Star Odyssey Chapter 1869: Threats from comrades

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The ferocious look of the giant mantis changed. It looked at the corpse in disbelief. This corpse actually blocked its attack? It’s a bit subversive.

Taking this opportunity, Lu Yin took out the skin of the Supreme Ancestor and looked into the eyes of the giant mantis.

The giant mantis trembled for an instant and was unable to move.

“Sea King, take action, three inches from the abdomen”, Lu Yin shouted sharply, his pupils turned into runes, staring at the three inches from the abdomen of the giant mantis, Zhou Yan Zhenjing, weakened.

Neptune’s reaction was not slow, and he stabbed out with a spear, directly stabbing three inches into the abdomen of the giant mantis. It penetrated into the giant mantis’ body with huge force and threw it away, sprinkling green blood along the way.

Lu Yin coughed and hurriedly put away the skin and body of the Supreme Ancestor, panting heavily and almost finished.

Thanks to that corpse, he didn’t even care about the attack of the giant mantis. He was obviously a dead person, but he didn’t know what kind of strong person he was alive.

The giant mantis was severely injured by Neptune’s shot and never came back.

Seeing that even the giant mantis beast couldn’t kill Lu Yin, Xu Qing immediately stopped fighting.

Lu Yin was also seriously injured and urgently needed treatment. At the same time, he was also afraid that the giant mantis would attack and assassinate other Star Envoys, so he did not pursue the fight. The two sides stopped the war with a tacit understanding.

As soon as they returned to the spaceship, Elder Jiu Shen came to find him and roared at Lu Yin with an angry look on his face, “Boy, quit this war immediately.”

Lu Yin seemed to be frightened by Elder Jiu Shen, covering his chest and coughing continuously.

Elder Jiu Shen’s eyes became more and more fierce, “Boy, do you hear me? I’ll withdraw from this war immediately. It’s none of your business.”

Lu Yin said weakly, “Elder, junior, junior needs to rest.”

Elder Jiu Shen was extremely angry and said, “Don’t pretend to me.”

On the second night, Wang and Liu Huang appeared. Seeing Elder Jiu Shen’s appearance, they quickly stood in front of Lu Yin.

Elder Jiu Shen stared at the Second Night King and said, “Go away.”

The reason why the king of the second night listened to Lu Yin was because Lu Yin had manipulated his fate, and he would not let it go when facing Elder Jiu Shen, “he said it with a loud tone.”

“I’ve tolerated you for a long time, Second Night King. Some people were afraid of you, the White Night Clan, and didn’t want you to enter the new universe. I don’t care,” Elder Jiu Shen said sternly.

The second night king narrowed his eyes and said, “You can give it a try.” The White Night clan was forced to do something by the new universe. It was the hatred of all the White Night clan members. Elder Jiu Shen’s words were like lighting a fuse.

Liu Huang frowned, “You two, we are facing a formidable enemy, so it’s better not to fight among ourselves.”

Elder Jiu Shen glanced at Emperor Liu, then glanced at the Second Night King fiercely, staring at Lu Yin, “Boy, I’m not kidding you. This war has nothing to do with you, and the Sky Demon Empire has nothing to do with it. You look so simple, otherwise we would have been destroyed a long time ago. There are only seven half-ancestors of the human star field and only one of the giant beast star field, but they are always on the same level as us. Do you think it is just to plot the sixth continent? ”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. When the Shanhai Realm was detonated and the Eternals were transferred to the sixth continent, the truth was gradually revealed. It all originated from Huizu’s calculation.

Huizu calculated the years and used the Mountain and Sea Realm as bait. The war between the Human Star Realm and the Behemoth Star Realm confuses the Sixth Continent and the Eternals, making them think that the Fifth Continent does not know the truth and is always in internal strife, inducing the New Human Alliance to take action. Destroying the formation nodes revealed Huizu’s layout.

The war between the human star domain and the behemoth star domain has been part of the calculation from the beginning.

