Star Odyssey Chapter 1882: Heaven and Earth Furnace

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Many people also noticed it, especially the dead insects in the Behemoth Star Territory, who made angry sounds.

In the Supreme Competition, the participating dead insects were trapped in drinks by the bartender with the power of the Ultron star. They were extremely aggrieved and made the dead insects lose their face.

Lu Yin never thought that he would be able to trap the Chen Zu clone forever. The Ultron Realm Star can only control the Chen Zu clone temporarily, and it will come out soon. If Chen Zu is trapped so easily, he will It’s not Chen Zu anymore.

Especially Chenzu’s clones can fuse with each other. If they can’t come out, just merge into other clones and then separate.

After exhaling, Lu Yin raised his hand and clicked on the platform to appear.

Up to now, he is not afraid of being recognized. He used the Immovable King Elephant and recognized everything that should be recognized, and he was not even close to defeating him.

The moment the commander’s platform appeared, Lan Xian’s expression changed drastically and he blurted out, “A direct descendant of the Lu family?”

Due to the abandonment of the unique surname in ancient times and the change of heaven, the fifth continent has many incomplete historical data, but the sixth continent is different. Lan Xian can recognize the Fudo King Xiang, and now, he can even recognize the generals. tower.

I originally thought that Lu Yin was a descendant of the Lu family, so I imagined that the king of Fudo was actually a direct descendant of the Lu family.

At this moment, Lan Xian looked at Lu Yin with bright eyes.

“In my name. Summon the general.” Lu Yin spoke slowly. At the same time, Chen Zu’s clone who used the reverse step walked out. The transparent Chen Zu clone separated from the Chen ancestor’s clone who used the Xia family’s sword intention. Seven paths The clones surrounded Lu Yin, creating a scene that shocked the Half-Ancestor.

Chen Zu is directly related to the Lu family, and this battle begins on the fifth continent.

When the general clicked on the stage, two figures appeared. The seven clones of Chenzu took action at the same time. One clone gathered the source and merged into all the clones at the same time. The first one to appear in front of Lu Yin was the clone of Chenzu who used the reverse step. Once Lu Yin’s attempt to use the state of knowledge will be broken. Above his head, the Warring States Period is shrouded, the starry sky is scorching, and black lines appear in all directions. The secret technique of the Wang family is forbidden.

Everyone held their breath and watched in shock. Each of Chenzu’s clones was enough to deal with six to seven million powerful star envoys. Lu Yin was equal to fighting seven powerful star envoys at the same time.

It has attack, control, defense, and treatment. It is simply perfect. This is Chen Zu. He slaughtered the strong men of the Ancestral Realm of the Sixth Continent by himself, causing blood to rain on the Sixth Continent and countless people suffering and despair. .

In front of Lu Yin, the person who was pointed out raised his hand and pressed down. Clouds and mist appeared in the void and pressed against all Chen Zu’s clones. In an instant, Chen Zu’s clones were trapped at the same time. The secret technique – Yun Luo.

The one that Lu Yin pointed out was Bai Shaohong.

With his current strength, the opponents he faced were all Star Envoys, and he rarely had the chance to defeat Bai Shaohong, who was in the Enlightenment realm. But now, facing the pressure from Chen Zu, he selected Bai Shaohong, not for anything else, but for The secret technique is just for this moment of opportunity.

Bai Shaohong’s strength is far from enough to fight against Chen Zu’s clones, but this is a secret technique. Use the secret technique of Yunluo to trap all Chen Zu’s clones. Even if Chen Zu’s clones can escape, they will be trapped for at least a few breaths. The same is true for Lu Yin He was locked in the void by the Wang family’s secret technique, but he used his death energy to attack Cang Zhou. As the only person in the general station with a combat power exceeding 700,000, Cang Zhou was enough to pose a threat to Chen Zu’s clone.

