the star source enters the body, he can choose a location to turn into a star source cyclone. Lu Yin has already thought of it, right next to the black and white fog, which happens to be blocked by quicksand.

The star source traveled around the body following the direction of the star energy. Lu Yin clearly felt changes in his body. Breaking through the star envoy, ordinary cultivators will transform and can step into the star source universe, which requires high physical strength.

Ordinary cultivators can make their physical strength withstand the level of stepping into the Star Source Universe, but for Lu Yin, he didn’t know to what extent it would be improved. In short, he felt the difference.

Xingyuan quickly wandered along the location where Xingneng once was to Xia Chongguan, then followed Xia Chongguan into the Middle Finger Pass, then entered the Upper Hui Pass, and finally followed the Upper Hui Pass and appeared on the chest, black and white Next to the fog, it turned into a cyclone, gradually expanding, pulling in the star source.

Others still dare not approach Lu Yin. Even though the source of calamity is over, once the source of the absorbed star is close, it may also cause the source of calamity. This is part of the source of calamity.

With punishment comes reward. This has not changed since ancient times. No one has tried to get close to the star source when absorbing it, but it also caused source disaster.

Everyone must watch Lu Yin complete the Star Source and officially enter the Star Envoy realm.

Once ordinary cultivators break through the Star Envoy, they can absorb the Star Source quickly, such as Daeqiu. It only takes a moment to complete the fixation of the Star Source Cyclone, and they can step into the Star Source Universe. Everyone thought that Lu Yin was also very fast, even if he could star. Most of them, the first time they absorb the source of tribulation, it won’t last long, because at this time, they absorb the star source unscrupulously, just like absorbing star energy in normal times.

But gradually, everyone felt something was wrong. Lu Yin was still absorbing the star source. How much star energy did he have in his body?

No one has ever heard Lu Yin say how much star energy he can absorb. This time, they finally saw it.

One stick of incense passed and Lu Yin was still absorbing the star source.

Then, two sticks of incense passed, and he was still absorbing the star source. Under the source of calamity, the star source had gathered into a trickle and poured into his body.

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially those powerful Star Messengers, who looked at Lu Yin as if he were looking at a monster.

Master Qinghua sighed, “Sure enough, he is not comparable to ordinary people. The star energy contained in his body should be a hundred times that of ordinary people. Even some very talented practitioners, even my sixth continent domain disciple, are far behind. superior”.

Lan Xian raised his eyes with bright eyes, “After all, he is a member of the Lu family, and he is also a direct descendant. It is normal for the total amount of star energy to be a hundred times that of ordinary people. It should be fast.”

Then another stick of incense was passed over, and Lu Yin was still absorbing the star source.

Lan Xian’s expression changed. If it was a hundred times the star energy of an ordinary person, it should be over by now. Why is it still absorbing it?

In the north, Xu Qing’s face became more and more ugly, and his murderous intention became more intense, but also helpless. The more Lu Yin absorbed the star source, the stronger he became, terrifyingly powerful.

The man from the Heavenly Demon Royal Family smiled instead, “That’s great.”

Xu Qing was puzzled, “What do you mean?”.

The man from the Sky Demon Royal Family sneered, “Star source is not star energy. No matter how much star energy this boy needs for cultivation, he can still absorb it without restraint if he has star energy crystal marrow. It will take a longer time at most, and it can be filled up in the end, but the star energy can be filled up in the end. How can it be possible for the source to absorb like this? You and I need to be careful when absorbing the star source, lest the star source universe detects it and drains the star source from the body, what about him?”

After saying this, Xu Qing’s eyes were ecstatic, “Yes, the more star sources this child needs for cultivation, the more likely it is that the star source universe will be noticed. Even if it is not noticed, there are so many star sources that he doesn’t know how to improve if he wants to. how long”.

“The more important thing is the six source tribulations, which is the source tribulation that broke through one million combat power. The more stars in the body, the more terrifying the source tribulation is. This time, Chen Zu appeared, and the one million combat power source tribulation appeared. , it is also possible that the Chen Zu of that period will appear, can he defeat it again? There may even be other ancestral realm experts or terrifying source calamities. He has no future.” The man from the Heavenly Demon Royal Family said in a relaxed tone.

Feng Lin, Zhu Chong and others relaxed after hearing this. Yes, more star source reserves does not mean it is a good thing. The further you go, the harder it is to practice. They do not believe that this child can survive a million battle power source tribulations. Whether it can even reach one million combat power is still a question.

Not only did they think of it, but Master Yuan and other powerful people also thought of it. Seeing Lu Yin absorbing the star source, their faces became uglier.

After the fourth pillar of incense time passed, the star source cyclone on Lu Yin’s chest no longer absorbed the star source. Above his head, the source calamity vortex gradually shrank. Everyone marveled that it was finally over.

Lu Yin felt strangely the star source cyclone. So many star sources gathered together and traveled along the star energy route, which brought great changes to his body. He felt it both physically and mentally. After transformation, now, he doesn’t even know how strong he is, and he really wants to try it.

Although the Source Tribulation brings disaster, it also brings about transformation. It is really a magical phenomenon.

Normally, absorbing star sources would not improve that much. Lu Yin raised his head and looked at Yuan Jie, could it be that only the star sources provided by Yuan Jie could transform him so much? If this is the case, continuing to absorb the star source will still bring about changes. It would be a pity to give up. However, according to the total amount of star energy contained in the body, the star source cyclone has now taken shape, and it is impossible to pull the star source down from the source tribulation. .

Seeing the trickle of star source being pulled down getting smaller and smaller, Lu Yin became anxious. He suddenly thought, isn’t there three levels in his body? Can it be opened, can it be closed? If you close it, can you seal Xingyuan inside?

Seeing that the stream of star source was getting smaller and smaller and was about to disappear, in the distance, Master Yuan and others were planning to walk towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin pulled out a trace of the black and white mist and sealed the passage between Shanghuiguan and the chest. At first, he used the object of origin to open Shanghuiguan. Now, Lu Yin tried to seal it with the black and white mist. In addition to the black and white mist, he also There was nothing else to seal. At the same time, he also used the black and white mist to block the Star Source Cyclone that had formed on his chest, trying to see if he could not be noticed by the Star Source Universe.

The Star Source Universe only cares about the Star Source and has nothing to do with the power of Death.

The moment the black and white mist blocked the passage between Shanghuiguan and the chest, the moment the black and white mist blocked the star source cyclone on the chest, Lu Yin shouted, and the thin stream of star source that was about to disappear suddenly became larger, and then merged with it. Pour it into Lu Yin’s body as before.

Lu Yin’s eyelids twitched and he was ecstatic, is this really possible?

Master Yuan quickly retracted the steps he took just now, and stared blankly at Lu Yin as he continued to absorb the star source, could this be done?

Everyone was confused. It was clearly over, why are you still coming?

Lan Xian was at a loss, never heard of such a thing?

Only Lu Yin was the most excited. The opening of the three levels improved his strength a lot. Now that it is blocked with black and white mist, he can also absorb the star source inside. It is really useful. He thinks of the four young ancestors and those Ancestral realm experts, would they do the same thing? never heard of that.

Not everyone has the ability to close the three levels. Breaking the three levels is difficult, and closing the three levels is equally difficult.

Not everyone has the power of death.


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