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The Dead Insect and the Sword King are the same behemoths that support them, but they always hide in order to kill them at the critical moment.

Although he regretted Lu Yin’s death inheritance, for the sake of his grand plan, Xu Qing had to use this move to completely destroy Lu Yin.

The dead insect is ready to rush out at any time. With its speed and star envoy level strength, Lu Yin has no chance of evading it, not to mention that the octopus beast disrupts the star energy, making it even more impossible to dodge.

Just when the dead insect was about to rush out, the giant octopus disappeared.

The insect was stunned for a moment, and the outer shell fanned. Where is the octopus? Gone? It watched the giant octopus crash into an earth-yellow planet and then never come out again. How could it be? Lu Yin shouldn’t be able to kill it.

Outside Jupiter, Lu Yin exhaled. He threw the octopus into Jupiter. Jupiter, once you get in, don’t even think about getting out. Even with his current strength, he doesn’t dare to go in, even if he knows that this place may lead to the Starry Sky of Trees. .

Xu Qing never dreamed that such a place existed outside the earth. Lu Yin didn’t have to defeat the giant octopus, he just had to trick it into entering.

The dead insect was stunned for a while, but the giant octopus did not come out.

Lu Yin glanced around. It was strange. It was impossible that only the giant octopus ambushed him, but what about the other giant beasts?

One is searching, the other is in a daze.

After a while, Lu Yin shook his head, stepped out, and appeared outside the earth. Just as he was about to enter, a warning sign suddenly appeared. Behind him, a dead insect slammed into him, knocking Lu Yin into the earth.

With a bang, Lu Yin hit a high-rise building like a meteor, and his body was pressed into the ground. From the high-rise building as the center, the earth shattered and spread throughout the city.

Severe pain came from his back. Lu Yin bared his teeth and propped up his body. On top of his head, rocks fell, making another roar.

When he touched his back, blood seeped into his coat.

Lu Yin raised his head, jumped up, rushed out of the ground, and looked at the starry sky. At this moment, he saw that there were almost more than 600,000 combat power runes. Is that a dead insect?

Lu Yin was frightened when he saw it was a dead insect. Fortunately, he threw the giant octopus into Jupiter in advance, otherwise he would have been in trouble if the two giant beasts joined forces.

The micro-armor is broken. Now, Lu Yin has no special protection on his body. Fortunately, the dead insect’s combat power is not high, otherwise this blow would be enough to penetrate him. Even so, because of the special nature of its species, it poses a threat to himself. It’s also huge.

The killing insects are fast and ignore physical defense, making them their own nemesis.

But it’s not without a solution.

Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes. As long as the difference in combat power is not too big and he knows the situation, he can deal with it.

Suddenly, Lu Yin turned his head and looked in another direction, where a familiar and terrifying rune appeared. That was the giant mantis.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, and when he entered his eyes, he saw two knives slashing down. This was Xu Qing’s real trump card.

The trap on Earth is too obvious. Even if Lu Yin comes, he will definitely be prepared.

The giant octopus attracted Lu Yin to the earth, and the sneak attack of the killing insects was enough to draw out Lu Yin’s prepared backhand, but the real killer was the giant mantis.

With the speed of the giant mantis, it was impossible for Lu Yin to avoid it.

This is also true. Lu Yin was indeed unable to avoid the attack of the giant mantis beast. He watched Dao Lian slash it down, and then the attack disappeared inexplicably. Lu Yin was knocked back by the strong wind coming from the giant mantis beast without suffering any harm.

The ferocious look of the giant mantis beast was once again surprised, and it raised its head. At some point, there was another person in the sky, an old man, who looked very old and looked fine

It’s so special, but it was this old man who diverted its attack just now.

Yu Zi Mi. Turning into the void, the old man who appeared was none other than the old man of the Yu family. The old man who led the Yu family to escape from the new universe and was chased by the Seven Gods still survived.

Of course Lu Yin couldn’t rush into the trap alone, so he found Elder Yujia, awakened him, and came to Earth together.

Fortunately, the place where the Yu family hides is not far from the earth.

Puffing heavily, Lu Yin was afraid. Fortunately, Mr. Yujia Su Lao did not disappoint him. A person who can escape the pursuit of the Seven Gods is really strong.

I would like to thank Yibencheng for being able to think of Yujia Su Lao.

When the Science and Technology Star Territory united with the Sixth Continent to attack the outer universe, Yiben City sent a star envoy to enter the Canglan Territory through the unknown star territory, but was driven away by Mr. Yujia Su. Yicheng took this matter very seriously and told them Lu Yin, otherwise Lu Yin might not be able to think of this old man.


Lao Yujiasu looked haggard, “I can’t help you much. It will be difficult to recover from the injuries caused by Qishentian. You must be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yin pointed at the giant mantis, “Senior, can you deal with it?”.

Yujia Su Lao looked at the giant mantis and said, “Let’s try it.”

The giant mantis beast made a sharp roar and rushed towards Lu Yin. The speed was so fast that Lu Yin could not react. At the critical moment, Yujia Su Lao waved his hand, still Yu Zimi, to divert the slashing blow of the giant mantis beast.

Compared with Neptune, Yujia Su Lao is more suitable to deal with the giant mantis beast. He does not need much speed and can only contain the attack of the giant mantis beast.

In the starry sky, the dead insect disappeared and reappeared, already in front of Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes were stern, and the three giant beasts were preparing. If nothing unexpected happened, they could indeed kill him, but now, he had to deal with these three giant beasts.

With the three giant beasts eliminated, the battlefield pressure on Xu Qing’s side will be much less.