The Chen Zu clone and Lu Yin were trapped at the same time. Cang Zhou faced the Chen Zu clone who was using Source, exploded the flame bombardment, and severely damaged the clone with the strongest attack.

The next moment, Lu Yin broke free, visualized the Immovable King Elephant, and recited the meaning of the Sutra of the First Ancestor. In the misty voice from ancient times, he used his full Kong Ming Palm to use the Xia family’s knife-intended ancestor Chen’s avatar and the giant Chen. The ancestor clone broke free from Yun Luo’s restraints, but the other Chen ancestor clones did not. They were defeated by Kong Mingzhang head-on. Especially the Chen ancestor clone who used Source was the target of Lu Yin’s full attack.

It’s hard to win without destroying him.

Lu Yin relied on Bai Shaohong’s secret technique to create a chance of victory against the seven clones of Chen Ancestor.

It seems that Lu Yin is one against seven, but he also has helpers under the general stage. The general stage is talent, not external force, and Yuan Jie has no choice.

At this moment, he has not broken through the Star Envoy, and there is no Star Source in his body. Once the breakthrough is successful, he will use the Star Source to point the generals, and he will not be afraid of the consumption of death energy. Cangzhou, Jiuhan, and Dragon Lord can summon generals. In the future, more powerful players can be recruited.

This is the talent of the Lu family. One person is a country, and one person can be respected.

Compared to the direct descendants who develop normally in the Lu family, Lu Yin is not doing his job properly. He broke through the source of calamity and commanded only a few people in the station.

In the west, Master Qinghua was surprised, “The person who was selected can actually control Chen Zu’s clone at the same time. It must be a secret skill. I don’t know who he is. He can do this. He must be a genius.” , but died in Lu Yin’s hands.”

Lan Xian’s eyes were filled with heat as he stared at Lu Yin, the Lu family, the people of the Lu family, the blood of the Lu family.

The seven clones of Chen Zu were destroyed by Lu Yin, but he still didn’t care, because Chen Zu had nine clones.

Others don’t think Lu Yin has won. Although Chen Zu’s current combat power is enough to defy the heavens, it is still not enough, because that is Chen Zu, an invincible ancestral realm powerhouse.

“That, should be coming out soon” Lan Xian murmured to himself, remembering what Blood Ancestor once mentioned about Chen Ancestor. Everyone knew that Chen Ancestor had the method of nine clones, created his own Heavenly Star Technique, and integrated into the world. He has the blood of a giant and is invincible within Yunei, but no one has ever mentioned Chen Zu’s talent.

Does Chen Zu have any talent? This is a question that countless people ignore, and this question can be answered by Blood Ancestor. Yes, and it is very strong. It is terrifyingly strong. It is so strong that even Blood Ancestor is afraid when he mentions it. Because it is too powerful, Chen Ancestor His talent has disappeared into the long river of history like the rune science and technology civilization created by Fu Zu, and no one wants to mention it.

Lan Xian stared closely at Chen Zu’s clone, his talent is about to come out.

For those who have just embarked on the path of cultivation, talent is extremely important. The Ten Jue Council, which dominates the younger generation, unconditionally accepts talent practitioners. You can imagine the importance of talent, but the further you go, the less talent seems. So important, what dominates the strength of cultivation is always combat skills, or bloodline.

Nonetheless, talent cannot be ignored.

Lu Yin looked at the remaining two Chenzu clones and suddenly thought of the word talent. Chenzu, does he have talent?

With a cry, another clone walked out from one of the Chen Zu clones. Facing Lu Yin and Bai Shaohong and Cang Zhou who were summoned from the general stage, they raised their hands in a round shape and slowly Rotating slowly, it seemed to encompass the entire universe.

Lu Yin’s expression changed. A crisis was approaching. He struck out with his empty palm without hesitation and left the place at high speed.

Kong Ming Palm was blocked by Warring States, Lu Yin kept moving his body, Bai Shaohong and Cang Zhou also attacked Chen Zu’s clone from other directions at the same time.

