Star Odyssey Chapter 1883: Who is invincible?

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Suddenly, infinite pressure came, as if the heaven and earth were closing. Lu Yin’s body was shaken, and his skin cracked. The terrifying pressure made him almost vomit blood. The general point platform disappeared, and Bai Shaohong, who summoned the general, was Cangzhou’s second Destroyed by pressure for a moment.

Lu Yin has never experienced this kind of pressure. It is really like heaven and earth coming together. He clenches his fists, imprinting his fighting spirit, trying to open them. His skin is constantly cracking, and blood is splashing everywhere. Behind him, the Immovable King of Heaven and Elephant View I wanted to roar, but I finally managed to open up a little, and the pressure increased sharply again.

Outside, countless people watched in shock. In the furnace of heaven and earth, the starry sky collapsed and everything returned to its original state. Only Lu Yin, like the first ray of life in the world, tried to hold on.

How difficult is it to create a new world? Even though Lu Yin was already covered in blood, in desperation, he recited the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra, and the voice of Mengmeng spanned the ancient times, which made him feel more relaxed. However, the pressure of the furnace of heaven and earth would not decrease, and was even increasing.

At this moment, Lu Yin finally understood why Yuan Jie manifested Chen Zu, who had not yet broken through the Star Envoy, as a disaster. Chen Zu was too invincible.

He considers himself to be unparalleled in strength, and the Enlightenment level is enough to challenge more than 700,000 combat star envoys. It is rare in ancient and modern times, but the same is true for Chen Zu.

Blood flowed along the body surface and spread into the starry sky, looking extremely miserable.

In the west, Lan Xian was shocked and spoke slowly, “Nan Zu was refining by Chen Zu in the furnace of heaven and earth in front of the gate of Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent, and was watched by countless cultivators from the Sixth Continent. But there is nothing you can do. Watching the ancestor being refined is the ultimate sadness.”

Master Qinghua can feel that if the Martial Ancestor or the Blood Ancestor were refined now, it would be an unimaginable disaster for the Sixth Continent. The same was true at that time.

The furnace of heaven and earth is not closed, and everyone can see clearly. Because of this, it is even more cruel and sad. The dignified ancestral realm was refined into fly ash in front of everyone’s eyes, and it was still in the sixth continent, Daoyuan Zongshan. In front of the door, this is a humiliation for the Sixth Continent. What happened in the first place? What makes Chen Zu so extreme?

No matter what the reason for Chen Zu to do this is, as an enemy, it is an honor to have his existence wiped out from the Sixth Continent, and for Nanzu, it is a shame to have his existence wiped out.

In the melting pot of heaven and earth, Lu Yin’s blood spilled across the starry sky. He was weak in bursts. He couldn’t move even when he visualized the image of the king of heaven. He was helpless, and his pupils turned into runes, knowing whether he was in a state or not.

In an instant, all the pressure disappeared, not by breaking the furnace of heaven and earth, but by using the power of Zhifou realm to make himself temporarily invincible, so that the pressure of the furnace of heaven and earth could not appear.

But the state of knowing or not will not last long. The Zhou Yan Sutra is a skill and cannot be used indefinitely.

Outside the furnace of heaven and earth, there were originally three avatars of Chen Zu, but they turned into seven. No, plus the last one that appeared, it was eight.

Chen Zu’s clone appeared in eight ways and faced Lu Yin directly.

Lu Yin stared at Chen Zu’s clone for a long time, then slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The more he fought with Chen Zu, the more powerless he felt.

It has always been said that Chen Zu is invincible, and everyone looks up to him, but in everyone’s heart, they hope to fight Chen Zu to see how invincible Chen Zu is.

Only by truly fighting against Chen Zu can one experience the powerlessness.

Everyone watching felt despair. Even in the Enlightenment state, this battle could make strong men like the Second Night King hold their breath.

Even though Lu Yin has endless opportunities, he has almost exhausted all his cards so far. Thinking of this, he smiled, “It’s really fun, Chen Zu. I really hope to fight the real you. I’ll have a chance in the future.” “After saying that, his body surface gradually dried up, his skin dried up, and Tarshish

Exhibition – everything must be reversed when it reaches its extreme.

It is a very magical skill. After practicing it, oneself will be completely dried up and will recover after being attacked. The stronger the attack, the faster the recovery will be, and at the same time, it can also accumulate strength.

In the past, Lu Yin didn’t care when he got it. Ku Zu was not outstanding in his impression. Although it was the ancestral realm, its presence was very low. In the starry sky **** realm of the tree, Ku Zu’s Ku Rong domain was also located. On the inside, he remembered someone saying that the more powerful the ancestral realm was, the closer it was to the outside.

At that time, he subconsciously thought that Kuzu was not strong compared to other ancestral realms.

But as time went by, he realized that he was wrong. Things must be reversed to allow him to heal the injuries caused by the Half-Ancestor King Priest, and to resolve the poison of the Eternal Clan. Especially when Xinnu mentioned that the Kuzu turned out to be the Nine Mountains One of the Eight Seas, holding the power of time.

This made Lu Yin have unlimited expectations for the extreme reversal of things. This technique was included in the Lingxu Palace and kept together with the secret word “Ku”. At first, he thought it was useless, but it is the most precious thing, far more than “Ku”. Word secret.

Lu Yin was glad that he had to turn against the extremes of things, otherwise it would be difficult to fight against this furnace now.

The pressure generated by this furnace was too great for him to bear, but it was not enough to exceed the upper limit of his endurance.

In the outside world, countless people watched, seeing Lu Yin suddenly ignore the pressure of the furnace of heaven and earth, and then his body dried up, no one knew what he was doing.

Everyone knows Chen Zu, and countless people look up to him, but Ku Zu’s presence is really low, so low that Lan Xian has never heard of it from Blood Zu, not to mention that things must be reversed at their extremes.