The dead insect hit Lu Yin hard, and Lu Yin was knocked back without any hindrance. Zhi Fu Jing was able to withstand it.

He was about to fight back, but couldn’t find the dead insect.

There was another impact from the side, and the insect was killed at an extremely fast speed. Lu Yin could not catch its trajectory at all, and even Kong Ming Palm could not make a move and could not find its direction.

The stars were moving, and tens of thousands of stars spread across the city. In the city, countless people fled, seeing the stars that suddenly appeared, their eyes were frightened, and they did not dare to touch them.

A shadow flashed in the corner of his eye, and Lu Yin subconsciously struck out with his palm. Kong Ming’s palm passed by the dead insect, shattering the void. Lu Yin’s body was hit again, but he still couldn’t find the dead insect’s trajectory.

Lu Yin used all the methods he could in terms of field, energy, and skills, but he still couldn’t catch the dead insect.

Fortunately, the impact of the dead insect was ineffective on him, and he seemed to be at a stalemate. Lu Yin was not sure whether he could catch the dead insect when the **** of death was in his transformed state. He wanted to try, but suddenly, he heard the voice of Mr. Yujiasu. The voice said, “Little guy, I can’t hold on any longer.”

Lu Yin was stunned and looked up at the starry sky. He saw that the giant mantis kept trying to rush towards the earth, but every time he was stopped by the Yu family elders in various ways, “Senior, what did you say?”.

“Little guy, I said that I was seriously injured by the Witch Spirit God and needed to be frozen to recover. I won’t be able to help you for a long time. This giant beast is extremely fast and attacks fiercely. It will be difficult for me to stop it.” Yu Jiasu Lao said helplessly.

Lu Yin was anxious. If Mr. Yu couldn’t stop the giant mantis beast, he would definitely die. “Senior, can you find a way to destroy it?”

“It’s difficult. I could easily destroy it in my heyday, but the injury was too severe

” Mr. Yujiasu said helplessly.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “What if there is an ancestral realm thing? The kind that can make the giant mantis freeze instantly.”

Lao Yujiasu was surprised, “You have something from the ancestral realm? You can try it.”

Lu Yin took advantage of the moment when he was hit by the dead insect, took out the skin of the Supreme Ancestor from the Ningkong Ring, and transferred it secretly, “Senior, don’t stare at it, this is the skin of the Supreme Ancestor.”

In the starry sky, Mr. Yujia Su made a casual move, and the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor appeared in his hand.

The moment the Supreme Ancestor’s Skin appeared, the dead insect suddenly stopped moving, as if it sensed something.

The originally ferocious gaze of the giant mantis became more confused and frightened, and the aura of the Supreme Ancestor’s Skin brought natural suppression.

Yujia Su Lao looked at the giant mantis beast. The soles of his feet were transferred to the void. The skin of the Supreme Ancestor in his hand was printed directly on the head of the praying mantis beast. For a moment, the mantis giant beast didn’t even move. He was penetrated by Yu Jia Su Lao. The body fell directly to the earth and hit the mountains and rivers.

Lao Yujiasu was exhausted. “Little guy, that giant beast has been seriously injured and covered with the skin of the Supreme Ancestor. It cannot pose a threat to you. I’m leaving. Don’t break your promise to me.” After saying that, Turn around and leave.

Lu Yin stared at the direction where the giant mantis beast was knocked away, and saw that the runes there were weakening rapidly. The giant mantis beast had been seriously injured and was still unable to move. Then, all he had to do next was to deal with the dead insects.

Wait, where are the dead insects?

From the moment Lu Yin took out the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor, the dead insects never attacked him again. Something was wrong.

Suddenly, he thought of something and rushed towards the place where the giant mantis fell.

The dead insect looks like an insect, but it is actually a creature that has been cultivated for many years. It is not an unintelligent beast. The skin of the Supreme Ancestor suppresses the giant mantis beast. How could it not see that if it wants to kill Lu Yin, The only way is to join forces, which alone cannot do it.

Lu Yin tore through the void and came to the side of the mountains and rivers. He looked down and saw a blood-red ferocious gaze. The skin of the Supreme Ancestor just fell to the ground, and the dead insects were also there.

Lao Yujiasu left in a hurry.

No, as soon as these two words appeared in his mind, Lu Yin was pushed out by a huge impact, and the insect was still dead. Then, above his head, the giant mantis sword fell down.

It was severely injured by Yujia Su Lao, its body was penetrated, and its strength was greatly weakened, but its speed was not much slower. The knife cut through it, and Lu Yin subconsciously took out the body. With a bang, the body was intact.

Not to mention the seriously injured giant mantis, even in its prime it was unable to harm this corpse at all.

Although the body was not injured, the force still knocked Lu Yin away and landed on an island along the sea level.

Lu Yin turned over and fell down smoothly. Black and white mist surged out from his body, and a huge cocoon wrapped around him.

The dead insect hit hard and knocked the cocoon into the sea.

Jinling, Zhou Shan didn’t know what happened to Lu Yin. The giant beast attacked and the earth fell into doomsday again. Outside the starry sky, all the surveillance technology equipment was destroyed. He didn’t know where Lu Yin was fighting now.

Across the planet, billions of people are in panic.

Under the sea, Lu Yin transformed into the **** of death, with black and white mist wrapped around his body, and he jumped out of the sea level. The trembling breath that made the giant beast come from the soul came, but it was only for a moment and could not change the situation of the battle. In front of him, a mantis The giant beast Dao Lian fell, Lu Yin raised his left arm, and the shield formed by the white gas collided with Dao Lian. With a bang, his body was knocked back.

He blocked Dao Lian’s slash.


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