With a snap, the newly emerged Chenzu clone clasped his hands, and the starry sky trembled. Then, Lu Yin heard an unbelievable voice, “Head, top of the head.”

He looked up, and his pupils shrank sharply. The starry sky that should have been vast and boundless, with no boundaries visible, turned into a furnace. It seemed that the entire universe had been compressed and refined, turning into an artifact like an alchemy furnace, and he Directly above is the furnace cover. He is trapped in the furnace. How is it possible and when?

Lan Xian was shocked, “Heaven and Earth – the melting pot”.

Master Qinghua doesn’t know Chen Zu’s talent. Even if he lives for a long time, he can only know a few things that he is qualified to know. As for everything about Chen Zu, only the third ancestor knows it. Lan Xian, as the half ancestor, can The qualifications are known from the Blood Ancestor.

“The melting pot of heaven and earth?” Master Qinghua was confused.

Lan Xian’s tone was dry, “Chen Zu’s talent is the furnace of heaven and earth. He uses heaven and earth as a cauldron to smelt everything. Nothing can be melted or refined. No one can escape. Once it is put into the cauldron, it means the end of life. At the beginning, The reason why the shocking battle between our sixth continent and the fifth continent started was precisely because Chenzu started by refining Nanzu in the furnace of heaven and earth, and Nanzu was turned into ashes.”

Master Qinghua was shocked and refined an ancestor.

No wonder no one knows about this. The Southern Ancestor of the Sixth Continent was refined by Chen Zu. How miserable it is. Once word spreads, it is enough to make countless practitioners of the Sixth Continent angry. No wonder there is no record of Chen Zu’s talent from beginning to end. There is no record of Nanzu. Nanzu was also erased from history by the Sixth Continent. His existence set off Chen Zu, but also discredited the Sixth Continent.

“Just watch. After a while, you will know why Nanzu’s existence will be erased. It is not only a shame, but also unspeakable sadness and despair,” Lan Xian said bitterly.

Not only did Lan Xian recognize Chen Zu’s talent, but so did the Second Night King.

The era of his birth was still the Daoyuan Sect period. At that time, the Fifth Continent Daoyuan Sect was still there, and the mother tree had not moved, just like Lu Yin heard about Fu Zu and Chen Zu countless times after he embarked on the path of cultivation. , he embarked on the path of cultivation, and it was Chen Zu who heard the most.

However, at the beginning, the Baiye clan was a vassal of the Hanxian Sect and was enslaved by the Hanxian Sect. They didn’t know much about Chen Zu, Fu Zu and others. They could only be regarded as hearsay until the Hanxian Sect left and the First Night King escaped from the cage. They rise through the medium of magic.

Although I don’t know much about Chen Zu, I have heard the name of the Heaven and Earth Furnace.

“The furnace of heaven and earth, it is said, has refined more than one ancestral realm…” The king of the second night spoke in shock, telling things that made everyone’s scalp numb, and some records about Chen Zu.

Neptune’s pupils flickered as he looked at Lu Yin. He knew, he knew that Chen Zu was invincible. No one could defeat Chen Zu. No matter how talented Lu Yin was, once the furnace of heaven and earth came out, everything would be over.

His expression was complicated. He relied on Chen Zu’s blood-cloth to break through the three gates. He had a unique feeling for Chen Zu. Now he wanted to watch Chen Zu kill Lu Yin? Let Lu Yin stop in the realm of enlightenment from now on? This is the greatest sadness.

Once the Forge of Heaven and Earth is synthesized, it cannot be opened.

Lu Yin kept using Kong Ming Palm in an attempt to break the furnace of heaven and earth, but could not shake it at all. He tried to avoid it with Ce Zi Mi, but this was the furnace of heaven and earth. With heaven and earth as the furnace, no matter how far Ce Zi Mi fled, All within the melting pot of heaven and earth.

Ce Zi Mi, the Great Movement Formation cannot escape, nor can it be broken through an attack.


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