No one knows what Lu Yin is doing.

When the body is completely dry, the state of awareness subsides, and infinite stress reappears.

The moment the pressure appeared, nearly half of Lu Yin’s body, which was originally dry, suddenly recovered. He hurriedly used the “Things Will Reverse” again, and continued to dry up. Repeatedly, the pressure made him recover, and he himself dried up, kept recovering, drying up, recovering, drying up. .

No one knows what Lu Yin is doing and cannot understand it, not even the half-ancestor Lan Xian.

Although he couldn’t understand it, it didn’t stop Lu Yin from being shocked.

How terrifying the legend of the Heaven and Earth Furnace is, what Lu Yin has done now is so exaggerated. He has faced the Heaven and Earth Furnace head-on, which is a talent that is enough to refine the ancestral realm. At the beginning, Chen Zu was the ancestor, and so was Nan Zu. Ancestor, Southern Ancestor was refining life and death, but now Chen Ancestor is in the Enlightenment Realm, Lu Yin is also in the Enlightenment Realm, but Lu Yin has resisted the melting pot of heaven and earth.

This scene greatly stimulated Lan Xian, “Is there really anyone who can confront Chen Zu?”.

One day, two days, three days… until seven days, the scene was still repeated in the furnace of heaven and earth, as if there would never be an end.

On the ninth day, the void twisted and the furnace of heaven and earth dissipated. Even Chen Zu could not make his talent last long.

Everyone stared closely at Lu Yin, who was still sitting cross-legged. His body was still dry. What was going on? He’s not dead, is he?


Chen Zu was not polite. The giant clone Warring States burned the void, punched Lu Yin, and knocked Lu Yin away. Immediately afterwards, a black thread was born from the void, binding Lu Yin, and the Wang family’s secret technique-forbidden .

The Xia family’s three styles of sword intent, Tianxing Gong, and attacks came one after another, all falling on Lu Yin. Lu Yin was like a sandbag, being beaten by Chen Zu’s clone.

Everyone’s eyes are mixed. Have you given up?

Lan Xian’s eyes are strange, no, this boy’s body is recovering. Every time he is attacked, his body will recover a little. How can he recover?

Something? What did he learn?

Lu Yin looked miserable, with blood all over his body, and even though his skin was dry, there were still signs of cracks.

Being beaten by Chen Zu’s clone and unable to fight back, this scene made many people despair.

But only a few people could see clearly that even though he was beaten like this, his body was not injured at all, which was very strange.

Gradually, Lu Yin’s body miraculously recovered, his eyes suddenly opened, and a terrifying aura swept across all directions, repelling the eight clones of Chen Ancestor.

The eight clones of Chen Zu suddenly merged, and the star energy turned into a sword, and he slashed out with one sword. He used the clones to fuse all the combat power, and used three styles of sword intent to slash at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes were excited. He raised his feet and rushed forward. There were no fancy moves, just a punch. He faced Chen Zu and shattered the sword intent. Facing Chen Zu, he punched out and penetrated Chen Zu. And then, it stopped a thousand meters away, and the palms were released, “It’s over.”

Behind, Chen Zu’s body slowly disappeared, turning into streaks of thunder, floating upwards, and blending into the source of calamity.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock, win? Lu Yin defeated Chen Zu?

No one expected that the situation of the battle would suddenly reverse. Lu Yin actually defeated Chen Zu. No one could understand what happened?

Lu Yin let out a long breath, and Wu Ji Bi was suppressed in the furnace for nine days. The accumulated strength continued to gather, and he just released it completely. One punch was enough to defeat Chen Zu.

He turned around and looked at the direction where Yuanjie Chen Zu disappeared, with a solemn expression. He was worthy of being the invincible Chen Zu. There was only one person in the same realm who could fight like this with him.

However, Lu Yin frowned, Eight ways, eight clones of Chenzu appeared, he has nine clones, so, what about the ninth clone? Why didn’t it show up?

It should be that he didn’t have time. He had accumulated too much power in the punch just now, which was equivalent to Chen Zu’s Heaven and Earth Furnace completing his decisive blow. Otherwise, it would be difficult to end the battle, and he would have to rely on the Death Transformation in the end.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin laughed. He didn’t expect that Chen Zu helped him complete the strongest blow. He was really curious about the power of Chen Zu’s ninth clone.

Chen Zu represents the Xia family, and Lu Yin represents the Lu family. The Lu family has always dominated the Xia family, but Chen Zu is different. He is a genius. Even during the Daoyuan Sect, he dominated two mountains and eight seas. Mountain and sea, invincible Yu Nei, in that generation, no one in the Lu family could defeat Chen Zu, but he defeated.

After a battle spanning many years, Lu Yin finally defeated Chen Ancestor, which shocked the others so much that even half Ancestor Lan Xian looked at Lu Yin with disbelief.

The various combat abilities displayed by Chen Zu are inexplicable, and Lu Yin is even more unfathomable.

She remembered that Blood Ancestor said that throughout the ages, there has only been one Chen Ancestor. Who can defeat Chen Ancestor? Now, this person has appeared. Although it is the period of enlightenment, who can tell clearly about the future?

“This is truly the most desperate source calamity.” Some people lamented, but no one refuted it. No matter who it was, Du Yuan Jie was unlucky when he encountered Chen Zu, but it also proved that this person was powerful on the other hand. , not everyone is qualified for Chen Zu to take action.

“It’s over. Lu Yin has successfully crossed the Origin Tribulation. I don’t know how powerful he will be.” Elder He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

Lingqiu smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect that he could survive this calamity and defeat Chen Zu. He would be the next Chen Zu. If Lu Yin becomes an ancestor, joining the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance may be a good choice.


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