Star Odyssey Chapter 1870: The killer trap

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Lu Yin looked at the mountain **** with interest, “I’m surprised, how could you have the courage to ask me to withdraw from the battlefield?”

The mountain **** usually appears in the form of a million mountains, but on this battlefield, he dare not. The million mountains are too big and the target is too big. Once he appears, he will probably die long ago, so he uses his own form. Maung joined the war as a young old man.

“Leader Lu, it’s not that I want to quit, but I have no choice. There is civil strife in the Shenpin Hall, and I must go back and quell it as soon as possible.” Why does the mountain **** think so?

Lu Yin said calmly, “Since there is civil strife in the Shenpin Hall, it should indeed be pacified. However,” at this point, he looked at the mountain **** and looked at the mountain god’s expectant eyes. He said, “Let the Eighth Alliance Army pacify it on your behalf.” Bar”.

The Eighth Alliance Army, the White Night Tribe and the cultivators from the outer universe are integrated, with Yan Yan as the army commander. They were originally scheduled to be stationed in the Wenfeng Liujie, but currently the Wenfeng Liujie does not belong to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, so they are stationed in the Beast Controlling Realm.

The mountain god’s face changed, “Alliance Leader Lu, when we first joined the alliance, the covenant stipulated that the alliance’s military should not interfere in the internal affairs of the major forces. Didn’t Alliance Leader Lu want to break the contract?”

Lu Yin said, “Of course not. It’s just that you have something to ask for, Mr. Mountain God. The alliance will do its best. There is civil unrest in the Shenpin Hall. You have no time to take care of it. You are worried about the civil unrest and cannot let go of the battlefield. In this case, the Eighth Alliance Army can send It’s come in handy, don’t you think so, Mr. Mountain God?”

The mountain **** looked ugly. When did he ask for an alliance? This Lu Yin opened his eyes and told lies, insisting on forcing him to death. Thinking of this, the mountain **** gritted his teeth and said firmly, “Leader Lu, there must be civil strife in the Shenpin Hall.” Lu Yin suddenly slapped his head, “I almost forgot, before, the Shenpin Hall The losses are not small. The Eighth Alliance Army not only needs to quell the civil strife, but also to appease the people. How did it happen? ”

The mountain god’s heart sank. The biggest loss of the Shenpin Hall recently was due to the gate of the funeral garden. An unknown strong man walked out, massacred all the cultivators of the Shenpin Hall around the gate of the funeral garden, and destroyed the gate of the funeral garden to leave. This He thought Lu Yin didn’t know about it, but in fact it wasn’t that he didn’t know, he just didn’t say anything.

Lu Yin specifically contacted the eight major circles. Each family can reserve at most one funeral garden gate that can be freely entered and exited. Shenpin Hall is no exception. He reported the only funeral garden gate that can be freely entered and exited to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. , and the gate of the funeral garden where the accident occurred was left behind secretly by him.

If this matter is exposed, Lu Yin will have reason to deal with him.

Thinking of this, the mountain **** was helpless and said, “Alliance Leader Lu, thank you very much.”

Lu Yin nodded and watched the mountain **** leave with twinkling eyes.

Mountain God is not the only one who wants to leave, Liu Qianjue, Lingqiu and the others, who don’t want to leave? He also thought, so he must not let the mountain **** leave, otherwise he would not be able to hold back once he opened his mouth.

The fleet has retreated again and again, and reinforcements from the Sky Demon Empire continue to appear. Lu Yin looks to the northeast, hoping that Wei Rong will be there in time.

A few days later, the war broke out again. For more than a month, wars continued to occur, and the melee at the Star Envoy level attracted the attention of countless people in the Fifth Continent.

The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance lost several games in a row, Abel Phoenix died, and the Ice Emperor withdrew. Although they added a Lady Youyou, they could not curb the decline. The Mountain God and others were more coping than fighting, so that the battlefield never stopped. The meteorite belt retreated to the Beigong territory.

Lu Yin faced the attack of the giant mantis beast several times, and he learned to be smart and would never stay away from Elder Jiu Shen’s powerful men with millions of combat power. Although the giant mantis beast was fast, he was still there. With the occasional help from a million-strong warrior, he managed to survive.

The Hall of Glory finally took action a few days ago and sent two troops

A modified human star envoy and a fleet. The size of the fleet is far less than that of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but it can provide support, which still makes Xu Qing wary. The battlefield has calmed down a lot. Xu Qing is waiting and watching. Once the Hall of Glory sends another When reinforcements come, it can only waste away, or even stay in place.

Behemoth Star Territory, Human Star Territory, once the war between two behemoths breaks out, it will be a bottomless pit, so from the beginning to the end, there will rarely be unlimited wars, iron-blooded territory battlefields, literary style borders, etc., these borders There were almost no Star Envoys in the war, and both sides maintained a tacit understanding.

This large-scale attack in the Behemoth Star Territory was not only because it was confirmed that the Sixth Continent did not care about the Eastern Territory, but also because it was certain that the Hall of Glory could not interfere, so they wanted to launch a large-scale attack, but they did not expect to encounter the Eastern Frontier Alliance.

Now it is the Eastern Frontier Alliance. If the Eastern Frontier Alliance is replaced by the Hall of Glory, the Behemoth Star Territory will never fight to the death. Instead, it will turn the Beigong Territory into an iron-blooded territory.

More than half a month has passed, and about five months have passed since this war. Before that, no one thought that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance could last so long.

Xu Qing didn’t expect that his hair would turn white. The more he looked at the south, the angrier he became. He raised his hand several times to dial a personal terminal, but still put it down.

It really wanted to kill Lu Yin with its own hands, but this **** forced it to stop. Otherwise, now, the territory in the eastern part of the outer universe belongs to them, and they can build defenses to deal with the Sixth Continent’s counterattack.