But according to Elder Jiu Shen’s words, it seems that the giant has not been destroyed

The Heavenly Demon Empire in the Beast Star Realm is not just a calculation, but also has other reasons.

The Second Night King frowned. Although the White Night Clan was the vanguard against the Behemoth Star Territory, they didn’t know much about the Sky Demon Empire. He listened carefully to Elder Jiu Shen’s words and wanted to find out the reason behind the First Night King’s death. Clues to the fall of the Third Night King.

“Human beings have gone through ancient times, from the original six continents to the Daoyuan Sect period, to the fifth continent that is now divided, and have experienced too much. Among the oldest six continents, many Humans and beasts coexist. Among them, the fourth continent only has giant beasts and no humans. All humans will be expelled from the fourth continent. This is the oldest legend. Most of the giant beast star fields come from the broken fourth continent.”

“No one knows what the Behemoth Star Territory hides, what the Sky Demon Empire inherited from the Fourth Continent, and during the war between the Daoyuan Sect and the Sixth Continent, a supreme ancestor emerged from the Behemoth Star Territory. , invincible. As the fifth continent was divided and the mother tree was taken away, the Behemoth Star Territory suffered the same catastrophe as our human star domain. We overcame it, and the Behemoth Star Territory also endured it.”

“The war between the human star domain and the Behemoth star domain is not only to help our human star domain confuse the Eternals and the Sixth Continent, but also to confuse the Behemoth star domain to confuse the Eternals and the Sixth Continent. Otherwise, do you think they will cooperate? Don’t underestimate the Behemoth Star Territory, don’t underestimate the Sky Demon Empire.” Elder Jiu Shen said a lot in one breath.

It can be heard that he told everything he knew, whether it was ancient legends or self-guessing, accompanied by threats and threats. He only hoped that Lu Yin would not participate in this war.

Elder Jiu Shen’s words made the Second Night King, Liu Huang and the newly arrived Yuanshi all fall into deep thought. Lu Yin thought of the scene he saw when he merged into the body of the hidden monster. It saw the Master Butian through the memory of the hidden monster. , and countless big figures in the Sky Demon Empire worshiped a statue and saw the countless humanoid original treasures.

There is indeed something hidden in the Behemoth Star Domain.

Elder Jiu Shen is not joking, he is really afraid.

“I have said so much just to tell you that humans have their own ways, and beasts have their own ways. Don’t think that you will succeed by temporarily blocking the beast star field. If this continues, even I won’t be able to protect it. “You, if you hadn’t saved yourself in the battle just now, you would have died,” Elder Jiu Shen exhaled and said solemnly.

Lu Yin saluted Elder Jiu Shen with a solemn expression, “Thank you, senior, for your advice. This junior is not trying to be brave, nor does he want to compete with the Behemoth Star Territory. However, this junior cannot give up the lives of countless people in the outer universe. My name is Lu Xiaoxuan. My name is Lu Yin. From the cosmic sea to the inner universe, I have also settled in the outer universe. Step by step from that small earth, that is one of my hometowns. If the beasts in the star field slaughtered the Tianxing Sect, senior Can it be okay?”

Elder Jiu Shen covered his forehead and said in vain.

From the time the war was launched until now, many people have tried to persuade Lu Yin to give up, but they were all silenced by Lu Yin. Are cultivators really ruthless? Is it really possible to treat human life as nothing? Not necessarily, if it is really ruthless, how can there be a war? War is both a struggle for interests and a means of protection.

If Chenzu didn’t care about the Fifth Continent or the countless lives, why would he fight to the death?

Why should the Starry Sky resist the Eternals? After all, the essence of war is actually protection.

“If I can’t save Lu Yin, I am willing to die in front of him.” Master Yuan said, looking at Lu Yin with admiration, a smile of admiration on his lips.

Elder Jiu Shen glared at Master Yuan fiercely, “Stop arguing, it’s none of your business.”