With a bang, Xu Qing clenched his fist, shook the void, and “attacked”.

The war begins again.

Countless people in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance have become numb, and people are dying every day, and those star envoys are now more skilled than the other, including the star envoys in the Behemoth Star Domain. When they go to the battlefield, they subconsciously choose opponents who can match them, instead of Maybe find a strong enemy.

For example, the mountain **** stared at a giant beast with similar strength to him as soon as he entered the battlefield, and the giant beast also stared at him.

Fear of death is a common characteristic of all living things, whether it is humans or giant beasts.

Elder Jiu Shen is still facing the Sword King. The Second Night King has fought many times with the Sky Demon royal man. The Second Night King is strong enough to overwhelm the Sky Demon, but he wants to kill him. But it’s not easy. If you don’t take action against the sky demon, the energy will rage on the battlefield, causing great damage to both sides.

The King of the Second Night cannot let the Sky Demon take action, nor can the Sky Demon let the Second Night King take action.

Lu Yin looked at the stars, each had their own opponents, and this war was still a battle of attrition.

At this time, the personal terminal rang. Lu Yin looked and found, strangely, that it was Zhou Shan.

Zhou Shan has his contact information, but has never contacted him. This is the first time.

Lu Yin connected, and a light curtain appeared in mid-air. Inside the light curtain, Zhou Shan’s face turned pale. “Something happened to the earth.” After saying that, he pointed the light curtain into the distance.

Looking at the light curtain, Lu Yin’s expression changed drastically, giant beast?

Outside the earth, many giant beasts are attacking. It is like a small battlefield. The earth has been destroyed a lot, and half of Jinling has been reduced to ruins. This alone is not enough to alarm Lu Yin. He stares at the starry sky outside the earth and sees A familiar giant beast, the giant octopus.

The giant beast with extremely strong defense against him on the battlefield actually went to Earth?

No wonder I didn’t see it in these two battlefields.

I just stared at the giant mantis and forgot about it.

“I know you are on the battlefield, and the appearance of these giant beasts is probably related to your battlefield, but there is nothing I can do. Everyone who can support is supporting me. I really have no choice.

Hold on to the earth.” His tone was low.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I’ll be there right away.” After saying that, he immediately hung up the communication and looked up at the stars.

With the giant octopus’s strength, it could easily destroy the earth, but it didn’t take action. It was obvious that it wanted to lure him there. There was a trap there, an obvious trap.

Knowing that it was a trap, Lu Yin had to step on it, otherwise the earth would definitely be destroyed.

The battle in the starry sky is extremely fierce, each has its own opponent, and no one can leave.

Lu Yin frowned, Xu Qing launched a war at this time just to hold everyone back and create a trap for him.

“Commander Shui, the battlefield is left to you,” Lu Yin told Shui Chuanxiao, then left the fleet alone and headed south.

The Earth is located in the northern part of the Canglan Territory, very close to the Beigong Territory. At Lu Yin’s speed, he quickly crossed the Beigong Territory and arrived at the Canglan Territory.

Xu Qing and Liu Huang kept fighting, looking at the Southern Fleet from time to time. Will Lu Yin go? He has no idea. It depends on whether that planet is important in this child’s heart.

A little while later, Xu Qing pushed away Liu Huang’s sword with ecstatic eyes. He had just received the information that Lu Yin had arrived on Earth.

In the Canglan territory, outside a beautiful blue planet, Lu Yin stepped out of the starry sky and swept across the starry sky with his empty palm, killing all the giant beasts except the giant octopus.

On the earth, countless people looked at the starry sky and watched the giant octopus entwine towards Lu Yin.

A giant mountain-like beast lies dead at the foot of Zhoushan Mountain. It looks big, but it only has extreme strength. He can kill it. Giant beasts invade every city and ocean on the earth, causing immeasurable losses. Wails everywhere.

But now is not the time to deal with these things, the battle in the starry sky is the most critical.

This was not the first time Lu Yin had fought against this giant octopus. It was very difficult. He didn’t even know **** it.

Xu Qing couldn’t just send a giant octopus beast to deal with him, so Lu Yin was always vigilant.

The battle between Lu Yin and the giant octopus disrupted the starry sky and boiled the earth’s oceans. No one doubted that the earth could be destroyed in the next moment.

Gradually, Lu Yin purposefully led the giant octopus away from the earth and closer to Jupiter.

With a bang, the Jupiter Observatory exploded, and the people inside escaped one step ahead.

Lu Yin stood on the ruins of the observatory. In front of him, the giant octopus beast slammed into him. Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes and he stared at the surroundings. There were no runes. It was impossible. How could it be possible with just one giant octopus beast? Deal with him?

After Lu Yin retreated, the monitoring station was smashed into pieces.

In the distance, in the unnoticed starry sky, a creature the size of a fingernail turned slowly, facing Lu Yin. This was the Dead Insect, the second-ranked race on the Heavenly Beast List. Legend has it that it was born from the body of the ancient ancestral realm. Ignoring physical defense, it is extremely hard and extremely fast.

Even if the number is extremely rare, this race still ranks second on the list of beasts, which shows the status of the dead insect lineage in the Behemoth Star Territory.

And this dead insect is Xu Qing’s method of dealing with Lu Yin.

Dead bugs also appeared in the Supreme Tournament, and they were manipulated by the drunkard with the power of the Ultron realm. In fact, that is the most effective way to deal with dead bugs, otherwise it will be difficult to win, even if Lu Yin transforms into a **** of death. , and failed to destroy the dead insects.

The star-level dead bugs teamed up with the giant octopus beast, which was enough to kill Lu Yin. This was Xu Qing’s arrangement.


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