Master Yuan smiled and said, “You are still the same,

No matter what you do, you are better at self-defense.”

Elder Jiu Shen mocked, “It’s better than you haven’t made any progress for so many years. Now I can slap you away.”

“But I protected many people” Master Yuan still smiled, very proud.

Elder Jiu Shen held his breath, “Don’t say that. It hasn’t changed for so many years. It’s disgusting to watch.” After saying that, he stared at Lu Yin, “I’ll forget it if I can’t persuade you, but I’m warning you, don’t mess with some words.” “And” he narrowed his eyes, “if you really die, I will take that thing away.” After saying that, the body disappeared.

Master Yuan shook his head, “It’s still the same.”

Lu Yin asked the Second Night King and Liu Huang to withdraw, looked at Master Yuan, and said apologetically, “Senior, this war may not be as optimistic as I thought. It is this junior’s fault that you were involved.”

Master Yuan waved his hand and looked at Lu Yin with admiration, “My coming has nothing to do with you, it has to do with countless lives. Even if you don’t come to me, I will come. But you, I didn’t expect to be willing to bear this war alone. This is I didn’t expect that.”

Lu Yin was helpless, “After all, this was once the place of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. It is my hometown. Countless people call me the leader of the alliance, and they can’t let go.”

Master Yuan sighed, “Yes, I can’t let go, so I can only fight. Even if I die, I will have no regrets.”

Lu Yin walked to the central console and looked at the fleet with flashing red dots. “More than half of the fleet has been lost. After this battle, the strength of our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will be reduced a lot. It doesn’t matter. I am most afraid of not being able to contain the giant beast.” Star Territory”.

“The Behemoth Star Territory is really as scary as Elder Jiu Shen said?”.

Master Yuan looked solemn and said, “You have to remember that humans are the creatures that are best at expanding in this universe. If the Behemoth Star Territory didn’t have the ability, no matter what the reason, it would have been enslaved by humans long ago.”

Although it was not as clear as what Elder Jiu Shen said, Lu Yin also understood that Master Yuan meant the same thing as Elder Jiu Shen. The Behemoth Star Territory was not easy to deal with.

“Actually, if the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance doesn’t come, I plan to fight against the Behemoth Star Territory alone. Even if I die, you saved my life,” Master Yuan said with a smile, very cheerful.

Lu Yin also laughed, “We have clearly won the war, but it feels like we have lost. Elder Jiu Shen really knows how to demoralize his own people and is not a good comrade.”

“Hahahaha, you just met him? When I first met him, he was like this. He was better at protecting himself than fighting hard. He occasionally frustrated the spirit of his own people. If he hadn’t been extremely talented, he would have been hung up and beaten long ago. “Yes,” Master Yuan said with a smile.

Lu Yin was curious, “Senior, please tell me.”

Master Yuan was surprised and said, “It’s better to heal your injuries first. It looks like you were seriously injured.”

Lu Yin said indifferently, “It will be fine soon.” Shanghuiguan continued to release vitality, and with the improved elixirs, any injury that was not too serious could be healed quickly. Lu Yin was not afraid of competing with others. Endurance, but unfortunately with his strength, he can either crush others or be crushed by others. No one will compete with him in endurance.

One day later, the Ice King withdrew from the battlefield because he was too seriously injured.

In several consecutive battles, his opponent was Feng Lin, and it was also because of Feng Lin that he was seriously injured.

Lu Yin directly doubted whether he did it on purpose.

The Ice Emperor was naturally at a disadvantage when facing Feng Lin. Both of them were playing with ice, but Feng Lin possessed the three-color light that melted everything. The more they fought, the more the Ice Emperor suffered, and was eventually injured by the three-color light.

As the Ice Emperor withdraws, the Mountain God will also withdraw. In the previous battle, he almost died. There were too many masters, and even with his Star Envoy level strength, he was not sure he could survive.


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